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Friday, June 05, 2009

Chp 245. TGIF, seriously!

My good friend Marzie does her “Monday Music” posts every Monday, where people take part and share their favorite songs. It’s a way of facing the Monday blues, collectively.

Well, this week being an extreeeeemly stressful week, I think I will share a couple of my favorite songs today so as to mark the end of this hectic week and relax to the soothing music for the weekend. Next week, expect a lot of serious, hard hitting, controversial articles that will touch the core of socio-ethnic issues right up to racism and religion. Until then my friends, let us relax for a while.

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You like this mascot?

Now back to the post…

Friday Music Leisure :

First up is a band that I generally don’t like because they’re a Melodic Black Metal band. I love Symphonic Gothic Metal, which is way different from MBM. But this band changed their style completely for their latest album, which is more acoustic & symphonic in nature.

Yup, I’m talking about the Swiss band Eluveitie. This album comes under “Folk Metal” genre, but some may argue that it is more of Acoustic Folk. Whatever, it is AMAZING. Here is the song “Omnos” from the album “Evocation I - The Arcane Dominion”.

DON’T SKIP IT! I know many of you may not like my taste, but this song is different. I swear! It’s not “noise” (as one of my dear visitors bluntly admitted!). Just listen to the sweet symphony for a few minutes and I’m sure you’ll like it too.

Aluveitie - Omnos

The lyrics are in Gaelic, an ancient language of the Celts. Eluveitie means "I am the Helvetian". The first stanza and chorus goes like this:

Eluveitie Forum: Lyrics of Omnos.

Immi daga uimpi geneta,
lana beððos et' iouintutos.
Blatus ceti, cantla carami.
Aia gnata uimpi iouinca,
pid in cete tu toue suoine,
pid uregisi peli doniobi?
Aia gnata uimpi iouinca,
pid in cete tu toue suoine

Aia mape coime, adrete!
In blatugabagli uorete,
cante snon celiIui in cete!

Vrit- me lindos dubnon -piseti
Vrit- me lindos dubnon -piseti [x2]

The translation is about a young innocent girl and a big bad wolf walking together in a dark forest all alone. The girl falls in love with the wolf but he takes advantage of her and defiles her, roughly snatching away her virtue & innocence, shaming her for eternity. She begs him to stay with her after that, but he walks away, now that he’s done with her. The little girl then cries, “I was a fair and pretty girl. Now I'm poor and overcome with shame. Now only the deep pond awaits me.”

Dark, melancholic and extremely poignant. It’s like Little Red Riding Hood meets Josef Fritzl. But then, aren’t most folklores like this, especially the Nordic ones? This song is quite metaphorical too, applying perfectly in today’s era. Look around you. I’m sure you’ll know at least a woman or two who have faced such a situation before…


Second song for Friday: You see that beautiful angel blinking at the top-right corner of my blog, over my big big ugly head? Yeah, that girl is Ailyn, Sirenia’s latest vocalist. I am soooo in love with her. Have even mentioned about her a couple of times on my blog too. Their latest album “The 13th Floor” was released a few months ago, and as of now, there are two music videos already produced. Here is one of them, entitled “The Path to Decay”.

Sirenia – The Path to Decay

Oh mannnn… so in love am I. Ailynnnnn, will you marry me please???? I mean, it’s not just her face… it’s her freaking voice. Somewhere deep inside, her angelic voice has struck a deep chord with my soul, bonding the two together for eternity. Ahhhhh…


Third on my list is a new Polish band that spewed out a lot of debate in the Metal world regarding if it is symphonic goth or alternative goth. Frankly speaking, I think it is alternative metal because the vocalist pales in comparison to the other symphonic gothic babes out there… her vocals are too plain and… simple. There is none of those sudden changes of pitch, style and emotions etc so common among other bands.

Nevertheless, it is a good song. Frontman Mauser is the ex-guitarist of popular Death Metal band Vader and vocalist Aya (Anna Stefanowicz) is hot. Here is their music video of the song “whisper”.

UnSun - Whisper

I think you’ll know what I mean by “being too plain and simple to be SGM” if you listen to this song.


The last song for Friday Music Leisure is more of a Friday-based theme song – Industrial Metal! I love Industrial Metal because it is something you can actually party & dance to, sans the head banging (not that I’m saying I don’t like to head-bang).

Here is the song “Follow Me” by PAIN (not to be confused with the American Punk/Pop Rock band of the same name). This song features Nightwish’s new vocalist Anette Olzon. Readers of my blog may be familiar with my post: The Women in my Life where two of Nightwish’s new music videos “Amaranth” and “Bye bye Beautiful” are featured. Olzon may or may not be better than Tarja Turunen, but this song with PAIN is a masterpiece, and an apt song for a Friday night.

Pain featuring Anette Olzon – Follow Me

Olzon looks kinda old in this video, doesn’t she?


With that I covered four of my current favorite songs, across four different genres – Folk Metal, Symphonic Gothic Metal, Alternative Metal, and Industrial Metal. I hope you like them too, although I’m not expecting much response for this post… Still, I do hope you spare some time to listen to them. I would really appreciate that.

