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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Chp 711. Photoshop break

These days, my after-office relaxation time has been good. "Suits" is back from their mid-season break, the new seasons of "Legion" and "Silicon Valley" have just started, and there are a couple of really awesome new TV series, like "The Crossing", "The Terror", "Siren", "Deception", "Instinct" and "Krypton".

But last night, there was nothing to watch.

And so I decided to spend my time fiddling with Photoshop. Earlier yesterday, one of my friends, she who shall not be named, had sent me a picture of herself posing in front of a beautiful waterfall. She wanted to use the photo as her profile pic, but there was another dude at the background posing, lolz.

She asked me if I could remove him out of the picture.

This is the original photo that she had sent to me.

Now, one of my favorite Photoshop Trolls is James Fridman. He is notoriously hilarious, and you've probably heard of him. If you haven't, you can follow him on his twitter or instagram page. I love his works so much.

He is not just skillful but extremely creative. And so, I decided to troll my friend in his style, and instead of removing the person from the background, I did this. What do you think? :D

I know, it's kinda amateurish, but I had so much fun making it.

Maybe I will start accepting such Photoshop requests too, lolz, you can mail me any photo of yours that you want me to edit, and I might have something blogworthy to put here on my blog.

Until then, cheers everyone :)