Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Chapter Interlude: Yahoo Offlines

I got a couple of offline messages when I logged in @ Yahoo while I was staying over at a fren's place in IIM the whole of last week. But then his comp hanged and all my offline messages are now gone forever. Since most of the messages I got were regarding my blog or from people who read my blog, I hope whoever messaged me can plz do it again since I never got the chance to reply or save the IDs.

As far as I can remember, there was one "sidewinder" something who wanted to discuss about something that I went through, "marie" something who wanted to talk more about an old post of mine (Older women,younger guys), and "Elektra" something who I've completely forgotten what he/she wanted to talk about. If you're any of the above people, plz do message me on yahoo again and am really sorry for the inconveniences.



No Hidden Depths said...

Now that's a readable post... :p
For your other posts, you could use this "How can I make show/hide links for my posts?"
Link? here ya go:-

Teyk Kehr!?

illusionaire said...

Bleh :-P

benjamin rualthanzauva said...

Warning!! People, donch you click any of these Google ads on these blog. It will infect your computer with virus.

illusionaire said...

Ha hahahahaha. Lal Ben! Yeah I kow you're jealous. Hehehehe. By the way, how much have u generated so far from ur Ads at misual.com?