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Monday, August 17, 2009

Chp 258. New EPL season, fantastic start!

10 matches played in the first round of English Premier League 2009/2010 and last night’s thriller of Liverpool going down to Tottenham was considered as the biggest upset of opening week.

What crap.

Not that I am a fan of either Spurs or the Reds, but Spurs are a good team too, so Liverpool’s defeat cannot be an upset. I think Bolton losing to Sunderland or Villa losing to Wigan are far bigger upsets than Liverpool losing to Spurs. No offense to Sunderland or Wigan fans.

Manchester City, much hyped during the pre-season… turned out to over-hyped, if they are going to play the rest of their games like the way they played against Blackburn on Saturday. 95 million pounds (110 million euros, 157 million dollars) they spent on new players. Enough to feed a couple of third world countries.

With new ammunitions like former gunners Ade and Toure, Manure Tevez, Blackburn's Roque Santa Cruz and Villa’s Gareth Barry, not to forget Robinho and the others, it finally took Stephen Ireland, an “original” City player, to score one of the best goals of his career, deep into injury time, to give City a 2-0 win. For the other 90 minutes before that, City were barely hanging on to the 1-0 lead Ade presented them in the 3rd minute.

Chelsea too barely managed to come out victorious against Hull, thanks to Drogba’s twin strikes after going down first. 2-1 was the final scoreline.

Manure, still the number one team I detest the most even with Mister “fall guy” twinkle toes now gone for a ridiculous 80 mil pounds, ended with a 1-0 after 90+ minutes. Lucky wankers. Blistering Barnacles.

But with Ronaldo no longer playing for Manure, many of my Manure friends are happy. “Now all these people who have no passion for football will stop supporting Manure and move on to Real Madrid. Manure will now be once again be supported by true football fans,” they said. I must say I agree with them. And this is the first time I am agreeing with my Manure pals. But still, screw you guys

Meanwhile, Arsenal has been dubbed as “most likely to end up fourth” this season by the so called Football pundits due to the departure of Ade and Toure, and how the English Premier League no longer has “The Big Four” but now has “The Big Five” or even “The Big Six”. Well, remember some of the pundits said Arsenal may not even make it to the top 10 last season or the one before that, and we were leading the table most of the time, until we faltered towards the end?

I guess the pundits will soon be eating their words again. Arsenal was the only team who came out with a result of more than 2 goal difference victory in the first two days of the new EPL season. 6 freaking 1 was the final score. Arsenal completely disseminated Everton. It was a joke, the way The Toffees played.

Vermaelen, you rock! Wenger, great choice (as usual). The former Ajax player not only made his presence felt in the defense line, but scored an astonishing unmarked header. And I know old man Gallas screws up sometimes, but now that there is an additional fire power in the defense line, he sizzled. Everybody rocked. Wenger rocked. The 6 goals rocked. 4-3-2-1 formation rocked! Well done my gunners!

Here are the final scores of the first round of EPL 2009/2010 season. Arsenal is of course leading the pack with the way way superior goal difference, and believe me, this is how the table is going to look like for the rest of the season. Glory days are back, my fellow gunners.

Arsenal 6 – Everton 1

Man City 2 - Blackburn 0
Wigan 2 – Aston Villa 0
Stoke 2 – Burnley 0
West Ham 2 – Wolves 0

Chelsea 2 – Hull 1
Spurs 2 – Liverpool 1

Sunderland 1 – Bolton 0
Fulham 1 – Portsmouth 0
Manure 1 – Birmingham 0

Meanwhile, in local football news, I bought new studs on Friday and played my first football match in more than 8 years. Mizo youth settling in Mumbai versus Mizos settling in Navi Mumbai. It was a matter of prestige for us Mizos in Mumbai to win it for Mumbai. Mumbai meri jaan. Screw the Navi Mumbaiites.

But unfortunately… we lost. The final score was 3-2.

Blogger VaiVa was our goalkeeper initially, but when the ball bounced merely 1 feet high and ended up bouncing over him, we started having our doubts – is he the right person for the job? And then came the second goal. A ball that was rolling slowly towards him, went past him! Later he claimed that the ball changed directions 4 times before it went inside the goal.

Yes I know what you’re thinking. The guy who kicked that ball should definitely enter the Guinness Book of World Records for defying every postulate and theory on Physics ever written. It could be called a banana kick if the banana looked something like this!

Later, VaiVa said that in addition to the ball changing directions four times, the sun got in his eyes. Wow. The ball was rolling. And the sun got in his eyes. How short do you have to be, for the sun to get in your eyes when the ball is rolling? Errrr… no comments

3-0 down in the first half, I was ordered to be the goal keeper in the second half. Managed to save a couple of goals and our strikers scored 2 in the second half, but that wasn’t enough. Final score 3-2. Damn.

It was my first time travelling to Navi Mumbai and even though we lost, the bridge and other scenic beauty in Navi Mumbai definitely made it worthwhile travelling there.

[Pictures will be uploaded later today]

Looking forward to a volleyball or basketball match against them Navi Mumbaiites. We have to return the ass kicking session we faced, all thanks to our VaiVa, not that I am blaming you, or am I?

I’ll end this post with a few golden quotes by arseblog regarding the match between Arsenal and Everton:

  • A truly fantastic performance against a very good team. Don't let anyone tell you it just was down to Everton being bad. Everton were bad because we made them look bad.

  • And there was still time for more. Andrei Arshavin's toe-poke hit the post but master poacher Eduardo scored on his first Premier League appearance since having his leg shattered by that almighty cunt Martin Taylor.

  • And because we felt a little bit sorry for Everton and the 12 fans that remained in Goodison Park we let them score one. A clean sheet would have been nice but I'll concede every single week if we get 6 up the other end.

  • Scoring 6 at Goodison Park is no mean feat, it's a statement of intent for the season ahead and I'm absolutely delighted. It's brilliant preparation for the big game on Tuesday too.

  • I could go around the other news this morning but what's the point? Is anybody interested in anything Cashmaneul Moneybayor says about Cesc? No they are not because he is a big stupid cunt who is about as interesting as watching toe-nails grow.