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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chp 221. Mizo Committee: Formalities.

So this Sunday I took part in my first MSYM (Mizo Students & Youth of Mumbai Association) executive-member committee. And the funny thing? I was neither a part of the executive body nor was I invited! I gate-crashed the meeting. lolz.

Ok so it was like this. After the Mizo Church service @ Malabar Hills, me and my friends would usually go to Gokul (a very popular Mizo hangout) @ Colaba, followed by dinner at Bagdadi right next door. And then we would all part our respective ways.

We would socialize and talk about various stuff that’s happening around our lives, families, jobs, society, relationships etc, after all, that’s the only day we all get to see each other.

That Sunday, the MSYM executive members had a committee, so my friends told me to go ahead to Gokul with some of the other guys and they’ll catch up with me after their meeting. And then suddenly I discovered one thing: All the people I knew well were ALL members of the executive body!!! Arrrgh.

I didn’t know the other guys who were going to Gokul that well. I didn’t want to feel awkward sitting with people I’ve never spoken to before (who also all happen to be much younger than me).

So I had no other option but to tag along with the executive members to their meeting!

The MSYM President Mafaka (err that’s his name. I’m not cussing him!) was extremely understanding and had no objection to me being present during their committee. My friends told me that was the first time an outsider (Read: non-executive member of MSYM or BMCF or MMA) was present for any of their committees. lolz! Of course I felt awkward, but rather that than the other option.

So there I was, sitting in the committee as if I was an important delegate discussing about critical agendas!

Hence for my dear non-Mizo visitors, here you have it, an outsider-cum-insider’s report of how committees are held in our Mizo community.

Social voluntary work is extremely popular in the Mizo community. We have this committee and that committee for this function and that function. The list is endless. Back home at my locality, I am a proud executive member of our local Church’s Refreshment committee! Our group takes care of all the refreshments that are served after Church and other important Church related activities, right from preparing tea to serving tea to washing the cups.

Likewise the other youngsters belong to various other committees like those who take care of the seating arrangements, the sound system, transportation and accommodation etc. This is a common practice in our Mizo society.

Back to Mumbai – 18th Jan 2009, 5 PM.

The MSYM committee started off very well that day. It was extremely professional. One minute we were all sitting together laughing and joking and teasing one another with the latest gossips about them etc, and then when the committee started, everybody was dead serious.

MSYM President (Mafaka) started with a prayer. And then MSYM secretary (Saia) distributed the agenda sheet. He handed me the agenda sheet too and everybody laughed, but a second later it was all back to being serious again.

The Agenda:
1. Finalizing the MSYM tee-shirt.
2. Discussing the MSYM picnic spot.
3. Planning the upcoming MSYM general election.
4. Discussing the nomination for next agenda.
5. Deciding if it is possible to nominate agenda over phone.

Apart from those, there were urgent issues not a part of the agenda which were discussed at the end of the meeting, which MSYM treasurer (Mapuii) announced as AOB. When I asked her what that stood for, she boldly replied "Agenda Omlo a tawpa Belh – A.O.B." which meant, "Not a part of the Agenda which is added in the end".

I later googled and found out AOB stood for Any Other Business which is discussed at the end of an Agenda in a meeting. I must say Mapuii came pretty close! We definitely need a treasurer like her… someone who could say anything with a straight face!

"Mapuii, where is the 5000 bucks meant for the picnic?"
"My dog ate them, u Maruat."
"Oh, ok."

Just kidding. Mapuii’s a good friend of mine. Sweet, helpful, and caring, although I have no idea why her pet name is "Mapuii" when her real name is Vanlalthlani.

All the executive members stood up whenever they had to say anything. All of them had done their homework really well. Example, the sports secretary (Hriatpuia) had collected all the information required regarding which company could manufacture MSYM T-shirts and at what cost etc. Assistant Secretary (STa) also had a couple of really good points to make. Likewise, everybody (except me of course) was free to voice their opinion and others were free to counter their argument.

