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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chp 395. Mixed Martial Arts - Full Contact

So last Saturday we went to see Mixed Martial Arts - Full Contact Championship 5 held at Famous Studios, Mahalaxmi. If you’re a fan of Mixed Martial Arts (Bellator, UFC, StrikeForce etc) then this is like the best India has to offer.

Like any big social event where alcohol was served, we went there after first having a few drinks :)

The place was awesome, the crowd was awesome, and the music was awesome. With 1000 bucks a ticket, one didn’t expect anything less than that. The whole place and ambience had this underground look and feel, like the ones you see only in Hollywood movies about “illegal” Blood Sports, if you know what I mean.

The fighters may not be as awesome as those you see on UFC, Bellator, etc., but to see them thrashing each other right from the freaking ringside (where I could literally touch them), it was BLOODY AWESOME!

I want to write more but unfortunately my freaking PC crashed on Monday, so I am still currently reinstalling all my software, plugins, drivers, keygens, etc... Most of my essential software like MS Word, Photoshop, PDF reader etc are still throwing up errors...  But I managed to recover the pics and vids I took that night.

Here is a short video I took and edited using Sony Vegas Pro 10 (the first software I managed to recover). I used Skrillex as the soundtrack because it is so apt!

And here are a few pics I took. Like I said, my PC is a mess right now so I’m just simply uploading everything I took that night. No time to edit or caption them…

I am definitely going again next year for FCC 6.

Cheers :)


Alejendro said...

Min rawn hrilh ve lo a.. ka va han kal ve chak tak em...

Mizohican said...

i Facebook account i delete daih a nih khaaaa.... Rawn hrilh che ka tum nasat mah nak a lai a!

Pixie said...

Lemme read up more on this and then comment!

How have you been?! :D
Me back to blogging and reading after a beautiful 2 month long break! :D

Mizohican said...

Pixieeeeeeeee.... yay that's awesome. I'll start coming by your blog then. Sometimes a break does us good too, you know :)

Anonymous said...

an insual lai still in awm se aw... ;-)

KymBawi Khuptong said...

Already planning to become a sifu master?...:D

blackestears said...

Never know this existed in India.. and speaking of MMA, watch Warrior ( I recently did and I got man-tears!

daniel said...

Looks a bit creepy to me. Not my idea of fun night.

Mizohican said...

@ daniel: Its something "different" :)

@ blackestar: Yup have seen warrorio. Awesome movie :)

@ Kymbawi: I already am! :P

@ anonymous: Video hlir ka la a, an insual lai tak chuan :(

Max said...

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