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Monday, February 04, 2008

Chp 163. Sex, drugs and North-east girls.

Prologue: The Village far far away.

Tetei came from a village, far far away,

Where the spring river flows
       and the nightingale sings.
Where the autumn brook glisters
       like the face of an immaculate.
Where innocence still exists,
       there amidst the hills so green.

She left that village, filled with dreams,

Dreams that she always dreamt of
       back in her village so bare.
Dreams of neon lights and skyscrapers,
       and of opportunity in abundance.
Dreams filled with dreams and dreams,
       of changing her life and her destiny.

Oh how that dream shattered, with all the abuses,

Abused for being a woman,
       as if it is a sin to be one.
Abused for being from the North-east,
       as if she is a cheap whore from Sodom.
Abused by the media for being both,
       as if they haven’t done enough harm already.

Tetei cried every night, and finally made her way,
Back to her barren village, far far away.


Sometimes emotions just gush out when you can contain it no longer. Nobody can stop the colossal tide of pure, raw, unrestrained emotions vehemently pounding their way towards an infinitesimal orifice. For no matter how small the voices of the North-east people are, it is loud enough to echo through all the halls of Valhalla, awakening the ghastly monster which has been constrained deep within our souls.

Nobody can stop hatred. It has always been around, and will always be for the rest of our lives. We have learnt how to turn a blind eye to all the daily racial abuses, and a deaf ear to all the perpetual discriminations we face every passing moment. We have learnt how to cope with the insecurity we feel everyday because of our “differences” from the moment we wake up till the time we sleep. We have learnt how to suppress our emotions at times of gross injustice and humiliation because of our “chinky eyes”. Some of us too have unknowingly become racists ourselves because of the incessant racial abuses encountered by us. Yet, most of us never stop trying to correct the vox populi about the gross misconception of people from the North-east. Many of us have broken away from the stereotype moulds. But still, it will require a lot more effort and time to change the general mindset of the people.

But what really hurts, is when some tactless wannabe reporter comes up with an article at a daily newspaper (of a circulation of more than a million) [Link: MailToday] affirming the preconceived notion people fallaciously have about women from the North-east, that they are all nothing but the scums of society ready to sleep with anybody for money or a mug of draught beer at happy-hours TGIF.

With the aforementioned tabloid readership targeted at the middle class of emerging India [source: tksajeev], it is no wonder that women from the North-east are left stupefied and shocked beyond words when a nice well dressed gentleman approaches them and asks “how much?” They do expect such a cheap and tawdry solicitation from a roadside romeo or somebody from an uneducated background, but how could somebody so well refined behave this way? One glance at the kind of trash these so called middle class people read today, and you will know the reason why.

Could Mr. Kumar Vikram have written the article in a much more subtle tone? Of course he could. But he preferred to sensationalize the whole issue like a plot straight out from a James Hadley Chase novel. Sleazy night clubs. Drugs. Sex. Oriental babes. Money. Sex. Detectives. Drugs. Drug peddlers. Sex. The perfect formula to attract the attention of any normal hormone-raging male. And to what cost? The loss of dignity of every North-eastern woman trying to make an honest living in a “foreign” land that we call our country.

What bigotry! What shoddy journalism! North East Support Group released a statement yesterday demanding an apology from MailToday on behalf of the entire North-east and African community here in India. But I wonder, would that help? Or would we be just labeled as an inconspicuous community vying for our 15 minutes of fame? Maybe you can ask that question to the next North-eastern woman you see here in Delhi, defined as a “combo pack of sex and drugs” according to the writer.


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Ninem Misao’s reply to Kumar Vikram as reported by VK Sashikumar.
Report by via The Sangai Express. discussion


Unknown said...

I stood up wit u bro...its humiliating as well as irresponsive to speak bad about the beautiful North East Indian girls without proof

Joy Tonsing said...

@illusionaire, I don't mind at all. Thanks for the link!

Aqua said...

I am apalled to say the very least. Yes, apology HAS to be given by the careless journalist and the media house.

This is exactly why the "us" and "them" divide will never fade away. All Indians have a constitutional right to live and work in any part of India. Why is it that people from the North East, especially girls are always made to constantly feel like outsiders.

