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Monday, December 01, 2008

Chp 214. Ronaldo’s HANDS of God

Too much misery and sadness recently. We need to cheer up.

[Image source: Mumbai Mirror December 1 2008 - Pg 25]

Oh the new low he can go to
Just when you think he’s done it all.
New tricks and guile he can do
Like using his hands to slam in the ball!

Oh the entertainment he brings
Truly gifted quick feet and such a pace.
Maybe not an entertainer who sings
But when it comes to acting, he’s a real ace!

Oh his infamous twinkle l’il toes
The speed of the game his feet truly enhance.
With fancy footwork there he goes…
Do remind him this aint "So you think you can dance".

I do kinda admit, he is cool.
A lot of fine young ladies he enthralls
But pray, tell him to be careful
Because I just shake my TV and there he falls!

Chances of being fined is slim
But will this make the FA re-think?
Nah they will never touch him
After all, all he has to do is just wink.


Funny is reading Alex Ferguson coming to Ronaldo’s defense.

  1. "I've watched it again and he's trying to protect the ball hitting his face."

  2. "He also thought he heard the whistle."

  3. "It's not as if he's thrown a hand at the ball to deflect it away or punch it towards goal, it simply hit his hands."

  4. "If it had been outside the box, the referee would just have given a free-kick, nothing else. The crowd played their part of course and he got sent off."

errrr… soooo many excuses! I guess they all happened at the same time. He should have also added that witchdoctors in Timbuktu were casting a black spell over him while at the same time terrorists among the spectators threw a penny at him to protest about illegal seal hunting hence making him handle the ball! I mean, as long as we’re on an excuse roll here, he should have continued with the flow. You won’t find an opportunity like this again

For this particular post, I will not write much. Let my pictures do all the talking [credits given to original image sources]

Maybe Ronaldo needs to find a new career, as he clearly has non-football related skills. How would he fare in other sports?

Volleyball? Maybe!

[ Original Image source ]

Basketball too!!!

[ Original Image source ]

He wouldn’t fare badly in water polo either.

[ Original Image source ]

He can also become a famous martial arts videogame character!.

[ Original Image source ]

Actually, come to think about it, basketball may not be a great idea after all…

[ Original Image source ]

Cheers, and Flame on!!!

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Mos-a said...

Great shops :). Of course Ronnie has a great mentor to learn from the the leg-hand-ary Paul Scholes.
Please click gif file for proof. :)

Vikram said...

Salutations to ur creativity sir.

Hriatpuia Pa said...

A nalh e. A thu poh a tha. Ka ngaihtuah loh lam a ni.

Nirav said...

Awesome! Can;t tell you how heartening it was for me to see him being sent off :-)

Aduhi Chawngthu said...

...but he's cute...

Jinx said...

Hahaa! I thluak tak hi chu oooo...awmang ltks, min ti nui vur vur mai :) Mahse a hmeltha thou thouuu :P

Mizohican said...

@ Mosa: hehee.. I guess Ronnie got a good mentor. After all, that is apparently what they teach in their camp. That, and how to commit fouls. I just heard Manure got fined £50000 for committing more than 5 bookings in a single game, AGAIN. lolz. And their fans are so happy when they win in this method. Not surprised about the number of bookings, in spite of the extreme partiality shown to them by the refs. Ronnie would have definitely received his second yellow for that sarcastic applaud when he got his first yellow, had he been an Arsenal player.

@ Vikram: Oh Thank you thank you!! :D

@ Zaia: Ka lawm e. Keichu ka tuina zawng tak a nia, football hi chu :)

@ Nirav: hehehe, me too :) Although I was a bit surprised that Fergie defended him so much for that incident. Had any gunners did the same thing, Wenger would have blasted them right there itself. But noooo... for Fergie everything his players do is right and not even God Almighty can judge them!!! He's so much like that Chelski old boss José Mourinho in this matter...

@ Aduhi: lolz, so is Maria Sharapova, but you don't find her falling on the ground every 5 minutes during a game or play in a dishonest cheap way, do you? :)

@ Jinx: hehehe... a nuam eeee hetiang zawnga thluak vir tir hi :) chuan, cute mahse keichuan ka starrr ve leuhhh :-P

Basak. said...

rofl. photoshop skills at best. very neat job! keep up.

Varte said...

Thluak hi chu kan in vawrhvir hneh hleih ngawtin ka hre mai.. tin, skill an tia mawni hi i nei tha roh riau bawk sia, chumi pahnih han tangkawp vel chu heti hi a lo ni ta a nih hi..

Photoshop-te chu min la zirtir ve la tha ang..

luliana said...

Either love him or hate him..hehe

What the football world can do without..Ronaldo and his misguided confidence..:P

Mizohican said...

