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Monday, July 27, 2009

Chp 255. Music Monday: A Mizo Folk Song

Happy MM everyone!

This song is specially for my dear visitors from around the world and here in India - I am sharing a short Mizo folk song for this week’s “Music Monday”.

This is my way of adding some variety into this week’s assorted collection of Music Monday posts, and also to promote our Mizo culture in the global blogosphere. Hope you like it.

The above song is a modified version by “T.Melody”, a renowned band from Burma (Myanmar). The song further speaks about Zo Reunification. People from my state Mizoram [India] and the Chin states of Burma, including a number of places in the Northeast share the same ancestry. We all belong to the same tribe, but are currently divided by State lines, International boundary and a few dialect/language differences.

I still remember singing the original song with my mom when I was a child. Children love to sing this song. And this story was one of my favorite too. It’s about two brothers, who killed a python and found silverware in its belly. But they didn’t want the other villagers to know about it, and when the villagers asked them what was the sound (of silverware clanging) coming from their house, they lied and said it was just some worthless piece of scrap.

Liandote unau unau
Dar enge in tum in tum?
Dar engmah kan tum love
Liando bur chhete kan tum kan tum.


Liandote brothers, brothers,
What kind of bell are you ringing, are you ringing?
[Reply] We are not ringing any silver bell,
Just an old bamboo container (brass) we are beating, we are beating.

Carey Suante and many others said this is one of their favorites. So do I. This song absolutely rocks, and I almost cried the first time I heard this version, as memories came rushing in. Sigh…

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And speaking of music, I’ve been hooked to this site for the past few days -

This is my profile: Mizohican. Do add me if we are compatible or if you feel like adding me just for the heck of it

I’ve heard of this site a long time ago, but I’ve never actually tried to sign up etc because I thought it was just another social networking site based on music. But Vulturo showed me how it actually works so I signed up and have been addicted to it ever since.

I know, some of you may not like it if you are looking for a place to listen to free music, as you have to pay for such options (subscriptions). But to me, it is a great place to meet people who are currently listening to the same kind of music I am listening to.

Below are some of my favorite bands, mostly symphonic gothic. I know, I haven’t listened much if you look at my “number of times played” displayed below, because, like I said before, I am still new to this site. But here are my current top-something most listened artists.

Cheers, and happy MM once again!


Stacie said...

I love the melody of the music!

feddabonn said...

possibly (possibly) a little slick for my tastes, but otherwise *brilliant. also loved the add-on, and the idea of adding an unification song/piece to the liandote song. thanks for putting this up, kima!

Marites said...

it's great that you're promoting your music and culture. I've been looking for some of ours too but it's rather hard to find some in youtube. Anyway, nice melody of the song, wish I can understand the lyrics :) Happy MM!

Pixie said...

Loved the song! :)
the melody is lovely!! :) :)

Miss Moneypenny said...

Love the music... is there a English Translation?

Sorry, I have been so busy this summer to visit you more often.

illusionaire said...

@ Stacie: Yup, it is pure Heaven! :-) Thanx for the visit and Happy MM.

@ feddabonn: Its the least I could do bro. Glad you like it. And yes, adding the "unification" bit in the end is quite creative, and it blends really well too, from "Liandote brothers" to "Zo brothers" :-)

@ Marites: hehe... I've given a translation of the chorus in my post. And yes I think this is a perfect time to promote what we want to. :-) Thanx for your comment.

@ Pixie: Me too. The Melody. I just die. :-)

@ Miss Moneypenny: Heyyyy! Missed ya lots! How have you been? I know how its like to be busy. Sucks. But thanks a lot for the visit dear. Hugz.

Will try to put the English translation here.

Blind Dayze said...

I guess since its Music Monday your post has some unique "musical" powers :- ) ... just as i was reading the lines about sharing the same ancestry... the Scorpions song chorus of "..Under the same Sun.." suddenly started "streaming" in my head..

If you'd added a little poll kind of thing i bet this Liandote Unau song would come on top ..."first folk song learnt" ..or something on those lines.. err is there any Chemtatrawta song?

And yes, thank you for putting up my blog link in ...

Carey Suante said...

Great job promoting Zo culture and folklore, folk song, Zo unification and much in one post! Ain't that neat!

Thanks for the mention. I absolutely love this song and maybe I haven't said enough, the male singer is an absolute treat to listen to. His range of vocals and genre of music he sings, he is simply one of the best we have right now, IMO! BTW, I have all their songs from this video album. All are great songs, great vocals. But my brother in Aizawl tells me people there love it but won't admit!

The thing about this particular folksong/lore is its common to ALL Zo tribes! In my dialect (Tedim) they are "Lian Do leh Thang Ho", his Lian Do's brother being Thang Ho, to state the obvious. And these two names are still consistent with the names we still christen amongst our tribes. But, I'm not sure where the "Ho" words comes from and what it means.

Love this MM. Maybe I should also take part and promote our Zo song and their singers!

Carey Suante said...

@Kima, btw from your favourite bands its obvious that you are into Gothic Chicks!;)

Guys, any Gothis girls for our beloved Kima? Keep him posted!

Rozella said...

This is really interesting. :) Never heard of it before.

Happy MM!

chhangte_ll said...

'Dâr' an ti tak hi 'Gong' ania, bur chhete ina a hnaihber chu 'Vessel' ani zawk lo maw ? T-Melody ka ngaihthlâk mek lai a kan kawment chu aw, thiam ka ti khawp mai. 'Music' an thiam ka ti khawp mai, a bik takin 'Hollow Guitar' zut an thiam :)

Nisha said...

