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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chp 253. The Hidden Advertisement?

My weekly ritual: Read TEHELKA.

But as I quickly flipped through this week’s edition of TEHELKA, the advertisement on the cover page definitely caught my eye!

The caption boldly reads: “There are 22 reasons why.”

22 reasons? But sirji, I swear I count only 20!

Unless of course the great Prannoy Roy is counted twice, and once more after that. Because… he is the great. Urrmmm…

Kinda ironic isn’t it? A prominent financial news agency that gets its numbers wrong

As a copywriter, I fail to see the logic behind this caption… is there a hidden message? Is it a metaphor? Am I missing a clue somewhere that only people who scream out “hedge funds” and “equity derivatives” in ecstasy during (sen)sex can see, and not us mere mortals?

Pray, do tell me. If they were focusing on the word profit, so that 20 people grew to 22 (I know, that is extremely twisted, but let’s open all possibilities here) hence a profit of 2 is generated, therefore… *drum roll* 22! Urrmmm… but why just 2 then? Why not 4, 6, 10? Aren’t those… err… bigger profit margins? I’m sorry, but I am so lost when it comes to figures outside the range of 36-24-36.

And If the line “Experts in the field. Integrity you can trust.” are supposed to be the two additional points, then it doesn’t quite deliver because now it simply means that the 20 people featured above aren’t experts and possibly untrustworthy. That’s the only way it can add up to 22

Pretty much a catch 22 situation, aye? Pun unintended, of course

Or somebody screwed up somewhere and either missed out on two photographs (or those two people didn’t accept the designer’s friend request on Facebook) or somebody wrote the wrong copy and nobody proofread it. And of course the fun started in office. Told my designer friends that their designer screwed up. They immediately retorted that it was the stupid copywriter’s fault. Interesting, how birds of feather always defend each other, even across different Ad agencies

All in all, there may be nothing wrong with this Ad too, if 22 signify something. But the problem is, most of us fail to see what it signifies. The only thing this Ad probably achieve is the attention it receive due to the caption (like for example, me blogging about it and you reading about me blogging about it).

The main headline too, in a funny way, sounds like “When it’s important, India turns to the Americans”, but then again, it may be just me. That’s negligible.

But you wanna know what I really hate? Visit the NDTV Profit homepage and their embedded video plays immediately! Aaaaaaarrgh. EPIC FAIL.

*Click*       Thank you Adblock. Goodbye NDTV Profit.


Updated: Guess I’m not the only one who noticed this and blogged about it!

Check out sans serif where one commenter jovially suggested that “NDTV” and “PROFIT” could be the two other reasons that sum it up to 22. lolz!

Cheers everyone!


Update 2:

sue me for writing about this Ad? Is this the end of Mizohican?


Metz said...

Dropping by to say hi and to check out what is new here :) Hope your week started out well :) xoxo

codeAries said...

Typography hi Indian hian kan thiam lo chawk. Keipawh ka chhiar sual ve tho.

'important' leh 'us' khi red color, mahse ti caps lo sela, a dik ni mai tur.

A said...

I was gonna say "NDTV" and "PROFIT" were counted but I can see someone already beat me to it.. :D

And yes, it does sound like “When it’s important, India turns to the Americans”, to me.. LOL :D

Mizohican said...

@ Empty Streets: Hello :-) My week here in Mumbai started out wet. lolz. Slept in office last night because of the heavy rain that caused "floods" in some areas of the city. It was fun. lolz.

@ codeAries: I agree. the typography is quite misleading. INDIA and US are both bold and red, hence, our subconscious tells us that US is also a country.

@ Ane: hahaha... yeah that was a funny comment :) I really don't know the logic behind this Ad, seriously :( Thanx for the visit :-)

dr_feelgood said...

There's obviously more than meet the eye!! Why don't you send it to people like Jay Leno who can use it for their 'bloopers' show.

Mizohican said...

lolz... well I submitted it to our Indian version of Jay Leno, aka Amit Verma @ Indiauncut. Though I don't think it can make the WTF News section, I just took a shot anyway :D

Unknown said...

Lal Isua zirtirte pawh ka cousin chuan. "Sawmparuk" an awm e a ti tlat tak asin. Awm tura kan duhzât theuh ani mai ang chu :D

VaiVa said...

But how???????? [:D]

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Comment testing...testing... :-)

I china lam hawi post kha comment ak chak hle a, mahse, i thianpa kha ka 'hlau' deuhva :-) Comment na vel atang khan min rawn chhui ang tih ka hlau deuh maw le. I mean, blogger id atangin.

Pixie said...


So, has anything been done about it? you know, correct the mistake, or give an explanation?!!

Mizohican said...

@ Pixie: lolz. Well, knowing NDTV, they would probably keep mum about it or sue the blogger :D Just kidding. Nah, I haven't come across any explanation on the net. I'm sure this 22 signify something, because I don't think they'd be this careless. But the problem is, I don't know what it signifies!

@ Seki: Hahahahha! Nia, ka hrethiam che lawm hotupa. A denzar tlats! :D

@ VaiVa: By the kick of the cowww!!!! :P

@ Chhangte_II: lolz. Nia, mahni duh zat zat hi a ni mai, a tawp ah hi chuan :-) Chiang deuhva mi 20 lang pawh 22 an ni tlats. hehehe.

faka said...

At first I thought that it could be the NDTV's way of drawing public's attention. But after going through all the 'hypotheses' I ended up believing it to be a pure mistake. That's all. Btw, 'The World this Week' hun lai vela Prannoy Roy kan han ngaihsan theih thin zia kha aw!

Banno said...

take care, illusionaire, wouldn't be surprised if ndtv does sue you. good post.

luliana said...

I saw it on last week edition..

Maybe the two guys forgot to submit their pastport size photos, or maybe they were just way too unattractive, or maybe they were not present when these photos were taken, or..whatever..M still confused :D

Mizohican said...

@ faka: Yeah... Prannoy Roy is an icon. My and my friends from Coll never used to miss that show those days!

@ Banno: lolzzz... so far no sue. :D

@ luliana: haha... unattractive... lolz. Thats another possibility I thought, you know, like the type that practice birth-control by leaving the lights on? :D But then, I didn't want to sound too harsh on them :-)

Mimihrahsel said...

ka unaupa, induh pa.. min ron call hma chu engmah ka ron comment toh don lo :p

Anonymous said...

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