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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Chapter Interlude: “Mumbai Mirror” fattens :-)

Ever since I moved to Mumbai, I had been a regular reader of the “Mumbai Mirror”. Today, on the front page, the Mirror printed in large bold letters: “MIRROR JUST GOT FATTER”, boasting of the number of pages increasing to 60 from the usual 48. I was like, “Cool! More news and articles to read”. But then, as I turned the pages, I found out that the 12 additional pages were just “classified pages” which usually appear in the “Your Connect” supplement section of the usual Mumbai Mirror . Very misleading indeed.

Anyway, the theme of today’s news definitely seemed to be about racial slurs, profiling and stereotyping because of the recent racist remark made by commentator Dean Jones who called South African cricketer Hashim Amla a “terrorist” because he was a Muslim with a long beard. Various similar incidents that had happened before in the World of Sports were once again highlighted. And not just incidents in sports but also in the film Industries like comments by Mel Gibson, Bridgette Bardot and ofcourse our very own Rimi Sen who said “Rohit Shetty is amazing as a director, he can even make a Black African look pretty”. When this news first came into light a couple of weeks ago, we had a good discussion about it at Pickled Politics. The discussion is still going on even today, with one dude “R” blatantly supporting her saying that “it’s just a matter of personal opinion and that even he finds all “black people” ugly and this is not about racism” lolz. Some of his comments were so absurd that I decided not to waste my time replying to it. Because other commenters had already replied to his previous comments, but the dude just kept coming back with more and more ridiculous theory of his own. I really pity what goes on in that small mind of his.

One news in the Sports section that really made my day. Manchester United Premier Cup, the biggest Under-15 tournament in the World, just saw India’s Mohun Bagan, which included a couple of talented young Mizos like Malsawmzuala and Lalrozama in its squad, lose to the home team. But not without scoring first blood. Mohan Bagan scored the first goal, silencing and shocking the entire Stadium. Hahaha. The goal scorer was another Mizo, David Lalrinmuana, who scored in the first minute of game time! But unfortunately he had to leave the game before half-time due to an injury. Although Mohun Bagan lost, it was indeed nice to see my arch nemesis Manchester United concede a goal to an Indian, a Mizo. Muah ha ha ha. Being an Indian and a Mizo, I just felt as if I personally scored that goal . Anyway, it’s good to see India slowly rising to the level of top International Football Clubs. Very soon, there will come a day when I can cheer for my own Country at the FIFA World Cup. Go India!

“I have a dream, that one day…”


MockingBird said...

I copy-pasted your post in a Word document and did a word count. It said ‘501 words’, and that's including the smilies. Are you okay, Illusionaire? :p

Mizohican said...

Thats why the topic of this post clearly said "Chapter Interlude" to all those long long "Chapters". :-P

Every now and then, I usually post a short "chapter interlude" before I continue with my marathon posts again *GRIN*. Just giving the engine some break... hehehe...

Almostunreal said...

Wow...prud to be Mizo..oops I mean proud to be Indian :D or whatever..

This is such a wonderful news, though we did not stand a chance against the Brazillians

sunshine said...

can't wait for the day India is a part of the FIFA WC!!

good post!!

Mizohican said...

@ Almmost Unreal: It's not about standing a chance against the Brazilians or not. Its about football spirit and one's love to cheer for one's own Country. We may lose against them (we definitely will), but I would love to go down cheering for my Country than cheering for another that's not mine, even if they win.

@ sunshine: Thanx dear. Hopefully in the next 20 years, my kids will be looking forward to the World Cup because India has qualified to play in the league.

electrya said...

oh Kima, your arch nemesis are going to kick the gunners ass.hehe. the gunners are going down this season. they lost 3 of their top players and they didnt sign any new player. if reyes and cole are gone too. hmm sob sob kima. sry:P manutd all the way

Mizohican said...

We do have Rosicky.. plus, not signing any new players clearly shows that, unlike pussy clubs like ManUtd and Chelsea, we dont need any new players to add to our arsenal, coz we already are an Arsenal. Muaaah haaa haaa haaa!!! We can still kick the living daylights out of th eReds, the red devils and the blues. Go Gunnneeeerrrrrsss!!!!!!!

electrya said...

you know even henry complain about not signing new player. all they talk about the gunner these day is their new stadium. i dont think new stadium will win them silverware. hoo ham.

Mizohican said...

With new stadium comes new motivation and new trophies. You don't win just because of new players. Check out Real and Chelsea. With a squad as heavy as that, you would expect them to win every single match rite? hahaha.

Ps. Chelsea just lost to Liverpool even though the Reds didnt let Alonzo, Bellamy n Gerrard play, while Chelsea is not only star studded but ridiculously have 4 current National Captains Ballack (Germany), Terry (England), Shevchenko (Ukraine) and Drogba (Ivory Coast) playing in the main 11.

Money may buy you short term happiness, but it can’t buy you love: Love for the game, love for the loyalty to one’s Club, and love for the sweet taste of a truly deserved victory.

Only Arsenal understands the true meaning of the spirit of Football.

electrya said...

It was nice to see chelsea going down.
i like what you said about money cant buy love blah blah :-P.
Only Arsenal understands the true meaning of the spirit of Football.?/? hehe.
i'll shut up now and watch manutd win all 4 this season. :P

electrya said...

EPL so far:Manchester United win, Arsenal draw first game, Chelsea win first game lose second game, Manchester Unitedwin again. hahaha. 8 goals in 2 match. come on Manchester United:-)