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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Chp 246. Ahhhh. Online Life!

Whenever I go home, I try to meet as many people as I can, apart from relatives and old friends. I’m talking about online friends here. The internet has become the most effective “social event” for someone to meet new people, especially for those who don’t socialize much in real life, like moi.

Mom still can’t get used to the fact that I know so many people so well without actually “knowing them”. She doesn’t understand this whole “online socializing” trend due to her generation. (*My folks are the types who have to know my friend's background. Extremely irritating but that's just how they are.) A typical evening conversation at home usually goes like this…

“Mom, don’t make dinner for me. A friend invited me over for dinner.”

“Ok. Where?”

“I am not sure… I’ll ask him as I leave…”

“You don’t KNOW his locality??? Who are his parents?”

“I don’t know…”

“You idiot… And what’s his name?”

“I don’t know…”

“What??? How long have you known him!!!???”

“For around 5 years now!”


“You see, I know him by his online nick only, and I call him just by that name. I know his profession, I know what kinda music he likes, I know his birth-date, I know which political party he supports, I know the names of his ex-girlfriends and the exact dates they dumped him, I know whether he drinks or not and whether he supports the Total Prohibition Act or not, I know the level of his spirituality when it comes to religion, I know the websites and chat channels he regularly haunts, I even know the license plate number of his bike. But for the love of God, please don’t ask me his name because I… DON’T… KNOW!”

lolz, online life! No wonder some of the older folks in our society can never understand this, because to them, socializing starts from meeting that person in person, followed by names, to folk’s names, locality etc and from there they move to other personal details like the ones mentioned above. In the online world, things are quite the opposite! hehe.

And the funny thing about online friends is that, if we haven’t met him/her before and yet know that person so well online, then we usually start assuming that he or she is something he/she actually isn’t in real life! We picture that person in our head, solely based on the way he or she writes. And of course the shock we get when we finally get to meet that person, sometimes is quite disappointing, but most of the time it is funny.

Those who haven’t met me or spoken to me on the phone before, mostly assume I have this deep, masculine, baritone-like voice of James Coburn or Sean Connery. Lolz. I am flattered but noooooo… I have the voice of an 8 year old boy. And yeah, thank you all for sooo sensitively saying it right up to my face, “Whoah! Your voice isn’t something I was expecting at all!!! I imagined it to be a lot deeper, huskier, more masculine etc etc.” Yes, it doesn’t hurt me AT ALL. *sarcasm*

Some even go an extra mile over the phone, “Hi.. oh you must be Kima’s sister. Can I please speak to Kima?”


Why don’t I have a deep masculine voice? Probably because I use words like “ouch” in my blog.

But seriously, I don’t know why my voice is not deep. You can ask my genealogist. And, errr... mind you, that is genealogist, NOT gynaecologist.

My friends told me they assumed my voice would be a lot more masculine because I write a lot about social issues, football analysis and other sports, Heavy metal and Gothic music, and occasionally about male stereotypes and humorous sexist articles. I write about discs, pubs and parties because I love living my life in the fast lane. Hence I guess all that probably stereotyped me as the alpha-male, which is so not true in reality. I even met online friends who thought I would this short, portly, loud-mouthed, big-headed nerd who talks non-stop and argues with everybody in the room.

In real life, yes I have an abnormally large head (after all, I am a Mizo ) but I am NOT short (at least for a Mizo), extremely shy and introvertish, hardly talks, eccentric to some degree, with the voice of an 8 year old cherub. There you go. That is me. Though it is quite an honor for somebody to picture me as something so… macho, I just don’t want to burst your bubble.

And I guess that is what online life is all about. Either we become a different person from our real life avatar (role playing) or we assume others to be somebody they are not. There is still no substitute for a personal one-to-one physical contact, but online socializing comes pretty close.

