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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Chp 98. Alcohol: Knowing the enemy

The Christian World is broadly divided into two camps: those who say drinking is a sin and those who say it isn’t. But both sides agree that being drunk is indeed a sin. In a way this reminds me of my friends Valerie and Nunpuii arguing over which football team is better: Holland or The Netherlands.

There are various verses from the Bible [Source] that encourage people to stay away from alcohol: Leviticus 10:9; Numbers 6:3; Deuteronomy 14:26; 29:6; Judges 13:4,7,14; 1 Samuel 1:15; Proverbs 20:1; 31:4,6; Isaiah 5:11,22; 24:9; 28:7; 29:9; 56:12; Micah 2:11 and Luke 1:15, while verses that prohibit Christians from getting drunk are: Ephesians 5:18; Proverbs 23:29-35; 1 Corinthians 6:12 and 2 Peter 2:19 to name a few.

Drinking alcohol in itself may or may not be a sin, but it sure does open the big glistering gate of sin, beckoning us to step inside with every additional drink that we imbibe. And before we can say hic, we’ve already done something that we regret.

Deputy-speaker (at AGAPE Gospel camp) Malsawma gave a very good sermon on the topic “Sin”. Translated to English:
Two guys were walking by the riverside when they saw something floating down the river. It looked like a blanket that somebody must have discarded from upstream. First guy jumped into the water thinking it was his lucky day. But as he swam against the rapids and grabbed the “blanket”, it turned out to be a big brown unconscious bear that fell into the river. The bear regained consciousness and shocked to find itself in that situation, grabbed back the first guy.

Second guy from the riverbank shouted to his friend in the water, “Is it a blanket?”

The first guy replied, “Hell no! It's a big fat ugly bear and it’s still alive!”

Second guy, “Then why are you still holding it? Let go of it!!!!”

First guy screamed back, “I’m not grabbing it any longer. The stupid bear is grabbing me!”

And with that, both bear and man disappeared beneath the strong current never to be seen again.
The above anecdote makes you contemplate a lot, doesn’t it? In a way that’s what you and I go through during our short life here on Earth. We grab hold of a sinful life and when we realize it is wrong and try to let go of it, it is already too late; that sinful life has already taken control of us.

Mizoram, one of the only two States in India to enforce the Liquor Total Prohibition Act (MLTP), has been criticized vehemently by the Anti-MLTP lobby, verbally expressing their heart-felt displeasure on the involvement of the Church when it comes to Politics. Some even go to the extent of saying that Jesus himself turned water into wine; so drinking is not a sin. In defense to this statement, I’ve seen Pro-Prohibition Act supporters claim that the wine mentioned in the Bible need not be fermented and that it is just grape juice. And the debate goes on and on and on.

For once, let us stop moving in an endless circle and try to accept that the wine mentioned in the Bible is indeed wine, fermented wine, the type that gives you a tingle sensation, that makes your head spin around after a couple of drinks, that stains your favorite business shirt, that gives you a terrible hangover, that makes you a dad or a mom nine months later…

So, Jesus and his disciples drank wine, alcoholic wine. Fine. In the midst of all the debates and discussions, most of us fail to discuss one very important point. Did the Bible ever mention anything like,
Jesus and his disciples drank wine, ordered a second jar of wine, got another jar free because it was happy-hours, Paul and Philip challenged each other on who could “bottoms-up” an entire jar first, Peter started stripping and dancing on the table, John started bitching about his ex-girlfriend of a fisher-woman, Simon grabbed the fiddle and started DJ’ing, while the remaining disciples roamed around the street beating up anybody that crossed their path.
I’ve read many well-written articles by intellect Mizos at various Mizo websites/forums displaying their discontent on the MLTP Act. One can literally feel the passion and anger while going through such articles. Although I admire such profound compositions, I do find most of the articles only revolving around the issue of whether drinking is a sin or not, and no discussions made on the person who is actually drunk.

Some of you may not even remember clearly how life was like before the Prohibition days (1995). I certainly do. After all, I live directly opposite one of the most popular and infamous bars in Aizawl: Sertawk Bar. Those days, there weren’t that many other concrete buildings next to ours in our locality. Hence, everyday around 10-20 strangers, most of them drunk, would knock/bang on our door asking us for money because “they wanted to drink more but suddenly realized they were out of cash and we looked rich enough to pay for their drinks”. My three sisters and I could not step out of our house after sunset because of all the drunks loitering outside our house and fighting/puking everywhere. Relatives and friends dreaded to pay us a visit. It was definitely not the childhood memory any father would want his son to have.

