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Monday, November 26, 2007

Chp 155. The tremor that was...

“Did you guys felt it too this morning? If so, then my utmost apology! I had too much beans & soda last night…”

At around 4:30am this morning, as most of you are already aware of, there was a 4.3 Richter scale tremor felt in Delhi. But what you probably don’t know is, how the people from my colony reacted

Three seconds. That’s all it took of me to rush outside to the main road from my cozy little bed inside. Pretty impressive. Except that I was still in my “flowery” boxers which my Naga neighbors giggled at incessantly.

I was also not wearing my specs. Hence being myopic, everything around me was blurred. Hence I could not look at what those Naga girls were wearing so that I too could giggle back at them (Trust me, all I wanted to do was giggle).

Nu Mateii’s son and daughter, Sanga & Mimi, were also among the people who rushed outside immediately. Unlike the rest of us, they weren’t sleeping; they were watching a “Dragonballz” series of animation. When the tremor commenced, Mimi punched her brother thinking it was “something else”. I guess it was Sanga’s blank expression and the fact that the entire room shook that finally convinced her it was not “what she thought”…

My immediate neighbor, the Guptas, didn’t even budge. They slept peacefully throughout the entire tremor. I don’t blame aunty Gupta for not waking up to the tremor because she has nearly passed her prime, but I am extremely disappointed in Sandy, their Pomeranian, who slept through the entire tremor too! Our dogs on the other hand immediately woke up and rushed outside along with us, barking and warning everybody else about the tremor, whereas Sandy proved to be completely useless. Stray breed – 1, Pedigree – 0. Yay!

Our landlord, Kuldeep Singh and his family, too slept through the entire tremor. When I asked him this morning about it, he told me that he did felt it but was in the middle of a beautiful dream so he chucked the idea of running outside and went back to sleep . You gotta love his composure.

Upstairs, everybody too came running out of their rooms. Apart from the Guptas and our colony Landlord, the only other people who did not feel the tremor was the last house in our small (and close-knitted) colony, occupied by the death-metal band members of “IIIrd Sovereign”. Yes, none of us were surprised they didn’t even feel the tremor, after all, how would they feel a mere 4.3 Richter scale tremor when they were playing their gig everyday in their own private studio at a level of 7.5 on the Richter scale?

We waited on the streets for around 10 minutes under the freezing Delhi winter morning, in case there was an “after-shock”. We didn’t even know if tremors HAVE after-shocks, but none of us were willing to take that risk.

Harish, another resident of our colony, asked me what to do in case there’s an earthquake. I told him nonchalantly that there wasn’t much one can do except run as freaking fast as possible outside and stand away from all tall buildings. He said, “I know thaaaat yaar. But other than that, what can weeee do?”.

Having suddenly woken up from a very good dream and with the cold morning air really starting to get on my nerves, I snapped and told him to “calculate the intensity of the seismic waves and then rotate his body in the opposite direction of the circular waves with the same intensity so as to neutralize the effects of the wave”. His eyes widened and he went “Ahhh…” while nodding knowingly. And then a brief second later, something clicked and he looked at me again and went “bastaaaard…”

I couldn’t help picturing my good friends Rob & Jes with whom I spent the previous evening with, and imagining what they were doing during that moment.

Rob & Jes

They have six kids already (I like to exaggerate a bit), and they are what we Mizos would call a chhangchhia family The mental image of Rob running outside with all six kids clinging on to him while clutching Jes with one hand and the guitar with the other hand… Priceless!

When we all went inside our respective houses 10 minutes later, I took my wallet from my desk and placed them under my pillow immediately. I kept a lot of other things by my side too, like my mobile phone, spectacles, a file-folder containing all my original certificates, a warm jacket, and of course my most cherished possession: my hard-disk, so that I could grab them all the next time I had to dash outside. An earthquake may destroy (touch wood!) my computer, my washing machine, my mobile phone etc. But all those are replaceable. The data on my hard-disk are irreplaceable, with a sentimental value that no amount of money can ever buy.

And oh, I changed my “flowery” boxers and wore my “masculine” CK boxers instead, in case I had to run outside again.

What would YOU take along with you if there is such an earthquake (again, touch-wood!). And what were you doing during the tremor of this morning? It would be interesting to hear your take on this morning’s mild scare.

All the best trying to sleep tonight


mnowluck said...

Me was glad that eQUAKE came---for it shook ya,to remind that's its time ILLUSIONAIRE have a new update.LOL. Just kidding!

Mizohican said...

lolz mnowluck. I didn't update because of the quake :-P I was extremely tied up all these time, hence couldn't find the time to update. Speaking of update, you're the one who haven't updated in a looooong time! :-P

PnB said...

i just sat in my bed and watched my bedroom shake. i didn't even budge or scream. i have a death wish, apparently.

