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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Chp 79. Underworld 3 : The Movie

A possible part 3 sequel to the popular Underworld movies.

The story so far. Selene from the vampire clan fell in love with Michael Corvin who came from the half-werewolf half-vampire bloodline of Alexander Corvinus. Together, Selene and Michael managed to kill Alexander’s two immortal sons, the vicious bloodthirsty Marcus, forefather of the vampire clan, and the rampant barbarous William, forefather of the werewolf clan. Now that there is absolutely no other threat to their lives, the chances of making the third sequel of Underworld almost seem impossible.

But taking reality into consideration, there is indeed a great script for the third sequel and a chance to make it a great trilogy series. Here goes:

Underworld part 3: Racial Profiling

Michael was the first ever cross breed between vampires and werewolves (first Human to survive being bitten by a werewolf and a vampire). He was a confused man. Being a half-vampire and half-werewolf, he didn’t know whether to half howl at a full moon or full howl at a half moon. And when it was time to eat, he didn’t know whether to suck his victim’s entire blood with half a fang or use both his fangs to suck out only half the blood. He spent most of his days trying to figure out what to do. Well, if you think this is getting complicated enough, then read on, because this story is not concentrated around Michael, but rather on Michael’s offspring. It’s about how Michael’s son faced discrimination in College and how he dealt with it.

Michael and Selene got married and voilĂ , they had a son, Alex Corvin. He was neither a pure bred vampire nor werewolf. In distasteful derogatory terms, he was a “cocktail”. Right from kindergarten he started having a bad time because he was different from everybody else. He did not fit in with the Humans, the werewolves and the vampires. So his classmates started considering him as an outcast. Nobody ever shared their lunch with him. He was alienated from the rest of the crowd, and when it came to reservation, he was neither eligible for the vampire quota nor the werewolf quota. And this continued till college.

Infact the situation worsened in College. His first year at College was sheer torture. Humans were scared of him and avoided him in the College canteen. The vampires never invited him for any of their blood thirsty mid-night rave parties. And his werewolf classmates shunned him out from any of their group study activities or full moon binges. He was indeed a lonely man.

But Alex faced all this bravely without shedding a single tear when he laid down to sleep each night, all alone in his hostel room, just staring at the ceiling with the lights switched off and imagining what it would be like to have a friend. Somebody who would be there by his side, telling him that it was time to visit the dentist again because his vampire fangs were looking ridiculous or someone who would make fun of his hairy werewolf back. But the only people he ever spoke to on a regular basis were his parents who call up once a week.

Just a floor below, the humans were having another of their strange dance parties where they would dance to the rhythm of a “song” which was not sung but instead spoken. He overheard one of his Human classmates call this “hiphop”. Strange people, he thought, after all, the only music Alex ever heard were songs and incantation chants by Gothic bands like Arcana, Theatres Des Vampires, Adiemus, Cruxshadows and his favourite, Dead Can Dance. He still cannot figure out what was the big deal in dancing to a song that does not involve whispering to the dead, sexual orgy or spiritual offerings to Mother Nature.

A floor above, he could hear the shrill shrieks of women followed by weird gory laughter. Guess his vampire classmates had found some more victims to feed on while they partied the whole night. He did have a lot more in common with the vampires than the Humans when it came to similar taste in music, but he once happened to witness how his vampire classmates party. It made him sick. One stormy night, he had just finished taking a shower in the hostel’s common bathroom and was on his way back to his room. He had to pass by a couple of rooms occupied by the vampires. There was a party going on in one of the rooms and the door was slightly ajar. Alex, out of sheer curiosity, peeped inside. Instantaneously he regretted he ever peeped. Because inside that room, his vampire classmates were busy biting and sucking the very life out of his Economic professor, like a hungry pack of street dogs who were throw a single bone to chew, blood dripping everywhere, making a complete mess in that room. Alex found it so repulsive. How could they not use a napkin? He walked back to his room hazily. Well atleast the good news was that he didn’t have to do his economic assignment that night.

