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Monday, December 06, 2010

Chp 328. Mumbai Mizo Annual Sports Day 2010

Muscles aching

Head spinning
Bones cracking
Stomach churning

Pride... slowly dying.

Yup, that was me. One lousy game of volleyball and I was completely rendered defunct. An impotent soul. Trampled by youth and vigour. Praying for rejuvenation.

Last Saturday, the Mumbai Mizo Association conducted its Annual Sports Day. It was the first time I was participating, and will most probably be my last time too. I mean, the event was amazing. But right now, I cannot even double click my mouse. That’s how much my entire body is aching right now!

We were divided into three houses – Yellow House (Chhurbura), Blue House (Chemtatrawta) and Red House (Samdala). I was in Red House and was all pepped up to play Volleyball and Football.

Hehe... In the first (out of three) volleyball match, everything was going well. Our entire team played well and jump timing, service, blocks, alley and spikes all went according to plan. We won the first game easily. Second match onwards, most of us were tired and we started screwing up everywhere. Eventually, we lost the second and third match, purely because of our unforced errors. Daymmmm.

After that, I didn’t even play football as I could barely move. I just sat outside with my girl, wishing I was like He-Man who would suddenly get this incredible super power...

“By the Power of Grayskull...”


“Err... nothing... I mean, Grey’s Anatomy... The power of Grey was amazing, you know...”

“Here, have some water. It’s probably the sun.”


Some of us from Red House:

Mumbai Mizo Sports

What I like the most about my House is that, as a Mizo in Mumbai, when it comes to interacting with other Mizos, I am quite an introvert. Shy, quiet and... innocent. I’m the type who would sit quietly in a corner all by myself at a party, or the one that girls would call “zeilo” and make fun of. Hence I know just a few Mizos in Mumbai. And the very few Mizos who happen to know me, are in Red House too! That’s why Red House rocks!

We lost in Volleyball (Men), Football (Men), Football (Women) and came third in the mixed relay. In other words, we came last in the mixed relay since there were just three Houses overall

But then, we were quite close. Here is a video I took. Fun to watch

There was also another event called “kawikah”. It is an ancient Mizo traditional game that was (and still is?) very popular among Mizo youngsters. Using a large seed of a particular plant, you have to hit other seeds.

We... ermmm... we lost in this event too

But then, if you look at the video, you will see that our girls almostttt hit the “kawi” on every occasion. We should be given an “Almost” award for this!

Apart from the various games, it was fun meeting friends and catching up. Many people took this event seriously, and there was a lot of campaigning... banners and tee-shirts, shouting slogans, coloring their hair with their respective House color etc!

Here is a video of some of my Red House teammates working on the hairspray.

Of course nobody asked me if I would want my hair colored too... because they could all see that I got almost no hair left. :(

Here are some photographs of that day, courtesy friends on Facebook.

Mumbai Mizo Sports

Mumbai Mizo Sports

Mumbai Mizo Sports

Fortunately, we did win Volleyball (Women). In a way, it was quite funny watching the match as most of the points were awarded to one team because the other team couldn’t serve the ball across the net

Here is our mighty girls’ team that did us proud!

Mumbai Mizo Sports

Next Saturday, even if I do go for the second leg of this event, I will be at the sideline cheering for my House. No more playing, my boy. These ageing bones must rest. I’ll try to collect better material (pics and vids) to update my blog with too. Cheers.


Ps. I just realized it’s been more than three years since I last uploaded a YouTube video! Hence from now on, I will be uploading more videos to my YouTube profile Mizohican and link them on my blog, especially now that my awesome Samsung Galaxy S can record videos in HD


gr135l said...

ha ha u know that Samdala was so lazy he was called "Samdalthatchhezawrkawia".....

Mizohican said...

lolzzz then I guess I am meant to be in this House!!!hahaha!

Maisek said...

