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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Chp 607. The Second One

I'm gonna say it out right here. Yesterday was May 2nd, and yesterday, most of us watched the 2nd episode of Game of Thrones, season 6.

This post may contain some spoilers, so do stop reading if you haven't watched the two new episodes of season 6 yet.

Two episodes into the new season of Game of Thrones, and frankly speaking, I'm still not feeling the excitement and rush. The zing. Sure we saw a couple of important characters die… S06E01 gave us the death of Prince Doran Martell, Captain Areo Hotah and Prince Trystane Martell. And S06E02 saw the death of Lord Roose Bolton, Lady Walda Bolton and King Balon Greyjoy. Those were the rulers of three different kingdoms who just died. And yet, their deaths were nowhere as much of a shocker as S01E09 was when Ned Stark was beheaded. Or the infamous "Red Wedding".

Instead, I think the only scene that shocked me in the first episode of season 6 was the revelation of Melisandre's true form, and from the second episode, it was the revival of Jon Snow. But by then, I wasn't exactly surprised. With so many rumors and conspiracy theories doing the rounds and the way that revival scene was played out, I was expecting him to come back to life anyway.

Rather than shocking me, I was actually filled with a couple of questions. Like for instance, in episode 1, how did Prince Trystane's cousins Obara and Nymeria came on board the ship to assassinate him, when they were clearly seen seeing Jamie Lannister off last season (assuming Trystane was in the ship with Jamie otherwise there was no way he could have known Myrcella had died)? In episode 2, during Bran Stark's flashback journey, I wonder how he was able to recognize his young dad and uncle Benjen Stark, including his aunt Lyanna, considering, you know, they didn't have any old photographs to let him know how they looked like as kids :P And Bran saying he recognized his aunt from her statue in the crypt was kinda lame because we all know that statue hardly resembled any proper face :P And what about Gendry, is he still rowing his boat? See, so many questions.

But of course my favorite scene from episode 2 was this, which made me laugh out so much!

(Varys looks disapprovingly at Tyrion drinking)

Tyrion (looks at Varys): "If I'd lost my cock, I'd drink all the time."

(then looks at Greyworm and apologetically said): "... meaning no offense. He makes dwarf jokes, I make eunuch jokes."

Varys: "I do NOT make dwarf jokes."

Tyrion: "You think them." (gives Varys the eye)


Tyrion: Dragons do not do well in captivity.

Missandei: And how do you know this?

Tyrion: That's what I do. I drink and I know things.


(terrified Tyrion trying to free the dragons)

Tyrion (to the dragons): I am here… to help. Don't… eat… the help.


(after removing the dragons' shackles)

Tyrion (to Varys): Next time I have an idea like that, punch me in the face.


Lolz, you gotta love Tyrion. I'm sure things are going to get more exciting in the next few episodes, but until then, I must admit it had not been up to my expectations at all.

On the other hand, another TV show had just completed its second episode yesterday as well, and I totally love it so much. "Silicon Valley" season 3. And I think it is a very under-rated show. Or maybe I'm just saying that because it is something I can relate to because of my past experience in the Start-Up industry.

But the humor, the sarcasm, the witty replies and reactions, the nerd dialogues, I really must say this is one of the best TV shows in recent time.

The way the sales team "suddenly appeared" in the second episode, and how they tried to control engineering and production was utterly hilarious, and I'm sure many of us could relate to it. I experienced that in advertising (the eternal Creative Dept. versus Client Servicing Dept. war) every day, and I still experience that even today after working as a Game designer.

Hence if you haven't watched "Silicon Valley" yet, I really suggest you do. Don't assume that "Game of Thrones" is the only TV show currently worth watching :P You won't regret it (Another new show I would totally recommend is this new mini-series show called "The Night Manager". Just 6 episodes but it is bloody awesome. It's the best mini-series I've seen since "Narcos" last year).

And speaking of second, well, Spurs drew with Chelsea last night, so Arsenal still has a chance of finishing second this season! :D Meanwhile, because of that draw, Leicester City are now the new Premiere League champion this season! A big congratulation to them. I am really proud of their achievement.

Since Leicester City won because Spurs and Chelsea drew last night, technically, this means Leicester City had won the league at Old Trafford (where their last match was held)! Imagine that, being one of the "cheapest" squad and yet winning the title at the home of a team whose total squad value this season is 450 million pounds! Wow. If I was a ManUtd fan I would be so utterly utterly embarrassed. :P

Will get back to work now and catch y'all later. Until then, I'm gonna start using this phrase, "That's what I do. I drink and I know things" everywhere I go! Lolz. Cheers :)


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I will not read this one untill the whole season 6 is Over :D

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