Prohibition changed all that. No more persistent broke drunks. No more fear of what’s lurking right outside our very own door. No more bolting of doors and rechecking of all the latches on the windows at night. We could finally sleep in peace. Ofcourse it is no secret that Sertawk Bar still “manufactures” illicit arrack after the MLTP Act came into force, but the number of drunkards making a public nuisance outside our house has tremendously reduced.

I know in this era of democracy and secularism, some might even feel that Prohibition stands in the way of development or modernism, while some may call it a talibanization of Mizoram and terming it as a gross denial of basic freedom and prerogative of the common man. I completely empathize with such sentiments, but, as someone once said, “your right to freedom ends at the beginning of your neighbor’s right”, can the Anti-MLTP lobby assure that the person who’s drunk is not going to pick up a fight with innocent bystanders, run over children with his car, beat up his wife when he reaches home, abuse anyone within his reach and end up ruining his career and family?

Face it, we Mizos are a hot blooded lot. Other people under the influence of alcohol usually misbehave too, but most of us seem to take that extra mile when it comes to drunken follies. I’m speaking purely out of experience as a heavy drinker for the past 6-7 years. Medical experts proved that drinking a glass of wine a day rejuvenates the body and assuming that drinking a bit of alcohol is not a sin, let us just try to picture a Mizoram with no Prohibition Act. Do you genuinely believe that our children and grown-ups of today are going to spend an evening at the local tavern gulping down just one glass of wine/rum/whisky?

Seriously, how many of us consume alcohol because the doctor said a glass a day can make you live till 90? Is that why we drink 5-6 glasses a day hoping we can live till 300? I used to drink a bottle of Old Monk a day during my extreme days, but I sure as hell didn’t drink it for the “health benefits”; I drank purely just to get drunk, so that I could enjoy the dizziness, the way everything became so seemingly clear and at the same time surreal, the way it made me feel like I am Casanova reincarnated and the way all the not so attractive women around me (pardon me for saying that) suddenly started looking like Victoria Secret models…

We may be the most unified tribe in the North-east, but sadly most of us like to do things in excess, be it the amount of tobacco we consume, the way we dress, the accessories we buy, the music we listen etc. It's in our blood to do that. And speaking in that wavelength, what makes anyone think that we are not going to drink in excess given the opportunity?

Even when I was on the verge of becoming an alcoholic back in Bangalore, I’ve always been in support of the Prohibition Act. That is the reason why I never showed up for the Bangalore MSA debate where I was supposed to participate [Topic: MLTP Act] because I felt it would be hypocritical of me to voice my support for the Prohibition Act while I was getting drunk every night. All my closest friends (regular drinking buddies) who know me well will vouch that I’ve never voiced my displeasure at the Prohibition Act even once (Had to add that line incase some of you might think I am saying all this because of my Camp experience). But now I don’t feel any hesitation to speak my mind openly anymore.

Among many of the online articles that I have read, one such prominent Mizo writer even boldly claimed to be inspired by the Holy Spirit as he spoke out against the Prohibition Act and criticized the Church’s policy, while preposterously blaming Prohibition as the sole cause of the Great American Depression! Questioning the Church is one thing and resorting to gaudy rhetoric is another, but to mock the Holy Spirit is pure blasphemy of the highest order [Mathew 12:32 “Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come”]. Pray do tell me, if such men are leading the Anti-Prohibition movement, don’t you think you might be better off not following blindly like lambs lead to slaughter?

People say the Prohibition Act failed because of the numerous illegal breweries still existing. I boldly say Prohibition is a success. At the micro level it may look like it failed because one can still acquire illegal booze, but from a broader perspective, it certainly did not fail. Because of Prohibition, the common man now has to shell out more money to buy one decent bottle of liquor when he could have afforded 4 bottles if there was no Prohibition. Because of Prohibition, our streets are cleaner and safer now. Because of Prohibition, more families are having a peaceful and quiet dinner together. Because of Prohibition, people who drink are labeled as pariahs by the society, hence putting more pressure on them to quit drinking. And yes, because of Prohibition, many of our drinkers are atleast getting some (healthy) physical exercise because of the difficulties in obtaining alcohol