Awzzman said...

hey boss u better lead the north-east!!! good post,

claytonia vices said...

Journalism is going to dogs in this country! I don't know what else to say! Capitalising on the stereotypes that people already have is extremely unprofessional. It's sad!

Aishwarya said...


In college some of my friends from the North East had a number of horrible stories to tell about being approached by sleazy men. It's infuriating.

Anonymous said...

Goons, murderers, beasts and poison bags in the form of well-dressed or well-placed gentlemen (and ladies) have always existed. Whatever their profession or poses, they are what they are. Just look at the villains of the pieces in kidney scams, human traficking, and so on and on. Doctors, diplomats, politicians, journalists... They pick their victims from wherever they can. Peraps the malicious 'journalist' finds NE girls a soft target. Prejudices of all sorts are always there. We the NE folks must refuse to be cowed down, but prove the accusers wrong with our lives. And of course, we need to learn to protect ourselves too.

DayDreamBeliever said...


Dry your tears, little one.
If you really want to know
How to survive
Being a woman

You must
Celebrate your difference.
Do not try to conform
A square peg never fits into a round hole,
There will always be gaps.

Bach, I am told,
Used discordant notes side by side
And created soul-elevating harmony.
If people cannot appreciate your uniqueness,
Teach them to see,
and feel,
and love,
and hear
the third side of the story.

It is fear of the unknown
That causes them to
mistrust you,
ridicule you,
rape you.
You, too, have suspected
Their intentions,
Their ways, their eyes.

Your nobility and self-possession
Threaten their well-being.
It is not their fault, if
Their parents did not teach them otherwise.
But it will be our fault
If we do not teach their children better.

The other side of fear
Is curiosity. Show them,
Teach them, take their hands,
Help them understand
Guide them along untrodden paths.

Yet, refuse to be on display.
You are not a freak to be stared at.
Such attention
Is looking, without seeing.
You are better than that.
There will come a time
When they will see you
And not try to change you;
When they admit that
Without you there is no completion,
That they need you, more than you need them.

Anonymous said...

My first reaction: I hope nobody(No group) in the N-E Dosent silence him to face his horrid life. If so, i wont blame them for such action to humilate the whole N-E Region.

Anonymous said...

E khaia a bengvar thlak hle na a rilru a verh leh zar mai.. These people calling us North East, to generalised the whole area..biased comments. A comment that can leave a black spot to all the ladies living in NE-India. Ka hma a comment tu ang hian helho hian an dahtha duh mai ang tih ka hlau e

Silenceofthedepth said...

The journalist/writer is a "HEADLESS" chicken.
May God bless him all the more. He needs it!

Dan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lalremlien Neitham said...

This was my email reply to the so-called journalist, the editor and publisher concerned:

"All Indian men" stinks shit, are desperately sex-starved, m*st*rb*t*s right in the bus even in front of men, are barkers, are cheaters, are thiefs, are dogs, are filthy, are the most racist in the entire world, and what not! You name it, they are everything. All the hue and cry on racism against Shilpa Shetty, the Indian Cricket Team, etc etc is all bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to beat up this guy from orissa who thinks that northeast girls are very easy only beacause of that he has been a few months to garo hills.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Kumar Vikram,

Your article “Druglords prey on N-E girls to act as peddlers” in Mail Today on 28th of January 2008 is headlined in such a way that it indicates a story about girls from the Northeastern part of India who have fallen into victimization by the leaders of Delhi’s illicit drug trade. However, reading further into your article reveals it is merely sensationalizing an image of women from Northeastern India as a bunch of young lascivious girls who will readily deliver drugs and promiscuously offer sex to any elite client of Delhi’s notorious leaders of the drug trade who happen to be from Nigeria. This transition from your headline to an actual slanderously generalizing story is quite appalling and very irresponsible journalism.

Now I know you’ve received numerous emails at this point but I really think you should hear from my point of view as a woman who on a regular basis has to face both discrimination and fear for my own safety from a number of Delhi’s many sexually predatory men who cannot control themselves.

You had stated in your article that some Northeast girls attended a hearing for one Nigerian drug dealer. Let me inform you that any person who is attending the hearing is only there to listen in, they have not been charged or arrested and there has been no admission of guilt by those who have attended the hearing. The relation between the girls in your article and the involvement of sex is purely speculation that you have made without complete facts.

