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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chp 298. Writer’s block

Lolz. Wrote this really trashy poem last night. Published it. And then deleted it. One of the silly things bloggers do on a full moon night, I guess.

But then, those who had subscribed to my feeds received this post on their mail and reader, and questions came flying back to me. So here it is again... huizzz.

            Nothing but blank.
            So tough it is to resolve
            this tremendous writer’s block.

            Nothing but crank.
            So hard it is to dissolve
            this enormous writer’s cock.

Ok ok

Yeah, that was gross. And crass. And way below the belt. Literally speaking.

Sorry if that offended you. I just thought maybe I’ll take a different approach and let my mind go crazy, you know. Write stuff that I normally don’t write here. Be wild. Let the little head do the thinking for a change.

And of course I know you’re picturing it right now. Sorry once again. My bad. Don’t picture it. Ok, please stop it now! Seriously, stop. I have a girlfriend.


Ahem. Coming back to the topic now...

I don’t have exactly what you call a writer’s block. I’ve been extremely busy the past few days with work. Hence it is really difficult to think of something to write about with all the distractions and deadlines.

Soon I will post about what I’ve been working on during the past few days. But until I get the green light from my boss, I must keep mum. So far, everything in my life seems to be revolving around work. We even had our Annual Appraisal review meeting today, and I’m grinning right now from ear to ear. Know what I mean?

Meanwhile, this post is just one of those posts I’m gonna wish I didn’t publish when I wake up tomorrow.

Ah screw it. It’s not like I am all sugar and spice and all things nice anyway. Just like you, I have a lot of dark secrets or desires, sometimes. It’s just the way we are. Maybe it’s high time we stop being such a prude and express our feelings outright. Or maybe I should just stop now.

Cheers. And Happy Geek Pride Day everyone! There’s always a little geek within all of us. Well, in my case, it may be a 12" geek. But still, a geek is a geek. Bye bye.


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Hriatpuia Pa said...

Hahahahaha!!!!!! Hilarousssssss. :-D
I just could not stop laughing and thinking that enormously little pinkie ... Lolzzzz.. way below the belt - exactly!!! Huizzzz..

Shuakshuali said...

I va han zaktheilo e awwww Vanlalruatkim.. Dont know what to say .. Having had no experience nor the inclination to experience the equipage mentioned, this humble blog reader desists from making any comments whatsoever regarding the so-called equipage.
Instead she repeats- i va zaktheilo tak :p

Shuakshuali said...

Hell, but you do make me laugh my guts out

jay-me said...

Its a great piece of work...err...i guess for the c* maniacs out there, i personally hv no comment :| psst: very apt comparisn knowing that creative writing and c*s are both fed by imagination heheh...

Mizohican said...

@ Zaia: hahaha :D

@ Shuali: lolzzzzzzzz :-) Acting holier-than-thou are you? :D

@ Jay-me: Yup, it's all about creative writing. Don't let the content bother you. :D

Blind Dayze said...

Old Monk after~effect? :-) ...

Mizohican said...

Appraisals after-effect. :D

Anonymous said...

More like the after-effect of Old Monk, brought about by the after-effect of the appraisal.. :P
Maybe the disclaimer came a bit too late, should've been at the beginning of the post.. and Merry Appraisal Season to you!

Shuakshuali said...

@Jay-me: "Its a great piece of work"- gotten close enough to check, have you ? :D

Big SiS said...

Just taught mum to surf the net since i'm coming back to Mumbai...and this is the first post she read on your blog!!!
Happy explaining bro :D

Eveline said...

After being away from blogging since the weekend I'm catching up on my online reading and this made me choke on my nutritional bar!! Man I love that poem!! lol SOLID GOLD!!!!
Thanks for the laugh this p.m. I needed that!

*snort* ... awesome!

Mizohican said...

@ Blackest: hehehe... and thank you :)

@ Shuaks: hush. Don't pry into our personal affairs. She promised she won't tell anyone. :D

@ BigSis: Thank you for always making my life easier :P

@ Eve: hahaha.... lolz, you choked on this, of all the posts in my blog? Somehow, choking and this particular post seem to... go really well together ;)

Lucy In The Sky said...

Ha! Mi tenawm tak hi chu i la va ni em :D

Mizohican said...

Hah! Its called creative writing :P

Chuan pasal i neih dawn vang mai khan rawn in la fel viau suh auh :D

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

hilarous :)

u ahve an award on my blog. check this

Mizohican said...

Thank you so much for the award dear. I will respond soon. :)

Jerusha said...

Damn! Bad timing...***I just ate***

luliana said...

Hetiang lam thil hi ka ti thei miah lo ania aw...ka duh lo bon top top!! :P

___ K said...

kima... didnt know u had such a great sense of humour. the only stuff i hear about you is the type ur mum/sis-told my-aunt-told-me types. anyways i have to find more time to go through your writings.

Mizohican said...

@ Jerusha: Appetizer!!! :D

@ Luliana: Aniang! :P

@ ___ K: lolz. Had a tough time finding out who you are. :) Man, you kids grow up so fast! hehehe... By the way, my mom or sis do not know anything about this side of me (the blogger alter-ego). :-) Keep visiting, dude. Am blogrolling you.