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Monday, August 16, 2010

Chp 314. Indiblogger Meet – Mumbai.

Finally did something I’ve always wanted to do before I die, kinda like my bucket list – To take part in a blog meet where I don’t know anybody

And what more perfect event than the third anniversary bash of Indiblogger!

I became a member of Indiblogger a long time ago, but never actually took part in its activities. Back then, Indiblogger was just a directory of sorts, where bloggers could register their blog and edit their profile page. I used it then to search for bloggers based on location, and see how many bloggers were there from the North East.

It had undergone a lot of change after that, thanks to the relentless efforts of the passionate admins. From putting up various badges to describe what kinda blogger you are, new features like IndiRank, IndiVines, forum, occasional competitions with cash prize, incentives etc were introduced. Indiblogger meets were held regularly at various cities across India now and then, including foreign locations like Singapore etc.

Yesterday, Indiblogger became three years old. And to grace this special occasion, the admins decided to conduct the Anniversary meet here in Mumbai! Many bloggers from other cities too actually flew in to attend this meet. The 270 seating limit at the posh Hotel Sea Princess was quickly filled up. I was one of the lucky ones to register in time.

Indiblogger Meet Banner

Reached half an hour early, quite hesitantly. The signing in, was truly digital, perfectly apt for a blog meet like this. We had to sign in with our user names How cool is that.

Signing in at Indiblogger

And there was a live twitter feed on a projector screen informing us who had just signed in. Anybody who tweeted with the hashtag #indimum, their tweets were displayed on the screen too. And of course there was the free WiFi courtesy Indiblogger. Woot! (I swear it wasn’t me who was using an Android based utorrent client )

I met quite a number of bloggers and tweeple I know online, and it felt great finally putting a face to their profiles. We all had our individual 30 seconds of fame where we introduced ourselves and our blog/s to everybody. The organizers conducted a lot of events too.

The bloggers ranged from 16 years olds to 60 years olds. There was even a mother-daughter blogger duo, and a 19 years old travel blogger from Vietnam. Techie bloggers, foodie bloggers, photo bloggers, social media bloggers, P3 bloggers, social activist bloggers, the list was endless.

To me, this was one my greatest moments – getting a chance to talk to one of the more prolific blogger and influential tweeter (apart from being an actress slash social activist) Gul Panag herself, and then taking a pic together

Kima and Gul Panag

Gul moderated the discussion that took place in this meet, where various bloggers discussed about privacy, journalism and blogging, effects of blogging, social activism, blogging etiquettes etc etc. Many renowned bloggers shared a lot of insightful “two cents” definitely worth remembering, and Gul really moderated the discussion well. She’s one of the few Indian celebrities who is actually cuter and sweeter in real life, not to mention an intelligentsia.

I also finally got to meet Netra, the networking and social media queen

Kima and Netra

Lovable she is, just like her tweets Her smile could literally light up the entire conference hall. Meeting her was definitely the best part of the meet. Hugz, Netra. Also crossed paths with many people I follow on twitter (too many to be named) and started following many new ones too.

Meeting Indiblogger founder Renie Ravin was another milestone in my books.

Kima and Renie

Amazing guy, with a lot of charisma. We definitely need more people like him if we want to move ahead in the blogosphere. Also met the other indiblogger admins with whom I have interacted with before – Anwin Joselyn and Vineet Rajan. You guys rock!

Free domain accounts (.in and .com) were also given away by one of the sponsors Big Rock.

All those who attended this meet also received free Indiblogger three year anniversary tee shirts, which I am wearing in office right now as I type this post I really love the slogan at the back: “Indian by birth, blogger by choice”, which made an even stronger impact yesterday as it was Independence Day.

Indiblogger tee shirt

At the end of the day, I was really glad I went to this event, as I have found a lot of wonderful new blog/twitter friends. We even had charts where new found friends commented or left their blog/twitter handle.

Kima indiblogger chart 1

 Kima indiblogger chart 1

I will be updating this post later today with more pictures of this event, taken by other photographers. The amateur pics that you see right now are from my “crappy” new phone, the Samsung Galaxy S. Ahem ahem…

So, do keep visiting this space for better and clearer pics. Cheers! (something we couldn’t say yesterday because it was a dry day. Haha.)


Jaydip Parikh said...