It seems that your article does not address the real issue and that is the fact that Delhi’s elite has a problem with drug abuse. Judging from your article, it seems like you are deliberately trying to give a bad name to all girls that are coming from the Northeastern part of India. It is one thing to say African drug peddlers, but when people from the “Northeast” are also a part of India, there is no excuse to simply say North East girls. Please tell me, will you be writing an article about South Indian prostitutes, Punjabi drug peddlers, or Gujarati murderers in the future? It is high time Indians from other parts of the country stop categorizing those who are from the Northeastern region in such a negative image. You can write the names of the girls who are involved in this illicit drug trade that insinuatingly involves paid sex if you really want to be completely accurate with your story.

Please take more care in understanding the consequences with your journalism. I have been living and working in Delhi for the past 8 years and I believe citizens from the Northeastern states deserve better. We too are Indian citizens, working hard to make a positive career for ourselves and a difference in this country and it is disheartening to see a story released that continues to make all of us look like a bunch of prostitutes only.

Journalism coverage can have a great influence over the minds of many readers. Such a ridiculously and poorly written story causes unnecessary hardships for any female from the Northeastern part of India. We only want fair and equal treatment, the same as any else.


Jerusha said...

huiss - thinrim pawh thinrim thei toh lo, ka hne ltk heng ho hi...I hope he gets bitten by a viper :P

Malsawmi Jacob said...

Hnam tin zingah misual an tam, mi tha pawh. Thinrima intih hah vak aiin fing taka fight dan i ngaihtuah ang u, e.g Anonymous tih dan hian.

Trix said...

Well, your post is so full of have such depth and understanding of the postiion these women must find themselves in.The media causes so much grief and misery...and I wonder how to actually change these things.I hope you dont mind that I linked to you in my latest blog post right now.

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Ka pu KIm :)ka chhiar hman lo tlats..internet AZL ah chuan muang bok si..lo lut juai a ni e.Dt.23 hian Kol atangin China pan ang ...:)

Almostunreal said...


i am sure he once was turned down by a NE girl.

Go to a market, wear a sleeveless top with jeans, the people here looked at you like and eyeinng you. At the same time, the so called Indian girl walked by, with bare back, halter top..and they won't even bother to look back....

The people of India is sick...treating their own citizen like an outsider.

I agree with anonymous' comment.

Anonymous said...

Well said.... I pray that things will change in the near future. At the moment the ground reality is very disgusting....

Anonymous said...

I post ho hi ngaihnom thei hle mai.
Topic pawimawh tak tak poh a om fur mai. Thumbs' Up Kim2...hihi
Epl Point i tarlan khi, kei heta TV entur neilo tan chuan tangkai puiin Gunners an la san zawk zel avangin a lomom e...Damreng ang che!!!

Anonymous said...

I am not from the Northeast and I totally sympathize with the rotten way that Northeasterners are treated in the rest of India. It's time that everyone reminds this slanderous journalist and others like him that India is not just the Indo-Gangetic plain or the Kaveri valley or the Narmada valley. It is also the Brahmaputra civilization. Racism of this kind must stop, starting with this low level journalist.

Arunima said...

he was sure ditched by one of us.

Anonymous said...

Any idea if Mail Today made an apology? I searched but in vain..

Anonymous said...

Any Idea or chance of knowing more about this Man Called Fucker KUMAR. Wud like to see an apology from him thru the same paper ..

Anonymous said...

Ka hnek dawnnnnnnnnnn . KUMAR my asssssssssssss

Lunafey said...

This is Libel ... We can take dem to court ... any ideas on how to go about this??? ... maybe start a petition n then sue their sorry asses ... Shud I prepare the bloody petition or shud d NE Association do it ... we have to take action Matre

Anonymous said...

Hey Kumar I will find you and beaten up ure dump shit ass ... Coz i am the servant of the Northeast, and becoz justice is justice.. and becoz Northeast is Northeast

Anonymous said...

First: The damage is done.
Second: Sad some of NE girls are involved ... it hurts.

Last: I pray the Lord Almighty will lead us to overcome and refine such
one sided writer. My frens
such comments will only make us strong.

