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Monday, January 12, 2009

Chp 219. No more Tribal Wars!

Aaaargh!! That’s it. No more Tribal Wars for me, ever! No more Travian. No more Ikariam. No more browser MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) !! Period.

The bane of Online Games!

I remember posting about Tribal Wars a couple of months ago and how exciting it was. I gave a couple of reasons why this game was the next best thing that happened to me ever since I discovered that "the birds and the bees" was just a metaphor.

Chp 205. Online Tribal Warfare!

Reasons why this is an amazing game:
  1. Being a browser game, it does not require any CD/DVD installations or high system graphics settings. All you require is a browser (duh!) and a net connection.
  2. Same rules and styles of strategy games like AOE, Warcraft, ROME etc.
  3. The style of the game involves slow resource collection and slow movements. Hence you don’t need to sit in front of the game the whole time. You just need to click a few commands once every 3-4 hours.
  4. It is an MMORPG, hence the other players I am interacting with are real people all around the world. No crappy AI.

Those were the reasons why I thought this game rocked.

Well, I WAS WRONG!!! So wrong!

Yes, I do not waste any precious office hours as I just need to check on the game once every 3-4 hours only for just a few minutes. My work does not get affected in any way.

And it was that very thought which made me blindly believe that there was nothing wrong with the game. After all, work is the most important priority for any individual right? Wrong. My work might not have been affected, but my LIFE certainly was!

Oh dear Lord, the addiction!!!!! The uncontrollable urges! I became a total junkie to this new drug, and I just couldn’t seem to get enough of it! My social life was completely torn apart. My biological clock went haywire.

Sometimes I would wake up suddenly in the middle of the night thinking if one of my neighbors was going to attack me, or if our tribe had made the right decision in allying with another tribe that other players despised, or whether my warehouse would be full before I could come online.

Thoughts that haunted me day in and day out.

At first, it felt great playing this game. We collected resources slowly and started building our armies. It was great taking part in minor wars. It was not a big deal losing my village because it was all a matter of learning – I simply restarted and played everything from the beginning again, not repeating the same mistakes I made. Everything was taken lightly.

But slowly, as I became a PRO from a noob, things drastically changed.

I was no longer playing for fun or leisure.

It was now a matter of dominating my area, my continent, my world! I started devouring villages after villages, mercilessly nobling [TW slang for conquering another village] the unsuspecting players and creating havoc in their area. And then suddenly I realized, what the heck am I doing????

Unlike PC strategy games, there is absolutely no goal in this game. You just keep expanding and expanding by taking over as many villages as possible, while at the same time concentrating on defense so that other players don’t conquer your villages.

You start playing it like a chess game. You try to read their minds. You send fake attacks and you try to determine whether your enemy is sending fakes or not. Should you dodge that first wave of attack?

And the problem is, the more villages you have, the more you’ll have to start monitoring your villages and attacks. Ergo, the more restless and distracted you’ll become when you are away from the internet for a long time.

Everyday I start my day by raiding all the small villages around me for extra resources - I’m bored now because that is soooo monotonous. But I HAVE to raid them because it’s difficult to concentrate on anything else when I know there are "free" resources (wood, clay and iron) available in those villages.

These days, I usually spend the weekends at M’s place. Even though I have an amazing time over there, I just can’t help thinking about my villages and tribes. That’s so damn irritating. nnnnaaaaaarrrgghh!

I needed a break.

In the middle of a party I started thinking about my farm upgrades. Over dinner I was contemplating about sending my nukes out or not. Sitting in the loo I started deciding which 50K player I should invade, weighing all the pros and cons of invading victim number1 and victim number2. Should I research on my cavalry-archers first or catapults? Which player is a possible threat in my area? What is his style of playing – defensive? aggressive? Is he concentrating only on raiding units or heavy on Rams?

Blah blah blah.

Hence after a long hard thought, today I deleted all my accounts in every single World that I was dominating. No more MMORPG games for me. I am now Tribal Wars FREE!!! Yay!

Yeah mum, no need to enroll me in that Tribal Wars Rehab camp, or force me to take part in a Tribal Wars Anonymous Meetings!

Wow! I’ve forgotten how beautiful the real World is like! It's breathtaking! That online madness had really blinded me! Now I can see! Now it’s time to physically get more involved in real-World activities like… blogging, orkut, facebook, twitter and community discussions forums. woot woot!