Here’s to Metal. Cheers!


mnowluck said...

Yay first to comment!!! I love that mascot .. so sweet ...

illusionaire said...

Oie what re you doing re tonight re?

Anonymous said...

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Pixie said...

heh! I just liked the first song... :D

Mimihrahsel said...

i like all! surprised eh?
and i like the Follow me by PAIN the most..
"Ailynnnnn, will you marry me please????" PUHLEEEEZZZZ.. khitiang monu atan kan duh lo. rawng te a bawl thiam ami? puan te a su thiam ami? a head bang khum nileng thak mai tur che sin..lolzzzzzzzzzz

Mimihrahsel said...

whooopss! correction: I like Follow me by PAIN the most :-)

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Boss, hla lam khi chu comment vak tur ka hre lo :-PP

Mahse, i tweet mizo mascot chu nalh hle mai. very creative.

Keini chu tweeter pawh hi an block leh tawh a, hmandeuh khan ka tive a, ka chhunzawm thei ta lo.

illusionaire said...

@ Keyword: errr... ok.

@ Pixie: Told ya its great :) Even my friends here in office who dont share the same music taste as me love this song.

@ Mimi: Hets. She's good in all that! :) She can even make samtrawk bai, bahkhawr and hmarcha rawt etc, but her chawtrani is a little bit bland. Her latest song "The Mind Maelstrom" is dedicated to bekang.


@ Seki: Nia, hmanni khan ka lo chhiara, tweeter an block chungchang. Tienanmen Square Anniversary vel vang kha an ti.

zualbonez said...

your timing is so connected with my frequency bro. Wanted to hear a few songs to cheer me up. I look up your new post and voila! i can be up all night to see the lovely sun rise again with some fermented liquid by my side while dreaming about these stupendulous, wonderfulous and intoxicatingus goth chicks!!!


mesjay said...

Hmm, not quite my taste. A bit bengchheng for my old ears.

dr_feelgood said...

Being a preacher's kid and brought up with the stern warning that rock n roll is the devil's music,I try to choose what I listen to,and leave out those whose music might adversely influence me . I do not reject any genre of music per se,but find that death metals and gothic are a bit too 'deep and dark' for me,and I don't really like those glam rockers who depend on histrionics to bring the message of their music across to the audience.Straight music for me,man. On gothic music, except for the themes, the melody is nice and enjoyable. BTW, while in Aizawl,did you get to watch the local gothic music video on TV? The singer is a gospel singer for heaven's sake! Didn't have a clue about gothic music,poor girl!

chhangte_ll said...

Thawhtan ah hi chuan kan pafa hi engmah in min tihlim theilo - Uniform hak tan ni ani tlat. Zirtawpni hi chuan kan hlim dun hle..Lolzzz...

PS: Mizo Blog Directory ah chuan in 'Register' kher qa tul emawni le???

Anonymous said...

Watch Natsha Naked!

illusionaire said...

@ Natasha: No thanx. Shoo spam.

@ Zualbonez: I knew you would love these songs. hehehe... :-)

@ Mesjay: lolz. Yeah, I guess they would be :-)

@ chhangte_II: In register chu ngai ve deuh. Achhanchu hmanah kan buai tawh a, blogger pakhat rawn in register miahlo hi list ah kan lo dah ve ringawta, chuan chu blogger chu a lo thinrim viau a... midang hnenah te min lo rel hrep a :) Chuvangin, mahni ngei a in rawn in register theih chuan keimahni tan a "safe" ber. Please come and register, hotupa.

@ dr_feelgood: Well, for one, the definition of "gothic" is huge. There are various sub-genres within it. The goth I listen to is called symphonic gothic metal, and such bands are not "satanic" unlike most of the death metal bands. SGM bands mainly sing about emotions and epic love songs, usually based on Scandinavian folklores and mythology.

Sometimes, I think its best to listen to the music we like rather than what others dictate, because if we are going to start avoiding a song just because people say it is unchristian, then there are too many to avoid. Some preachers believe that all the songs that are not gospel are satanic, while a few others even feel that any song that is not sung in the style of Gregorian chant is satanic, including so called gospel rock songs etc, and that includes how we Mizos worship in the church with drums and electronic instruments too.

Blind Dayze said...

...nice songs..and since you've featured female vocalists..

i'd suggest you'd give Arch Enemy a listen or maybe you have listened and dont like them... their genre in their own words...Pure F___ing Metal!!! he heee.. Now i dont want to enter into a whats "Pure" metal debate..but this is one good band..

illusionaire said...

hehe of course I know about Arch Enemy. My friend, the late Jimmy (RIP bro), was into this band. Not me. If you like Arch Enemy, you'll also like Cadaveria, Astarte etc. Have featured them on my Sweet Gothic Love post. There's a whole bunch of female-fronted death metal bands out there.

And no, lets not get into a debate about what "pure metal" is, because it is a never ending one :-)

Lucy said...

I skipped..hehe..Forgive me.