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Friday, June 10, 2011

Chp 354. End of a Season

Create a TV show and end the last episode of the season abruptly with a lot of suspense and drama – that is the age-old formula film-makers use to guarantee that viewers look forward to the next upcoming season.

Most of the popular TV shows have completed their one-year season last month and are currently taking a break. The new seasons usually start around July/Aug/Sept. A few shows are still currently running, like Game Of Thrones, which is like THE BEST TV SHOW EVER MADE so far. Ned Stark rocks. Khal Drogo rocks. Everybody in that freaking show rocks.

Ok, coming back to this topic now, the last episode of many TV shows this season saw a lot of the usual suspense and “must-definitely-watch-next-season to-find-out-what-happened-next” experience. Here are some of my favorite shows and how the season ended.


NCIS – Season 8.

Starting off with Naval Crime Investigative Service, one of my favorite TV shows that has been around for eight years now! Remember how season 2 ended with a shocker – Kate was killed, and then season 5 ended with an even bigger shocker – Director Shepherd was killed. Well, after that, the ending of season 6 (Ziva was held captive by a terrorist cell in Somalia) and season 7 (Gibbs was held captive by a drug cartel heiress in Mexico) could not be shocking enough.

And how did season 8 end? Utter disappointment! After all the buildup about the mysterious P2P (Port-to-Port) killer and how they were always one step behind him, the way he was finally (and easily) killed in the last episode of season 8 was such a letdown and disappointment it actually made me nauseous. Seriously?

And in the closing scene, when the new SECNAV secretary Senator somebody assigned Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo a secret task to spy on an NCIS agent who’s a traitor, it was obvious who they were talking about – Special Agent E.J.Barrett of course! Duh, what was that tiny capsule she extracted from her dead team member’s hand in the morgue? They didn’t have to show that morgue scene if they wanted to build more suspense around who this traitor could be. Dayymmmm…

NCIS Los Angeles – Season 2.

This is one of the few spinoffs I enjoy, unlike the many spinoffs of Law & Order and CSI. NCIS LA is completely different from the original NCIS in terms of characters, methodology, humor and plotlines. And there’s also the occasional crossover of characters such as Director Vance and Abby from NCIS who appear regularly in NCIS LA. I love NCIS LA mainly because of the two main characters – LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell.

The end of season 1 was about Callen, where he was about to discover more information about his obscure past, and maybe even a long lost sister. Well, the end of this season was also about, surprise surprise – the true identity of Callen again. But one shocker that took me by surprise at the closing scene was - Hetty turned out to be a member of the dreaded Comescu crime family! Whoah!

The Big Bang Theory – Season 4.

My FAVORITE comedy show that is currently running – oh how I LOVEEE this show! I can relate so much to the characters of this show as they are all extreme nerds and technogeeks. As fittingly described by Priya, sister of Rajesh and girlfriend of Leonard – they are nothing but boys trapped in the bodies of men. Lolzzz.

The last episodes of Season 1, 2 and 3 didn’t shock me that much – I mean, comon, we all saw what was coming up, that Penny and Leonard would eventually hook up. But the ending of season 4? Boy oh boy, I can’t wait for season 5 to start – Howard felt insecure because of Bernadette’s Ph.D, Leonard and Priya could be breaking up after Priya’s conservative Indian family in Delhi learnt about their relationship, AND – Penny and Rajesh ended up in bed together!!!! This is the shitz!

Criminal Minds – Season 8.

MY ALL TIME FAVORITE SHOW till now, across every genre. I WORSHIP this show. For six years, I haven’t missed a single episode. This TV show was what made me stop watching CSI and Law & Order: SVU. There was even a time when I actually used to analyze all my friends too, profiling them… lolz.

When Season 2 ended four years ago with Gideon leaving the BAU, I was as devastated as Dr. Spencer Reid was. Now season 8 just got over, and on its last episode, Hotchner called a team meeting early in the morning. The last time this happened was when Gideon left. However, I don’t think anybody’s leaving the show and the last episode ended normally with no suspense at all, except the last gunfight scene, I honestly thought Rossi was going to get shot by that psycho bitch because of the dramatic background music etc, but good ol Derek saved him just in time.

And oh, JJ’s coming back to the BAU! Wooohoooo!!!

Two and a Half Men – Season 9.

