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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Chp 827. 4 Days Lockdown

Today is the last day of the "4 days Aizawl lockdown". Will it be extended? Probably. Probably not too. I'm at that stage where I've lowered all my physical and emotional shields, ready to accept whatever announcement is made by those who are in charge.

At least the past four days of lockdown had been quite… colorful and diverse.  From a sunny hot day to a mist filled frigid day and even a thunderstorm day, and now back to a hot, humid day again! Yeah, hard to believe we saw all these extremes of climate in just a span of four days!

It's kinda like God was just sitting up there on His throne, bored, and then one of his angels rushed into the Great Hall, shouting excitedly, "Sire, sire, the good people of Mizoram, you know, those funny people who once thought salt was going to go extinct and so they stockpiled on sacks of salt enough to last them 50 years each, yeah those same people, well, they just declared a four days lockdown!"

And God was like, "Oh My Self, you sure about this?"

The angel was like, "Yup, I'm pretty sure, I'm there in one of their WhatsApp groups."

"But why?" God asked.

"Well," the angel explained, "It's quite entertaining to see the daily debates taking place between the Pro-Trump fans and the Anti-Trump fans."

"Ahhh," God said, "so these people are going to be in lockdown for four straight days?"


God sat contemplatively for a moment and replied with a hmmm.


The angel interrupted, "Yes, they sing a lot of hymns too."

"Heh? What? No, nooo, that's not what I meant. I was just… never mind. So I'm thinking, since these people had been following the social distancing rules very obediently, let me put on a little show for them during the next four days," God said.

"Like?" the angel asked curiously.

"You'll see," God replied with a smile.

And so, during these four days of lockdown, we saw all different possible weather :) I even took out our heater from the store-room two days ago because it was freezing cold! And today, I am not even wearing a shirt as I write this blog because it is bloody hot!

I've been taking a photo of the view from my balcony every morning for the past four days, holding a lock in the foreground. And you will see such a contrast in all the photos!

17th August 2020: Day 1 Lockdown.

18th August 2020: Day 2 Lockdown.

 19th August 2020: Day 3 Lockdown.

20th August 2020: Day 4 Lockdown.

See, so much contrast in the weather. The only thing missing now is a snow blizzard :D

Oh by the way, in the above images, I am holding a lock to indicate a lockdown. I am not trying to advertise and sell a lock. :D :P

Depending on how you look at it, a lock can be a symbol of being held in captivity, of being imprisoned and our freedom brutally snatched away. Or, you can be more positive and consider the lock as a symbol of security and safety, of our very survival under protection. See, being positive is good, except of course when it comes to CoVid-19. :P

I'm really happy a lot of my friends had taken up on my TV show suggestions for these four days of lockdown. It's the little things like this that encourages me to keep blogging.

To end this short post, here is a picture of our dear Snowy. He's also under the lockdown of his blanket. :)

Ahhh what a life to live. Nothing else to do the whole day, except sleep, eat and poop. Just like me. :D

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