Ps. Cheers to all the players I’ve fought with or defeated, the new friends I’ve found and the times we’ve spent socializing with one another. "Baron Mizohican" will cherish those moments forever.


Joseph said...

:sob: :sob:

now play CS :-)

Guna said...

"Now it’s time to physically get more involved in real-World activities like… blogging, orkut, facebook, twitter and community discussions forums. "

Living an online life is like a virus - its a maze - "MATRIX" it blinds you in happier times , it psyches u and destroys u in defeat!

Escape ? How ?

Yup the same rulez apply( as in Matrix )- communicate-urself - 'OUT' : call a friend/ destroy traces of virus / phish out virus attacks .
Like a love affair - broken !

Just wondering whether orkut, facebook , blogging would still be 'Real World' activities !?
The adrenaline flow is as high though .. where 's the ouch-touch?

Second opinions .. he he he .. whatsay ?!

illusionaire said...

@ Joseph: Playing Playing! :-)

@ Guna: Thanx for the comment. lolz, I was just being sarcastic regarding the last para *GRIN* hehe the online world has taken over our lives!!!! :)

Hmai said...

I ngaihtuah ho tghei em anih kha,keipoh ka play ve tho,ka ngaihtuah reng,i still have time to get drunk hahahah

illusionaire said...

LOLz... ka account ka close hma khan ka rawn do lo che a awww, a van pawi! :) Heavy Cavalry nukes te ka nei hman a sin, 1000 HC lai!!! Kha kha chu veteran te pawn "Baron Mizohican's invincible force" an ti tawp! 7000 spears leh 6000 swords pawh a that fai vek thei, with just 200 HC loss. nuam eee!

Mahse hei, rilru pawh a hahdam sawt tawh e, ka khel tawh lo hi chu. Thawveng huaiiii mai a lawm. i la khel zel dawn a mi? i bul a mi ten an farm ngun ropui si che a :D

claytonia vices said...

The rise and de-addiction of Baron Mizohican! LOL

Lucy said...

Now you can be back to playing Zuma :D

How have you been, Sandman?

illusionaire said...

@ Claytonia: LOLz :D The Fall of the Fearsome Browser, or The Demise of Baron Mizohican's dreadful TCP/IP Dynasty! :D

@ Lucy: Hey sweets, how was your Goa trip???? Fill me in, fill me in! Phone working?

Joseph said...

dude, you've got to watch South Park Season 10 Episode 08 - "Make Love, Not Warcraft".

wonderboy said...

I khel peih ka ti reng a ni...haha
Tih nasat tak tak hi chuan kan khaw hawi te hi a tawi tuk mai in ka hria. I bansan tumna leh i hlenchhuah theihna kha ka lawmpui che.

Btw, CS Expert tour 5 Downed-ah hian ka tang char2....any tips!!! :)

Eveline said...

Aww.. poor u! U must write a book about it... :D
You're never free of addiction, really. We just replace one addiction with another..
Good to see you blog after a long while. Tc, kima.

vana said...

welcome to the real world bro. lol. Games addict nieh hi thalo. Hman deuh khan counterstrike hi nuam ka ti ltk mah mah tawh a :)

Mosa said...


heard this game is pretty good :)


toy soldier said...

Ka thriante hian, "Mi tih dan a hre ve a, a ti ve a, a ti uchuak ziah" min ti thrin a, i nih ve hmel, Its me..everything i do, i give my heart.

I bansan theih chuan lomom hle nih chu, eng slave mah hi nih loh tum hram2 tur :)
Kumthar thra takin hman chhoh i tum dn nia ouh

Lize said...

:) Kima finally saw the light too! :)

illusionaire said...

@ Lize: hehe sweetie, you still playing Travian? Goshhh, are you still sitting my account? I've been so busy lately that I didnt even have time to think abt it. Sorry about the interruption before. We'll definitely catch up again tomoro! Promise! hugzz!

@ Mosa: No more games for me!!!

@ Eveline: Hey good to see you here to after a long time. Couldnt find much time these days to seriously blog... have a lot of trivial posts but I dont wanna publish those... :)

@ Joseph: Will watch! Havent watched Southpark in a long time... I miss them!

illusionaire said...

@ Toy Soldier: Nia bansan chu a har a mahse hei ka bansan thei ta a tawp a tawp ah chuan. wooohooo. :)

Eng slave mah nih loh tur i tia, nang ber hi "slave to love" i nih reng hi... you hypocrite! :D

@ Vana: eee hotupa, nia, games addict hi a lo serious thei ve khawp mai! Khel mai pawh nilovin, rilru a khawih buai tak tak thei a lawm le!!