In conclusion to this article, I think the most important issue is not to haggle fruitlessly over whether drinking is a sin or not but rather focusing on your true inner self and honestly asking yourself this important question: Do you really think that if Prohibition is lifted, the condition of the lives of our youth is going to improve? That the majority of people are going to drink without getting drunk? Remember, the enemy is within all of us, regardless of whether we are thieves or pastors. And that monster within us will rear it’s ugly head out the moment we start losing control of ourselves, making it easier and smoother for us to fight / gravel / provoke / slur / gossip / cheat / break promises / flirt / indulge in casual sex or be unfaithful / break marriages / utter obscenities / envy / loathe / steal / etc. Sure you may still be able to walk straight or remember where you live, but you are no longer your usual normal self; you are now under the power of alcohol. And that my friend, is indeed a sin, indisputably.


Anonymous said...

You seem to have for gotten that Mizos before Christianity drank liquor and none of those you mentioned happened.

Such scenes will happen if MLTP is suddenly let go. And we Mizos are human being too and as time flies, we will also get mature and those ulgy scenes will also go away.

I was home last year for New Year and I could still drunkards roaming the streets, a scene I did not see for several years since I never get to be home during Xmas/New Year.

Anonymous said...

I drink because I like the taste. I am not interested in getting dizzy. I like to drink for appetite... drink a whole and then sit down for dinner with great appetite.

I think I didn't become a drunkard and never long for drinking except on weekends because I have been praying ever since I started with bear occasionally. I used to pray that I am in control and nothing bad happens because of it. I even prayed on my first visit to a pub. And thank God I don't get to become a regular pub goer.

MLTP is real bad because it's the un-affordables who are most effected. The poor who had to resort to selling alcohol can't do so freely. No everyone can easily afford to pay 600/700 per bottle for a good liquor.

I believe men who beat up their wife will do so anyway even without alcohol.

As I started drinking and experience how it feels, I don't know how men suddenly become brave when drunk and want to fight everyone.

I also don't understand why everyone want to drink during Xmas/New Year in Mizoram.

The desire to stop drinking or keeping control of alcohol consumption should come from one's heart and not because the local NGO gang is going to beat you up or your neighbors are going to suddenly see you as a holy man if you don't drink.

Mizohican said...

"before Chirstianity". That was more than 100 years ago. What makes you so sure that such incidents never occured? :-)

He lai te hi chu sap tawng in sawi lo mai ang. Ben, ka sawi tum bera zawk chu, Mizoram lama zu vanga buaina chhuah mai ni lo in, phai lamah hian, mizo mipa rual ho in khawm tawh na ah hi chuan buaina hi chu a chhuak ve deuh ziah. Heihi chu ka hre chiang a lawm. Stereotype ka tum tihna pawh a ni chuang lo a, mahse ka experience ve tawh hrim hrim ah hi chuan, insual tih vel hi chu a zing tawh a ni. Phai ah zu a awm reng a, a in ho an la rui chhe tho a, eng guarantee nge awm Mizoram ah zu phal ni ta se an rui chhe dawn lo tih hi?

As I started drinking and experience how it feels, I don't know how men suddenly become brave when drunk and want to fight everyone.

Same here. You saw me drunk many times before. Even I'm like you. But for some people, its strange why drinking always brings out the boxer in them.

I believe men who beat up their wife will do so anyway even without alcohol.

Disagree on this point though. Yes maybe there are those who will do it anyway, but many of these incidents are induced by alcohol.

I drink because I like the taste. I am not interested in getting dizzy. I like to drink for appetite... drink a whole and then sit down for dinner with great appetite.

I completely understand. But if Prohibition is lifted so that people can drink moderately like you do, do you really think that the masses are going to drink moderately too? Even with prohibition, those who do drink on the sly, usually over-drink.

Anonymous said...

Ka ngaih ve dan tlem : Zu hi a mah ngawt chuan sual a ni lo,mit a kan hmuhthei thil hi 'sual'(sin) a awm mang lo.mahse,sual hmanrua ah chuan thil engkim hi atrang thei thung si.Chutiangin,zu pawh hi amah ngawt chuan sual a ni lova,sual hmanraw lian tak erawh a ni.Kristian kan nih tirh a trang a kan chhui dawn chuan,
Zu chungchangah hian,kan missionary hmasa(pioneer) te khan zirtirna mu mal tak min lo nei lo te pawh a niang.Kristian ram tam takin a sual a ngaih mezial zuk te sual ah kan ngai lem lova.
Pawimawh ka tih chu,Zu in tur awm na hmun a awm reng chung poha in lo thei tur a in zirtir na tha tak hi kan mamawh in ka hria.(Mizoram kohhranin a kan thlak chham em em pakhat chu 'discipleship').Hun erawh a duh rei ang,mahse,a 'tlo' thungin ka ring.

john fanai

Anonymous said...

