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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Chp 586. The Stomach Chronicles - Part 1.

To me, Movember doesn't mean "No Shave November", because of the obvious reason that I got no freaking facial hair to shave :(

And that ain't my fault. It's my gene's fault :P So in order to lift my spirits up and forget the fact that I will never get to grow one of those amazing manly butch beards or moustaches, here is me celebrating Movember in my own way. I call my version of Movember – "More food November"! :D

So now that November is coming to an end (and I didn't mention "November Rain" even once on any my November blog updates this year… urrghh ok I just did), I thought this is a good time to post about some of the awesome food I’ve had in Pune so far.

Like some people in the smartphone generation, I too have a habit of taking a pic of the food I’m about to eat. But unlike others, I don't post them on Instagram or Twitter etc. I just keep them on my phone, kinda like a documentation.

So here are some of the food I've had in Pune so far, hoping you might also want to try them out. I'll try posting them in different parts, as this post would be extremely lengthy if I post every single food photo I've taken so far here in Pune. :)

To begin with, here’s what I ordered today. A proper Kerala cuisine. Do click on all photos to enlarge to a new tab.

I ordered the above from "Chopsticks Spice Malabar", a very popular restaurant in Viman Nagar known for its seafood and Malayalee dishes. They also make good Chinese food, hence the reason why the name of the restaurant sounds like an SEO campaign :P

As usual, I over-ordered because I got carried away. What you see above are -

- Kuttanadan Chicken curry and Mutton Mulakittathu gravy
- Appam, which we used to call during college days as Kerala's dosa
- Puttu, the rolled up white cylinder, made from coconut & ground rice
- Kerala paratha, which some of us know as Malabar paratha
- Chettinad coconut rice, very finely roasted indeed.

Yep. For one person, that is an excessive order indeed :D

There was also this one time my friends and I hogged on appam and mutton keema along with "Smoked pork in Raja mirchi" pickle I ordered from Ohhhh man that combination was Heavenly!

Though I love cooking (the very simple dishes that I know how to make), I love experimenting with different food too. Here in our office cafeteria, the food that we get does not have much variety, so I usually order or eat outside.

For example, the breakfast in our office cafeteria ranges from poha to upma, and they are pretty good. Simple but filling, and of course no Maharashtrian breakfast is complete without either of these two :)

I really love the Semiya upma above. Instead of the usual "suji" that normal upma is made from, semiya or seviyan upma is made from vermicelli instead.

And then at times when I want to feel a bit more healthy, I go for the fruit salad breakfast, which is also a good way to detox after a heavy night of… stuff :P

Most of my colleagues don't usually eat breakfast at our cafeteria because they have already eaten at home. My girlfriend calls this the "riang breakfast" where it would be just me having breakfast all by myself… :)

Our cafeteria would be packed during lunch, but since only veg meal is served, like I said earlier, I usually go outside to eat lunch. The only time I ate cafeteria lunch was this one time when they said the menu was Chinese, and so I decided to give it a try…

Urrmmm… it was ok. But since there wasn’t any non-veg, I still found it bland. Other than that, the only other times I eat lunch at our cafeteria is when we have special lunch provided by our organization, where food is catered from outside…

Sometimes we too can make our own arrangements, like this one time we all decided to order chicken biryani in bulk, meant for our entire team…

I think I’ll stop here for now, and collect all my other photos I’ve taken for other next parts of this "Stomach Chronicles" series :) I promise you, lots of delicious pics from different restaurants along with their review coming up soon…

So cheers until then.

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