...Good outing @illusionaire.... good Outing..... same goes to you
too Joy

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I wanted to let you know what I've linked to your post, I hope that's ok with you.

Trix said...

Just came by to read the post again...and also to see if all is going great over here
See you soon,and keep awesome posts coming,my friend :)

Puia said...

I dam thin maw hotupa, i reh hle mai tunlai..

Roshni said...

Good Work!!! You`re bringing things to light. The stereo typing wont stop though, and like you said, 'chinky eyes' is reason enough for discrimination like that.
Not that it`ll make a difference to anyone, yet the reporter who doesnt know ethics and where to draw the line between journalism and sensationalism needs to be taught a lesson.
Lets get him!!!!

Mizohican said...

Thank you william, joy, aqua, awzzman, claytonia, aishwarya, mesjay, daydreambeliever, vana, silenceofthedepth, lal, jerusha, almost unreal, jesse, sekibuhchhuak, beita jr, dakul, sharmishtha, arunima, eazie247, lunafey, jesse, nandita, roshni, puia, strange currencies, inspector cruso, mista northeast and all the anonymous commenters for all your comments. This means a lot, not just to me but the entire North-eastern community.

In answer to one of the questions on whether MailToday has apologized or not, the editor indeed published an apology, on page 36. I don't remember the exact date, its somewhere between Feb 4-8 I think, where they stated that they did not intend to generalize any community because that is against what they stand for. They appreciate the public for reminding them that they have strayed from that path and promised not to do it again.

I have come across such cheap generalization of the North-east people in my four years as a blogger, and I have learnt that it is impossible to change the mindset of everybody. But this is different because it is the media that is involved this time. I hope the media will think twice next time before they print such an outrageous article again.

Special thanx to Lekhni, kuffir and e-pao team for cross-posting this article at, and respectively. Also a great big thanx to the various other bloggers who have linked to this article and who wrote out against such shoddy display of yellow journalism in their own words filled with passion and mania. We need to keep speaking up if we really want the feeble voice of the North-east to be heard by the rest of India.

God bless you everyone.

Mariuca said...

Love your prologue Sandman, Happy Valentine's Day from Malaysia! :):):)

Utpal Borpujari said...

this is my protest mail to Mail Today ( & on Feb 11:

"Dear Kumar Vikram,

We have never met, but I too am a journalist who have been working in
Delhi since 14 years. Incidentally, I come from Assam, which falls in
the geographical region that is called the North-East India, and I am
writing to you after getting to read your news report titled
"Druglords prey on N-E girls to act as peddles", published in your
paper on January 28

It is extremely unfortunate that the tone of your article is one of
tarring the image of the entire people of the North-East. We the media
report agressively when similar tones are used by the likes of Raj
Thackeray while launching a tirade against north Indians in Mumbai,
but when one of our brethren does the same, whom do we complain to?

For your information, there are over a lakh people from the
North-East, a large chunk of them students and young professionals
working and excelling in different fields (including the media, and
including the newspaper for which you write), residing in the national
capital. Like in the case of every community, there could be - and
would be - bad apples among the NEasterens too, and there is no
hesitation on my part in saying this.

But to paint an entire community in a bad light with a swipe of your
pen is something that is totally unacceptable. Your news report gives
the impression that each and every NE girl could be a suspect drug /
sex peddler. It is akin to saying that each and every Bihari could be
a goon or each and every Muslim could be a terrorist.

When you say NE, do you how many ethnic communities / tribes you are
taking into account in that single word description? Do you know how
rich and diverse their culture and heritage is? Do you know the
strength of their traditional system of grassroot level community
system of administration or the high position women hold in those
societies? I can go on and on, but the point is, your report reads
like one written by someone the likes of whom one can expect to meet
among the most insensitive lot of people.

Being in the media, our outlook should be finding ways and means to
remove the traditional prejudices that various Indian communities hold
against one another, particularly as we hold a position to influence
opinion. Instead, your writing gives the complete reverse impression
of this and seeks to perpetuate the negative stereotyping of the
region by some sections of the media over the years. If you look
around yourself, in your office itself maybe, you will find a number
of positive stories about NE people in the capital, if not in any
other place.

Why don't you ask some of your colleagues in your paper, who come from
the North-East, about what they feel about your article? That is the
least I can request you to do.

