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Friday, January 02, 2009

Chp 218. 36 hours

36 hours of virginal bliss
fused with a reality so surreal.
This madness, sweet madness
echoing across every sense within me.

36 hours of binge
neither sleep nor exhaustion prevailing.
Day and night and day again
all becoming but one single entity.

36 hours of ecstasy
dripping slowly, like overflowing nirvana,
seeping down the celestial rope
to the open souls of thirsty mortals.

36 hours of sin
rollicking amidst the darkest realm
and yet, intentions so innocent,
placing the Heavenly in a dilemma.

36 hours of poison
and reminiscence that will forever be engraved
- a moment truly immortalized;
- a Legend to pass down among brethrens.

36 hours of Eden
quenching the bottomless Inferno within.
In the horizon, daylight breaks
we salute the dawn with our chalices high!

36 hours of everything
Time gradually swaying like intoxication;
till the sun returns to the shadows…
oh darkness again, welcoming us with open arms!

36 hours of distorted paradise
and inhibitions found wanting.
A moment never to relive…
but sweet Lord, forever I’ll cherish!

Happy New Year everyone!


BW said...

hmmm..."Lalpa, tun kum thar hi keichu ka la ngai reng rih dawn" tihna ni maw?
*hic* Happy New year!

illusionaire said...

huissssssss!!! vel a che, Bradaaar!


Pixie said...

Happy New Year!!! :-)

vana said...

Happy new year. Nuam tih hi a nuam :P. Dam takin lo awm zel phawt mai la, dumhauhva i ni mai ang chu

illusionaire said...

@ Pixie: Thank you!!! Happy hic new year to you too dear!

@ vana: Happy New Year Pu Van. Nia, nuam tih hi a lo nuam ber a nih hi he khawvelah hi chuan :) i profile pic te chu a va nalh ve :) i directory registration pawh ka hmu e, hman veleh ka lo update ang. thanx!

Sowmya said...

Happpyyyy New Year Kimsyyy!!!!! :)

Almost Unreal said...

Happy New Year

lalBW ka in lak kawnfi zia hi awww...

Zr-i said...

When it comes to blending & twisting words,ur the undisputed master:))
Happy New Year !

illusionaire said...

@ sow sow: Happy New Year to you too, sweets. Miss ya lotsss! :(

@ Almost: Happy New Year! :) i in lak confi pawh a ngai a mi, confi sa reng tan te chuan... tiraw ku Biteii

@ zr-i: yea riteee :-P Happy New Year to you too Vanlalnuisweet-i

Puibawiha said...

Happy new year!

Tharax said...

one & a half day experience which can be so surreal as well as scintillating!!!

helenbfurlong said...

Here's to a man who hides behind the facade of his razor-sharped pen, to the spirit who laughs wid a safely hidden ache (or so he thought!)...lolz. Happy new year n ty for ya comments on my blog

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Engpawhnise, Kumthar Chibai phawt le ! ( te han ti deuh hluai ila ) :-D

illusionaire said...

@ Puibawiha: Happy New Year to you too Pu Puibawih.

@ Tharax: It is! Especially when it is "done" at a stretch with no "rest" in between! :D

@ helen: Thank you thank you! Bows to the lady who can move mountains with just her mere pen and a drop of tear.

@ Seki: eee Pu ber. Nang pawh le! (han reply ve deuh hluai i la!) :-P