Role playing is fun, but I think that should be restricted to MMORPGs like Tribal Wars, Travian, Ikariam, Neopets etc. Such games demand that you have an alter-ego online, and that you should talk and act just like that online avatar. But when you are socializing, say at blogs or social network sites, things will work out best for you and your friend if you don’t put on a façade. Likewise, here is me warning all my wonderful friends out there – Chances of your online friend turning out to be exactly like the person you have pictured in your head is extremely slim. That’s Life. The Online life.



Mizohican said...

First commenter is a bloody spam! Egad! What is the online world coming to!!!!??? Armageddon is nigh!

Aduhi Chawngthu said...

part time jobs online - hahaha, maybe they figured you seriously need an online job. Voice of an eight year old cherub? (Do cherubim age, btw?)Hardly talks, shy and introverted? That is sooo not how I picture you to be. I thought you'd be one of these fast-talking limelight-hogging centre-of-the-universe kind of guys. But well, like you said, our online self is rarely the embodiment of our actual selves.

Mizohican said...

hehehe, I already have an online job, working for the no.1 online agency in India :-) And regarding cherub, it was just a metaphor. hihihi.

And yes, I am extremely shy. People who meet me say I am a good listener, but the truth is, its because I don't talk much :)

Unknown said...

Lolzz...No wonder you are still an 'Eligible Online Bachelor'. Begin your day with 'Ohmmmmm....' - they say that it comes from within your chest, and with regular practice you might end up like Sean Connery or James Coburn...he he he....

As for the large head..Lolzzz..You can't help it, after all we are 'Broad-Headed Mongoloid' unlike some of our N-E 'Long-Headed Mongoloid' brethren.

Lucy In The Sky said...

I très like your voice. It's sweet. Alpha Macho is out the window.

Mizohican said...

@ Chhangte_II: hehe I will do just that, and maybe one fine day, my thundering voice can boom across the entire hall in a Ladies hostel :D

@ Lucy: awwwee... thats sweet of you hon. *hugs* :)

Blind Dayze said...

Online life....yes, a life that many of us now, can't live without...[pun intended]..

...personally i admit to putting on a facade online..kind of.. as in the online me is more of an extrovert while the "offline me" = introvert...

anyways i just came across this article which i thought might interest you...

..and talking of voices..maybe you could strike it big as a voice over artist out there in Mumbai for kids animation films etc.. he heee

mnowluck said...

The first commenter is your best online friend :).. hahahah

benjamin rualthanzauva said...

Does your folks know my background :-)

Mizohican said...

@ Ben: of course! Told them who your aunt was and they traced your entire family tree immediately!!! Sometimes I don't think I'll even get to know 10% of the people that my parents know! :-(

@ mnowluck: Bleh! Im sure it was you using a fake account! :P

@ Blind Dayze: Yeah saw that link earlier. We don't believe in it! :D

Voice for a children's animation? No issues. Hey, even Bart Simpson's voice-over is done by a woman! :) And I am in love with Homer (Dan Castellaneta).

Pixie said...

Totally agree...
But, you know, friends I have made thru my blog are such a trust-worthy lot!
I can call them up anytime of the day/night or email them with my troubles, I know I will get the support, love I am looking for! :)

this blog samaj rocks!! Muah!


Mizohican said...

Yup indeed. Because through blog, without even speaking to each other, we end up knowing so much about each other, and that brings us closer. Thats why I mentioned about the importance of being honest when it comes to image. I too have a lot of close friends now, all from the blogosphere! :-)

*hugz* to you too, my blog friend :)

faka said...

To be honest, my life has already been incomplete without the life we are talking about! Especially in a place where you couldn't find any fellow Mizos to talk with, you have to turn on your computer to meet friends who 'live there'! I believe friends 'made online' could be the best of friends, because I've made more than one!

luliana said...

Now I know..."Ka aw hi PA i ti em?!!"...bwahahaha...

Lal Jo-a said...