@ basak: Thank you thank you! After all, I am learning from the best of the best! :) I owe it to the entire design team, and hope they continue to teach me *GRIN*

@ Varte: eee zirtir ang che i hman hun hunah :) engtin nge kan tih ang, in Ramah ka rawn zin zuai dawn nge hetah i rawn kal zawk dawn? Hei ka ever-ready reng a nia :)

Thluak te chu kan vawrhvir vak hlei nem. Kan sawi vak vak a, running start hnuah idea tlemte hi a rawn thawhchhuak ve chauh a lawm :)

@ luliana: lolz. I'll drink to that. Boy I hate his attitude soooo much. Before I used to hate Rooney for his attitude. But Ronaldo's attitude has completely overshadowed Rooney's attitude and I am actually starting to like Rooney now! lolz.

violette said...

:))...dats how i look when i read ur post!! always!mahruaii is here with me,says hello

Puibawiha said...

Ha ha, ngaihtuah chhuak thiam hle mai.

Eveline said...

hahahaha! Awesome post, Kima! I needed to laugh my post-trip blues away. Thanks. Oh.... and all my colleagues loved it too.

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hahaha.. this is funny! great job, sandman! :)

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

btw, you've just been awarded and invited to join me in What Kind of Chocolate Are You? Have a Choco~licious Wednesday! :)

VaiVa said...

I sual lutuk!!! City kha chak lo se i ti sa hrim hrim!!! he he... Volleyball ah khian inlet se a thiam ber ang a.

Kha ai chuan vPersie kha thil mak a va rawn ti ve?

amuana said...

I va sual thiam tak e aw!!!! Mahse i hnehawh hmel mai photoshop chu.
Richard a a te thrawt leh whistle ri avang khan Richards inhliam emaw a tia a man anih kha. :P, He nau hi chu a va hanzuang sang tak. Mi khawngaihma ngah tak chu nilo se,a goal dawn chiang lutuk

Mizohican said...

@ violette: Oh oh oh! Give my warmest regards to her!!!! If she is staying there for tonight and tomorrow, I'll give her a call tomoro coz right now I dont have balance and no place to recharge... :)

@ Puibawiha: hehehe... thank you :D rilru ah a rawn lang zawk mai a ni... hihihi...

@ Eveline: Oh thank you for showing it to your colleagues down there! :) Glad I could make you laugh. It must be quite relaxing to laugh especially after such a tiring journey. Glad you're back to blogging too. Will start making my pit stop there right away *wink*

Mizohican said...

@ Jean: Thank you Miss Yummy licious! And of thank you for the award! I am on my way to claim it right away! :) Hope its safe to say it here itself that I am the bitter chocolate types... ;)

@ Vaiva: Hahahahaha! Han sual ve te hi a nuam a lawm a Pu. Nia city chu tan ve bawk e... an thun thei teuh ve a sin. Roonie a goal te kha chu luck vang mai mai a lawm. heh! :)

@ amuana: eee hotupa, nia hei photoshop te chu ka zir a, kan agency a ka designer thianten min zitir thin, ka department nilo mahse. A nuam ve mai mai tiang ang han tih danglam te hi. :D whistle a ri emaw a ti kha chu khawvela thil awihawm loh ber aniang... we are talking about Ronaldo here :) Master of deceit & deception, Emperor of falling down, Commander of crying and Sultan of winking.


Trix said...

Ohhh, its wonderful to know that a man can be so so many ways,lolz.I had a wonderfu giggle while reading it,which of course I needed after all my working and slaving!! Listen, I dugg the post and I also made myself a widget just like yours,Dear SandMan, I have been creative tday....its not only the men who have talents :)

Mariuca said...

Hi Sandman, how are you? I love the video game character sport da best lol! ;)

amuana said...

Hahaha. Man U chu ka tan, Ronaldo hi chu zepnakah emaw ka ning deuh thin. A tlu zing lutuk te, a selfish lutuk te hi ka ngei thin. Tin, a finishing hi a tha hran lo bawk. Tin, in la style kual vel le an hawi chapo kual hi kauak lo chauh thin ve tho.Mahse kan pawl tan hi chuan a thawhhlawk fu tho mai.

I blog ah hi chuan i lawmna tur tlem kan sawi tel lawk. Arsenal hi tunhma atangin an game a hmuhnawm ka ti. An inkhel hi ka theih phawt chuan ka hmaih ngai mang lo.

Chawlhni zinga Vawksa rep hmeh a, Presbyerian kohhran nih bawk a, Man U fans nih bawk hi alo nuam ber mai. :)

Pixie said...

Err.. Did you write that poem?!
I thought that Ronaldo was a good player? You were making fun of him with all those pictures right??