Utpal Borpujari
Special Correspondent
Deccan Herald
New Delhi Bureau,

Anonymous said...

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DayDreamBeliever said...

God Bless Utpal Borpujari for such a well-written response!

HI-QUALITY said...

hey there sandman,nice to see your blog is getting better each passing year, so keep it up.Btw i really like this particular post.Thanks for the links

Bobby Revell said...

Hi Sandman! The vicious cycle of journalistic tripe and the sickening hunger of those who feast on it is one of the worst aspects in all of humanity.

Similar situations arise in America as we are force fed garbage 24-7. People think it's no big deal and it is endlessly perpetuated - at the cost of the female psyche and the morale of an entire generation.

Great post and keep fighting the good fight!

Mizohican said...

@ Bobby: Very true indeed. Eventually, most people who did not get a chance to interact with other communities or other ethnic group are just going to go along with what they can read, and when the so called reliable sources turn out to be such a sensationalize shoddy piece of journalism, then thats the generalization these people are going to have.

@ Utpal Borpujari: That was a very well written and heartfelt letter. Thank you so much for writing out to the Newspaper about it. People like you are the voice and eyes of the North-eastern people and the work that you do reflect upon every other north-eastern person here in India. Thank you so much for standing by your people and taking time off to clarify the gross misconception.

@ mariuca: Thanx, marzie. And a happy belated V'day to you too. (Have wished you at your blog, just wishing you again here)


@ Hi-Quality: I should thank you for visiting my blog. And thanx for the compliment. I try to improve by welcoming every criticism from my respected readers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Friends,

Last night got call from Mail Today saying that they have published apology to the article "Druglords prey NE girls to act paddlers" on Jan 28.

The content is yet to see and will respond according.

The respond came toward the pressure we mounts up on them for unconditional apology to whole India, Afrinacan nations and particularly to NE People.

We indicated our reservation to approach PCI at the failure of our demand. We will let you what the content is exactly looks like.

Madhu Chandra
Spokes Person

Anonymous said...

u wana knw what i thk. why dnt we just beat their ass. they just want to be fuck. fuck you to all the girls with n india boy friend. he wana fuck u thats it

Anonymous said...

vai pa hnen atang khan enge in beisei a. eng tik ah mah in in nei lo ang. mutpui atan bak a ti lo che. in la tan zui ve khang lang a. vai ho hian an vai pui te hnenah an soi dan che u te hi in hre ve lo a nia nge. thla 1 poh ni lo zan 2 vel ka prih lo han ti chin te a che romantic vak lo maithei a ni. han then chin bok teh hre mai ang.

Anonymous said...

vai chass nei chn lo coment ve dn nia

Anonymous said...

Thanks visiting my blog. Due to work lot in my work could not keep in touch with u.Visit your site on this Mr.Vikram comment about NE Girls i do allegal of his comment of his baseless issue. He is still unware of the NE people.

Rome Mele said...

My first time to your blog. Very informative regarding the whole NE issue. Will keep visiting.


saurav said...

well guys....let me tell u this frankly i am a typical north indian male....i may often crack jokes on guys and girls from north east occasionally but what the heck we all do it....but it does not means that we disrespect you guys...i mean u guys are one of the most hard working people i have met...and yes i do understand that most north inidan guys think that north eastern girls are easy pickings because of there liberal attitude but it is also true that for a north indian any women who has liberal ethos is a whore no matter were she is from...

Blue Floppy Hat said...

I guess I came to this way, way late, I don't know if illusionaire's even looking, but I must say- Saurav's right, most North Indian men seem to think any girl who wears trousers instead of salwar-kameezes, who's out unaccompanied by a guy, or who smokes, drinks or engages in non-sati-savitri behaviour, is a whore. Unfortunately, North-Eastern girls get the worst of it. It's disgusting, and it needs to stop.

Sometimes I think India's a really crappy place for women, no matter where we come from or what we look like. But for the media (even from yellow publications like that tabloid) to start propagating such stereotypes...words fail me.

Anonymous said...

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pheromones said...

This is exactly why the "us" and "them" divide will never fade away. It seems like Journalism is going to dogs in this country! I don't know what else to say at all of this, thanks.

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Unknown said...

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