Hey Kima,
I empathize with the struggle to be apologetic about the MLTP while trying to work out the intricate web of ramifications. The economics, religiousity, hnam-identity, etc can be overwhelming. Ideally, we should be able to manage without the MLTP but our Mizo sensibilities are so tied up to traditional mind-sets of organic unity that we dont seem to do too well on personal responsibility. So its not surprising that in those days you could drink your guts out knowing that you could still survive on the magnanimity of relatives or friends or just people because they ere Mizo (like you and your frightened sisters...sorry man!) That mindset hasnt changed much so as much as i eschew freedom and fear a Talibanization of Mizoram, I think I agree with you that the MLTP (in a very qualified manner)does serve a purpose. I wonder when we as a people will be more responsible.

Almostunreal said...

another great post.

I believe that there is a good side and bad side to everything.

One main thing that I observed after the MLTP is that there is no more 'Friday Night Live' to show nearby my house..y' know what i mean...

Anonymous said...

personally kima, I have no opinion as to whether prohibition is good or not,bcoz what I've seen is that those who want 2 drink still manage to get it, especially the rich kids who can pay. its an open secret where u can get it, i'll even point out the places ( and I am some1 who doesn't drink). any comments on that?

Mizohican said...

Thanx for your comments John, anonymous and almost unreal. tlk, everybody knows where to get booze in aizawl, whether they are rich kids or a bunch of not so rich kids "contri-ing" their money to buy one bottle :-) but that doesn't mean prohibition failed. If people think the only aim of prohibition is to eradicate all traces of alcohol, then you're mistaken. Prohibition helps in subduing the existing state of sorry affairs up to a certain level. People don't drink as openly as they used to before prohibition days.

virgochhas said...

you know me, i love my Fosters beer...but i hateee to get drunk...ka ruih chuan ka trawwngg vek a, ka hmelchhe vek bok a...ruih hi nuam ka ti lo hrim hrim...but i love da taste of a chilled Fosters Beer...nuthing else but dat...period.

MLTP - i hafta agree with Ben.

as we learn and grow as a society, as a tribe, don't we think it is about time we shud we educated as a whole on alcohol and not be shun to it ...

and yes, itz alwayz available for the rich, you and i knowz dat..a sen chi or a var chi, wateva...but den, it affects da poor man who wanna drink too. this poor man might not wanna get drunk, he cant afford the bottled liquor so went to RV and had some local brewed..unfortunately xu chhia...he died...who do we blame...

also, i wont say i understand but yes i can imagine wat you and your family haf gone thru, am sorry...i totally agree with u dat alcohol does brings out the boxer in lotsa mizo's even here (phai vel ah pawh)...

but shud everyone be punished becos of ppl who didnt know how to behave...

let's re-think this issue again...please

ThugAngel a.k.a Hipholik said...

zu khap chungchangah chuan la khap zel hi a tihchi zawk mai thei, a chhanchu zu in hi kan thiam lo ve hlawm em khap chung pawhin a awm reng tho a...a rethei deuhin an in chhe deuh a..a hausa deuhin an in to deuh a ni ber mai e..

Han thlah zalen ta se chuan kan buai phah phian in a rinawm, kan in thiam ve mai ang han ti thin tak mahse kan inthiam hma hian mi nu leh pa emaw mi fa duat lai tam tak hian an nun hlu tak an chan phah teuh ang tih ahlauhawm a sin..

Han ti ve khanglang ila hrepha ve chiah lo mah ila...sandman-a te kawmchhakah pawh hian Sertrawk Bar a awm a, 70's chho vel anih ka ring a, khatih lai kha chuan zu a la Free viau niin a lang a...helai Sertrawk Bar bakah hian Dinthar leh Bawngkawn pawh zu zawrhna hmunpui thin niin alang a...kum 1983 Krismas urlawk zanah zu rui 2 hian ka pa an that a, hetih lai hian kum 1 leh thla 9 vel ka ni a..ka nau phei chu ka nu-in a la pai a ni..hei bakah hian in thahna bon tak2 pawh zu vang hian a thlen phah nual tih pawh kan naupan lai khan kan hre ve phak a ni..."zu rui in tibuai in that" tih ang chi leh " a zu ruiin a nupui a sawisa thin" tihte hi vawiin ni thleng pawhin hriat tur ala awm zeuh2 rengin a rinawm...

