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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Chp 190. Limericks Part Two

I dug out this old draft of mine, which was supposed to be a sequel to the Mizo Onliners Limericks. I wrote it a long time ago before BW got married, and here I am publishing it now for your reading pleasure.

This time I have roasted only 4 people, four very dear friends of mine:

Jerusha [ Maimawm / Sundancer ]
Jimmy [ BlackWhite ]
Biteii [ Superstarr / Almost Unreal ]
Amos [ Goldmember / Fade_no_more ]

There once was a guy called Goldmember,
All the names of the BMA girls he remember.
Oh he was a real flirt,
until that fateful night,
his frustrated girlfriend snipped off his member.

There once was a guy called Fade_no_more,
To all the ladies he was such a bore.
You should see his tummy,
kinda like a pregnant mummy.
That’s why he has no other option but to whore.

There once was a girl called Maimawm,
during the weekends, she stays at home.
She keeps to herself.
A few porn on her shelf.
What's that on her blanket? Eww, looks like foam!

Let's get back to our friend Fade_no_more,
still alone, still single, living in Bangalore.
A hundred girlfriends he once had,
but wanna know what is really sad?
How many times had he kiss - the answer is four.

There once was a girl called Sundancer,
who does not believe in monogamy, no Sir!
Her roomies fixed her up,
with Ravi, Puia and Aftab.
She said, "No prob, as long as they drive a Lancer."

There once was a girl called superstar,
her boyfriend likes to call her a Pitar.
I think that is extremely bold,
to tell your girlfriend she is old.
Maybe that's why she stores her eggs in a jar.

Hmmm, one last time let's call upon Amos.
On Viagra he once tried to overdose.
He said there's no hope,
so he decided to dope.
The drugs kicked in, and he molested a garden hose.

Now it's the turn of Jerusha once again,
to all her friends she is such a pain.
She takes out her digi-cam,
and aims at our sausage & ham.
That's why her search for a boyfriend is still in vain.

Heehee, again there was a guy called Jimmy,
who tried to score with a girl called Mimi.
They started to caress,
but once they undress,
it turns out, he was wearing the same shimmy.

Our friend Jimmy is also known as BlackWhite,
and boy, he likes to wear his pants real tight.
He said it kinda gives him a high,
to show-off to the girls his thigh.
And believe me, his thighs aren't the only thing in sight.

Jimmy's finally getting married next month,
and with that, no more he's going to hunt.
Oh I really pity his wife,
leading a miserable life.
Whole night she’ll have to bear with his grunt.


Jerusha said...

Huis, aren't you glad I was born? Awm lo ila chu I excess words hi hman na tur I hre awm si lo a, mi chhuah chhe thei si pawnga!~ Just a quick qord of caution - don't forget I have here the "sausage and ham" pictures, so be careful :P

Nice one though, Monday zing tho phang pawh kan nuih ve chu,..

Mizohican said...

hihihihihi :-D

And I can still sue you if those "sausage & ham" pics ever resurface on the net again, says my lawyer :-P

Aduhi Chawngthu said...


mnowluck said...


I love the last one about JIMMY

Mos-a said...

There was once a man called Kim
Who used to live a life of Sin
But now that he is Bombay
He is content with being Gay.

Our very dear friend Kima
once went to Peru to screw.
Because he had ravished all the girls he knew.
But all he found there was a horny Llama.
And so they had a threesome with Obama.

Mizohican said...

lolzzzz Mos!!!!


Puii-Mac Lover said...

lolll..very funny..;P

Anonymous said...

What's with the sparkling light going from left to right? Are you having a puja here :-)

Anonymous said...

"Just a quick qord of caution - don't forget I have here the "sausage and ham" pictures, so be careful :P"
Funny, but someone's photobucket account was public at the time. I grabbed it of course, you never know when...

Illumination said...

In va han in sawisa nasa hlom ve aw!! ti zel rawh u, a ngaih in a nawm a chen lo dawn hyuk*hyuk*

Almostunreal said...

han ti zel teh....thil te2 ka nei a nia

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