I love Uncle Charlie Harper. Sometimes I wish I was him. After eight years, Jake is definitely not the cute little “half man” anymore, but the show hasn’t lost its appeal. But then Uncle Charlie has certainly lost it. Much as I admire Charlie Sheen and support him on twitter with the hashtags #winning and #tigerblood, it sucks to say farewell to such a great run just because of… you know…

Bye bye, Two and a Half Men. I hear they are still going to shoot the new season, and Ashton Kutcher (it was almost Hugh Grant) is going to replace Charlie Sheen as Charlie Harper. Whoever it may be, trust me, the show will never be the same without good ol drunken and womanizing don’t-give-a-shit Charlie Sheen. I don’t think Ashton will ever be able to fill those shoes… tsk tsk…

House MD – Season 7.

All I can say is WTFFFFF! I just heard from Tarana, who is our Vice President of New Initiatives division, and a hardcore House fan like me, that Lisa Edelstein (Dr. Lisa Cuddy) has left the show and will not be returning for Season 8. Damn!!!!

Apparently, FOX has asked three of the senior doctors (Wilson, Cuddy and Eric) to take a paycut. Robert Sean Leonard (Dr. Wilson) and Omar Epps (Dr. Eric Foreman) signed the new contract but Lisa refused and walked out. I can’t imagine how the show will be without her. She had been there right from the very beginning, being taunted, irritated and wooed by Dr. House every step of the way. Damn, another great loss… :(

The Walking Dead – Season 1.

AWESOME show! I am a huge fan of Zombies [Zombie Movie marathon], especially the slow moving ones in many George Romero zombie flicks. I hate the fast moving superhuman zombie types... very lame! And so when a TV show about slow zombies with a huge budget, a renowned director and star-studded casts was released, nothing could make me happier.

The Walking Dead is like any other zombie movie – it takes place during a zombie apocalypse. The difference is, it is a TV serial. There are only 6 episodes in season 1, and season 2 will start in October this year. Season 1 didn’t end in any suspense or surprise, and the survivors kept looking for more survivors in the closing scene after they managed to escape just in time from the self-destructing lab. But I am dying to see season 2. Zombies rock!!!

Sons of Anarchy – Season 3.

SoA FTW!!! Except for the fact that the main hero Jax (Charlie Hunnman) sometimes seem to be a bit out of place with the rest of the motorcycle gang, it is still one of the best shows around. The endings of both Season 1 and 2 had an immense “pull factor” that make you long for the next season to come out. First there was the murder of Donna by Tigs when Clay thought Opie was selling them out, and then Jax’s son was kidnapped by the IRA.

However, season 3 had a very “happy ending” with no suspense, except for the last scene when Tara found John Teller’s letters in Jax’s bag and read them, in which JT claimed that he would soon be killed by Clay and Gemma. But then, we have always known that this show was based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet so it’s no surprise that Clay and Gemma killed Jax’s old man.

Spartacus – Season 1.

Yeah BLOODY EFFF! We all loved ROME a few years ago, but unfortunately it was a limited serial. Spartacus too is quite like that TV show – lots of blood, gore and sex. This is the story of Spartacus, the gladiator-slave who rebelled against Rome and led a bloody revolution.

Season 1 (Blood and Sand) ended with the gladiators finally rebelling against their master Batiatus, slaughtering him and all his guests and guards in the last episode. However, season 2 could not be shot because the main hero Andy Whitfield was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer. While waiting for his medical result, the producers made a short 6 episodes serial called Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, which is a prequel to Season 1. However, Andy’s cancer intensified so they are now shooting season 2 without him. He has been replaced by Liam McIntyre. I wonder how good season 2 will be with this new Spartacus.

Modern Family – Season 2.

Ah, nothing much to say. This isn’t one of those TV shows that need to have a dramatic season ending. Every episode is hilarious as hell, and I am completely addicted to this show. In the last episode of Season 2, DO NOT MISS Luke’s “edit” of the tape they have made for Jay’s birthday - It’s awesomely hilarious (and cute). I’m so looking forward to season 3.

Castle – Season 3.

Everybody loves Richard Castle… or at least every wannabe writer loves Richard Castle. He’s silly yet adorable, charming, respected by his “homies”, and follows around a kickass hot detective. The endings of Season 1 and 2 were quite lame, and it was always about the on-off chemistry between Castle and Beckett.

But the ending of Season 3? Oh boy oh boy oh boy… The best ending so far! I read that some time ago that a main character will die in the last episode, and I always thought it would be either Ryan or Esposito. Man I was so wrong. What a twist! Captain Montgomery turned out to be the mysterious third dirty cop indirectly responsible for the murder of Beckett’s mom many years ago! And then the captain died while saving Beckett and atoning for his sins of past. In the closing scene, during the captain’s funeral service, as Beckett was delivering her eulogy, *bang* a sniper gets her! As she lay in Castle’s arms dying, Castle finally says the words – I love you. Scene fades out, season ends. Mannnn I can’t wait for season 4 to begin!

