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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Chp 126. Mumbai diary

* NBA Finals 2007.
* Life in Mumbai.
* PC parts price-list in Mumbai.
* Autos in Mumbai.
* …and other useless topics I can cough out.

I guess this is probably the first time I am updating my blog with two new posts in one day. I really hope you go through my previous post too (shamelessly taking for granted that you are going to go through this one )

Well, so right now, as mentioned before, I am vacationing in Mumbai at my sister’s place. She just got her increment at work recently, so we are always smiling at home.

Mumbai is just like how I remembered it. After all, things don’t change much within a span of 6 months, duh. Except for that gap right in front of our apartment connecting to the highway which is now blocked. Hence we have to take a U-turn all the way ahead if we are coming from the other side. That means at least 5 rupees extra on the meter. Still, compared to Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai, the autowallahs in Mumbai rock: They all obediently ply by the meter unlike the other places mentioned above.

Everybody in our Apartment like Sify CafĂ© uncle, phone booth uncle, milk shop uncle, cigarette shop uncle, other phone booth uncle, and the vegetable vendor all still remembered me!! They asked me where I’ve been all these time. I replied “Delhi”. They exclaimed, “Wow your Hindi has improved!” Must be the way I pronounced Delhi. Lolz. Just kidding. But I assure you, my Hindi has really improved after staying in Delhi.

Met the IIMB gang at Infinity Mall, Andheri (E). Hanged out at Monu’s posh apartment. When they asked me about Delhi, I replied, “Delhi is soooo amazing. Everybody speaks Hindi over there. Even the small kids running semi naked on the streets know Hindi!!!” Except for Amra and Monu, nobody else got the joke. You gotta be a non-Hindi speaker struggling at Hindi language classes to understand the joke. (“America is so sophisticated. Everybody can speak in English over there!” Got it? )

We ordered Shawarmas, our gang’s favorite junk food (right after KFC zinger burgers), from Monu’s place. Another subtle reminder that in Mumbai, one can order anything over the phone. And I mean anything. With a population density of over 27000 per sq km, the service industry is thriving extremely well. The population density of Delhi is around 9400/sq km – It may be the most densely populated State/UT in India, but city-wise, Mumbai is way ahead. (Just for comparison: Bengaluru is approximately 3000/sqkm, Kolkata & Chennai are both around 25000/sqkm and Aizawl is around 95/sqkm).

And oh, Mumbai is humidddddd!!!! Sticky sticky sticky everywhere. Thank God my sister has an AC in her bedroom. And I don’t know if it is the AC or the responsibility talking, but I seem to be able to concentrate on my studies much more. And by studying, I mean reading through my “Manorama Yearbook 2007” (Now you know where all the density data above came from ). I plan to be familiar with the entire book by the end of August. I sincerely hope I can meet that deadline.

Apart from my IIMB friends, I’ve also met Aldrin (online nick
ThugAngel) and a few others. Unfortunately I still can’t find the time to meet the others like Muang (online nick mnowluck) and some of my old friends from School and College. There is so much to pack and send to Delhi, I just feel like outsourcing this “simple” task of mine. Any takers? I will pay in bhel puris and alu chaats.

I’ve also fixed my comp finally, will pack it up along with my “things to send to Delhi” pile. Whoever said Computer accessories are the cheapest in Delhi? I asked around in Delhi for the cost of an SMPS box. Everywhere it was around 600 to 900 bucks. In Mumbai, I’ve just bought an SMPS box (with one year warranty) for 400 bucks! I might buy some other accessories too. 160 GB hard disk for around 2000 bucks, GeForce 256MB AGP card for around Rs.2000 etc. They even have a 750 GB hard disk!!!! Let me know if any of you (I mean those of you I can meet in Delhi) want anything from here.

For some people, the idea of a vacation might be “to sleep till noon”. Not for me though. Because this is the only time my sister can sleep till 8 as I get up around 7:00-7:30 in the morning to let the house maid in. And tomorrow morning, I am getting up at 6:00 am because of the NBA Finals which will be telecasted LIVE by ESPN at 0630 IST. Woohoo, I can’t wait to watch it. It’s between the
Spurs and the Cavs. Of course I will be rooting for the Spurs, with veteran Tim Duncan leading the squad (I nearly changed my name to Kim Duncan during my early College years because of him!)

