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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Chp 86. What really happened in the IIMB Campus.

The Untold Story.

[ This post is about being honest with your friends and helping them before they ruin their life or career by telling them the truth even if you know they don’t want to hear the truth ]

We all know what goes on inside those hostel rooms of many Colleges, where the students have all the freedom to do anything that they want since they are far away from the prying eyes of the College or Hostel administration. Well, this is one such story….

The untold story that really took place during my short term at IIMB, Bangalore. The names had been changed for obvious reasons. It’s up to you to believe it or not, but I just wanted to tell everyone about this because of the consequences it could lead to if it went unchecked. Reader’s utmost discretion requested.

The place: My hostel room, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.
Music playing on my comp: Comfortably numb by Pink Floyd.
People in my room: Me, Mike and John.

Mike: Oh comon, you gotta drag faster than that!
Me: Mannnn shut up, I’m trying my best. I’m not as experienced as you are.
John: Here, pass it to me, I’ll show you how to drag.

(I passed on the device to John and with one sleight of his two trembling fingers, he executed the fastest drag I’ve ever seen. He took a deep breath and dragged the entire thing in less than 5 seconds!!!!)

Me: Wow! I’m impressed!
John: See, that is how you drag it. You’re too much of a pansy, dude.
Me: Hey it’s not my fault. You know I can’t drag that fast.
John: You gotta raise the bar dude. The faster you drag, the more kick you get out of it.
Mike: *cough cough* Open the windows Kim, it’s getting awfully stuffy in here.
Me: Fine. I just didn’t expect the two of you to drop by my room and do this stuff. Where did you buy this shit anyway?
John: You gotta have eyes for it man. Just go to Majestic near the bus stands and you will see many dealers out there ready selling this stuff.
Me: Man, sometimes you scare me dude. How illegal is this stuff?
Mike: Enough to land you in Jail.
John: *laughs* So Mike, when was the first time you ever dragged it?
Mike: I don’t exactly remember, but I sure am hooked to it now.

(All three of us laughed, but it was an uncomfortable laughter)

Me: Right on. It’s really addictive man.
Mike: Seriously. Now I cannot even concentrate on my studies anymore because of this.
Me: That’s what scares me. I’ve even stopped playing outdoor games. It’s taking a big toll on my fitness.

(There was a brief moment of silence. John was the first to break the awkward silence)

John: *Ahem* Anyway… have you guys ever tried dragging other stuff… you know…
Mike: You mean…
John: Yeah.
Mike: No way dude. I heard that’s too risky.
Me: I’m with Mike on this one. I’m never gonna mix and drag.
John: See, this is exactly what I’m talking about. You guys never take any risk at all.
Mike: Dude. You wanna throw away your life? It’s not like we have nine lives you know.
Me: Exactly.
John: Well, I don’t know about you guys but I ain’t gonna live the rest of my life in dullsville. I like to gamble with my life and take chances.

(Mike looked at me I knew exactly what he was thinking. John was way into this stuff and he needed professional help)

Me: Listen, I don’t like to do this but… John, that’s enough of dragging. You gotta leave my room man. I’m so sorry.

(John turned around and looked at me disbelievingly. He knew very well that he couldn’t do that outside my room. Fortunately for me, Mike came to my rescue)

Mike: Dude, Kima is right. Look at yourself. Your eyes are already red. Other guys in the hostel are already starting to talk behind your back calling you an addict…
John: Screw them all. Like I care. It’s not my fault that they haven’t discovered such euphoria as this.
Me: It’s not about them John. It’s about you that we are worried.
Mike: Yes John. Listen to Kima. Atleast the two of us can control our urges and know when to stop.
Me: The other night I was coming back from a group study and when I passed your room at around 2 in the morning, I saw you still dragging away to glory…
John: So you guys are spying on me now?

(Oooh boy. Things were starting to get really out of hand)

Mike: Relax John. Sit down. We are trying to help here.
John: Screw you both. I can take care of myself.
Me: Yes we know you can John. You definitely can. We just wanted to say… you’re not the same John we used to know.
Mike: You have changed a lot John. The moment you first started dragging, you slowly started becoming a different person.
Me: Yes. And we want the old John back. The fun John. The John that used to love nature walk and playing basketball.

(John slowly sat down and thought for a minute. Then he looked up at us.)

John: You guys really think I’ve changed that much?
Me: Yes John. We hardly go out anymore. You’re always in your room or at one of our rooms dragging away. Look, your hands are even shaking.
Mike: Comon John, lets go to CCD and I’ll treat you to a nice cup of hot steaming coffee. It will do you good.
Me: Yeah John. Listen to Mike. Stop this for now.
John: I guess you guys are right. I mean… I have realized what I have become because of this. My grades are starting to fall and I’ve stopped hanging out with other people. I just thought I’ll stop one day but…
Me: It’s ok John. We are there now. We will help you through this.
Mike: Come, the coffee awaits us. Kima, are you coming?
Me: No guys, I’m really sorry but I got an assignment to submit. You guys go ahead. I’ll join you all later.
Mike: Ok, take care then. Come John.
John: Bye Kima.
Me: Bye guys.
John: Uh… before I go, can I have just one last drag?
Mike: No John! No more drag. Come.

