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Friday, February 26, 2010

Chp 286. Hello Mom...

Trrrringgggg trrrringggg…

Your phone rings. It’s Mom. Mom calling. Seeing her name flash on your mobile phone is definitely something, isn’t it? Especially when you are somewhere or with someone or doing something (or a combination of all three) that you really don’t want your mom to know of. It’s funny how she always manages to call up at such "odd" times… Damn ESP.

Just a few years ago, mobile phones were only for the rich and famous. And bulky as hell. And expensive too, with incoming calls charged. And now, everybody has one. More than a trend, it has become a necessity. My mom too joined the mobile phone bandwagon and bought a Motorola handset two years ago. She learnt how to sms last month.

Ok ok I’m being evil I’m just kidding… Love ya, mom.

So, curious me want to know, how do you save your mom’s name on your mobile? I save mine as “Mom”.

Funny thing is, “Mom” is used more frequently in the US, while “Mum” is more common in UK. And India being a former British colony, you’d only expect more people to follow this trend. However, it’s quite the opposite. Of course names like “Maa” and “Amma” are clearly more popular over here, but when it comes to the colloquial English term, “Mom” certainly reigns over “Mum” here.

So that brings us back to the question. How do you save your mother’s number?

In my language, the word for mother is “Nu”, but till now I haven’t come across that many Mizos saving their mother’s number on their mobile phones as “Nu”. It’s usually “Mom”, save for a few with more colorful names for their mothers like “Home Minister”, “Jail keeper”, “Wicked Witch” etc.

Please take part in my small survey and let me know which name you use for your mother.

What name do you use for your mother on your mobile phone?
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Why am I interested in this topic? Well, here is a funny scenario.

Suppose you’re working extremely late in office, or just got back from partying at 3 in the morning, so you’re tired - Extremely exhausted and possibly sloshed.

You reach home, and fall off to sleep immediately the moment your head hit the pillow.

And then 5 in the freaking morning, the phones rings. Loud. Irritating. Never ending.

At first it feels like somebody drilling through concrete in the middle of your dream. And then you slowly wake up. You realize it’s not a freaking dream. Drowsily you reach out for the source of that infernal noise with your hands. Your eyes are still shut and your hands keep searching.

Finally it finds the little monster. You swear that if it’s one of those HDFC home loans or ICICI insurance telemarketers, you’re gonna give that person the worst curse ever uttered in the history of Mankind.

And then you grip the phone and slowly open your eyes.

It’s Mom!

Her name flashes all over the mobile screen. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom.

You try to cool down by reminding yourself that 5 in the morning is not that early back in Mizoram.

You bring the phone slowly to your ears and clear your throat while taking a deep breath. And then you answer hesitantly…


The moment you hear the voice on the other end, you suddenly realize… she’s not YOUR mom. Because the freaking mobile phone is not yours!

Suddenly, all signs of drowsiness disappear and you are completely awake. Oh shit, you mutter.

And that mom on the other line is shocked… “Who the hell is this? Who are you? Where is … (insert girl’s name here)???? Answer me! Hello? HELLLOOOOO!!!!”


Disconnect. Switch off phone.

Awkward huh?

At this point, you can quietly get up, wear your clothes and leave the house, but don’t forget to leave a small note on the pillow to remind the girl sleeping next to you that her mom had called. Because that is a gentlemanly thing to do.

Ok ok, all jokes apart, and not that I am saying that has happened to me or anyone… I’m just trying to state the possibility of something like that happening…

So the next time you answer a call from “Mom” at 5 in the morning, first make sure it’s your mobile phone.

Do let me know how you save your mother’s name on your mobile. I’m sure many of you will have interesting stories to tell. I’m all ears. Cheers.


Shuakshuali said...

bet you're not joking and that thing really happened to you :)

illusionaire said...

lolzzzzz. No! :P

Zairemthiama Pachuau said...

Very interesting post. For my mother's number I am using 'Mommy' which I think is the most affectionate of all and wonder why you fail to include in you poll as it is. It is too good to be put among 'others'!

Me too, with a time difference of 3.5 hrs between India and Zambia, my mother used to wake me up around 3 or 4 a.m Zambian time with her irresistible call.

Pixie said...

tell tell.. did this happen to you?!! ;)

I store my mom's number as "Amma" (That's mom in Kannada)
And NO ONE but me picks up her calls, so safe! and she has never called up THAT early!! ;)

illusionaire said...

@ Pu Zaia: hehehe... Mommy sounds cute :D I know, I think we really have to factor in the time when making ISD calls! :-)

@ Pixie: Once again, no, it wasn't me :-) Amma is mom in tamil too. Appa is dad in tamil. and Pa is dad in Mizo. Such similarities, yet miles apart! Fascinating :)

chhangte_ll said...

Duh leh 'Mama', 'Momsie' te hmang la mawle, ringtone dangdai deuh tak nen..he he he...

aduhi said...

