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Friday, August 08, 2014

Chp 523. Giving you what you want

[warning: slightly NSFW’ish image below]

I think we can all agree that sometimes we don’t usually see or get what we want because of misleading subtexts or captions.

This can either be because of false advertising or we were intentionally driven down that wrong path. For example, there is the age-old fast food advertisement technique where we know we NEVER get any of the stuff that we see on their ads.

And yet, we still buy them. And relish them.

Then there are the captions that correctly describe an image to an extent but… you know there is an ulterior motive embedded somewhere…

For example, I’m sure some of us have that one Facebook friend who frequently uploads selfies, saying stuff like…

That is like me saying…

Yeah. I love Laphroaig single malt sausages! Yummm…

That is the world we live in. Even when it comes to gaming, we usually download a game with high expectations, only to realize it was not what we expected. I am not talking about bugs or crashes, I’m talking about the way the game is advertised, or at least the way most of us thought the game would be.

Let’s take a look at Teen Patti. Teen Patti is a popular card game, also known as Flash or Flush, and is extremely popular in India and South East Asia. In this game, players are handed three cards, and every round, you place a bet and in the end, whoever has the highest card wins the entire bet amount. What makes this game interesting is the ability to intimidate opponents and bluff your way through with weak cards, making them think you have high cards and hence forcing them to pack.

In the mobile gaming industry, we’ve been doing a research and study on Teen Patti games for more than a year now. We know all the big players and the features their games have. The potential for Teen Patti games to succeed in the Indian market is huge. Just last month, Sequoia Capital invested $15 million in Octro, who currently owns the leading Teen Patti game on Android.

Apart from Octro Inc., many other game studios like Mango Games, 10C, Tida Games, Moonfrog, Gamesofa Global, Junglee Games, MyWavia Studios, Nazara Technologies, Anshar Labs, etc have all released their versions of Teen Patti on Android. Most of them are very good and are going to be really tough to compete with.

But one thing we’ve noticed is that while some of these games advertise as “a game where you can connect with other online players and make it seem like you’re sitting on the same table with them”, it is not so. Most of these games (other than Junglee Teen Patti) still follow the mouse-click PC game play format, where the game was first developed...

To make it really feel as if you’re playing with strangers on the same table, we need to utilize the many advantages mobile games have over other game genre. Apart from flexibility and ease of connectivity, there is a very important factor called “mobile first” feature, where gamers have a much better experience and enhanced gameplay xp (example: cleaning an animal with one’s finger, pulling back a catapult cord with your finger, “slicing” vegetables and fruits with your fingers etc) which will not give you the same experience when that game is ported to PC or other devices.

Hence, after months of planning and preparation, we have just released our latest Android game on Google Play, a Teen Patti game with POV view!

Everybody loves First Person View *naughty grin*, and in this game, you will actually get that effect of playing with different people as you do in real life.

So please do download our latest game to give it a try. And also please do give us 5 stars rating on Google Play :)

Currently, we are still in “beta” phase making necessary changes every day, and I cannot disclose any of our upcoming features and plans for the obvious reason. But I guarantee you it's gonna blow your mind! :) Meanwhile, I would love to hear your feedback on this game. I really hope I have presented to you a Teen Patti game that you’ve been looking for, otherwise this post of mine is just going to be like the one of the photos posted above that is below your standard of expectation.

We have just started promoting this game, and below are some of our creatives. Hopefully, we’re planning to have more than 500 downloads by next week. Do wish us all the best, my friends.


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