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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Chp 557. OnePlus One CM12 Android Lollipop update crash [RESOLVED]

As some of you may know, I got my OnePlus One phone long before it became available for Indian consumers on or other e-com websites. In a way, I am a OnePlus One hipster - I had it before it was cool :P

A very close friend of mine bought one of the early batches of OnePlus One phones which was released abroad, through ebay, way back in October 2014. He paid almost twice the cost of the phone because of the obvious reasons.

I bought the phone from him in November, and even though it was technically a "third hand" phone, I didn't care because I was the envy of every nerd and geek in my circle of friends :)

Finally, OnePlus One was officially launched in India a month later, and even though it was still an "invitation only", more and more people started owning one. The unique invitation codes too stopped being as precious as they used to be, and one could easily get an invite code for free if they knew the right people to ask.

Owning a OnePlus One before most people did was cool, but the downside to it was that I had an outdated version. When my friends started buying OPOs, their version of the phone came with Android 4.4.4 and their phone model was listed as "A0001". My OPO was stuck at 4.4.2 and my model number was just "One".

And as the months rolled by, they kept receiving OTA updates to their CyanogenMod almost every week.

I didn't. Not even once.

No matter how many times I clicked on "Check For Update" on my System Update, it just kept telling me I had the latest version and there was no update available for me. Such a load of bull.

Now you may ask me why I simply didn't flash a ROM or install my own custom ROMs or do a lot of fancy geeky stuff that are possible. Well I have my reasons for sticking on to the original factory build model  -

1. I am not very good at this stuff. You might have read about my ordeal when I manually upgraded my Samsung Galaxy S from Android 2.1 to 2.3.3 and ended up soft-bricking the phone! If it wasn't for the help of my friend Chhanga, that would have been the end of my phone that day.

2. And more importantly, I'm in the mobile games development business. It is important for me to test our games and put them under different limitations. For that I need to have a basic phone with no alterations that most other people would be having, otherwise it wouldn't make sense if I pimp my phone and the games I'm testing work on it, but it doesn't work on other phones.

And so that is how I had to live my life every day - having a phone that was becoming outdated day by day. Around two weeks ago, my colleagues who also bought OPO phones started receiving updates to Android Lollipop! That was like rubbing salt to my injury :(

But last night, something wonderful happened. Something magical.

I got an OTA notification that there was FINALLY an update for my OnePlus One version!

The moment I reached office this morning, I switched on the WiFi and clicked the update command. I was drooling with excitement.

So I got the XNPH22Q update, and right after that, it sent me another OTA notification for an XNPH22R incremental which would provide performance improvements and security enhancements for my device. I said Hell yeah.

So there it was, the XNPH22R update.

After that, I got an update notification yet again, this time it was the XNPH25R incremental which would address improvements for NFC and gyroscope behaviour.

Thadaaaa... I clicked on that as well and it updated. But I was still on 4.4.2 so I was a little disappointed.

But again, there was another update available. It was the XNPH30O CyanogenMod update which also had the Android 4.4.4 update! Yipeeee!

And so finally, I had the 4.4.4. Better late than never :P My Model number also changed from "One" to "A0001".

Again, the update notification didn't stop! There was another update available, the XNPH33R. This maintenance release provided critical security updates. I clicked on "update" again.

So my CyanogenMod version was XNPH33R.

Again, once that was over, another update was available - the XNPH38R. This update was supposed to include RAW camera support, visual experience for lockscreen, and several performance improvements. Again I clicked "update".

Hello XNPH38R.

Still, the update notification didn't stop! Man I was on a roll! There was yet another update available. The XNPH44S which was suppose to provide critical security updates.

So I just kept going along. Hello XNPH44S.

And the music didn't stop. Another update notification came after this. It was the XNPH05Q, which would add new enhancement features and security fixes.

By now I was no longer surprised when there was still another update notification. It was the same XNPH05Q but this time it was to prepare my device for Cyanogen OS 12.0! Oh My God!!! That was so freaking awesome!

I clicked on update and it was done...

Finally came this, what I had been waiting for! An update to Cyanogen OS 12.0 based on Android Lollipop 5.0. Woohoooooooooooooo!

It took more than an hour to download, and once it was downloaded, it installed, and my phone rebooted.

I was crying tears of joy as my phone booted up... it started installing all the existing apps one by one... suddenly when it was almost done, THIS HAPPENED!

Aaaargghhhhh... no matter how many times I reboot, this keeps coming.

Reporting the error made no changes or resolved my issue...

Is there any way of solving this issue without much complication?

Please advice!

After all the updates I went through today, only for them to end this way had been such an Anti-Climax.

I am a nervous wreck right now.... :(


UPDATE 1: When my phone is switched on with that error message on top, I can actually receive WhatsApp messages, Facebook messages, SMS and even calls, but I just cannot see them on my screen because of the error pop-up button overlapping the screen. This morning my alarm too actually rang, but the error message is still there on top.

UPDATE 2: So after many discussions with my friends, we finally came to the conclusion that my phone was behaving like this (bootloop) because the newly updated CyanogenMod12 conflicted with some of my existing apps, mainly Gapps (google apps). Now there was a long way to resolve this by installing an Android sdk, TWRP, putting it in fastboot mode, unlocking bootloader, flashing different gapps etc etc. Instead... I said screw it, and did a FACTORY RESET (switch off phone, press volume down + power key until there is a short vibration, release buttons, you'll enter recovery mode, and simply select "wipe data/ factory reset" option), and voila, my phone was working perfectly fine after that :)

I didn't lose much data too... it took some time reinstalling back some of my apps, but hey, my phone is working now and that's all that matters! The Factory Reset didn't delete any of my photos, and I could easily get back my WhatsApp messages from WhatsApp server once I installed a new one. I got back all my contacts from Gmail as well, and most of the games I play (like Trials Frontier etc) I could easily get my game progress back from third party game platforms like uPlay, Google Game Service etc. Long live the cloud!

So that was how this problem was resolved. I am now on CM12 Lollipop and it really feels like a brand new phone, hehehe. Cheers everyone.


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