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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Chp 427. Hello Gaddafi!

Say hello to Gaddafi, our new Persian doll-face kitten.

He is 8 weeks old. My flat-mate bought him from an exotic pet shop for 7 grand. He’s cute, furry, playful, and best of all, toilet-trained. This is where he goes to pee and poop…

I love cats, but at the same time, I’m not a cat person. I can pet a cat anytime, cuddle it, kiss it, baby-talk it and spoil it, but if the caterwaul of a cat in the middle of the night wakes me up, I swear to God I will throw anything I can find to shut the cat up.

That’s probably the difference between me and my sister who is a real cat person. She adopted a stray kitten abandoned by its mother, nursed it back to good health on her own, and recently her cat “Charger” was selected as “Cat Of The Day” at this cat community she joined.

As for me, I don’t think I have the time and energy to do the same… I once took in two adopted puppies, fed them, played with them, toilet trained them and it was such a heartbreak having to leave them when they got older (long story)… Maybe that’s why I am afraid of pet commitments now… Works the same as any relationship I guess.

We’ve been taking Gaddafi to work every day so far, and it really brightens up the office spirit. If you’re tired or stressed out, he’ll just walk towards you and give you that curious stare, as if trying to say “Take it easy boss, don’t worry, be happy”. And then he would so casually walk across our keyboards without giving a damn about our work, lolz.

Here is him entertaining himself…

See, he is content on his own too, unlike dogs who we have to give a lot of our attention to. To end this post, here’s another video I took this morning… Playful, naughty and mischievous little fucker he is (in a good way)… He ended up tearing my jeans too!

Cheers :-)


Zakk said...

I dnt mean to be an ass or shift attention but goddamn the mohok and the glasses are a no no, no go! shit i sound gay but damn bro u look like ummmm...for lack of better words a kind hearted bad ass nerd. id have expected the videos n the blog to end with someone gettin smacked, shot, slapped rogered... shit i felt betrayed! everything was bad ass but the glasses fucked it up! peace bro..

Gilbert Cheng said...

I LOLed for a second when I read the first few lines 'Say hello to Gaddafi, our new Persian doll-face kitten.' with only your face visible above the fold.

Anonymous said...

same here. couldn't decide which was the Persian doll-face. lol

Malsawmi Jacob said...

Very cute, but i wouldn't touch him with that name.

Almostunreal said...

how i hate cats..still cant figure out their purpose in this world

Alejendro said...

I don't like cat but I love pussy :) 'nuff said!!!

Mahminga Sailo said...

Cats have all manliness characters; stick to their own, taking care of themselves, clean and smart... :-)

Mizohican said...

@ zakk_kima: Have you not seen Chester Bennington from Linkin Park with his Mohawk AND glasses? Looks good to me bro :D And actually, yeah, I don't mind being a geeky punk badass nerd. lolzzz :D now, that's something different, hihihi :D

@ Gilbert: Hahaha, I see what you mean :P

@ ruolngulworld: Hence the reason why in my next post "Hello Saddam" I made sure the first pic one sees is NOT my face :D

@ mesjay: awwweeee... it is a cute name! :)

@ Almost Unreal: There purpose is to make people like you think what their purpose in this world is :D See, because of them, you are now exercising your brain cells :D

@ Alejandro: Says the guy who broke my precious beer mug and blamed the cat and dog.

@ Mahminga: They are very clean indeed. Huge relief that they crap and pee in the litter box as a natural instinct.