It was really nice event. and Gr8 time to be spent with Bloggers (offline). We must say thx to IndiBlogger team. let's be in touch with online too on FB/TW and keep visiting each others blog.

Irene said...

Amazing to know about this meeting.

Please do post up some new pic soon. Eagerly waiting!

Mizohican said...

@ Jaydip: Yup, three cheers to the Indiblogger team. They really know how to throw a "party". Sure, will keep in touch.

@ Irene: Will definitely do that :)

VaiVa said...

Ahemz... Pic with Gul... Must be a wonderful day with Samsung galaxy S... more updates quick... : D

kc said...

i found out one thing; that you have a dimple!

Mizohican said...

@ VaiVa: Something about this new Android gave me new found confidence :P

@ Kim: Is that a bad thing or good? :)

Disha Doshi Shah said...

It was nice meeting so many creative people all under one roof !! Waiting for pictures from various people.. !! This meet was def an inspiration galaore

Do visit my blog too

The "Storyteller"

Mizohican said...

Oh my, a comment from the storyteller herself, winner of the most interesting and unique introduction. What an honor. Love your intro! Will definitely stop by your blog to read more interesting stuff. :)

mangbuhril said...

good for u kima, thanks for updating

am a bit jealous that u got to take pics with Gul Panag....huh hehe

Neha said...

I did see you in the meet, but never got the chance to interact with you..hopefully next time :)

that was a cool account..the tee, poster and 29 seconds of fame and the warm welcome and hospitality of Indibloggers team :) and sea princess too :P

wow you got .com domain too - supercool :)

Anonymous said...

just wondering why your smile looks the same in all the pics :)

Anonymous said...

the smile with gul i can understand, but the others?! :)

jay-me said...

I cant believe it Gul???? You're so lucky...Tell me, and no hesitation this time, did you poked her with a finger from behind and pretended you had a gun and then forced her to smile and take a picture with you???Because other than this I cant think of any other reason as to why she'd agree to stand next to a sweat-smelling guy like you, lolzzz Btw...this is your period-smelling woman speaking, so, cheeriosss :)))

Mizohican said...

@ mang: Thanx... hehehe

@ Neha: There's always next time. We'll definitely catch up then. And no I didn't get a .com account. I meant to say Big Rock gave out free .com domains :)

@ ruolngulworld: That's my trademark smile. lolz. And all the other pics were worth smiling for too :)

@ jay-me: haha. and no I did no such stuff :) you're just jealous, admit it :D dont worry, when I come home, we'll take a pic together too :D

Anonymous said...

eh, you look cuter than Gul Panag! :-)..Nice to visit your blog again.

Rara Avis

Renie Ravin said...

Thanks for the post buddy - we're glad you enjoyed yourself! See you in Mumbai for #indimum2 ! :-)

Banno said...

Looks like I missed a good event. Netra is so good with people. It's amazing how she remembers names and connections. So we'll meet next time, maybe.

reverie said...

Wow, that sounds fun. Must have been quite inspirational to be in such a crowd. Bask, bro, bask! Samsung what?!

Jerusha said...

Wow Gul panag?! She's gorgeous as always. Lucky you!

(my word verification is restbra btw hehe)

Mizohican said...

@ Rara: lolzzzzz... my friends actually say we look related, especially with our dimples. Kinda like dimple twins :P

@ Renie: Of course I will definitely be there. Who would wanna miss it after such a successful meet? And thanx for stopping by, its really an honor to have the founder of indiblogger stop by over here :)

@ Banno: I thought you knewwww :( Damn, I should have asked you in advance. Knowing you, I just assumed you knew about it and would be there. Next time definitely, Banno.

@ Reverie: It definitely was. Doing something I'm passionate about and then spending time with a bunch of people who share that same passion. Really had a great time.

@ Jerusha: Thanx sweetie. Yup she is indeed gorgeous. And a really nice person when you talk to her. And whats with you and me and bra? hihi :D

KymBawi Khuptong said...

Cool..!! You rock man!!! \m/ B)

Mohan said...

I don't think I would ever forget the chicken keema and Mutton keema joke that you cracked to make people remember you better at the meet! Belive me you never looked like an introvert out there! We had a great time talking to you for sure. thanks for making it so lively.

Sailin Gudhka said...