Bible-ah hian zu hi sual a ni tih a inziahawm tak chu ka hre chiah bik lova...Wine ruiin awm suh u tihte chu a inziak a, ka Bible chhiar (engber nge ka hre ta mai lo) hoah chuan zu hi chu a fak lem lo khawp mai, a bung leh chang lo zawnchhuah ka tum dawn nia....

Kei ngei pawh hian kum 1999 kum tawp lam atangin zu hi ka tem ve tan a, kum 2004 thleng khan ka in a, kum 2004 chhung hian zu vawi li chiah ka in tawh...zu ka in loh hian ka hlimloh phahna ka hre lo a, chuvang chuan in ai chuan in loh hi a tha zawkin ka hria a, ka in lo a ni deuh ber e...

Mizohican said...

Virgo : i totally agree with u dat alcohol does brings out the boxer in lotsa mizo's even here (phai vel ah pawh)...but shud everyone be punished becos of ppl who didnt know how to behave...

Dear Virgo, that is an insightful comment. But frankyly, do tell me if there is any other solution to this menace other than Prohibition? If there was no prohibition and everybody started drinking and fighting, who would be there to maintain law and order? I’ve been to numerous illegal taverns in Aizawl when I used to go back for the vacations those days, and trust me, some of the cops themselves actually come and drink with us.

ThugAngel: Thankyou for comment. First of all, my utmost condolences again for the loss of your father. I too lost a cousin who never used to drink after he was stabbed to death by a bunch of drunkards at Zemabawk. You can’t imagine how angry and enraged our group of cousins was, but dear uncle, being the devoted Christian that he is, forgave the murderers over the dead body of his son and did not file an FIR (considered a normal procedure according to our tribal customary law or something like that, I’m not so sure…)

Kan culture hi en chiang chuan, naupang ho hi tet lai atang te hian insual an ching vek a, mipa zingah hi chuan vawi khatmah la insual lo hi chu an vang viau ang. Heng vang hian kan thisen te hi chu a sang ve hrim hrim a, len hnu ah pawh insual tawh ngai lo mahse, zu an in chiah hi chuan hman a an lo tih thin chakna hi a rawn chhuak leh deuh ngei ngei. Phai ah pawh, mizo mipa rual hi zu in tir la, chuanin khawilai kawngah hian han kal tlang tir teh; auto driver te nen emaw kawngsira tlangval dang te nen an in tih buai loh chuan a mak viau ang. Ruih lai a mi ti buai ngailo mi te pawh hi, an zingah rawn fuihpawrh tu an awm hi chuan an ni pawh an rawn pawr ve leh tho.

Vai tamtak hi chu, an pawr pawn, mipui zahna te hi an la nei tal a, leh mi an cho ve ngam vaklo a (an dawih a ti mai ang), mahse mizo mipa rui thenkhat chu, an mahni chauh pawn awm mahse an bula mi zawng zawng hi pawr tawkin an la cho ngam vek tho, a chhanchu kan culture ah hi chuan dawihzepna hi thil zahthlak lutuk angin kan ngai vek a, ruih phei hi chuan an huai over deuh vek a ni, sometimes many people don’t even know the difference between bravery and stupidity.

ThugAngel a.k.a Hipholik said...

ka pa that tute hi ka piin angaidam,rilru chu ana ve duh khawp mai, mahse tih theih awm hek lo le..

Hei nizan hmasa khan Bible kan keu let a, Delhi ka chhuk hma deuh atanga ka chhiar ve ho atanga Zu lanna ka hmuh tlem azawng chu ka rawn phawrhchhuak ve ang e...

Thufingte bung 20 chang 1
Uain hi nuihzatbura mi siamtu a ni a, zupui hi insual bung bungna a ni;
Chu mi bum awmte chu an fing lo a ni:

Thufingte Bung 23 Chang20-21
Uain heh mite zingah tel suh;
Zu rui mite leh sa heh mite chu an lo rethei dawn si a.
Nguinain puanchhia a sintir ang.