Your just the opposite to me, regarding that voice thing! :D people often doubt who they're talking to over the phone, a teenager or a country singer. And one of the my friends (shes a girl) is scared of my voice. Soo sadd!! But most of the girls likes it.. one girl even told me that my voice is just like Brendan Fraser's..haha.

Site manager said...

I have "real" friends who don't blog and don't understand when I talk about my friends that I have met online, they act like it is impossible to have formed such a close connection to someone that you have never "met". But the reality is, I have made wonderful, close friends out in the WWW that I would love to have the chance to meet in person.
The photo's I have seen of you here don't say to me "8 year old cherub boy", but I can totally imagine drinking and having good conversation with you! :-)

Mizohican said...

@ faka: I like the way you say "meet friends who live there". lolz. It is so true. How many of us "permanently" reside on the net? :) Internet truly bridge the gap between those who can't meet in person.

@ luliana: :P :P :P :P :P

@ Joseph: Yeah, when I first heard your voice, I was like, damnnn, this guy must be suffering from a stunting growth syndrome or something like that :)

By the way, Pu Moimoi asked me for your number last nite. Gave him what I had. Don't know if that's still ur no. :)

@ Just a Grail: I too can totally imagine drinking and having a good conversation with you. :-) But do know that my voice is not going to be what you expect :D I think I'll start video blogging soon. Its quite a craze these days. This way, people will know what my voice actually sounds like. lolz.

Hmai said...

ah hah!! shy??? not talk much???? pfffttt!!!

Mizohican said...

ahemzzz... that doesn't count ;)

claytonia vices said...

And the worst part is when people behave as if they have bean 'cheated' just because we did not confirm to the stereotypes they had imagined of us!! :)

Lal Jo-a said...

@illusionaire - Talked to Pu Moimoi. I dont think the number you have of me is not anymore, i've changed it on feb 2008. lol.

Btw, i come back here to say that i've actually gone through the "i dont know their names" phase. Last year, when my dad passed away, many friends visited me at my place. among these friends, are my online friends whom I don't know their names. And to extend that, its the first time i meet them!! My mom was just like....hey, you must be so popular, you got lots of friends and some you can't even remember their names. lol.

Anonymous said...

send me your phone number..i am so dying to hear your voice *devilish grin*


Mimihrahsel said...

extremely shy??
hardly talks???
hehehe.. what about ur non-stop talks over the phone? that doesnt count? lol..
Hearing my voice, people think im a 14 year old..haha. I once had a problem with my ATM card, and had to call one man working in the bank. He was like, "You have an ATM? We do not allow minors to use ATM!" hehe

Eveline said...

Did you hear the sound of glass breaking??? Those were my illusions…. So you don’t sound like Sean Connery?? Hmmm…

:D Kidding!

I think our generation saw virtual world taking over and I must say it’s easier sometimes to not have to carry along that "emotional baggage", which usually comes along naturally while building a relationship in the real world. But the interweb is so dynamic - That you can say or can do anything, without worrying about the consequences. Which makes you do the things which you might not be able to do in the real life, for instance, pretending to be someone you aren't really.

Confused as I very much am… you see writing helps me find myself. And seeing my thoughts splurged on a certain space gives me the same joy as someone else discovering me too. I’m sure you can identify with that.

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Pu Faka sawi hi ka rawn AMEN ve ngawt phawt ang e :-) Keipawh hian 'live' in ka lo hmu lo nang chein, ka nghakhlel khawp mai :-D

Ummm..about your voice...voice ang bawk hian "THIL " dang pawh kha alo sin ve viau ange ouh ! ;)))) JK.

Btw, Khi Hmai inti khian agree loh a van neih len hmel ve aw ! :-))

Damte in ka awm anga boss, kan la inhmu ang chu. Nakuma lam hian ka hawng mai thei.

J@n!ce said...

Sandman, congrats FC over at mine :):)

Mizohican said...

@ Claytonia: Hear hear!!! I mean, we never actually lied but still people wrongly assumed us to be somebody we are not, right? Is that our fault? :) I dig you, bro.