All together meet was 100% success. I too was part of it. Cool write up.

kc said...

It's a good thing. I have it on both sides too :) Btw..i love Gul Panag's hair!

Mizohican said...

@ Kym: oh... you too Kym! :)
\m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

@ Mohan: lolz mohan. Thanx dude. You were definitely the most active and extrovert person at the meet :)

@ Silin: Thanx to the admins, it was a successful meet. Looking forward to the next one :)

@ Kim: heyyy what about my hair? You don't love mine? :D

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

i just now read another version of this. good u had fun :)

Aduhi Chawngthu said...

signed up at Indiblogger but never really participated in anything. Of course I get emails announcing blogging contests and blogger meets, never was interested. But it looks fun after reading this post and now I'm thinking maybe I should attend the next blogger meet here in Hyd.

Srinivas said...

Hey Kima!

Nice blog post.. Love your pic with Gul.. It's right.. 'Dimple' twins it is.. hehe.... :-)


Lucy In The Sky said...

Ka thrian, I sam hi a va tlem sawt ve....

Chhiar a nuam hle mai. A ngaihnawm. Ka rin aiin i ziak tawi leh daih sia ka kham lo. Mizoram atranga kan blogger chhuanvawr i va tel ve thei chu a lawmawm ngawt mai.

k10 said...

Great Account Kima!!

I was soooo looking forward to meeting new people!

Darn it!

Mizohican said...

@ Dr. Chandana: Yup, really had good fun. Thanx :)

@ Aduhi: You definitely should! Even I was hesitant at first, but you should know that most of the people are like you only, someone who doesn't know anybody. So eventually you'll bond with others.

@ Srini: lolzzzzz.... dimple twins indeed. Well Gul isn't going to like that though. hehehe.

@ Lucy: Yeah I know. I miss my b'lore days hair. The loss, it comes with age, unfortunately :( And thanx for the nice words :D

@ k10: There's always next time! :) It really is fun meeting new people and bloggers you've known but haven't met before. Hope next time you can make it :)

luliana said...

Gul Panag bula mi pa hmel deuh khi tu maw?...kidding :P

Nikki... said...

The meet rocked and this is a lovely account of the meet :) Glad to have met you :)

Mizohican said...

@ Luliana: a bialpa aniang :P

@ Nikki: Glad to have met you too. Hoping to see you in other meets as well. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Nuam ngawt ang. Rinaiin an beipui zek mai.

Mizo bloggers ho hi inhmuhkhawm hunte hi awm thei ve se.

Gym kha i la kal tlauh tlauh em ni ? :-D

Eveline said...

It just goes to show you the power of this internet thing and how it lets us find friendships where we never would have.
I love hearing about brushes with fame. Gul Panag, eh? She's so gorgeous! But that said, hopefully soon I'll get to stand in a picture with you. :)

Anonymous said...

he programme hian mi tithanglian in,hmasawnna ropui tak min pe... thanks for all bloggers

gosralte said...

Rahbi thar duhawm tak min min chuanchhuah tirna hi a lawmawm takzet a ni, tumna, theihna min pe tur chuan kan za vai ka tan tlan a ngai don an ni.

thinchhia said...

a va nawm hmel ve,deuh vel a.gul chu awwwww ka duh chi. pic dang chu han ti vat teh :)

Mizohican said...

@ Eveline: Haha sweetz, that would be my honor, not yours. Can't wait for that day to come :)

@ Seki: Yes, gym chu kal ka la tum regular zel eh :D Nia, Zo bloggers ho hi heti hian han in hmu ve thei i la chuan a nuam ngawt ang :)

@ Anonymous: Thanx for the comment. Nia, open floor discussion te kan nei a, blogging chung chang issue te pawh ka sawi nual mai.

@ gosralte: Thanx gos. blog directory a i registration pawh ka lo hmu e.

@ thinchhia: haha, chhelo deuh deuh pic dang pawh a tam mai :) mahse ka buai lutuk a, ka rawn update hman ta lo a nih hi.

Unknown said...

Sounds great...but I would be way out of place in such a meet!

claytonia vices said...

It is so much fun to meet the real people behind the blogs!

I just read Gul's blog for the first time. Interesting!

Kevin Rodrigues said...

Hey Kima,

We met at the meet and I can see my writing on your cardpaper :)

Good to read your post.

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