This is really amazing! you could not even double click the mouse, yet here you are! writing an interesting article about the Annual Sports, complete with all video clips and pictures!
Whoaa! (Shy! quiet! innocent! zeilo!) my foot!! From what I heard, someone seems to be a real 'Casanova'!
Kawikah....really brings back sweet memories!
Hairspray....This, at least I could understand!:D:D:D

Mizohican said...

haha I should take that as a compliment I guess :D But seriously, the offline (I hate the term "real world") version of me is an opposite of my online avatar :)

marvinic said...

when i login to this post, i wish i were a part of Mumbai Mizo Association, coz its a wonderful event to involve for gaining a happiness in this World. Go on Mumbai Mizo's God Bless You..

Alejendro said...

Kawikap lai i lak khi.... ka hrethiam ta mai ... Einch!!! :-P

Mizohican said...

@ marvinic: Thanx buddy :)

@ Alejandro: Ni e, kawi khi a mawi e.

OpaHmar said...

An impotent soul, that girls would call “zeilo”, who would suddenly get this incredible super power,That’s how much my entire body is aching right now! No more playing, my boy --ok!! (grinning)

caribou said...

Mit a tlai kher mai. Hmeltha tak tak hmuh hi a lo nuam anih hi. NEHU campus-a kan awm laia AMPGSU olympic kan neih thin lai te kha min ti hrechhuak ram ram mai. Khing ho khi nakinah chuan kan ram hruaitu tur te an la ni ngei ang a; kan ram hi hmeltha tak tak leh thluak tha tak tak te'n an la kaihhruai dawn tihna a ni a, a phurawm khawp mai. Thlalak pawh a fiahfai tha khawp mai.

thinchhia said...

mi hmantlak engzah tak rawn chawr chhuak ang i maw

Mizohican said...

@ Opa: grinning back atcha :D

@ caribou: e hotupa, mi promising tak tak an awm nual mai. Mumbai a Mizo students ho hi an serious ve reuh a sin an zirna lampang ah te hian. Leh Mumbai chu B'lore, Delhi ang te hian a tlawm lova, party vel a kal pawh a to lutuk. Chuvangin lekha an zir reng mai :)

@ thinchhia: Sawmpali vel kan expect :P

Aduhi Chawngthu said...

mixed relay khi hmuhnawm khawp mai, hlimawm tawp. Kawikah khi an van thiamlo em em ve!! Kan hunlaia kan han hnehsawh tehreng nen.. ok ok before you say it I know it was a looooong loooooong time ago... I could teach them a lesson or two heheh

ZOBER said...

From those pictures Mizo boys and girls were good looking.I am glad.

Mizohican said...

@ Aduhi: FYI, the surface was very bad. I remember when I was a kid and playing it too... we used to do it on an even surface. And it never used to be this far :P Ka tan tho tho dawn ka house chu :D

@ Zober: Mumbai Mizo boys and girls are always good looking :D

Sekibuhchhuak said...

A nawm hmel khi. THIAN NU thar i nei leh tawh em ni :-)

Samsung galxs-y chuan thlalak pawh a nalh kher mai, a kuality pawh a kual tha !:-)

Eveline said...

Oh you poor, poor, baby! Seriously. I know this is a really painful thing, and no laughing matter. Hugs! but from far away.
So sit back, relax, pour yourself a nice cold beer... don't stress... it makes it worse... Yeah gravity? kicks all our asses.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandman, common name of Kawi is Entada / African dream herb/ snuff box bean and its botanical name is Entada pursaetha/Entada rheedii.

Nice Pictures indeed!

Rara Avis

Er. Beethugs said...

"And the very few Mizos who happen to knw me, are in Red House too! That’s whye Red House rocks" says a lot to me..!!! lolz

Mizohican said...

@ Eve: lolz. yeah so true, and that made me feel better indeed. In fact I took part in Day 2 too, and this time I lasted much longer! :D

@ Rara: Thanks! That was really helpful. Have mentioned in my latest post too.

@ Bee: hehehe... check out my post update about Day 2 of our Sports Day :)

Krista Roluahpuia said...

E khai a. Han thlir let leh chuan a lung len thlak mamng nge. I ti tha hle mai. A zahawm bawk e. I blog pawh len a nuam khawp mai.