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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Chp 32. Time to start blogging again

Finally, placements over, section web-site designing over, and Strategy Presentation over! I’m free now (relatively speaking ofcourse)

100% placement in IIMB at Day2 itself. It was indeed an extraordinary feat performed by our seniors. Kudos guys! Now this is the right way to leave a lasting impression on IIMB, and not by having hazaar discussions on who could have impregnated the hostel cat (which by the way, is pregnant once again )

Man, Day3 did not even take place. Amazing! For the uninitiated, here’s a brief explanation. Placement is the biggest word in any of the IIMs. We have Day0, Day1, Day2 and Day3 companies. Day0 (or DayZees) are the big investment companies like JPMorgan, Goldman Sach, Lehmann Bros etc. Dunno whether I’m allowed to talk about the companies that come here for recruitment, so I’ll stop at that. The popularity (and obviously the salary they offer) decreases as we move down to Day1, then Day2 and finally Day3. By Day3, a batch is 100% placed, but this time, our seniors did it in Day2 itself. Truly great.

After the placements, Sagar, Soso, Pankaj, Naoemi n I went to play at a local playground in Koromangala. I had a great game of basketball after such a long long time.

It all started the day before that when Amol, Ankita n moi were eating puchhkas at Jaynagar 7th block. Met a couple of guys dressed in basketball kit coming towards us. So I asked them where they play, n they told me its just around the corner. We went and checked it out.

Anyway, the next day, I went and played BB there, while the other guys who went with me played football next to the basketball court. I was surprised to find a hell lot of mizo guys coming to play basketball. Its like they were all over the place! The football ground on the other hand, was dominated by Arab students. It was indeed really nice to meet and interact with so many of my “brothers” that day.

Went back to hostel (after moving at 1kmph thru the Bangalore evening traffic) and we had our traditional Hostel L^2 party to celebrate the 100% placement. Free Booze! Seniors were in a happy happy world indeed. So were we. But I did not party that night. I just sat there in my room enjoying the free booze while everybody else was partying right outside my room with disco lights n 10,000 watt speakers. I wasn’t at the party that night bcoz my leg was completely out. Its all bcoz of that basketball game. It was the first time I played after I had that ligament tear, and man was my body aching like Hell.

The only thing on my mind right then was a huge blonde Swiss masseuse with two buns on her hair, massaging my every muscle n bone. Aaaaah….

After the placement, we had the inter-section website competition, where I was up almost every night till 6am working on the code implementation etc. This was immediately followed by the “Competition & Strategy” project submission. I initially free-rode on the project because I was working on the section website, but towards the end, I really had a tough time catching up with what my project mates had worked on.

Today we had our presentation, and everything worked out perfectly. I now know so much about the Steel Industries and Companies World-wide! Makes me wanna hold my head up high among others who have no idea about the Steel Industry Knowledge is fun


Anonymous said...

By "brothers" you meant your mizo fellow-beings, or those Arab dudes? :-P

I mean, you weren't very clear on that....

Mizohican said...

Lol, anonymous, ofcourse i meant my mizo brethrens when i said that. But now that you mention it, ya, i do mean the Arabs too. Believe me, i had Arab roomies back in Hyderabad and they were a really really amazing bunch of people: funny, party-animals, open-minded, once again funny, very concerned about frens, and not a single one of them were "extremists" like what we read in the papers everyday. I really miss them.

Hey Slarti, first of all, nice blog. Can i join ur Club? am kinda going thru the same phase too. As that waiter from the movie "Fight Club" said... "Love, its a motherfucker aye" :)

Anyway, regarding ur comment, although i do agree that the IIMs have that brand image u mentioned, i have to give a lot of credit to the seniors. They really worked hard for this and they're an amazing batch. And i feel "no skill" is a bit strong word to use here. "no experience" is fine, as most of us here are straight out of a bachelor's degree. But thats what they teach us here, how to gain that skill of running the organization. And "skill" is not the only thing we learn here, nor is it the only criteria for getting a job. We also learn how to cope with extreme pressure, time management, team management, leadership, analytic thinking, etc etc and most important of all, how to work hard after partying hard :)

Anonymous said...

IIM B shud kick u out first for uploading copyright music on to ur page... or are u gonna tell me that you ve bought the original cd's for all that music?? cos even then its ILLEGAL!!!!!! :)

Mizohican said...

Hey Johnny whazzaaa!!!! how have u been dude? Long time no hear... reply to msnger atleast once in a while dick :)

Regarding screening of copyrighted music, LOOK WHO'S TALKING! anyway, i'm not doing it to promote my site, and infact i'm doing the artist a favour by advertising their music :P

hey slarti, even if i don't gain any of those "skills", i'm more than happy to be here bcoz of all the other wonderful things that i'm learning... i've really changed a lot after coming to this place.

Anonymous said...


U IM me at 2am here what do u expect???? hows things der dude?? its easter hols here now... finally gonna do some serious sight seeing ;)

so when u comin down here? :)

Mizohican said...

ha ha ha... i know all about you and your "sight" seeing :D
I'm sure you're planning to go to Amsterdam for that :P

My semesters are ending soon... Will do 2 months in Calcutta for my internship (LOL, it sounds like doing "2 years in the jammer" or something like that :) )

Mizohican said...

no ittiam, my ligament tear was minor. didnt require an operation. but yeah i couldnt walk properly for 2 weeks, and i've just started playing basketball recently again, so that means i was handicapped for almost 2 months. Man it so sux. even now, i havent reached my full potential yet. i can touch the ring easily before but right now, i can just reach the board. sux totally.

hey ur from hyderabad? was there for a whole year partying. where do u stay in hyde? i know the whole city pretty well.