Exec member TBC (Vaiva) fell asleep and snored during the earlier Church service! Ok that’s not related to the meeting, but I just felt like mentioning that here The dude snored and drooled all over my freaking shoulders!!!! Arrrrgh!

Exec member Mapuia Vashi was shouting at the top of his lungs as usual to the person sitting right next to him. Never sit next to him at Gokuls! Your ears would ring for the next one week! Assistant leader Mapuia MBA bunked. Guess he’s enjoying swinging like a Tarzan these days. Exec member Rob-a demonstrated some pole dancing steps which he learnt during the New Year’s party.

Ok. Back to the MSYM committee now. The meeting progressed slowly, and as one agenda was discussed after the other, the secretary finally summarized the meeting and announced the conclusions. Once every member was satisfied with the report, the President ended the committee with a prayer. The committee lasted for nearly 3 hours!

Ok here is where something funny took place!

The MSYM President said, "Ok we shall end this meeting with the Lord’s Prayer." And we all stood up, waiting for him to lead the prayer. He started [in Mizo] "Aw Lalpa…" (Oh Lord) instead of "Kan Pa…" (Our Father). His exactly words were "Aw Lalpa… oh ka tihsual… Kan Pa, Van a mi…" (Oh Lord… ooops sorry, Our Father, who art in Heaven…)

Of course there’s nothing wrong with the meaning, but it sounded really funny because it was different from the conventional way and it was so innocently blundered too. We joined in with the prayer, but I could hear my friend Vaiva who was standing right next to me trying hard to control his laughter. He’s closer to Hell than I am! (err… because he is shorter, duh).

Great meeting. Great responsibility. Great maturity. Special thanks of course to u-Maruata, in whose house the committee was held. Aunty remembered me even though the last time we saw each other was more than 4 years ago!

When she served tea to everybody and I told her I don’t drink tea, she went to the kitchen and made MILK for me!!! Very embarrassing to be drinking hot milk in front of the giggling ladies, I must confess. But I gulped down my milk like a real man and we all went to Bagdadi for dinner after that.

What happened in between the dinner and after we left u-Maruata’s house is all blur to me, if you know what I mean

And so that is how a typical committee is held in our society. Cheers.


vana said...

Kima is now a busy man :). A va han lawmawm em hetianga in hman tam hi thil hriat zau na a nia tha khop mai. Keep it up bro.

illusionaire said...

Thank you Thank you Pu Van. Nia hei keipawh ofis lam atangin ka hman ve deuh tawh a, in hman chu a hun ve tawh khawp mai. A nuam fu leh nghal!

VaiVa said...

At last.:-) thanks for lending me your shoulder that day, your freaking shoulder was a bit discomfort though!

If I wouldn't rest in peace even at my Father's house, where shall I? *WIDE GRIN*

Sawm loh mikhual ber in agenda Picnic spot-ah khan "Gokul(Bar) ti rawh" ka beng bulah a rawn ti sur sur maw le!

BW said...

And so that is how a typical committee is held in our society. Cheers.
Ok, I'll disagree here. The ones I attended in Chennai and Delhi were very different from the one you have mentioned...heh!

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Committee , lung inti leng e ! :-) A OB chu , Tul dang te kanti mai thin :-)

Mizorama committee tam lutuk hi fiamthuah an sawi thin tak kha. Abikin, presbyterian chu committe kohhran an ti a, Isua naktukah ka la kal dawn ti tase, kan lo committee phawt ange an ti ang antia lawm ! :-D

Btw, i profile pic thar chu ' man ' khawp mai :-)

toy soldier said...

What happened in between the dinner and after we left u-Maruata’s house is all blur to me, if you know what I mean

Not getting what you mean..?

And the last time i attended a Mizo committee was "kan veng YMA chhang" back in 2000:)

illusionaire said...

@ BW: Ok bradar, how were the ones held in Chennai and Delhi different?

