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Monday, April 25, 2011

Chp 350. Great musical tribute to Zika

I blogged a few months ago about ZIKA, a hornbill, who was shot. As I mentioned before, ZIKA was special to many people and touched many hearts. I even compiled a short video I took of the bird just before leaving Mizoram this Jan.

Recently (on my birthday! ) Scavenger Project, one of the more prominent rock bands of Mizoram, along with various artists from other renowned Mizo bands, released a song tribute to ZIKA.

The song was of course met with a lot of harsh criticism from the Mizo online community, with many people posting negative comments about the music video. Some of the main reasons for their contention being –

1. It was a tribute to ZIKA, so the song should be in Mizo, not English.
2. The lyrics are very lame and the song sounds like a nursery rhyme.
3. Spending so much money (& energy) over a dead bird is stupid.
4. Artists of such caliber shouldn’t have sung for such a lame tribute.
5. The music too totally sucks and the artists are just fame-whores.

I for one disagree with all the points. But then, that is what we love doing I guess – criticize people, as long as it is not us standing in front of the firing squad. That’s considered “normal” today. Of course some of those who criticized the artists said all that intentionally without actually meaning it, which again I guess is “normal” psychological behavior.

I will not put forth an argument about why I find the criticisms to be unfair. In fact, I do understand the sentiments of some critics, especially if they don’t know who ZIKA was or have never interacted with him personally. And it would be plain silly of me to criticize a criticism. lolz. (Yeah I think it is a growing trend among many writers and columnists today - When other writers write a review of a book or article, some of these writers actually write a review of that particular review! Hehehe!)

All I wanna say is a big THANK YOU to Zolife, Scavenger Project and all the artists who took part in this notable project. To me, this song means a lot, and I love you guys for rekindling fond memories of ZIKA. And hey, even if you hate this song, that’s ok. Haterz gonna hate and nobody can change that.

For those of you who haven’t heard of this song, here is the music video. Do check it out, I’m sure you’ll like it.

Nice, right?


Zaia said...

He hla hi ka la ngaithla lova, a video pawh ka la en lo. I rawn tar pawh hi ka en thei chuang lo (Ka hnathawhnaah youtube an block avangin).

Engpawhnise, i sawisel hi ka ni ang tih ka hlau thin (lol), i fak nih pawh a chakawm chuang lo, tawngkam hi khawi atanga i thiam nge ni zozai ka ti (lol leh...lolzzzz).

Zika chungchang bik ni lovin, Mizo ngaihthlak tura Mizovin sap hla an sa kher thin hi a tulna awm pawhin ka hre lo fo.

illusionaire said...

Ni ve tho, mahse sap tawnga an sak avang hian office a ka thiante tam takin an lo en phah ve a, Mizo chu min lo ngaihsan zual phah a sin. Office a ka thian pakhat chuan NH7 - India ram a music blog leh review lar ber a editor a hmelhriat hnenah he hla hi a forward ngei bawka, enge an ngaihdan hriat a chakawm khawp mai.

Varte said...

haha, he thil hian thu leh hla a va ti tam tak.. tih bak sawi vak tur pawh ka hre lo. Zika nen hian kan in hmelhriat ve si lo a :D

A neitu erawh kan Veng pa a lo ni reng a!

H.Vangchhia said...

Sawisel tu tam mahse, kei chuan tha ka ti viau tho mai. Mizo thil hi Mizo tawng leh Saptawng, Hindi thleng pawhin siam zel ila, kan invawrh larna, Mizo kan inphochhuahna a ni thei ngeiin ka ring.

mccloud said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mccloud said...

I totally agree with you, especially the criticism about the song being written in English. There are many Mizo bloggers who prefer to write in English and why not criticizing them, as well! Most of the readers are Mizo if we're going to put that way!

Mi in an theihtawk leh thiam tawk in an phuah anih chuan sawisel a deusawh aiin encourage zawk hian hma sawn a awlsam zawk. Sign in ngai kher lo in ka comment theih der loh le!


prince said...

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xl pharmacy said...

Actually it's best project ever!! Zika is my favorite singer!

Duane said...

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Narbu Tshering Sherpa said...

hello the artist's of scavenger i appreciate ur song tribute to zika...well composed and kee doing the great work....