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Friday, November 02, 2012

Chp 426. Return of the Mizohican!

It was way back in 2007 when I wrote my blog post - No longer a Mizohican where I mentioned about how a part of me died after I finally decided to “grow up” and “let go” of my signature Mohawk hairstyle. My Mohawk was the reason why my online nick became Mizohican (Mizo + Mohicans).

Now it’s back with a bang!

So this recent Halloween, I woke up perfectly fine, smiled, walked down to my regular salon, and instead of my regular cut, I asked for a Mohawk cut. My regular stylist understood right then, and without raising an eyebrow, got down to business immediately. After that he gave me my regular head massage.

Everything happened so fast.

One of the main reasons why I decided to go all Mohican again was probably because of what my dear friend Samir said to me last Saturday.

So last Saturday was MMA FCC (Mixed Martial Arts – Full Contact Championship) that I was really looking forward to going to. I even blogged about my experience when I went to a previous MMA FCC event. On that “fateful” day, I got ready, drank a couple of quick rum shots, since there was going to be only beer at the venue.

Since the venue was in “town” side of Mumbai, I had to take an auto till Bandra, and from there switch to a taxi since autos aren’t allowed in town. That was when it hit me – a minor high BP. Maybe it was because of the humidity and that I drank too much too fast, but I decided not to push it in case it aggravated, so from the taxi stand, I took another auto back to my house, cancelling my plans.

I called up Samir, with whom I was supposed to go to the fight with, and explained about my condition. I thought he was going to stay stuff like, “duuuudeeee come mannnn”. But instead, all he said was, “(laughter) I understand, you’re an old man now (laughter)”…


And then he went to the fight and to rub salt into the wound, he sent me photos through whatsapp as it happened, right from there in front of the freaking ring!


So that was when I decided… F**k this shit, I gotta go all Mohawk again, just to prove that I still got young blood flowing through me! Screw age and screw “I’m too old for this shit” shit. I can do it!

I just had one concern - I’ve already booked my tickets for home on December, and our Mizo society is a bit conservative so if I go to Church for Christmas with a Mohawk, it could get quite scandalous. So I’m hoping it will grow back in a month… hopefully, lolz.

That day being Halloween and everyone’s gonna come to office dressed as zombies and vampires (so demanded the circular mail from the HR sent to the entire office the previous day), I realized it was the perfect time to go Mizohican again.

And so here I am… :)

You have no idea how liberating it felt! It was then that I realized how much we had to bow down to societal pressures and the stigma of what people consider is right or wrong. I’ve never felt so free like this in a long long time. And there is always the advantage of saving money on shampoo! (though that is reciprocated by spending extra on facewash now, lolz)

BONUS – Yesterday, my dear friend Shweta from Crude Area launched her e-commerce portal finally and we had a little celebration over champagne and other stuff. Please do visit the website CRUDE AREA and check out all the amazing kickass artistic posters and images you can order. The art is really awesome.

Cheers :)


Anonymous said...

Great way to make a point...I dread the thought of what you might do if you get bugged by the 'need to prove the young'in you twenty years from now LOLZ

Mizohican said...

That's not gonna happen, and you know that... *wink* :)

DayDreamBeliever said...

What can I say? You make a mean mohican :)

Dee Dee said...

Let me see if I have this right- 1st high BP attack- you cut out coke from your rum cos THAT was the culprit, 2nd BP attack- you go get a Mohican buzz cut...:D
Next time you gonna wear ur undies back to front?

hriatpuia khiangte said...

MMA khi va en chakom eee :)

Anonymous said...

You actually observe Halloween at your office? In India?

H.Vangchhia said...

jaz like mithun

Mizohican said...

@ DayDreamBeliever: Ohhh thank you :)

@ DeeDee: Yes yes, that sounds very likely!!! :P

@ hriatpuia khiangte: A nuam thin tawps!!!! :)

@ Anonymous: Not as fervently as people do in the US, over here, it is just a break from our usual mundane boring office life.

@ H Vangchhia: huhuuuu :P