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Friday, April 20, 2018

Chp 713. Bangalore, a food & drink conclusion

As they say, all good things must come to an end. After a memorable Bangalore wedding between my dear friend Thara and my lovely niece Eunice [wedding journals - part 1, part 2 and part 3], it was time to head back to Pune.

But since I had two days left as it was the weekend, I decided to spend the time with the two things I love the most in life - food and drinks :)

Right after the awesome wedding reception dinner, our bloggers group continued the party at Cherrie's place, Koramangala.

We talked about how our fellow blogger friend Thara would no longer be the same at our Blogger's group after that night, and stuff.

We fried a couple of cheesy sausages to keep up with all the cheesy jokes we were cracking…

Somewhere in between, Mikey-boy brought up the topic that there should always be this much foam on a poured glass of beer to make it "less poisonous" for the human body, and we then got into a long debate about it after that, lolz.

Ahhh, bloggers. Lolz.

The next day, I was served this awesome breakfast by the super cute Chloe, Cherrie's daughter.

Cherrie and her hubby Lalmama had been such an awesome host to me that I took their whole family out for lunch. We went to BOHO on 5th Block, which was just walking distance from their house.

The food was amazing, and they had a great offer going on called OPM - "One Person Meal" (Monday - Friday 12:30 - 4:30) where any Non-Veg meal combo costs ₹ 350 only, along with UNLIMITED cocktail and draught beer for the first 45 minutes! That was freaking awesome. And so we ordered different meal combos immediately.

Chhangchhe laif, lolz.

The unlimited cocktails that came with the OPM offer, which we took to our full advantage, lolz.

That was a great lunch indeed. Lalmama had to leave for work after that, and we too went home as it was Chloe's afternoon nap time.

After dropping mother and daughter, I went with Maps to Mayline's house to have a formal late lunch with the newlyweds, Thara and Eunice. Eunice showed-off her wedding ring in front of me, bragging about how she got married before her uncle!

A few drinks to set the mood right…

Since I was living in Maharashtra, all the "beef" dishes I had eaten were all Buffalo meat, so I decided to order authentic beef burgers from the famous Bozo's burger joint, even though Mayline was in the kitchen cooking lunch, lolz.

It was yummmm! Bozo's rocked!

Meanwhile, Mayline was busy cooking a late lunch for all of us, and I realized I was eating that day from Boho's to Bozo's to Bee's zo, lolz. You gotta love food, man :P

Soon, Mayline was ready. Late lunch at Mayline's. Yummm.

I couldn't move after that because I had eaten so much the whole day. But it was getting late and I had to return to my host's house because it was almost dinner time. :P

We said goodbye to the newlyweds and the soontoweds, and went back to Koramangala, where our dear friend Sawmteii was waiting for us.

For dinner, we all decided to do one crazy thing – "everybody should order". LoLz. And so, all of us placed an order from our Zomato and Swiggy apps respectively at the same time without telling the others what we ordered, and finally when all our orders arrived, this was what we got. :D :D

I think we had just defined what a pot-luck dinner delivery system should be like, lolz.

Baby Chloe getting all the attention :)

The next morning, Mapz and Sawmteii took me to "The Flying Squirrel" on 5th Block, well renowned for its coffee brews. Aptly known as a "Micro Roastery & Café", the place was awesome!

Took me a long time to decide which coffee to order. I finally settled for a "Sun Kissed Double Shot Cappuccino".

We also ordered "Proteinated" (Grilled Chicken breast with cheese, chicken sausages, two-egg omlette and moong sundal) and "Big Bowl of Love" (Seasonal fresh fruit, Yogurt, with house-made Granola) and they were both so good!

After that we took a short stroll and reached "Forum". The place brought back so many memories, especially when I saw that the freaking KFC was still there! It was back in 2004 during my IIM-B days that the mall opened, and we used to hang out there all the time. It was also the only KFC franchise in India back then, and so whenever my IIMB classmates flew back to Mumbai from Bangalore, they would always stop by The Forum mall on their way to the airport and buy loads and loads of KFC. At Mumbai, all their friends would be waiting for them at the airport and they would have a grand KFC feast right there itself. I really miss those days!

We walked from The Forum to Star Bazaar as the ladies wanted to pick up some groceries.

Good fun at the overbridge :D

Back at home, Chloe was sulking because we were out for a long time…

Since we were done with breakfast, it was time to tackle the next objective - Lunch. :D

I couldn't decide where to eat, and so we decided to roam around Koramangala looking for a nice place to eat. But we faced a few roadblocks. Indigo XP wasn't open yet, Hole In The Wall Café was packed, and so was A Hole Lotta Love. Some of the other paces had bad reviews and so on.

Finally, after walking all across 4th and 5th Block, we decided to have our lunch at "Fenny's Lounge and Kitchen" at 7th Block.

The place had a really cool vibe and open-air ambience, and we sat at a private section of the restaurant elevated higher than the ground floor. The menu looked awesome as well.

Little Chloe looking all cute and cuddly.

I was even more impressed with their extensive and cheap cocktail menu! I decided to try out as many different cocktails as possible, lolz.

Here we goooo! :D

Some truly good food - Chilli Beef Milanese, Fenny's BBQ Wings, and a simple Margherita Pizza with extra mozzarella cheese. Yummmm.

Great times indeed. Lalmama took this photo of us.

While we were drinking and being merry, Chloe was preoccupied with this :D

After we were done with the wonderful food and drinks, we headed back to the house quickly because I had to go and attend my family dinner.

And so with that came to an end my memorable stay with Lalmama and Cherrie's family. Thank you for the awesome time you awesome peeps. Hugz.

I reached Kamanahalli a bit later, and U-Dini had sent me a wrong location so I ended up dragging my strolley all across Kamanahalli because my cab driver had to pick up another customer since we had already reached my "destination". That was swell.

The dinner was just for our family and Thara's family, along with a few members from Bangalore who played an important role at the wedding, like Evelyn Sailo and Wendy Chawngthu.

Eunice's dad conducted the prayer service and thanksgiving session.

After that, it was dinner time! Authentic Mizo food! Yummmmmm!

Can you name all the dishes below? :)

My plate :) I love the Bastenga sooooo much :)

And of course, no Mizo meal is complete without the traditional Kuhva hring once we were done eating :)

Soon after dinner, I bid goodbye to my family including the newlyweds. What an awesome three days binge it had been, right from the start.

The next day, after a quick breakfast, I headed for the airport.

Ahhhh detox drink! Fresh and healthy Musk Melon drink at the airport. All I could think of was "detox, detox, detox!"

I promised myself NEVER to drink any alcohol again while I was in Bangalore. Two hours later, I landed in Pune :P

Thus ended my wonderful wedding escapades in Bangalore. I really hope you've been enjoying this series of blog posts. And just to see if people actually read my blog post rather than just skim through the images, I would like to mention that tomorrow, 21st April, is my birthday :) So if you notice this part, I will give you a treat :)

I'll post something interesting about my birthday, not that I have made any plans as such (I'll most probably be lying in bed the whole day binge watching a TV show marathon, lolz). So cheers until then, mes amis. Take care, and have a great weekend.


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Happy Birthday Sir

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Your birthday and our anniversary coincide. Happy birthday!! It was great catching up... And the post is making me ravenous!!!

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