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Friday, September 14, 2018

Chp 724. AMSC membership 2018-19

Yesterday I received my annual AMSC (Arsenal Mumbai Supporters Club) membership goodies for the year 2018-19. Like every year, it was filled with the best stuff ever. Two years ago, I got these awesome Arsenal merchandise. Last year, I didn't get the time to post it on my blog because I was busy attending my niece's wedding in Goa and Mysore, but I did get to post a live video of me unboxing the parcel.

This year, what made my AMSC parcel even more precious was, renowned Mizo celebrity and the current Secretary of Mizoram Football Association Tetea Hmar came over to my apartment last night and he was the first person to pose with the goodies! :D

Tetea Hmar was completely overwhelmed by the stuff that AMSC had sent me, and when I told him AMSC is an officially recognized club by Arsenal FC and members can directly buy Home match tickets (in London), he decided to switch his fan loyalty from ManUtd to Arsenal right there itself. :D

This is the 10th year since AMSC was created, and I am proud to have been a premium member for 7 of those 10 years, even though I have now moved to Pune from Mumbai. The only thing I dearly miss are the weekly match screenings in Mumbai where paid members get free entry and % discount on drinks. Cheering for Arsenal along with other Arsenal fans on a giant screen inside a pub booked exclusively for AMSC was definitely the best way to spend the evening.

Like every year, the AMSC goodies this year too included the usual annual calendar, with Arsenal match dates and opponents clearly mentioned on all the months.

The next item was an Arsène Wenger signature neck-tie with the abbreviation "AW", as a tribute to what he had done for the club. Even though he may have a lot of haters, nobody can deny his record and passion for the club. You will be missed, Le Professeur. Salut.

This next item is my favorite because plastic bags had been recently banned in India, so this jute bag with an official AMSC logo will serve a good purpose. :)

And then there were three cute stickers including that of the famous Arsenal clock at Highbury, which had been moved to Emirates Stadium to honor the glory days of Highbury.

And here is my new AMSC membership card for this year, along with two previous membership cards. I thought I'll censor out my membership ID number but then again, I realized people will not be able to do much harm with it since I haven't linked it with my Aadhaar card, so… :P

Overall, this had been a great year and much thanks to AMSC for all the goodies. This year Arsenal is going to win the League, so here is to every great match. Wooohoooo! :)


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