@ wonderboy: hehe sawi dawn lo rengs khami chhuah dan kha :-P

Nia bansan ta thei e, a lawmawm ve reuh lutuk. lolz. Ka khel tawh dawn lo reng reng.

mesjay said...

Wishing you complete and permanent success on your de-addiction. Good way to start a new year.

Lal said...

oink oink. kala bansan dawnlo re re. am in 5 worlds. lol.

VaiVa said...

Bem bem.... sunday Mizo Fellowship miss lo chu ka va hmu si lo che ve... lam ang ka lo let leh ta e... mah se ka zin nghal daih a, ka rawn let leh chiah a ni e.... new year post tha tak ka lo nghak eeee

burgerstud2005 said...

I blog hi i chei nasa lutuk a,ka en thiam lo.Nge a ropui kan ti zawk dawn.Engpawh ni se,i thil duh hi a la tha lai riau in ka la nau bawk a..keep blogging.

illusionaire said...

@ mesjay: :-) Thank you Pi Mesjay. I feel so alive and free now!!! :)

@ Lal: Thats because your still a noob. lolz. Try managing 20+ villages in 7 worlds, EACH, and you will know what Im talking about... hey, have you even nobled any village so far? :-P Take my advice bro. BAN SAN RAWH!!!!

@ Vaiva: ehhhh!!! i rawn haw leh tawh a maw? Okie, tun Sunday chu kan in hmu ngei ngei dawn nia. Ka rawn Inkhawm ang, promise.

@ burgerstud2005: e, hotupa, rawn leng rawh. Nia, ka chei mah mah deuh maithei, mahse data dah tur te hi a tam ve bawk sia. lolz. Games hi chu enga upa pawh ni mah i la, ka bansan tak tak chu ka ringlo... hehehe...

burgerstud2005 said...

@illusionaire:Hehehe...Kan in ang lo kher mai.Game hrim hrim hi ka hne khawp mai.Office ah pawh hian ka paih tir thin.An paih duh loh chuan keimah chiah a office a ka awm tumin ka paih vek zel.

Kan naupan lai a Super Mario tih te,Contra tih te ka khelh kha Game ka khelh chu a ni mai.Chu pawh kan u te,ka putea ten min la khelh tir phal lo leh nghal.An mahnnin an khelh duh avangin.

Video poh kha hei ka upload thiam ta a,a lo awl hle sia....hriat loh chuan a har ve tlat bawk sia.Thanks.

illusionaire said...

i thei ta em i blog a video display chu? Hei ka latest post ah pawh hian youtube video pathum chu ka dah. i la tih theih loh chuan Monday ah step by step in ka rawn tanpui dawn che nia auh?

burgerstud2005 said...

Thei ta e...lawmthu pawh rawn sawi na chang hre lo....ka upload thei e..ka lawm ah hian ka zawt chawp thin a,min ning thin ngawt ang...internet hi khawih nuam ka ve hrim hrim a.

Chuan ah hian sub-domain/site ka siam a, tiin.mahse a template ti chhuak thei a,mahse ka edit thiam lo a.Tin,heng ah hian pdf file a dah theih ang ah hi chuan pdf a theih loh ti raw...

ruata said...

ka khel ve dawn chiang a lom.....tunlai chu Rainbow six Vegas ka khel mek ...nuam rapzzzz

Lucy said...

My phone's display device is broken and all contacts are stored in the phone memory so I don't have your number now. Call me.

Anonymous said...

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TheLord1112 said...

Hey dude this is TheLord1112 from =LODA= just wanted to say that it was an honour to play this game with you and good luck in RL

Anonymous said...

ROFL, I am a tw addict too. It was interesting reading your comments. Thank you for the insights. I had stopped playing and started again, have to stop again now. Cheers, until later... Tuvaale

ParaHmar said...

LOLz... ka account ka close hma khan ka rawn do lo che a awww, a van pawi! :) Heavy Cavalry nukes te ka nei hman a sin, 1000 HC lai!!! Kha kha chu veteran te pawn "Baron Mizohican's invincible force" an ti tawp! <--- hahahahahaha

7000 spears leh 6000 swords pawh a that fai vek thei, with just 200 HC loss. nuam eee!<---- hahahaha

awi awm loooooooooooohhhhhhh!!!!

1000 hc aint no nuke!!!!

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