As I watched the two of them disappear from my hostel room, I felt relieved in a strange way. Finally we told John what we’ve been trying to tell him for the past few days. He was extremely hooked to it and he really needed to stop. It’s true, his grades were definitely affected. He used to be one of the toppers before, now he was in the bottom 20 of the class. Anyway, I lied to them about the assignment submission. I wanted to continue dragging. Hell, I’m not addicted to it like John was, but I just wanted to finish what we started.

I walked back into my room and contemplated on what had just happened in here the past 10 minutes. Just thinking about it bought a small smile upon my face. Man, some of the things John said were really crazy. How could anyone mix and drag? It was just too damn risky. Mike was right, we don’t have nine lives, we have only three.

So I sat infront of my computer again, this time trying to drag the “eggs” faster into the “nest”. It was a new pirated computer-game John bought recently and I really sucked at it. There were many different types of eggs and you just had to keep dragging one particular type into a nest before the time runs out. In between, if you dragged a different type of egg into the nest, you could lose a life. Ahh, that’s what happened once, during my time at IIMB.



Anonymous said...


You really had me Kima. Uuuufffff! Allen's right, useless post!!!! :-P

Honestly speaking, it was a really good read. *Applause*.

Anonymous said...

Kima u bastard!!!!! How could you!!! And with the pre-post buildup and everything .......aaaaaaaaargh!!!

Anonymous said...

dunno wht tattoo post shubha is talking abt.. will check on it and read it up but i seriously thought u were coming up with some ground breaking story... i am still mildly curious abt who this is though i think i know who.... kim are u stoopi9ng to wild titles to increase intrest??:)

Anonymous said...

shit forgot to write my name as usual.. tht was me kata

Mizohican said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mizohican said...

Hahaha I just love recieving all those "bastaaards" and "Fuck youuuu" smses. T'was definitely worth it. lolz. woohoooo :-)

@ Allen: Coming from you, I take it as a compliment :-P Comon tell me frankly, I'm sure u were expecting something else at the end :-)

@ anonymous: I'm assuming this is either Tommy ot Momo. Haha yeah I know, it's a useless post, but I got you there, didn't I? :-)

@ Ankita: Thats no way for a Lady to speak :-P Yaaay! My day is made! I had my moment. Am loving it!!!! *GRIN*

@ Subha: Who else know me and my stories better than you Shubha :-) But inspite of that, I still fooled you in the end. Muah ha ha. I know, this aint as good as the tattoo story, but still, it met its purpose :-)

@ Amra: Thanx for the long call dear. hehehe. Well, maybe I will give you a "ground breaking story" later. For now, let me enjoy the emotional reward of playing a prank to my closest friends. It really feels great! :-)

Anonymous said...

Man..that was engaging...and in the end, i almost break my

Btw, Has TOI offered you to write for them???!!!..

Have fun..


Mizohican said...


I hope u meant "JoyKim" :-)

I replied at orkut. I hardly come online at orkut anymore these days, thats why I scraped back so late.

No dear, TOI hasn't offered me anything so far :-) But one of my posts, "Valentine's day special: Love, jealousy & ex-girlfrens" was referred to by "The Hindu" and I never knew about it until I chanced upon it on google!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ooops.. yeah, thats joykim,
got the scrap so, i thought of checking your blog for anything new.... I sure did find something new and I am having it scramble in the morning( the eggs ie)..

Anonymous said...

I know i sud have commented on the relevant post but this is so

well, about your post on " Lost tribes"..It was good and i totally agree with you...
I have no clue about my roots.... i don't even know my Grandparent's name...Shameful and sad.. and the worrying part is... i never bother to find it out.... and if the thoughts pop up, i will just squash it by telling myself that its not important...


Mizohican said...

lolz Joy, Scrambled is my fav too! I make them every morning. I add a lot of masala, jaleppino and cheese into it. yummmmm!!!

About ur comment on "The Lost tribe", hahaha, yeah I totally agree its a bit odd to comment about that on this particular post :-) you sound like the goofy types. I love the goofy types ;-)

I guess there will always come a point in time when one really wants to know one's roots. I guess I am pretty much living thru that phase right now, and I have called up many of my relatives already as I am currently constructing my family tree. 10 uncles and 7 aunts from both my mom n dad's sides, more than 40 1st cousins, believe me, its tough getting to my second cousins itself!!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

hey bro..this is sonam..for a moment i was like: wtf, which of ur batchmates was into hash and coke and stuff..and then u mentioned john....the john from ur batch and i as like..shit was he thin becasue he was into drugs and stuff..and bastard it was all for that stupid game...anyways good twist..keep up the good stuff..i still have the letter u wrote to me during ur first week at IIMB..u may want to post that sometime :-P

Mizohican said...