Just as he was about to sleep, the eerie howling of his werewolf classmates made his crossbreed heart skip three beats. He looked at his hand and it was as hairy as Anil Kapur’s chest! Damn, he thought, not another full moon night! He covered his ears with the blanket, resisting the urge to howl at the full moon too. He did not want to howl not because he didn’t want to join the other werewolves, but rather because due to his mixed blood, his howl sounded different. When he was young, the other werewolves used to make fun of him saying his howl had a tamilian accent. His mother would hit back at them asking who were they to judge which howl was a perfect howl? And she would shout out that their howls were funny too as they had Bengali accent, Mizo accent, Punjabi accent etc. Good ol Selene, always there to protect her precious child. But now Alex is all grown up and must take care of himself. He decided never to howl again.

The only time he ever spoke to other people was during the inter-college basketball tournaments. Being half bred, he could play the daylight matches along with his Human teammates as the sun did not affect him. And during the floodlight matches in the night, he would once again play for the College, this time along with his vampire and werewolf teammates. But he preferred to play with his Human teammates as the opponent college team usually wins at the night matches because half his teammates would be ejected from the game with a technical and flagrant foul for biting the opponents or even worse, the referees.

So that was how our hero Alex led his college days. All by himself, hardly taking part in any of the group activities. Until his final year at College. That was when Sarah entered his life. Sarah, a Human. Not just a Human but the most beautiful Human Alex had ever seen. He had been noticing her for quite sometime but never had the courage to speak to her, until that fateful day during the Home science class. He walked up to her and calmly asked “May I?” to which Sarah smiled and gladly said yes. So Alex lifted her out of the boiling cauldron. And it was love all the way from then onwards. If it was not for that Home science cooking class where the vampires tried to use her as an ingredient, Alex and Sarah would have never fallen in love.

But Alex and Sarah faced much criticism from the entire College community because of their relationship. The Humans even stopped talking to Sarah but she didn’t care. The werewolves threatened Alex by saying that they will use her as a sacrificial offering on the next full moon, to which Alex calmly replied “You guys never accepted me as one of you. So why are you suddenly so concerned now about me going out with a Human?” To which the werewolves had no answer. The vampires on the other hand were too occupied during their final year to be bothered by Alex and Sarah’s relationship; they were busy trying to catch their Chemistry professor and feed on him because he failed seven vampires the previous semester.

Apart from all these, Alex and Sarah had problems of their own. Being a half bred vampire, Alex must be careful not to give Sarah any love bite no matter how intimate the moment was. He still remembered the furor they created in the College campus one day when Sarah came to class with a dupatta tightly veiled around her neck. Ofcourse she wasn’t hiding anything and all she wanted to do was wear her salwaar kameeze that way. But the College grapevine was bustling with rumours and gossips and the Humans even played a mean prank by dedicating to her a song “See you on the otherside” by Ozzy on the College assembly speakers. But Sarah was unfazed by all this and instead grew more and more close to Alex.

Finally it was Graduation Day. More than half the Humans who were admitted at first year were still alive, which was a positive sign for the College as it meant the vampire and werewolf students were spending more time studying rather than hunting. The class photo as usual looked funny because none of the vampires could appear on the negative print of the camera film, hence showing odd empty spaces here and there in the group photo. The faculty voted Sarah as the best outgoing student, while Alex earned the “Most disciplined Unnatural Being” award. Both Michael and Selene were there that day too. Selene cried, shedding tears of happiness on seeing Alex kiss Sarah, while Michael held back his tears because he was afraid the other Humans around him might consider cross breeds to be pansies.

And thus end the third sequel to the movie Underworld. Believe me, it will make a big box office hit! Hoping to hear from one of the Hollywood Directors to buy my story. Till then, goodbye and hope you enjoyed it.


MockingBird said...

I'm laughing this hard after a really long time. Thanks for posting the script; it brightened up my otherwise dull day. Still LMAO! :D

Mizohican said...