Mizohican said...

Brave Gurl :-)

PnB said...

hey, i can't text you for some reason. boo, how come a&z blog isn't listed on misual? and oh yeah, you still haven't replied to my scrap n orkut.

Mizohican said...

Texting me: I honestly don't know what's the problem. Did you get my number right? It's been ages since I logged into orkut. I don't orkut much these days. What scrap did you leave? :) Will add your blog to the list asap! :)

Jerusha said...

Pardon my complacence - but it's just a 4 something shake! Just enough to shake things up a bit, and expose people's dirty little skeletons on the cupboard :D (like real skeletons on skinny legs, flowery boxers et al which you'd never have seen otherwise). I only hope next time I'm around with my camera, been too long since I've taken candid shots! And you know who my favorite candid shot-hero is :PP

Anonymous said...

I just moved into my new studio and I hardly knew who lived in the building till today.
We didn't have an earthquake but we did have an power cut at 12 am. Everyone was out in the hallway with a worried look on their faces. At once , all of us were on our phones. Some calling the electric board and the rest calling Dave( our landlord - who never answers phone in the day. And at 12 am- whom were we kidding?).
Anyways there was nothing much to do but wait. We took this time to know each other. I cant really say if any one was wearing flowery boxer shorts but some of them were dressed pretty strange!- like one had an french hat on and other was wearing something which looked like a prom dress !!!
Snow storms and tornadoes seem to be a favorite calamity around these parts which got us thinking about what is the one thing we would want to have in case these stuck us. Some came up with really good answers (money, documents, food, hard disk, pants(!)) and some thinkers ( pet parrot (Dave, are you reading this??), hair iron, extra soft toilet paper, porn mags).
So the power cut was not all that bad,as we bonded.
P.s kima - you mentioned washing machine as one of the things you would want to pack in case of emergency. Because it comes right after your computer - are they the same?!!:P :P
Oh and is it a DELL computer? because then it is a washer cum dryer!:)

Mizohican said...

@ Jerusha: "Its just a 4 something"????? Do you know that a 5 is equal to a small atom bomb explosion???? Trust me, its easy to scoff at it from all the way there, but had you really been in it, you would still be something-ing in your pants even now :-P Hehe... you and your candid shots :-P

@ sowmya: lolzzzzzzz. Sorry but I am talking about two entirely different things. My computer ain't like your DELL :-P

Its nice to break the ice in such a situation and get to know each other. Thats what happened that day too while we were waiting outside on the streets. We all... kinda bonded :)

Anonymous said...

nice read..though how does the pic of those two gorgeous couple fit into it i dont get lolzz..if u`ve lived like half your life in shillong..earthquake of that strength is like..."did u fart just now my dear??" :))

Anonymous said...

nice read..though how does the pic of those two gorgeous couple fit into it i dont get lolzz..if u`ve lived like half your life in shillong..earthquake of that strength is like..."did u fart just now my dear??" :))

Mizohican said...

hehehe... I just wanted to put a pic of you two, thats why :-P Uhhhh... more pics of you coming up soon, watch this space regularly... and the next time, I will not be this "understanding"... :-D

Puia said...

So nice to read. Pic a mi te hi tutenge hotupa? a guitar chu perh a nawm hmel khawp mai a. Chhas lo lang pawh hi a zaithiam hmel hle mai.

Puia said...

Ngenna pakhat : Blog Directiory hi ka blog ah ka add ve dawn a, a dik thei der lo. Detail deuhin a tihdan min lo silh theih chuan ka lawm ngawt ang aw..

Mariuca said...

Would have loved seeing Sandman running out in his flowery boxers LOL!

Hope the scare is over now. :)

sowmya said...

Just for the record - i dont own a DELL anymore!! :) :) :)
I have a beautiful gorgeous baby called mac!! :D :D :D

Pixie said...

Flowery boxer shorts?!! ROFL...
The entire Earthquake effect was lost on me after reading that, was too busy laughing to take your request seriously!!!
*evil grin*

Pixie said...

Oh! and do you need something as big as an earthquake to put up a post??? Do you?!

Anonymous said...

u better think twice before doing what u "threatened " to do there`s a sweet lass..muahhh. u wudnt i know..hey btw ty for the amazing movies..i`m marching upto ur house as soon as i finish the ones i have now.hi to hmaii ..btw what does she see in an iim dropout-good for nothing-except blogging-moron??? lolzzz.kidding u da sweetest! :)tlawnngaihna khawvel hi !! lol

Anonymous said...

In hmuhnawm awm suau² mang e ooo!!! :) Keichu ka CPU chawpa rang ltk tlan chhuah a ni mai... I will not miss my nearly 100GB of tutorialsss... :))

Jinx said...

