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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Chp 710. Wedding in Bangalore - part 2

Part two of an awesome wedding in Bangalore. For those of you who missed the first part, you can read about it here.

Thara weds Funice :P

Once the wedding service was over, my niece Eunice and my dear friend Thara proceeded outside the United Theological College church.

As they cleaned up the glitters and confettis, it was time for the mass goers to congratulate the newly married couple.

See, Thara didn't even want to look at me anymore once he was married to my niece! :D

I mean, before the marriage, he was everywhere around me, ready to do anything at my bidding, but now that the deal had been made, sealed and engraved in stone, the customer is king :P

We headed out to the Church yard where there were some awesome refreshments waiting for us. I managed to meet my dear friend B. Ramhluna who introduced me to his sister.

Later he told me she was more of a sister to him like how Cersei Lannister was to Jaime Lannister. I did not understand what he was trying to say.

With close friends.

With some of my belated dad's closest friends. The moment my family members introduced me to them, they always went, "Wow, you have grown up so much!" :D

My three adorable nephews.

Me and my luggage, straight from the airplane, with airhostess Mayline (see, this is why punctuations are important, people :P )

Mayline's reaction when I asked her about a serious airlines related question, "How can I join the Mile-High club?"

The bride and groom on their way to the photo session.

The rest of us followed…

A few temporary group pics…

The main photo session area was set up quickly…

Pics time…

Like in all Mizo weddings, the list of people who were to take a group photo with the newlyweds was already made.

People waited in turn as the MC called out the groups one by one…

The first pic is always that of the bride and groom with the Pastor who married them…

With the best man Lalawmpuia Colney and bridesmaid C.Laldinpuii.

With Bangalore Mizo Presbyterian Kohhran Committee.

With Bangalore Mizo Presbyterian Kohhran Choir.

With Eunice's immediate family.

With Eunice's cousins.

With Eunice's entire family.

With Thara's siblings and their partners and kids.

With Thara's aunt Hmingthangi and her family. During this moment, the banner fell down, lolz :D

With Thara's maternal side of the family.

With Thara's cousins.

With Thara's entire family.

With Thara and Eunice's friends from Mumbai, where they met, thanks to all us :)

With Thara's childhood friends.

With all of Thara and Eunice's friends.

With members of "Mizo bloggers group" that Thara is also a part of.

Yeah I'm putting more than one pic of this group because we bloggers really valued our dear friend Thara's marriage. We had been talking about it for a long time in our group. Michael came all the way from Chennai, U-Maruata from Mumbai, Bee from Goa, Me from Pune and Cherrie from Aizawl just to attend this wedding.

With people who were a part of the "man-ei".

After this, different groups who were not on the list continued taking pics with the bride and groom. This is a common occurrence as it is not possible to write down all the groups in advance.

Finally, done.

I think everybody was exhausted :)

Last few bride and groom pics at United Theological College.

With Clare and her friend, who were to perform at the wedding dinner function.

Before moving to the dinner function, I stopped briefly for a quick beer at Mayline's house, which was just 2 minutes away from the Church. Check out the brotherly stare :D

Now what we did there, the juicy stuff, the funny stuff, the scandalous stuff, along with the awesome wedding dinner event at Jayamahal Palace Hotel, I'll write about that on my next post, so stay tuned. I know Bee is really looking forward to the next post, and I promise I won't disappoint him :D

Cheers for now then.

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