I saved my mother's number with the name "Nu" because that's how I call her. And somebody had changed her phone settings so that when she gets a call the picture of the caller appears on the screen, so one day when I called she thought it was really me coming to life on her phone and she was like "Oh I can see you, you look so thin, your hair is so long" etc etc.I had to explain that that picture was taken ages ago and it was already stored in her phone hahaha

illusionaire said...

@ chhangte_II: hehehe... yes, ring tone dangdai chu a ngai chiang mai :D

@ Aduhi: lolz. Thats a funny one :) I too have a lot of stories to tell about my mom and her trysts with mobile phones, but I dont wanna sound mean. Plus I actually find it cute the way she would struggle with a mobile phone. By the way, nice new profile pic :)

nancy said...

hah!!! that thing really happened to u.. its obvious :D

claytonia vices said...

I had a slightly different experience but still related to parents' numbers on cellphones :)

Once my friend N said she will send her dad's contact no. as a 'business card' (still haven't figured out how it works on various phones). So this 'business card' safely saves itself in my phonebook. But I keep looking for her dad's name in the phonebook but just can't find it.

Then one day I realize there is a number saved as DAD and it's not my dad's! LOL! She had simply forwarded her dad's contact without thinking that everyone else would also have an entry under 'dad' too.

mangbuhril said...

Nu.. works best for me
btw u must have been really high to be in the wrong place, wrong bed, wrong time and holding the wrong cell to be in those kind of situations.

Anonymous said...

nice way to let everyone know you finally got laid!! lol


Shuakshuali said...

hahaha...see... everyone knows that really happened to you..the grabbing ur roomie's phone by mistake thingy.. can't run from the truth, my man :)

illusionaire said...

@ Nancy, Shuaksuali and Pi BMW: HAHAHA! Sheeesh, you women, always trying to analyzing everything when it comes to relationships. For your kind info, my girlfriend reads my blog, so you really think I'd be putting this stuff up if it was me in the picture? :D Keep analyzing, my dears... :D

@ claytonia: lolz. Yeah I can imagine. You calling up DAD and he turning up to be some other person's dad. lolz. Must be a laugh.

@ Mang: :-) You are misreading the whole post :D Its just a scenario that can possibly happen... :-)

Anonymous said...

repunFunny, I had a similar experience, but ill save myself the embarrassment. I save my mother's no. as "Mom.mob", dad's as "Dad.mob", not that each of my family member has a land-line. :P
One of my non-mizo friends saves his Dad's number as "Sarkar" which I find pretty amusing.

mangbuhril said...

@kima, oops, sorry u misread the lines, the "you" refers to a third person or not anyone in particular, could be anybody. Or it should've been We

odzer said...

I save mine as "Mother".

On a completely different note. When I was in the North-East this winter I complained bitterly all the time about the sunrise/sunset timings. You guys need a different timezone. I was only happy when I finally crossed in to Bhutan and they had their time half hour ahead of India. GMT +6 should fix it.

VaiVa said...

Tra la la la la :P Hello... helloo... helloooo

Anonymous said...

Dad comes from the Welsh word for father, "tad." Mom comes from a baby trying to pronounce the word mother and inherently says ma, which sometimes sounds like mom. I actually say Mother. It depends on where you live which one you use.The US uses Mom. Australia, New Zealand and the UK say Mum. Canada seems to be split.

For some reason, I saved "Mother" in my Blackberry and "Mum" in my other Nokia handset. Great post! nevertheless, it remind me of "Yo Mamma Jokes" LOL :)

Mimihrahsel said...

I save mine as "A Mom" so that her name comes first in the list :-)

Eveline said...

Oh too much fodder to share! Kima you did not do that! The poor girl.
That said. I LOVE YOU... and ummm yeah love you in spite of the fact that I snorted orange juice out my nose.

I store my mom as Esther on my phone. It began when I used to call her 'mom' at church but she never responded cos there were like 50 other moms around the place.

Embarrassing moments?? Yeah right, like I'm gonna share those. ;)

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

I call my mom as 'ma' most of the times and 'momzie' when im happy. So on my phone, its stored as 'MOMZIE' and her snap blinks too :) so cant make a mistake. lolz.. anyways, OH my god... I thoroughly enjoyed readin this post.are u sure that that incident hasn happened to u? i just hope it doesn happen to me!!1 and yeah, I know 5 is not too early in mizo. so people with moms out in mizo should beware i guess :) nice post. keep goin

dr_feelgood said...

I use Anu for my wife's number!!Mum and Dad each had mobiles, but struggled with them, so Mum gave away hers, but got them back a few days ago, and I just realised I havent even stored it as she hardly use them. Guess 'Mum' will be the one I'll use.

Grizzly said...

nice one, i say! happens to me all the time. of course, it doesn't matter 'cos i'm married, heheh.

R.Lalropuia said...

Ka handset ang chiah i rawn tihlan chu le :-) .Kei chuan anĂ» lolz..

