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Friday, November 30, 2012

Chp 433. Gaddafi versus Saddam [video]

It took quite some time for Gaddafi to stop being scared of Saddam. Now they play together and even sleep together. In fact, when the other is not around, the other gets extremely lonely. That’s how attached they are to each other now.

Below is a photo taken just a few minutes ago in our office.

Yup, these are our two little dictators, looking so innocent and sweet, but when they aren’t sleeping, they completely dictate our lives with their whims and fancies. We’ve stopped going out and partying all because of them. We take them to office every day. We have lost hours of sleep because of them.

But sometimes, just watching them play with each other brings out a smile and that’s when you know all the trouble’s worth it. I have made a small compilation of the two of them playing, and I believe you’ll find it really cute, if you are into cats and dogs.


Have a great weekend :)


Unknown said...


Veera said...

Oh my god Kimaaaaaaaa..........your Gaddafi and Saddam are the cutest pair!!!!
I want to come there and hug both!

Mizohican said...

@ Hima: :D

@ Veeraaaaaa: Please do come... let me know when you'll be in Bandra next time and you can come see our lovely babies :)

Zakk said...

hhahahahaha cute over, had a good laugh. especially towards the end of the video.

Dini Chongte said...
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Dini Chongte said...

OMG!! the dog is just adorable!!...i've always wanted a beagle since like forever ago....cute cute cute!! :)