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Friday, September 02, 2011

Chp 364. Staying Positive, Staying Happy

So Mumbai is still under heavy assault by the rains and the streets are waterlogged most of the time. People who rejoiced on twitter when the first drop of rain fell, are now perpetually cursing this hydraulic damnation.

But if you try to look at it in a positive way, trust me, you will have no resentment towards the rains. Being positive not only makes you happier, you will also end up having a great day. Nobody likes being in the company of a grumpy person forever complaining every damn time about every damn thing.

Renowned French writer and philosopher Voltaire once said, “Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats.”

The worst thing about travelling during the rains is when other vehicles drive past you and splash water all over you. FML right? Mumbai is infamous for its pot holes during the rainy season. And with great pot hole comes great drenching.

But instead of cursing at the driver every time you get splashed on, how about changing your attitude? The next time a passing vehicle splashes water on you, try laughing! And believe me, suddenly, everything will become so much fun and cheerful! Think of how much fun you used to have playing in the rain (against your parent’s wish) when you were a child? Reminisce those memories and wallow in nostalgia. The next time water gushes into your auto like a tsunami, scream out, “Woohoooooo!” \m/

Because this is the bloody monsoon season, and if you are so adamant about not getting wet, maybe you shouldn’t step out at all and hibernate like the good person you are. But if you HAVE to step out, then by all means, expect to get wet. And when you do get wet, having a positive thought will definitely make the shitty day feel better for you.

Calling the son-of-a-bitch who splashed water on you a jerk may give you momentary satisfaction, but it will still make you bitter and even spoil your mood the entire day. Instead of showing him the middle finger, grin and show him the “sign of the devil” with your fingers because that was “absolutely rocking”. Imagine you’re at Water Kingdom or some other Water themed amusement park and you were sliding down a monster slide!

Of course having this positive thought can apply only if you are going home (or you have spare clothes in office). One time I was in an auto when a vehicle zoomed past us and splashed water on us the size of a mini tidal wave, soaking us completely. The auto driver started abusing the driver’s mother, and I reassuringly told him to cool down and cheer up. And then he told me that I could easily change into dry clothes once I reach home, whereas he had be in those dripping wet khaki uniform the entire day. After that conversation, I am no longer provoked when many autos refuse to ply during this rainy season.

Another time, I was in an auto, and this time my auto driver was the perpetuator. He was driving extremely fast, splashing water on bystanders and other autos that were moving slowly. When I asked him why he was doing that, he told me it was a case of either splash or be splashed. If he slowed down, other vehicles will splash water on us. Hmmm… food for thought indeed.

It’s kinda like one of those B-grade slasher movies or an episode from Criminal Minds, you know, where a psycho kidnaps four hot chicks and locks them up in a dungeon, with the condition that if they fight among themselves and kill anyone, the remaining three will be released. Now all four can cooperate and not fight with each other, but at the same time, they have to trust each another and make sure none of them do anything stupid.

Likewise, we can all trust each other and drive slowly so that nobody gets splashed on, but then, that is nothing but a utopian dream. There is bound to be one jerk driving fast because he is a jerk, or a case of real emergency where somebody’s driving fast in order to reach the airport or hospital in time.

Hence, it is really not possible to have something like that. So, just expect to be splashed on and get wet during this raining season. Instead of complaining about it, if you can meet it with a positive thought, trust me, that will definitely make your day much better!
So enjoy the splash! Cheers.

Ending this post with YET another RAGE COMIC strip I made. I seriously think I’m gonna start making a rage comic strip for every new post from now onwards!


Pixie said...


I liked your attitude and the positivity! :)

I miss the monsoons! Sigh!

Here, people refuse to get wet in the rains.. they do not step out if the weather is either too cold or too hot!

KymBawi Khuptong said...

My God!! You can write a god damn article out of a god damn rain. Kudos to you...:)

Mizohican said...

@ Pixie: lolz, sometimes people don't know the fun they are missing by not stepping out in the rain! :)

@ Kym: Haha :P and thanx :)

Banno said...

You are right. If you go out, expect to get wet. And if you get wet, laugh. Your cartoon was nice. More, please.

Eveline said...

oh yes, the water splashing. It's always followed by eardrum-shattering screams. And then later i would try and figure out what dying animal I sounded like.
But after a moment like that, nothing much upsets me :)
I've been spared the car splashing for a few weeks now. But I shall try to see it the way you do the next time it happens. I'll remember to come back and report later on my accomplishments. :)

Haha and I like the comic strip too.

jay-me said...

What if im on my way to an important meetint, with my clean, tailored suit and gets splashed on?WEEEH Bummer...But on all other days, i wouldnt mind getting wet a little, even with all the bacteria the dirty water more for downpours rather than hot, sizzling, suffocating weather....My sympathies to victims of the Mumbai flood...

Krista Roluahpuia said...

Hahahaha.... What a turn! Good writing... Be happy and always remain so.

But sometime I hate heavy downpour here in Mumbai... :)

Vered Puii said...

Not only inspired by the newly loved musical 'Singing in the rain' i pushed by reservations aside and i went out into the rain and really enjoyed it for the 1st time in my life.Now I'm just stuck with a severe case of cough and cold in this blessed Delhi heat causing me to miss a hell lot of classes and other very sad situations but you know what I'M STAYING POSITIVE FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU!!! LOLz

Maisek said...

Once, on a rainy Sunday morning, I got splashed by a speeding car on my way to service. Disregarding the purpose of my walk, I screamed and yelled "you stupid goddamn maniac"... but the driver was already out of earshot! I find it extremely hard to stay positive and happy in circumstances such as this! hehe...

Mizohican said...

@ Banno: Thank you banno. Will try to come up with more :)

@ Eveline: After the rain started and the water splashing followed, angry people started tweeting "Thats the only way you're gonna get a girl wet, you b@stard" :D

@ Jay-Me: Just laugh your ass out, my dear, and everything's gonna be alright :D

@ Krista: I am loving it :D

@ Vered: Its raining and its hot at the same time over there? Whoah, that must really suck! :)

@ Maisek: Yeah I am picturing you losing your temper and screaming at the driver. Very apt. lolzzz :D

dr_feelgood said...

Naupan lai chuan tuihawk kan khuap nasa thin. Tun ah chuan huh loh hram hram kan tum, mahse kan Zoram nuam ah hi chuan kan kawng te hi tuihawk kawng ani ve tho si a, a in tih thu lutuk theih bik loh.Great Attitude.