ThugAngel a.k.a Hipholik said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mizohican said...

Thankyou Thug... I know we as humans have no rights and power to forgive anybody for their sins... but we can forgive them from our side... our Father will be the one who decides whether to forgive them or not later.

Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.

I know I was hurt a lot when my uncle forgave those drunk guys who stabbed my cousin to death, but now I think he did the right thing. Let God judge them in the end. As of now, let us not live with a feeling of any animosity...

And thanx a lot for the Bible verses. Well, I don't think it would be a good idea to post this at u know why... :-)

ThugAngel a.k.a Hipholik said...

Nimin khan ka Post zo hman lo deuha kan Post chhunzawm leh ang e, zu lanna ka hmuhte hi atam vak lemlo, mah se fakna lam aiin selna lam a ni vek hlawm thung, chhiar a hriatthiam theih ve mai chi a ni hlawmin ka hria, a bung leh chang ka ziah nghal zel hi in lo en ve duh takin.

Thufingte Bung 23 Chang 29-35
Tute nge chungpik thin a, tute nge lungngai thin a, tute nge inhau thin?
Tute nge thubuai nei thin a, tute nge avang awm lova hliamtuar thin a,
tute nge mit sen rem rum thin le?
Zu hmuna awm reng thinte;
Zu chawhpawlh in thinte an ni.
Uain a sen kak laiin en suh,
Nova a zia a lan lai te,
A luan thlak zaih zaih lai tein;
A tawpah chuan rul angin a chu a,
Rul tur tha mi angin a chu thin.
I mitin thil mak takte a hmu ang a,
I thinlungin thu chaltlai takte a chhakchhuak ang a.
A ni, mi tuifinriat lai taka mu ang emaw,
Lawng puanzarna chhipa mu ang emaw i ni ang
"Min vua a, a na si lo,
Min vel a, ka hre lo,
Engtikah nge ka lo harh ang aw?
Kan in leh bawk thin ang" i ti ang.

Thugfingte Bung 31 Chang 4-7
Aw Lemuel, lalin uain in tur a ni lo va,
Roreltuten, "Khawiah nge rakzu?" an tih tur a ni hek lo
An in chuan, dan an theihnghilh ang a,
Mi retheite chungah ro an rel dik lo dah ang e.
Boral dawn tepte chu rakzu pe ula,
Mi lungngai chu uain pe rawh u.
In sela, a pachhiatna chu theihnghilh sela,
A hrehawmzia hre reng lo rawh se.

Isaia Bung 5 Chang 11
Zu um tura zing taka taka tho va,
Uainin atihruih bung hma lohva
Zan rei tak tak thlenga awm thinte chu an chung a pik e!

Isaia Bung 5 Chang 22
Uain in kawnga mi chaktak,
Zu chawhpawlh kawnga thahrui nei mite chu an chung a pik e!

Ka la hriatreng chu Isaia Bung 11 Chang 1-9 hi changvwnah kan nei ve tawh, Junior Dept. vel ka niin ka hria, ka chiang tawh lo a rei ve tawh em mai.

Sandy he Topik chu lamah i rawn sawi hawng leh dawn em ni le???

BTW ka thil Post hmasakah khan chang ziah dikloh ka nei a, hetah hian a dik takin ka rawn Post the leh e...

Anonymous said...

I dont think Liquor Prohibition Act is a success, looking at the global history country like US practice Prohibition Act, also in some other states in India, they were not successful, they drop later after using the act. You mention that it is successful in a macro-level, i do not agree b'cos, our Mizo society is very much imbibed with covering/hiding things, and in this case liquor prohibition related situation.

The rich people are still able to access liquor, (as well as the poor kid bu contribution as you said) that means the people are still drinking it no matter what act it is. Also as one of the comment mention that wife beaters are still beating and abusing their wife and children without alcohol.

Instead of the Act why dont we have an Act like compulsory education for children till middle school, something that can teach ourselves and bring our society into a more matute stage, there are so many other thing to be worried about that liquor. If our Mizo population have a higher education we will not have to worried about 'alcolhol'. Kim, you are an educated person that is why you know how bad an alcohol is, so the rest of the educated (but without brain) need to be teach and educate them.

I personally feel embarrassed when my non Mizo friend came, and alcohol was available literally everywhere, it show how hypocritic we are, a bit like those Pharisai in the Bible, we should all 'practice what we preach'.