@ Father: hehe... we mail each other everyday online so I guess there had never been a need to call you up personally. lolz, I have two numbers of yours, one is called "Father_Sphinx" and the others says "Father Sphinx GF". lolzzz!!!! I saved those 2 numbers while I was in Delhi 2 years back. Maybe its time to delete the other number too? :D

@ Mimi: Oie, sisters don't count, so you don't qualify. I am talking about socializing with strangers or other people in the real world... :P

@ Pi BMW: Now I am glad you never called me when I was in Aizawl! phew* :)

Mizohican said...

@ Janice: hehehe... yay, me FC!!! And that too after such a long time. lolz. :) Thanx!!

@ Seki: Ni e BOSS chu a tak takah ka hmu chak tawh khawp mai che keipawn. Online chuan kan lo in "best" ti tih mai a lawm :D Nia, khi Hmai in ti khian min hriat chiang hmel khawp mai :P

@ Eve: Yes I can definitely identify with that. Blogging is an outlet for me to meet new people and also discover myself. Sometimes a little pretension may not hurt, but many times, people don't pretend but others just assume them to be somebody they're not based solely on their writings... Its not the writer's fault then, me thinks :)

VaiVa said...

Alpha male, husky, deep voice! You remember your last trip to Aizawl? One of your blog follower told me that you have a *&@£%* voice though she warned me never to tell you :-)

I am what I am so I hope most of my online friends figured me as what they had in their minds except that Goliath figure while I'm David, who killed the giant.

Week end kan Gokul leh dawn em? Lol

Malsawmi Jacob said...

Yeah, the person i pictured from your blog, photo & voice are completely different from the one i met once in flesh and blood. Goes to show, like you wrote, that on line acquaintance can't make up for actual meeting.

I sympatise with your parents. It must feel sooo spooky how their son goes on with his 'friends'.

nancy said...

@vaiva - she said something like that... and told you never to tell him??? shame on her. i think i know who she is?? psstt.. kim, i'll tell u who she is later on.. teehee

wonderboy said...

Met you personally so i think

shy agreed
not talk so much disagreed!!! :D :D

Ka "aw" kha i awt em??? :P :P

Anonymous said...

Nice observation on how online socialising actually works the opposite compared to real-life.. You find others thru similar interests in different fields, and you know a lot about them before you actually meet so that you may start a conversation and avoid the awkward silence... hehe.. I've been there, once upon a couple of times... lolz..
And no offense but the revelations about your character don't surprise me much.. hehe.. :D

Shahnaz Kimi said...

Hi Kima, This was the same reaction when I asked my brothers to drop me off the Synod Compound to meet the Lawrkhawm friends. They kept asking me who or whom I was going to meet, and I kept saying 'my friends' - My parents were worried that I was going to meet a weirdo, and used the boys to interrogate me... whew -I think they were relieved to drop me off Sikulpuikawn at the front door of Synod Office instead of Zemadai....Loozzz

duhsaka said...

Recently met Lily in Delhi my first expi meeting online friend. I valued and enjoyed each moments. Wish to have more chance :lol:

dr_feelgood said...

Call me a technosaurs, but I'm new to the online world, though I have been using E mails since the days when everyone had hotmail account.I enjoy the annonimity of the online world, though, I guess, people who know you well,catch on to you quick.I think there is the danger of revealing too much of yourself,which may embarass you later.I'm not even sure I'd want to meet online acquaintances,since it will propably dissapoint them after pretending to be a 'cool dude'!
Anyway, I enjoy your posts and the witty comments. Keepon blogging.

Imp's Mom said...

U'r so right! The friends Ive made here are for life...i might not know their parents, where they live.. but I sure as hell know how they think!

a different kind of family, blogger family :)

btw my mum doesn't get it too...and the complaints have started that all I wanna do now, is blog!

Hriatpuia Pa said...

