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Friday, December 04, 2015

Chp 589. Last Man Standing

Today is the day I am extremely happy for two people close to me. My cousin Hriatpuia and my friend Chhama got married today!

I mean, of course, separately.

Where's the Oxford comma when one needs it? :P

As a bachelor pushing towards my mid 30's, I've seen my fair share of childhood friends and relatives and batchmates and even nephews and nieces tying the knot. And I've lost count of the "So when is your turn?" question I get every time that happens.

What made today different for me is, with my cousin Hriatpuia now a happily married man, I am now the ONLY male among my cousins on my mother's side to remain a bachelor. Yup, I'm the last man standing! All my cousins seemed to have a great time today at his marriage, as they sent photos after photos on our WhatsApp group. 

I wish I could be there in Mizoram, even though I know everybody's gonna tease me for being the last remaining bachelor. Even my younger cousins like Lalnuii, Saii, Dingzuala etc said "I do" a long time ago! (and yes, I missed all their weddings as well, damn you long distance!)

[Dingzuala - Anuni wedding, with all our cousins]

[very high-res, click to enlarge to new window]

In a way, I guess it kinda feels special to be the last remaining bachelor, the last tlangval from my maternal family side. After all, marriage is such a common thing, us hipsters need to be different right? :P

The other marriage today was between Chhama and Rempuii. 

And yes, it was a great honor to receive the special invitation from him, even though I wouldn't be able to make it.

We are both admins of (or should I say that in the past tense since nobody manages the website anymore). We the admins grew very close throughout the years as we bonded and discussed many things every day. But slowly, one by one, they got married. Admin Nancy (mystic) was the first to go, tying the knot with admin Phiss. founder Ben too decided to hang his bachelor's gloves for good. Admin VaiVa also managed to find a wife :P and they recently had a very cute baby boy. The other admin Nancy (we had two admins named Nancy) too settled down in the US with her new husband. Admin Goldmember tied the knot with fiery blogger Kukui, and they too just recently had a baby boy, and I was indeed honoured that they named their son after me :) 

(This whole thing suddenly sounds straight out of a Bryan Adams "Summer of 69" song)

And now with admin Chhama also married, I was thinking, "Oh shit, don't tell me I'm also gonna be the last remaining bachelor among our admins". But luckily, Lal Jo-a aka father_sphinx too is still around, pretty much single, so yeah, that was a huge relief for me :D

This year, a lot of my friends decided to end their bachelorhood. My two childhood friends in my locality Matea and Thanpuia both got married earlier this year. Kima (duplicate) Luliana too tied the knot with long time girlfriend Roluahpuii, and Chhanga too decided it was time to stop being nerdy and sacrificed his life to Chhandami Tochhawng :) Yes many other friends too are now a Mr. and Mrs. as well.

Just last month, my closest friend since childhood Tluanga too tied the knot. He was what we would all call a "Tlangval senior" in our group of friends. I really wished I could have made it for his wedding, but it was such a short notice period and I had already booked my December flight tickets by then.

We have come a long way since the days of GI Joes and He-Man I guess. From celebrating my adolescent birthday with an aeroplane-shaped cake, to him actually flying above his newlywed bride! :D

So yeah, I do wish Hriatpuia, Chhama, Tluanga and all my other friends a very happy married life.

About being the last man standing among my cousins, in a way, it kinda feels a bit awkward to be that person, but do remember there will always be one such person who is last, after all, that is the very concept of any measurement. Relative grading can sometimes be such a pain if the ones grading you are your relatives. Cheers! :D

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