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Monday, September 18, 2006

Chapter Interlude: Arsenal 1 ManUtd 0

One of the most awaited EPL games this season ended with my team beating arch rivals ManUtd 1-0. ManUtd ended our unbeaten run in 2004. I’m mighty glad we returned the favour tonight.

Arsenal not only recorded our first win of the season but also exposed ManUtd’s grave weakness in the mid-field section. Playing five men at the center, Arsenal clearly dominated the mid-field, and the last line of defense was completely formidable too. But not without paying a price. Lack of a striking force saw Arsenal missing a lot of chances, including a penalty by Gilberto.

For me, the most prominent name of the game was not Rooney or Adebayor. It was Sunil Taneja. Yup, that was the name of the dude who did the Hindi commentary on my TV. Yes! Poor me here in Mumbai had to sit through one of the best matches on ESPN listening to a Hindi commentary. Anyway, I understood a bit of Hindi (he actually used “bhalle bhalle” to describe what the Gunners were doing after Adebayor scored!) but after sometime I realized the Hindi commentary was not in sync with the game!!!! Aaaargh! ESPN really need to look into this. There’s nothing worse than a delayed commentary, English or Hindi, in a LIVE Soccer match and so I finally muted the TV and blasted my music system as I watched the amazing game with my best friend, Mister Old Monk.

The man of the match was Fabregas. John Dykes gave them both (Scorer Adebayor and provider Fabregas) a bottle of champagne. The Soccer Pundits immediately said that it was funny because neither of them were hardly old enough to drink. LOLz!!! Fabregas is 19 and Adebayor 20.

Anyway, I differ from ESPN’s view. My man of the match would definitely be Lehman. Fantastic saves from the German as usual.

But at the end of the day, I have realized one thing. The rivalry between Arsenal and ManUtd was not as intense as it once used to be. Ever since the little known Chelsea suddenly came into the scene two years ago and dominated the top spot on the EPL table, the fire that used to rage between the Gunners and the Red Devils had definitely died down. How I miss the good old days when Keown and Parlour would jump over Nistlerooy while Viera and Keane would engage in a fisticuff at one corner of the field. Damn you Chelsea! And damn you and your dirty Roubles, Mister Abramo-look-at-me-Im-so-freaking-rich-vich.

I guess the most shocking incident of the game would be when Sir Alex substituted Rooney. I clearly didn’t see the reason behind that, especially when he substituted Scholes too. But then, their pain, our gain. So I ain’t complaining. Har har har! Go Gunnerssssss!!!!!


Mizohican said...

By the way I didnt even mention that we won without Henry because its high time people stop telling us that our team is nothing without Henry. Hence I didnt see any reason why I should mention the absence of Henry.

Henry is great. But Arsenal is still a great team without him. He's not the sole foundation of the Club. Wenger knows that. I know that. Its a team game. He may have an edge over the others when it comes to skills but he's not a one man army. Many a times Arsenal has won without him, just like many a times Arsenal has lost when he is playing. Its just another team game dude.

Nirav said...

Was great to see Arsenal play good attacking football. I loved the game, but Gilberto's spot kick sucked big time. We could have been 3-0 up!

Lehmann's last minute save (Solsjkaer's shot) was too good too. But my man of match was definitely Fabregas too... he rocked!

Anonymous said...

Gilberto slipped as he was taking the kick. Not his fault entirely. My man of the match is Gilberto ofcourse, if one can forget (and forgive) that he missed the penalty :-))) He defended really well.

Anonymous said...

fergie must go now.