Vawi 3 comment ka ziak tawh. Kan brokeband leh chhelektrik hi ka ning khawp mai!
Online life hi a nuam ve angreng. Pastor te, zuin mi te, zu khap duh leh duh lo te, ram leh hnam vei leh vei lem lote, lehkha thiam thei leh thiam theilote, a mipa a hmeichhiain, hmaichhana kan biak phak loh turte, a then phei chu min hmu se min be tha peih dawn lo tih kan hriat rengte nen pawh lungrual takin kan inkawm a.

Mizohican said...

@ Vaiva: heh. Gokul Master. :D

@ Mesjay: lolz. Yeah, putting myself in their shoes, I guess I would kinda freak out too. And of course, I told ya, I am different in real life. I use this mohican picture of mine taking ages ago as my current profile pic, and many people think I am still like this today :D

@ Nancy: heheheh, tell me who is this girl? :D See, I surprised you too when you heard my voice for the first time last month. lolzzz.

@ Wonderboy: I talked a lot only because I wanted you to look at my teeth while I was talking. I was shy to ask you to look at my teeth directly, doc. Hence, the reason I had to force myself to talk lots :-P

@ Blackestred: Its not a "revelation" about my character, but rather an attempt to inform my readers about the real me. I never hide anything from anyone so there's nothing to reveal. But somehow, sometimes, people picture me very differently...

Mizohican said...

@ Shahnaz: Well if you were meeting bradaar Jimmy aka LK admin, then of course you were meeting a weirdo, so your parents had every reason to worry. lolz. Hope he comes and read this :D

@ Duhsaka: Now, who is Lily? :-)

@ dr_feelgood: Thanks for the compliment and I hope you keep visiting. I too belonged to that generation, the hotmail dudes, and then I moved to mailcity, and finally Yahoo. Its been 11 years now and I am still using that same Yahoo mail account!!!! :-)

@ Imp's mom: haha, yes, thats what they assume we do,that we got nothing more important or better to do than blogging. lolz. Thanks for the visit. And yes, we are so attached to our online friends because of the fact that we know them so well. The most important thing is finding people having the same wavelength, and the internet is a very good medium for that.

@ Zaia: lolzzzzzzz. Sorry about your net connection! :) Ni e, net ah hi chuan mi chi hran hran kan in hmu khawm a, hei hian kan khawvel hi a ti kim ve a ni tiraw... :-)

duhsaka said...

Lily in short nick Lily_parmawia is misual regu though irregu in mizo inkhawm, finance whizkid, self employed while pursuing higher studies. one can reach him
or blog hi a la nei lo aniang. kan MI chu zankhat chu a tawi ltk

Anonymous said...

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Mimihrahsel said...

FATHER.. Forgive them, for they know not what they do LUKE 23:43 :-)

OpaHmar said...

Think u two are syncing ur topics
maybe u can have a singing contest

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous aka Shiv Verma: lolzzzzz!!! Thanx for that hilarious comment. Plz give us some more! :D

Just coming online from a fren's mobile b'coz some of my frens told me to check your comment. Hihihi. You're good at this. Kudos. :-)

- Kima

Ps. No, Im not going to delete ur comment, and no its not because I am "courageous" enough to "publish it here". I just want to keep my visitors entertained :-)

Unknown said...

My my my.....Seems Somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed... :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