Back home too when we have the refreshment committee meeting, its like this only. Convener starts the meeting with a prayer, and then we discuss the various agendas, and then convener ends the committee with a prayer again.

errr... I am not talking about those other kinda "committees" :P Just like how there can be two meanings to the verbs "Inkhawm" and "in khawm". :-P

@ Toy: errr.... its blur. Thats all I am allowed to say :D

You mean you were in your veng YMA chhang (bread) committee? :) Does that job get stale? *GRIN*

illusionaire said...

@ Seki: hehehe... nia, ka thiannu khian AOB khi a rawn risk huai i ti ve em? A ang ve viau a sin! "Agenda Omlo atawpa Belh" :D

hehehe... a dik a lawm, Pres hi chu committee kohhran mi in min han tih te hi. Kan nei hnem ve eee lawm! :-D Heihi, Mizoram chauh a nilo. USA ah pawh, Presbyterian leh Baptist kohhran hi midang hovin an kah na ber chu committee neih hnem chung chang hi a ni. Net ah pawh google mah rawh, i hmu teuh mai ang :)

@ Vaiva: Hahaha!!!!

ooooo picnic spot ah khan in inhnial rei lutuk a, Gokul ka rawn request ve mai mai a nih kha. Member hovin nuam an tih mai dawn zia! lolz.

Chuan, a tawpa kan tawngtai lai a i nuih kha sawiloh ka tuma, ka lo sawi palh a nih khi, a pawi khawp mai. :)

Tun Sunday chu Tarzan an sharing a pe dawn a, a hma berah thu teh angs. A hnung lam chu a chep emmmmmm mai! sala, nangma thut lengna tur te a chauh min hruai lut a. Nang aia lian te hi khawvelah hian an tammmm a sin tih te hi theihngilh tawh suh auh? :D

Zaia said...

Committee chungchang pawh ngaihnawm takin i ziak thei a, ka'n chhiar chhuah vek chu le!
Committee thenkhatah chuan Tuldangte (AOB) hi kan khel rei ber a ni fo nia!

burgerstud2005 said...

Kima:LOZZZ..Kan chhiar chhuah vek chu...a ho teh reng nen..mahse very hilariuos bok si..thu i thiam zek mai...keep it up...I blog a ka lo luh chhan chu Lawrkhawmah khan thlalak upload duh a,a tih dan min lo hrilh tih ka tum a,mahse tum loh deuhin ka rei ta phian a ni.

Gamez ai chuan ka tuipui zawk eeeeeeee...

Joseph L said...

E.. committee naah chuan kal ve ziah rawh. hehe.. kei pawh a hmingin hetah commt member ah min dah ve a, mhc ka kal khat khawp mai. Nawm chu a nuam, thil han rel vel pawh. :D

illusionaire said...

@ Zaia: Thank you Hotupa. Nia keini pawn kan khel rei khawp mai AOB kha chu. hehehe... :)

@ Burgerstud: hehehehehe, boss burgerstud, nia a ho ve reuh a sin ngaihtuah chuan. Mahse non-Mizo audience hovin tlem an lo hriat ve theih chuan ka lawm ngawt ang. :) LK kha chu upload na a awm kha thlalak... amaw photosite (photobucket, imageshack etc) ah upload la, chuan hotlink pawp mai rawh.

@ Joseph: Nia, thil vel han sawi tak tak te hi a nuam... Decision making a in zir zel na te pawh a ni mah na. :) i thatchhiat hmel committee a va kal :P

Eveline said...

LOL@ the dude who drooled on your shirt man!And looks you've got fun following you wherever.

Our committee meetings are as long-houred... long-winded..just loooooonnnnnggggg and we get nowhere.

Hey, you got something against short ppl, huh?

Anonymous said...

ha ha ... your gift for writing is good.nice post.

Off topic i have been thinking about organising a NE level beat contest in rememberence of our friend Jim. this cristmas kanral a ...but i cannot let go of him without a bang..and nothing more fitting than a rock contest for a son of metal..i have been floating this idea and more or less others have loved it...venue would most probably be in PUC college aizawl and scheduled in the second half of this year.. what say you? .... my first off metal post but still in metal we trust....