Covert Affairs – Season 1.

Ok this is one of those oddly timed TV shows because season 1 got over last September unlike most shows whose seasons got over last month. Season 2 has just started but I haven’t seen any episode yet. I like this show because it’s about espionage and CIA, and Piper Perabo is the main character.

Season 1 ended with Anne Walker’s mysterious boyfriend, rogue CIA agent Ben Mercer, getting shot at the back during an operation in Sri Lanka with Anne and Jai. Did he survive? I don’t know.

The show is star-studded, with not just Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly) but a whole bunch of famous TV actors like Kari Matchel (ER), Anne Dudek (Mad Men, House), Peter Gallagher (The OC, Californication), Sendhil Ramamurthy (Heroes), Christopher Gorham (Ugly Betty), Emmanuelle Vaugier (Two and a Half men, Smallville) and Eion Bailey (Band of Brothers). Don’t miss this show, if not for the story, then at least for the cast :)

Mad Men – Season 4.

Ah the GOD of TV shows, because it is about my profession - Advertising. Don Draper rocks. Everybody in the ad industry wants to be Don Draper. When faced with a tough brief, we ask ourselves, “What would Don Draper do?”

Season 4 ended well for all those who love Don and hate his ex wife Betty (it’s funny how we label Betty as the bad guy when in fact it was Don who was doing all the cheating while they were married!) – Betty’s marriage with Henry isn’t going too well, and Don proposes to his secretary Megan and later breaks up with Faye. Faye quits. Joan is pregnant with Roger’s child, and doesn’t know how to tell her husband who is stationed in Korea (or is it Vietnam?). Meanwhile, it looks like Peggy is planning to quit the company too! I hope not. I love her. And overall, Don’s Anti-tobacco campaign seems to be going quite well.

Let’s see what new challenges and drama the new season will bring. Apparently it is running late and we’ll have to wait for some more time before the first episode season 5 rolls out. Hurry up please!


That’s all for now. How many of these shows are you crazy about too?

There are still quite a number of TV shows whose final episodes I haven’t watched yet, like Nikita, Fringe, Dexter, etc. Comon, I don’t spend all my time watching TV shows. I have a life too, you know.


claytonia vices said...

Do you get to watch these more on torrents than on TV? I bet its more enjoyable watching torrent-downloaded stuff whenever you feel like instead of waiting for a TV show and then being inundated with ads!! :)

blackestred said...

Nice.. but where's HIMYM and Modern family?
Spartacus: Gods of the Arena stopped at Episode 7.. it was a bit disappointing compared to the first one.. because...
The season was a friggin' flashback, something they tried to cover up with more blood, gore and nudity.. not complaining tho'..
And in G.O.T, I hope the "Dragon" Queen wins in the end! :)

Mizohican said...

Modern Family is up there! And I kinda stopped watching HIMYM. Not that I don't like it... I don't know... I just stopped.

Mizohican said...

@ claytonia: I watch them mainly via live streaming... because torrent is illegal right? :D *whistles*

I don't think any of the seasons I have mentioned in this post are even aired in India yet. Last I heard, Modern Family 2 will start airing in Star World only from next week! :)

I definitely prefer this method then catching it on TV due to three main reasons -

1. No ads. no interruptions. (yup, coming from me who works in an ad agency, kinda ironic huh? lolz)

2. No censorship. I remember watching The Pacific on both Star World and on a friend's system. Completely different. All the good parts were censored so the story on Star World didnt make any sense at all!

3. Watching the latest - As I have said earlier, if I want to watch it on TV over here, I have to wait at least a year or two before it finally airs here. I don't have that much patience. We don't live that long, you know... lolz.

OpaHmar said...

Oh boy! the ending of BBT...was indeed a BIG BANG!! I cant wait for season5 to start

And Walking Dead rocks, yes it does, and zombies rule, and these are the typical slow-moving wont-just-die zombies, i hate fast running zombies

Mizohican said...

Totally! Fast zombies sooooo suxxx!

Pixie said...

I also like CSI, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, FRIENDS, White Collar!!

I'm watching all the shows you have mentioned now and I'm loving it!! :D

Mizohican said...

You rock Pixie! :)

I stopped watching CSI around 5 years ago, and I stopped watching SVU around 2 years ago. After watching Criminal Minds, I just don't feel like watching them anymore... :(

Samuel Putarte said...