Alejendro said...

Hahahahh you can't deny the truth, it's all over you. Now I wanna know what happened next. Did her Mom asked her to take ticket the next day and fly back to Mizoram? Or did her Mom take a ticket that very day and fly down to Bombay? I wanna know, tell me, tell me... LOL

Alejendro said...

BTW I never save my Mom's number. I never save the number of someone who's close to me, I remember their numbers. I never save my gf's number, I never save my Aunt's number...

R.Lalropuia said...

@Alejendro,tihhmaih pakhat i neih chu "i never save my FB password" hahah...

Lucy In The Sky said...

Mine's saved as Mama Mia. che chhe awm ve a hahahaiii.

illusionaire said...

Sorry for the late reply, guys. Crisis at work. We were working overtime even during Holi weekend :-(

@ Blackestred: lolz. Sarkar is nice! After all, dads are like sarkars to us. One of my fren save his dad's name as "ATM" :-)

@ mangbuhril: lolz. ok ok. "We" the people. :-)

@ odzer: Now that is very formal of you :-) And yes, there has been a push for a separate time zone for quite sometime now. Hopefully, it will see the light of day soon.

@ VaiVa: *Sorry, the subscriber you're trying to reach has broken his mobile phone from diving on it.* Akekekekeke....

illusionaire said...

@ Anonymous: lolz. Yeah, now that you mention it, I am also thinking of Yo Momma jokes. Haha. And yes, thats quite a strange reason to save your mother's name in two different handset. Will we ever get to hear why? :)

@ Mimi: So she is not just any mom. She is A mom! :P

@ Eve: lolzzzzzzz. Like I said many times before, this ain't fodder. Its just a hypothetical question - what if it happens to anyone? *GRIN*

@ Dr. Chandana: wow! Momzie sounds so cool and hip! I think I will save dad's number as Dadzie :D Thanx for the visit. Hope to see you again here :) And no, that incident didn't happen :D

illusionaire said...

@ Dr_feelgood: What kinda son are you, still not saving your mom's number??? I am ashamed of you :D lolz.

@ Grizzly: Hahahaha! Lucky you! :D

@ R.Lalropuia: lolz, nia, he handset hi nalh ka ti riau a :D

@ Alej: HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! Yeah thats a good one. That can happen later, if such a thing like this happened before. :D

@ Lucy: lolz Lal Luce. Bleh :D I will pick up your Mama Mia calls from now on :P

Blind Dayze said...

:-) funny scenario!!... and

"Nu" is how i save my mother' name on my mobile number.. honest.

I think she finally figured out how to send SMS last joke.

Clio said...

I save mine as "Mom" because that's how i call her.....

But when i was in Class 11 i used to save it as "Pi.Kristiani"(Sorry mom)lol:)

Mi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jerusha said...

I'm a part of the 'mom' troop.

Now tell us more about that incident you used as your example because we all know it was real and it happened to you and it would be fun to hear the story in detail and what happened to the poor girl and what her excuse was in case I ever find myself in her position hahaah

azassk said...

I save as "Ka Nu" in my phone,tat is best for me!:-)

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha....i use Ka Nu Sandman and %*&&* for my Ka Nu is stiiiilll learning to use SMS

just had to leave a comment though your post is not related to Goth Princesses


zama (fonz) said...

comment thei ve ta

illusionaire said...

@ Blind Dayze: I think you should ask your mom to become my mom's sms buddy. lolz.

@ Clio: heheehehe... thats cold! :) I can imagine how she must have been like back then :D

@ Mi: lolzzz I see no reason why you had to delete your comment. But anyway, thanx for leaving that comment :-)

@ Jeru: You know me. When I say it aint that bad, it aint. :-)

@ azassk: There seems to be a lot of vote for "Others". I think these are mainly the "Ka nu" gang :-)

@ zualbonez: lolz. Gothic princesses will be appearing soon. Have patience, my brother in Goth. :)

@ Fonz: COngratsssssss! :D

chawnghilh said...

Wrong Mom? or Not as yet your certified Mom!

Who the hell was sleeping with you whose cell phone you did snatch!

Soon to be your Mom? Thrilling!

Tetea said...

First, its mum for me.

Second, "...not that I am saying that has happened to me..."

Seriously, you really think people will fall for that? Come on! :D

Anonymous said...

1. I save it as mom
2. Ahhh the morning after walk of shame takes on a whole new level of shame, eh? But of course, it wasn't you!!
3. Missed reading you! Nice to be back!

Michele ~ formerly known as Grail!


illusionaire said...

@ chawnghilh: lolzzzzz. None of the above. Its a hypothetical question in a metaphorical situation :D

@ Tetea: I think I should say all this is an experiment to see how many people can assume something from something else. :)

@ Michele formerly known as Grail: Welcome back!!!! Missed being read by you too. How's it going and stuff? I think its fair to say the clear winner of this post is "Mom". :)