Glad I cud be of an assistance ;)

NoHiddenDepths said...

HaHa, loved the script. How much are you selling it for?

A small confession, this is your first post that i've read word by word and *really* finished reading it :P

Onion Script- that's what i'd call it. Try visiting Plenty of reporters to be inspired of... lol

And hope everything's fine down there?

Take care.

Anonymous said...

as ur movie end, and the credits start rolling and sara and alex are walking towards the setting sun, make sara look back at the camera and wink while showing her hidden fangs...and then u have a chance for one more sequel.....anyways good story...keep it up bro!!

Diddley said...

LMAO!i wonder what other things go on in that head of yrs...haha... just luff ur sense of IMAGINATION HAHA .... u got yaself a Big "FAN" out here ...Hahaha.

i think ya should start writing down ya OScar Award Speech !!!!

flygirl said...

mizo...everything ok over there? just heard the awful news from Mumbai...i hope that you and yours are safe.

Mizohican said...

@ NoHidden Depths: Phew! Finally! One post of mine that you read from beginning to the end! Thanx! I must be getting better at this :-D

@ anonymous: Oooh!!! New plot for Underworld 4, and this one has not even been released :-) Thanx a lot for that idea...

@ Diddley: Thanx. Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah the other day I was watching Underworld with a close friend of mine who was of a "mixed race", and since I detest any discrimination of any kind, I wrote this story based somewhat on the lives of people who have faced discrimination just because of their "mixed nature"...

@ flygirl: Thanx dear, me safe n sound. One of the blasts (jogeshwari) took place near my house, but fortunately I wasnt harmed.

@ ligia: Thanx for the compliment. Yes I've tried my hands at creative writing, but its not that easy to write something that will appeal to everybody as we all come from different backgrounds and each of us have a certain thing that we find amusing or appalling. It all depends on the type of reader.

Karchoong said...

one pulitzer, one academy, one wachowski, one tarantino, one stone, one marvel, one DC, one warner, one wolverine and all the freakin awards to you. over the top. hats off to you (??? i dont wear one, but still).

virgochhas said...

Goodness gracious me...this is way beyond something..i won't say wat thing but definitely something...

thank god u did NOT keep ur word on dat sabbatical which u planned to sans internet

BTW, dat Alex character is sooo funny...


Mizohican said...

@ Bald Head: Thankyou thankyou. I would like to dedicate this award to my loving sister who has not been supportive at all on my journey to the blog world, but like they say, i guess she knows whats best for me.

@ Virgo: Hehe yeah that Alex guy is awesome. If you look deep enough, you might find a little part of me in him. Just keep looking dear virgo... :-)

Anonymous said...

M not trying to use my brains too much, on wondering if the professors were of exactly what kind (ie; humans/half breeds/vampires), but Kima you proved to be a versatile writer and this surely was funny:-):-):-)
And If a movie was ever made, you surely would get an oscar for best script writer!
*music of Hans Zimmerman's Two hornpipes(Tortuga) in the background as kima recieves his award* wink wink!!

Jerusha said...

darn, my sides hurt! Nangmah vang..Kheema!

Mizohican said...

@ sowmya: Thankyou dear. I would definitely thank you in my speech. And hey, can't u set ur blog to anonymous posting or something like that? I have to sign up if I wanna leave any comments on ur blog and that sux.

@ Sundancer: i nui hawr hawr lai ka mitthla ah ka hmu a, ka nui ve ringawt keipawh :P

Anonymous said...

Hey kima, I am bugged with xanga!!I sat the whole of last hour trying to set the comments in a public mode only to figure out that only the members can leave comments. so pleaseeeee get ureself to be a member and post comments:). I know thats too much to ask...but cmon!!it aint hard;)

Mizohican said...

Alrite alrite Sow sow... for you I will sign up at xanga... although I don't like it solely bcoz of the name... any mizo will tell you what xanga means... lolx...