(I am such an illeterate when it comes to football! Though, I do try to remember to brush up my knowledge!)

Almostunreal said...

hahaha...a chawh..booo to Ronaldo

Mizohican said...

@ Jesse: My dear, you didn't digg me :( check again, coz had you dugg, it would show. Yup, I came and saw the widget. lolz. love it. Kinda scary though na, that it is so real time and accurate :D Nobody can spy on me now. lolzzzz.

@ Marzie: lolzzz yeah I like that too. Straight from Dragonballz character. hehehehe... *BIG GRIN*

@ Amuana: lolzzz mi rawn ohfik dan chu le :) nia, vawksa rep te chu kan chak ve, mahse Manure fan lo nih hi chu a nuamna hi ka hre lo, in dinhmunah pawh hian rawn ding i la :D ManU a Barthez leh Cantona hunlai kha chuan ka ngaisang ve, keini in David Seaman te kan neih lai khan (Henry a rawn lar hma daihhh Bergkemp a bawn lai). Mahse tunah hi chuan ManU ho chu ka eilo hlawm khawp mai, a tlangpui ho chu. Berba hi ka tan a ni mai.

Gunners chu an one touch hi a hmuhnawm bawk e lawm, mahse a changchuan perfect goal an zawnga an chak ta theilo hi chu a na duh a ni, pangngai deuhvin han thun ve thin mai se ooo... match tam deuh an score lek lek na a tam lutuk, score mang silo hian. rilru a hah duh a ni hei hi.

@ Pixie: hehehe... yeah I wrote that poem with special dedication to him. He's good, no one denies that. But he has an ego the size of Jay Leno's head. Plus he thinks he's better than he actually is. Plus he has such great talent but he prefers to pay in a dishonest cheap way at every game, which really questions his talent.

@ Almost: lolzzz. Ni e. Chawh tak tak hi a ni :D

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Haha..van thiam ve pu-a :)

MU hi chu Yorke leh Cole te hunlai khan ka tan thin khawp mai. Kha tih lai kha chuan an game kha a mawi tlawt ani.

Ronaldo hi thiam chu ka ti a, mahse ka ngaina vak lo a chezia hi. A ball kan chawk let vel, ball tawk miah lova an ' lam' vel te leh asir kil a ball speed tawk a an tlan pui vel thin hi chuan, kan vanglai min hriatchhuah tir thin :)))

The Chhamanator said...

Great man, great!! Stumbled.

awitei said...

Tlai khohnu ah lo lut ve..
Like Luliana said, there r something in this world, that you have to either love or hate..

Eg. Ronaldo, Man Utd, and for that matter,Britney poh :)

Thats where the diff b/w Man Utd and the other team lies. Arsenal, though its my fav. team, Ive never seen anybody hating them so much, but with ManU is a diff story.

Even with Britney and other pop stars, its the same story..Ti tralh teh ang :)

Trix said...

Its so weird that the Digg didnt show up...please visit my Digg profile and you can see proof that I Dugg it and also favourited it...I also sent it around to other Digg Friends.This is a weird happening indeed... :(

You can also check my profile on MyBlogLog,it shows under my own activities that I Dugg it...

Maruata said...

va thiam mai mai ve a..ngatinge hla xir lova i tlanbo daih, tlar hmaa zaihoin an zawng an zawng che a nia :)

Mizohican said...

@ Jesse the Cat: lolzzzz sweetie you dugg my entire blog!!!! Not this particular post! I just checked. Hahahaha! Now your digg button for this post is showing up for all my new posts too! lolzzzz. :D I'll see what I can do to fix this. A bit funny writing about the Mizoram Elections and the digg button for that post proudly displays "Ronaldo Hands of God..." :D

@ u Maruata: hehehehe... Hla zir chu ka thiamlo ka tih khaaa! Tu emawni nen khawiah emawni tete kan kal daih a lawm :D Tun Sunday ah in hla zir chu kan lo ngaithla ang, ngun deuhvin. Nangni chu in zai thiam a, keini ve te chu... a zahthlak zawk! :)

@ Seki: haha in vanglai nen a lo in ang reng a maw? lolzzz. Nia nangpawh hi i tluk hrat hmel, engmah contact a awmloh pawh hian. Hemi technique i hmang thiam vang hian engmi in team pawh hmanni khan in chak? :D

@ Toy: lolz... you and your britney... kinda cute :) Nia Manure ho hi chu an khelh dan hi an phakhar thei lutuk a, phakarity hian an chak leh a, midang hovin an ngeilo theilo a lawm. Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea tih ho hi chu an khel a fair emmmmmms...

@ The Chham: Oh thank you thank you Sir :) Nice to be stumbled.