Kima’s head to head match up:

Point Guards: L.Hughes (Cavs) vs Parker (Spurs).
I’m sure Tony Parker has an edge, especially since Hughes has an injured foot. Although I’m not so sure if he is still seeing that Desperate Housewives girlfriend of his, Eva Longoria.
Cavs: 0 Spurs: 1

Shooting Guards: Pavlovic (Cavs) vs M.Finley (Spurs).
Finley can get the job done from down-town. He has been one of my favorite players since his Maverick days.
Cavs: 0 Spurs: 2

Forwards: Lebron James (Cavs) vs Bowen (Spurs).
Alright, advantage to the Cavs in this particular position. Nobody can stop James once he is on fire. Bowen may be one of the best perimeter defenders in the league, but it’s James he’s up against.
Cavs: 1 Spurs: 2

Power Forwards: Gooden (Cavs) vs Duncan (Spurs).
Duncan wins hands down. Go Duncan Go!! Show them who’s the 3 time league MVP and 3 time Finals MVP. Duncannnnnnnnnn!!!!
Cavs: 1 Spurs: 3

Centres: IIgauskas (Cavs) vs Oberto (Spurs).
Another position the Cavs have an advantage over the Spurs. Oberto needs to work on those post ups, especially since IIgauskas is shooting 52.5% in the playoffs.
Cavs: 2 Spurs: 3

Sixth man: Gibson (Cavs) vs Ginobili (Spurs).
I used to love Ginobili for his brave drive-ins. I still do. Plus this Argentinian got a mean shooting skill. But then, Gibson is also hot from beyond the arch.
Cavs: 2 Spurs: 4

Spurs definitely have an advantage over all, but then, team work and team dynamics are more important than individual talent and ratings. Let’s see how both the teams fare against each other. Indian TV timing (ESPN LIVE) of the Finals is listed below:

Game 1: June 07. 0630 hours. @ San Antonio.
Game 2: June 11. 0630 hours. @ San Antonio.
Game 3: June 13. 0630 hours. @ Cleveland.
Game 4: June 15. 0630 hours. @ Cleveland.
Game 5: June 18. 0630 hours. @ San Antonio. [# If necessary]
Game 6: June 20. 0630 hours. @ Cleveland. [# If necessary]
Game 7: June 22. 0630 hours. @ San Antonio. [# If necessary]

I love this Game!

Until then, this is me signing off from Mumbai, with a ticket back to Delhi on Monday. God bless you all.


Anonymous said...

Spurs have an advantage, but so did the Heat against Bulls and Dallas against the GS warriors. Thats the beauty of the game. Even I am looking forward to the finals and rooting for spurs too. Thankfully ESPN is covering all the 7 games(if req)

Hmai said...

ok if u are offering to buy for me,i think i pc needs updating :D.....seems u are havin fun there,its boring here!!!

Mizohican said...

@ anonymous: Thanx for your reply, I hope you watched this morning's game. I am writing about the game in my upcoming post.

@ myself: I will see what updating I can help your PC with :) Hang in there, hon, will be back soon. Just 3 more days.

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Mumbai chu nuam tih hmel hle mai maw..tha e..Inkhelh en tui le.

Delhi hawn hun nghakhlel tawh awm..In hmuh lo vang vang a inhmuh thut te hian"ngaihtuah loh tur tur" ngaihtuah te a awl a nia ..hehehh:-P

mnowluck said...

I'm glad u called atleast. I aw a nou ve ltk.. maybe because ur a cusp hehehe..

Mizohican said...

@ seki: Haw hun chu nghakhlel ve bawk e :-) Ka ngahhlel loh i ring em ni? ngaihtuah loh tur chu ngaihtuah loh kan lo tum trang trang ang :-)

@ mnowluck: Post dawn em kan thlalak lak dun kha? :)

ThugAngel a.k.a Hipholik said...

Eka chu in nu awmna hmun i thlenga i reh nghal hmak mai, i haw hnu tuk emawni i u ka MSg a..Del-ah i chho tawh tih min lo hrilh a...a zanriah min lo hlui chungchangah lawmthu kan hrilh kha...

ka Ph no. i nei leh tawh pek lovem ni?