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Oh, sob, what do we have here? A Chinki patriot. Tsk tsk, well, I have served in the North east within the Defence, and yeah, I’ v had my fair share of blowing the heads off some of your chinki insurgents. We used to have lots of fun with their wives and sisters too. Slitty eyed sluts.
Oh, for the chinki chudel, that just yobbed off “father forgive them”, well, with a society that is drunk in drugs, alcohol, prostitution and aids, perhaps your religion seem to have either contributed to this moral failure, so ask your so called cross to forgive you first. Clean out the beam from your own eye eh ? talking about religion, its your own pastors and churches, that are the harlots of today. Don’t sit and spew off your forgiveness crap, perhaps we have forgiven you chinks long enough to tolerate your crap in the north east, without having to exterminate your pathetic moth eaten under developed gookish race out yet. Disgusting leechers, jus like your mo-homo-mad following buddies from Bangladesh.
Lets get back to Kima and his patriotic chinkis, well even parrots can yap and repeat sentences can’t they? Does that make them academically worthy for a cuppa and a discussion? Naah I don’t think so. To the chinki slitty face who wrote about bashing me? Dude, You got no clue , you wanna bash up an army officer go ahead, I can easily pull your organs out and line them up for your dogs to eat, before your daddy has that dog for dinner lol. Let’s not even get into that discussion do we? We all can see through this chinki deception of evangelization and cultural genocide being prepared against our people. Through peace shall he destroy many, doesn’t that verse ring a bell from the book of Daniel chinku ? When the chinks lost the battle of arms and wits, they turn to the battle of smiles and integration.
Yeah yeah yeah, you are Indians whateva, even dogs can wear a suit and tie won’t make it any less of a dog does it ?
Basically, we have lots of fun torturing chinks, the most pathetic little region I have ever seen in the country is the north east, I feel sorry for our brave soldiers that have lost their lives fighting this yellow peril, perhaps for the sake of those soldiers.
Do us a favor, mohammad the prophet can bend over, and kima can screw him from behind, would be nice to see an ugly chink screw a pig. We got the guns, the buddies, and the faith in our own “Indus valley” civilization and to preserve it, understood dog eating chink. Woof woof yelp yelp , burrp!

Jai Hind, and Jai Shri Ram!
Take that from a Serving Army officer, and Yeah proud of my view points! You chinks are a liability. Period.
Shiv Verma

Anonymous said...

oh yeah to the slitty slut, mimirahsel, dear researcher, if you dun mind, took your photo in for future reference, when on a visit to that region, who knows, slitty sluts like you may be up to producing drugs or bio weapons, now we can't neglect those possibilites can we? slitty slut :) ? oh, what happen chinki mami, covering your eyes to hide that ugly gookish eyes?

luv ya
Shiv verma

Aduhi Chawngthu said...

He pa chu inhnial a va cho ve mawle, mahse hnial hnial duh suh u, a lawmna in siam mai mai. Tlemte a reply zeuh pawn thui deuh a rawn sermon hrep zel saw, nuihsawh mai mai ila a inhmeh tawk lek.

Anonymous said...

@Shiv Verma: Hey.. kaale! Kitne aadmi the? Bolo na.... kitne aadmi ne tere mooh pe daala? *Impersonating Sholay* Lol

On a lighter note... I personally feel sorry for guys like you for whom the world is a damn shit. This world is beautiful and we, human often sees and feels the other way and started blaming and defaming others 'coz we can't see the beautiful side.

Factually, Shiv, You are among many Indians ready to screw up the whole damn processes yet don't know where to start. Instead of introspecting, you just look around and puzzled and became half cracked. I don't mean to say that you are mad. I only meant that your possibility of being a mental patient is very high and I advised you to consult not only your physician but also the best psycho-specialist in the country.

We do appreciates your different style of TRY to demonize US, the North Easterners. It only shows that racial supremacy does not hold the ground any more. None believe your theory of elimination of the non-progressive or your so called dog eating CHINKS or whatever name you gave us.

I gave a shot back to your first comment and your second comment became more digestable.

I am a serving SOLDIER in the Indian Navy for the last ten years .I have been to different parts of India and 17 other countries. I have seen them all. Be it in the South, West, East or North, the rich are getting richer and the poor became poorer. I have seen whores, prostitutes, drug addicts etc everywhere. I have seen beggar with just one rupee coin in his bowl sitting under the summer heat out there asking for more coins and a passer by came, he abused and spit on to his bowl instead of dropping a coin. I have seen a chamaar (untouchable/low caste) passing a Brahman and unluckily his shadow overcast the Brahman. That Brahman cursed and took bath asap before anything else. I had read the Maulana raped a young devotee. I had watched the Priest accused of molesting a follower in the TV.