Vikram said...

illusionaire, I left a comment/request on your very first post ever (Freedom), please reply and let me know. Thanks.

aduhi said...

Your president's fumble with the Lord's Prayer reminds me of one incident - I was home for New Year and we had a family prayer. It is the tradition that my father always started saying the first two words ie "Our Father". After the prayer we all stood up to say The Lord's Prayer but nobody spoke, I forgot the tradition and said out loud "Kan Pa vana mi.." Everyone joined in but after the first line they kept quiet, except my father - I then realised they were all laughing. laughter immediately struck me, and we all stood there shaking and giggling and my father said the rest of the prayer alone. After it was over we all laughed out loud and I was teased for days.

wonderboy said...

Ka tel ve nel nual tawh avang hian committee tih vel hi chu ka ning deuh tlat thin, tel tirh chuan a nuam ve fu a rei hnu ah a ninawm. Member an lungawi loh in a hreawm duh bawk si. Chuvang in member satliah hi ni ila a nuam ber mai! :D

Vaiva chu mutthluk a lo la ching reng a nimaw!! High school kan kal ho lai atang a a chin tawh kha a nia, a sim thei lo a niang!!

wonderboy said...

Chuan i hair posi thar chu a va zohicans triah triah ve!!

faka said...

Even God himself has a heavenly Council! What Sekibuhchhuak has pointed out was well answered by one presbyterian pastor who said, "Yes, of course, we would surely form a reception committee if we know his second coming in advance. Coz' it's worth it!"

Interesting post!

illusionaire said...

@ Eve: hehehe... that guy who drooled over my shirt, missed church this sunday, but turned up for the "second" session! :) Man, I think he bunked church coz he's afraid I might write abt him again. hahahaha!

And of course I got NOTHING against short people. In fact I love short people! :) *Hugzzz* :)

@ zualbonez: A tribute concert sounds great! But then, I wont be able to find the time to attend, especially when it is out-station :( sorry bro. Am extremely busy, and I don't have that many leaves, especially since Im taking a long leave to arrange/attend my sister's marriage.

@ Vikram: Hi!!! I just got back from a long weekend :) I replied from my friend's phone to that comment in a hurry. Of course you may, although it is extremely late now and I don't think you will. Anyway, for what its worth, I'm glad you even considered putting that post of mine on your blog. That itself is an honor. Thanx a lot dude.

illusionaire said...

@ Aduhi: Yeah sometimes is is SOOOOOO DIFFICULT to say the Lord's prayer when something funny like that happens. I had to concentrate reallll hard not to laugh. I remember when my friend goofed up in the beginning, and all I did was bite my lips so that I wont laugh out!

@ Wonderboy: e heihi lawm ka Mizohican tran hmasak bera ka awm dan. Hei vang hi lawm Mizohican kan in tih, a hrim hrim in :) A ngaihawm eeee tiang hunlai te kha!!!!

Vaiva hian, a thut lengna te ah chauh min thutpui a, ka khup pawh a na vek, ka khup in hmalama thuthleng a va si pha a. Vaiva ve chuan chu thuthleng chu a pet pha chuanglo a thutna atang chuan! lolz.

@ Faka: Thanx! and I completely agree! It is indeed worth creating a committee to His coming. And I would be honored if I can be a Refreshment Committee member on that day too!

Lucy said...

That's a damn long post...

What did you talk about??? :P

illusionaire said...

Nuthing... bleh :P

Hei, gimme a call. My phone conked and I lost all my number.

Anonymous said...

Blog neih hi a hlawk vak lo aniang.Hei, kum tam tak hnu ah kima pawh a la mal reng mai

Roba-to said...

hey.... i thought i told you not to tell anyone about me learning pole dancing....arrrrhhhhh....:-)

illusionaire said...

@ Anonymous: HAHAHA! :-P

@ Rob-a: eeee min rawn tlawh ve a law, a va lawmawm ve :) Sunday chu in hep leh hlawm awm sia. hehehe. Chuan pole dancing chu min lo zirtir ve ngei ngei rawh aw? :)

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