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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Chp 63. R.I.P. Isaac L.Hmar

Isn’t it strange how you can feel so close to somebody you’ve never even met just because you’ve read a lot of his publications?

I’ve never been that attached to men of paper before. The only time I’ve ever felt a deep sadness and remorse over a writer’s death (like the kind that hit you when your relative or someone very dear to you passes away) was on the sad demise of my favorite author, the late Robert Ludlum. Nearly cried the day I learnt about his death.

And today a very similar feeling overcame me. I just heard that the lifeless body of a journalist, Isaac L.Hmar, was found a couple of hours ago in Zemabawk, Mizoram.

Isaac Lalmalsawm Intoate, merely just 37 years of age, son of a Journalist and one of the chief contributors of English articles at various Mizo websites like, and (currently closed down as a mark of respect for the dearly departed) spoke out against the recent rape of 21 hmar women by meitei militants in the Manipur-Mizoram border, and this could possibly be one the reasons why such an unfortunate incident befell him. The hunt is still on for the evil perpetrators.

We are once again reminded of how all of us are not equal. Some people are braver and more fearless than the rest of us, not afraid to stand up and speak out against what they believe is wrong even if it means bringing upon a threat to their very own existence. Isaac definitely falls in that category. And he paid the price for that with his life. He seeked justice while he lived. Rest assured Issac, you will definitely get your justice on Judgement Day.

Isaac, it is too bad we never got to meet or mail each other personally. I love your articles and would have considered it a great honour had we just sat down for tea and discuss about all those things in your mind. I know you will be missed by all, especially the Hmar community. My utmost sympathies and condolences to your family. India has just lost one of its most promising North-east writer.

Some of the articles Isaac has published at are given below. You can find more about him at, once it is up and running again:

-> Can Jesus Christ’s alleged marriage to Mary Magdalene be trusted?
-> Pre-marital sex, marriage v/s Law of land
-> The H.S.A: 50th General Assembly, 2005
-> The Mizo-Israel: Uncertain Future
-> Wish You A Happy New Year
-> Violence against women
-> Mizo-Kuki’s Claim Of Their Jewish Origin

[A picture of Isaac from]

Rest in Peace my brother.
We never said “Hi” while you were here.
Maybe if it is meant to be,
We will say more than a “Hi” up There.

Oh what a loss for the North-east,
To be martyred at such an early age.
You will always be remembered in our hearts,
And your words, immortalized forever.


NoHiddenDepths said...

A khawngaih thlak khawp mai! A zia lo bok...I'm sad but at the same time I'm glad for him that he died for something he believed in...
Isaac Lalmalsawm Intoate, merely just 25 years of age
You know Kim, Only the good die young... :(

Mizohican said...

What I really admire about him was not just the way he writes about the North-east people, culture etc, but he writes really good and touching articles on Christianity as well...

Hope they catch the people who did this soon. If rumour is to be believed, then I am surprised Meitei militants actually came all the way into the heartland of the Mizos and murdered a prominent Hmar figure. What guts they must have had!


You know Kim, Only the good die young...

Dont scare me! I've just turned 26 today. Me dont wanna die young!!!! *Wink*

Anonymous said...

Rest in Peace bro.

VIZAG - Youth For Equality said...

a spiritual Kima.. hmmm...

Almostunreal said...

Poi tak2 a ni..ka khongaih lutuk..I feel so sorry for his family, imagine that out of the blue that you got the sad news that they have found the dead body of your son/brother.... my sympaties are with his family.

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Mizohican said...

@ Bharat: Well, can't a person change? :-)

@ almost unreal: is down because our Admin is busy with his new wife :-D Give him a break... :-)

Almostunreal said...

Ok Ok..that's understandable :D

ThugAngel a.k.a Hipholik said...

ee Sandman chu i lo va ti tha ve a... hetianga Isaac-a in thlah thlap mai chu a ropui hle mai...

R.I.P. Issac L.Hmar

God Bless The Dead

Mizohican said...

Thanx ThugAngel.

It was the least I could do for somebody I hold in high regards...

electrya said...

Ni tla ngai lo zion khawpui ah ei lan hmu nawk ding annawm bai. R.I.P
there's a blog dedicated to him on

Mizohican said...

R.I.P indeed bro.