You have pointed out really well that how some irresponsible maniac had raped young girls and women in the North East. Will you tolerate such kind of heinous crime, are you encouraging it? For someone intelligent, smart, genius, educated and handsome guys like you, next time you chirp, make yourself point clear first. What a person like Kima tried to express is the racial discrimination, social injustice happening around us. It is to inform the concerned persons like you to take note of it and disseminate it to the larger masse. They never try to demonize or disgrace our Indian brethren.

United we stand, devided we fall

Don't try to hurt others sentiments. Instead embrace them as what they are and show them the way. Lead from the front. As long as you bark from a distance, everyone knows that "barking dog never bites" but follows one simple rule, avoid and take other route.

You and I can not decide who Indians are, what their colours should be or what their appearance must be!!! So, it is a waste of time to discuss on the nonsensical topic.

Jai Hind


Sam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam said...

@Shiv Verma

Holy Shamwow! That was the most erudite hate speech (oxymoron?) I've ever read and I've seen my fair share of spewed vitriol.

Do you have a blog, dear sir, where I could partake more of this delicious goodness?

(Nothing against chinks/mullahs/jews etc. but simply in awe of your little rant)

@Kima - Searching for the Scrubs episode about the "chink in armor" joke led me to your blog when I encountered the above mentioned rant and got completely sidetracked/floored.

Mizohican said...

@ duhsaka: lolz, aw ka hmu fo Lily-a kha chu. Nia, in han in hmu thei te chu a lawmawm e. Online vanga mi in hriat belh hi kan tam tawh khawp a sin:)

@ Mimi: lolzzzzzzzz.

@ OPa: Hmmm... I can see the similarity. But I don't think the content in our respective comment sections are similar, especially the recent ones over here. lolz.

@ Arie: Looks like that... :-)

@ Aduhi: hehehe... nuam hi chu a rawn ti ve a ni khi pa khi chuan. lolz.

@ Sam: It indeed is. I should give him credits for that :-)

@ Vaiva: i va ho e oooo, chhang tawh suh ka tih kha, i ti phur mai mai :) Nge weekend i off ve tawh hi i awm thiamlo zawk? A hman thlak lutuk tiang ang mai mai lo chhang te chu. lolz. Tun weekend pawh Chembur lamah i va phei leh pek tawh a ni mawwww? :D

Mizohican said...

@ Shiv: How right you are!!! Thank you for opening our eyes, or should I say, our slitty slutty gookish eyes :)

The CAI (Chink Association of India) apologize to every Indians for creating so much problem and being a nuisance and liability to the Indian Govt and Indian people. You should seriously start a petition to push forward your cause and agenda, oh brave sir.

Furthermore, the Anti-Chink Association of India would like to present to you an award for such immaculate words of wisdom here. Kindly write down your real mailing address here so that they can send you the invitation to the award ceremony, that is, if you are truly as brave as you mentioned. I believe you, but those bastards at the ACAI don't, and I am so pissed off at them for not believing you.

And please, don't hurt us! We are so scared. I swear, it is not our fault for being born differently, please have mercy on us. Kindly advice us on what we should all do next now? What is your suggestion? Attentively and eagerly listening Sir.

Bumblebee said...

Agree with aduhi, ignore hmak chi.

Indians hate each other(quote Russell Peters)

VaiVa said...

A va nuam ve a! Ve che auh... kei aiin i haw tlai fe zawk! Gokul zui nghal hmaks. Ka chhaih ve chak a lawm maw le.. ha ha!

dr_feelgood said...

Tunlai chu Australia lamah vai velh an ching deuhva, a in hritla ve anih dawn hi! Anih loh ber ah a awm khawlo deuh anga,tun lai hri tha lo hi a kai ve a niang.

John Doe said...

@Shiv Sharma

Can I have your address please? I am eager to meet you.