Chhelo awm tuah tuah. Thosi ngal sang (with flowery boxer)chu hmuh ve ka chak hle mai :P

Taka, thil hote, i stat counter a 'October' sipeling i ziak diklo ania.

Anonymous said...

Do you live in Mizotown of some sort? Just wondering..there seems to be many around :)

Lirnghing lai chuan kekawr ipte ah Balu ak tur an tih kha i lo hre tawh dawn nia. Chuan kawngthlang lam hawi a chung lamah ban phar tur an ti.

Trix said...

Hello ..longish time no see,lol.I came round to see what you are up to over here! An earthquake,oh my gosh, your life is so interesting, to say the least. Must have been quite a sight to see, you running around in your shorties!! :)

I also want to say a huge thank you for the comment on my blog...but I understand totally how busy you are,Sandman, so there is no need to apologise.We are all so busy and life runs so swiftly,when next we look, its like..huh???
Enjoy the day :)

Aduhi Chawngthu said...

thats why you should always wear good never know what's gonna happen.

good to see jes and rob here, six kids did you say?? Last I heard they had two....

Anonymous said...

Blog update hian ron hrilhna tur che hi ka buai riau mai aa,,,pu ber hnena kan hrilh loh hi chuan mi chhiar hi a hloh lo ropui mai ci aa.. :))

Diddley said...

regardless of ya post, coz i didnt read it :D....longtime, i blog chu a va parrr nasa toh ve, ka bo topz...couldnt find a msg tag heh!! ka la hmanlai deuh a msg tag hi an uar toh lo mi....engpo ni u still know the link??? btw nice layout.....hmani a kima hi a va vang em em kalo tia, nw i know where to find u :P

Mizohican said...

@ zorun: Hehe i hre hrim hrim ang pic a mi te hi chu. Kan Pu a nih hi :) Blog Directory tih dan chu ka rawn mail ang che, ka online khat lutuk a tunlai chu, ka lo check hman lo a lawm. Ka thiante zarah ka comments ho min lo moderate sak hlauh a, an ti lawmawm tak tak a ni.

@ mariuca: Lolz. I'm sure B must be "cuter" in such flowery undees :-P Damn, I should have never mentioned about the boxers part. Thats all everybody seems to be highlighting in this post *GRIN*

@ sowmya: hehe I know, you told me about it before. I was just pulling your legs... ummm... never mind... my thought just wandered for a second :-P

Mizohican said...

@ pixie: :) Its not the earthquake, it was the flowery boxers that made me finally put up a post :-P Jokes aside, I am extremely tied up past few weeks, hence couldn't find the time to post. Plus me and my frens re-discovered this game "Emperor - Rise of the Middle Kingdom" which we play during the few free time we can find :)

@ codeAries: Blog update chu ka buai ang reng a tunlai, mahse kar khatah hi chuan vawikhat tal chu ah ka la update hman. Hman a i post thar kha chu ka lo hmaih tak tak a lawm link na ah, ka hmu reng a sin :)

@ life10: lolz, nia, tlawnngaihna khawvel hi chu :-P Tun kar hi chu rawn leng u la, i excess baggage ho tel lovin, coz you know how big our house is :) What Hmai sees in me? A gallant Knight in shining armour :-p

@ Jinx: hehe, Ocotber kha chu ka hmuh tawh, mahse ka thlak vel peih lo a nih kha. Mi dang in Mizo tawng a kan sawi dan ve hrim hrim emaw te an tia nga, an chhiar kan mai :-)

Mizohican said...

@ matey: Read carefully. There's the Gupta and the Singhs. Other than that yeah most of the other tenants are Mizos, but its definitely not a Mizo town of any sort. We may be the most but we aren't 50%. Our colony is more like a melting pot. Amazing place to mix. i balu theory chu ka lo ti ve tawh ang lir a nghing leh veleh :)

@ Jesse: Seriously Jess, I've never been this busy before. I always used to have time to blog, but now, with the little free time that I have, me and my frens are in to this really amazing PC game... lolz.

@ Aduhi: Six? Well I did say I love to exaggerate a bit :) Actually they have 5 kids. See, I am still exaggerating!!! :)

@ diddley: Diddleyyyyy! So finally you got time to grace your presence at the blogosphere again! Is a marital that hectic, or John aint letting you go, if you know what I mean :-P

msg tag chu ka disable tawh, google la a tam mai, tiang ang offer chu.

Anonymous said...

Heh, we have something in common. we both wear boxers ( with flowery, girly prints!) in bed! well, i do have one with superman logo( do you call those symbol thingies logo??).

good the quake was not too harsh.

- mona

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