Its nice to get in touch with a mizo after years.. gone are those years when i used to listen to the mizos singing(in our boarding school). It feels nostalgic really.. thanks so much :-)

Nisha said...

I sometimes wonder if i could promote our bollywood or tollywood music for the MM.. hehe.. ;)

dr_feelgood said...

I must say T Melody are more professional and polished than the average Mizo band/ singers. They come on quite often in the local TV cables. Listening to the recorded version of the Vana Pa Hall concert, I was a little dissapointed that the girl singer was off ptch in most of the songs! Could be the monitoring system, or she just wasn't up to live performances. Anyway,kudos to them for their effort to mix traditional folk songs and modern music.

Shen said...

I really love folk songs... they share the heart and soul of a country.

VaiVa said...

Liandova te unau chu dar chhete emaw anum ka lo tia, guitar nen, drum nen chikimin nimaw an lo tum a. An lo va indaih unau ve aw!

Unaupa, kha daih kha asin, i tawk tha tlat mai. next Monday ah a dang leh aw?

KAT said...

I like your selection for Music Monday.

Thank you for sharing something we normally wouldn't get to hear.

mesjay said...

'Liandote unau' is beautiful.

illusionaire said...

@ Blind Dayze: Yes, this modified version goes in the same lines as "Under the same sun". Touching. And lolz, I don't think other folk songs are as popular as this one. I love this video, where children sang in the end. That brings back so many memories, hearing children voices sing this.

@ Carey: hehehe... Gothic babes are hot :-) But then, I love the music, and not the girls per se. Yes this band definitely rocks. I have a lot of their videos too. But this one touches me the most.

@ Rozella: Happy MM to you too. Thanx for listening :-)

@ chhangte_II: I dunno :-) The translation for that was given to me by Pu mzvision. Hetah hi chuan 'brass vessel' chu a nih hmel zawk. Kan lo zawt leh ang.

@ Nisha: lolz... I wont be surprised if you knew my three elder sisters who were all brought up in boarding schools in Cal and other places, just like me. Yeah Mizos LOVE to sing. And of course you can promote your own kinda music. Thats your prerogative for Music Monday :-)

illusionaire said...

@ dr_feelgood: They are indeed much much better than the average Mizo band. I haven't had the chance to see them perform Live yet, but I am trying my best to. For people like us who hardly go home, this is the next best thing, watching on youtube :-(

@ Shen: Thanx Shen. They really do. And it is something we all treasure deeply.

@ VaiVa: Tunlai angah te chuan Liandote unau te pawn Twitter account an nei tawh! :D Next Monday chu ka Music Monday tawh lovang, ka post hi Music Monday in a khat dawn tlat, post pangngai deuh kan ziak zawk teh ang :-)

@ KAT: Thanx KAT. It is the least I could do, sharing a part of my culture with my dear visitors worldwide.

@ Mesjay: Yes Pi Mesjay, this is a lovely song. Did you teach feds how to sing this song too when he was little? :-)

Zaia said...

Landova te unau hrelo hi Zo hnam zingah chuan an awm kher lovang a, a hla pawh hi thiam lo kan awm a rinawm loh. Chutih laia T.Melody-in he hla lar, Mizo tawh phawt chhungrila chiang leh fiah em em hmanga hla awmze nei, mawi si, thuchah tha si an han phuah chhuak hi an fakawm a. Hun engemaw chen i MM hi ka lo chhiar ve tawh a(a video en lo, a music pawh ngaithla chuang lem lovin! :D); heti lam hawi hi ka lo melh deuh reng thin a; i han tih takah chuan - 'ani nge nge' kan ti leh ta a nih hi. I ti tha e.

Heta a zaitupa ber Lalnunsanga hi a zaithiamin, a aw a nalh khawp mai.

Zaia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mimihrahsel said...

Love this song, and I love the band. They came and performed in one of our fest here in Mizoram University, their LIVE performance was awesome! I almost screamed my lungs out!hehe.. And they have that "all Mizo unity" motto..another thing i love about them.

claytonia vices said...

I simply love songs that narrate stories... even if I don't get the words I can feel the developing drama in the music...

Empty Streets said...

Dropping by to catch up on MM, I cant wait to download this selection of yours :) Hope your monday started out well and that it gets even better :) xoxo

illusionaire said...

@ Zaia: Hehe... nia heng lampang hi han promote ve ka duh a, MM ah hi chuan sap rama ka blog thiante nen music kan share hun a nia, chuvang chuan kan hla an lo ngaihthlak ve theih na chance tha lutuk a ni e. A zaithiam khawp mai Lalnunsanga hi.

@ Mimihrahsel: You always scream your lungs out for anybody. Even at Ngurthangvela concert.... :P

@ Claytonia: Yup, this song has a very deep story background, that has been passed down from mother to child through the ages. A great story too.

@ Empty Streets: Thank you for dropping by, Empty Streets :-) And of course a very happy MM to you.

Mariuca said...

Happy MM Sandman!! And I tagged u with the 37 question tag, like it or not! Hahahah! :)

Monica said...

I've never heard this before but I love your selection ;)

nohiddendepths said...

I almost cried the first time I heard this version, as memories came rushing in. Sigh…

Citation needed :D

faka said...

Oh that's a good one! I love it too! Have never known/listen to this song before. Thanks for the posting!

Vulturo said...

The song is just beautiful