Spartacus hi ka rin aiin a hmuhnawm loh. An sawi hawtna lam a tlukloh vang nge ni dawn ni. Mhase mi tamzawk chuan hmuhnawm an ti khawp mai.

Aduhi Chawngthu said...

and now the million dollar question: How do you find the time to watch all these?

H.Vangchhia said...

Two & Half Men hi kan duh mai mai khawpa. Engpawh nise, sap fiamthu, hetia drama ang deuha an nui dur dur ang chiah chuan ka en peih awm chhun ani awm e.

Jerusha said...

I'm not a TV person so I can say that I have never seen any of the shows mentioned except Spartacus. I love the show, but what I love best about the show is Andy. And Andy's replacer Liam..yuck! I'm never going to watch the new season.

Anonymous said...

Lurve modern family too...and if i were a guy like you, i'd love it even more because of Sofia Vergara! Sometimes, i suspect that my female friends like Mad Man because of Jon Hamm :-)

-pi bmw

Anonymous said...

Awi ka raps!!!

Malina said...

Love watching NCIS LA & House M.D

Rascal Crowe said...

The Big Bang theory hi kei chu ka lawm ber mai. Character oriented-ah chuan Friends tluk hi a awm theih ka ring ngai lova, mahse BBT zet hi zawng hnathawhna ah te kan nui leh kur kur thinch nih hi.

Spartacus hi chu Rome en tawh chuan a eichhi o deuh ka ti

Game of Thrones hi en chak tawh khawp mai ka nghak khawl e ka tia, season 1 tawp chuan en ve tan tawh tur ani

Rascal Crowe said...

The Big Bang theory hi kei chu ka lawm ber mai. Character oriented-ah chuan Friends tluk hi a awm theih ka ring ngai lova, mahse BBT zet hi zawng hnathawhna ah te kan nui leh kur kur thinch nih hi.

Spartacus hi chu Rome en tawh chuan a eichhi o deuh ka ti

Game of Thrones hi en chak tawh khawp mai ka nghak khawl e ka tia, season 1 tawp chuan en ve tan tawh tur ani

Mizohican said...

@ aduhi: Its not a matter of whether one has time or not. Its rather about how you make the time for these :D

@ Jerusha: Well, thank god Im not a woman then. Coz I love Spartacus because of the story and Directing, and not because of the actor. lolz :D

@ Malina: NCIS LA definitely rock. I never knew ll cool j could act that well. haha :D

Mizohican said...

@ Samuel: A hmuhnawm a lawm le, a "raw" bawk sia. lolzzz :D

@ HV: Tun two and a half man thar tur chu a hmuhnawm tawh vak ka ringlo, Ashton Kutcher hi... ka ring thlawtlo Charlie Harper role play tur chuan.

@ Pi BMW: hehehe... John Hamm rocksss :) sophia vergera, yeah she's hot, but I find Claire (Julie Bowen) hotter... something about her... you know... :D

@ TS: awi kei pawh!!!

@ Rascal Crowe: Nia F.R.I.E.N.D.S kha chuan min ti hlim ve thei khawp mai ahunlai kha chuan... Game of Thrones chu tun atangin en tan rawh, i inchhir lovang... hmuhnawm rapsssss

jay-me said...

I was scrolling down for spartacus and sure enough, its here. In te serial world, guys are handicapped without spartacus. What is it with men and fighting a.k.a lots of bloodshed? I love House, Castle and F.R.I.E.N.D.S and recently,I was engrossed in watching all the back seasons of Grey's Anatomy, its Awe-Inspiring!

Alejendro said...

Where is Santa Barbara and The Bold & The Beautiful ?

Anonymous said...

Clair ( modern family) has got a dynamite-ish attitude.. i can understand why you like her! I simply love the conversations between Manny and Jay...awesome duo :-)

I hope this show goes on and on and on.....


Samuel Putarte said...

@mizohican, ni e tiraw? A hmuhnaw dan a dangdai deuh. Mizo tawngin an let a, a that viau rualin a film ori en tawh chuan lehlin en chu a ho tlat.

Mizohican said...

@ jay-me: Every guy wants to be Spartacus, didn't you get the memo? :D

@ Alej: huhuuu....

@ pi bmw: I heard that people who are into milf stuff, are crazy about her... ggagaga :D

@ Samuel: hehe Mizo tawnga an let chu ka va han en ve chak! :)

I Pu said...

WTFFF! Where Broadwalk Empire????

/Broadwalk Empire a awmloh vangin rawn comment hram :D