Muah ha ha ha!!! Got you there too bro! lolzzz... Man this is definitely the most number of comment's I've ever recieved from non-registered commenters *GRIN*

Bro, there's a nice lady here who will be commenting on my blog soon. Her name's Mocking Bird and she's from Sikkim too. She kinda reminds me of you. Boast about booze but can't drink for nuts. Hahahahah. (No offence intended Mocking Bird, that was a shot at Sonam. Muuuah*)


MockingBird said...

And the nice lady from Sikkim seriously thought you were talking about Mary Jane! Lol! And I was thinking you were making it all up – though for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why – coz the junkie convo sounded a little too fake, especially that part when after some friendly advice, John goes ‘yeah, you guys are right’ a little too easily. Then I read the last paragraph and I’m like SHIT! Lolz! Then I LMAO again at we don’t have nine lives, we have only three! You crack me up, Illusionaire :p

LOL @ Boast about booze but can't drink for nuts!

Almostunreal said...

Your friend John surely reminded me of my friend, my classmate. He was handsome, tall, intelligent but right after high shcool, he was into drugs and he stopped cleaning of himself.

Once, I rememeber we told him how much he had handsome he used to be and above all, intelligent too. I know he was very touched and he'd say "Was I?". It was really sad. Ans its sad to say that he had now passed away

Mizohican said...

@ mocking bird: Hehehe. Now that I have fixed you two Sikkimese couples up, maybe u'll invite me for the wedding? lolz. Good to know I can still crack u up, Mocking bird. hehehe.

@ Almost Unreal: So sorry for having my post remind u about ur fren dear. That was not my intention at all. May he rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Somwhow I knew something of that sort was coming from you!
I could practically see you giving your mischievous chinky grin reading all those comments.
Oh!and I met an old friend of yours called mohammed al amoudi, he played basketball with you in YMCA...

Oh and thanks for the comments on my blog!!keep up the good work!:)

Mizohican said...

Hahaha ur absolutely right dear sowsow. I am grinning all the way from east coast to the west coast. Its amazing to lead off somebody like this at the end have the "in your face" final word. :-)

Yeah small world indeed. Amoudi is a close fren of mine from my Hyderabad days. He's a Saudi. How did u meet him? And how did my name came up? Did he suddenly come up to u and said "hey, ur hot. do u know kima?" lolzzzzz.

NoHiddenDepths said...

Looks like you and Mike never got into the "plane" that John was in.

Sorry Bro, but it looks like you never "Knew" John besides his academic brilliance.


Anonymous said...

Well I wish thats how ure frnd and me met up!:p
But the truth is, I was drunk and picked up a random stranger to dance with and my goodluck it was ure frnd who was dancing beside me:)
Ha!!and I fortunately did give him my number in my drunken state, which led to us meetin up again.
And he happened to mention about YMCA which reminded me of you. And ofcourse everyone seems to be aware of your amazing skills on and off the court (wink)!:)
haha!to cut the story short, he was hot and fun to be with!(hope he thinks I am hot too;))
Oh gave him your number.:) u owe me for this kima, if it wasnt for my drunken behaviour that night.........

Jerusha said...

Aargghh Lalkim!!!! can i get my hands around your neck and kill you?? You lie so friggin well you should be jailed .."it's a real serious issue blah blah blah"

Mizohican said...

@ No hidden depth: As usual, looks like u never understood the post *BLEH* :-)

@ Sundancer: Heehaaahaaa! Another one bites the dust. tu doo doo, doong, doong, doong, tu doo doo doong du doong.... :-)

Mizohican said...

@ Sowsow: Like I said before, small World. Too bad Amoudi had to leave Hyderabad coz you never got to know the real him. I have a sinking feeling you might like the real him *GRIN*

You should watch your drinks dear. Giving a guy ur number just because u were drunk could be injurious to ur health. Remember the time in Sparx u got really drunk and started telling everybody you're a doctor? haha. Are you a real doctor? *wink*

Anyway, thanx a lot for that long call. You know how broke I am. You're a real darling. I owe you one :-)

tribalsuperstar said...

hahaha . But I wonder if you'd really drag the drag instead of the eggs. what would have actually happened in the end of your story? ...
neways my blogs working now. And stop using that sify. Everyone's viewing mine. come around. Adios.

Mizohican said...

I have no idea tribal superstar. I am but an innocent lad bought unto this world with nothing but an innocent mind. The only dragging I would know of is the eggs. :-P

tribalsuperstar said...

What a weedy mind you have .... !!! :D ...bad boy, I shuld have known :P ... I mean drag the drag -> meaning drag the story and since we're reading it from a architect could have been more exiting.... U culd still drag the eggs, if you want, even though I cant relate to a management student from IIM who loves dragging eggs at night and that too with a mouse device.... hahaha :P....I wonder how you guys did it. People normally use their god gifted hands ...lolz. But Thats fine with me. But then again, since you are referring it to weed, dont take me wrong because I never meant that :D. and I keep asking myself why people like you and some of my friends always have a weedy humour in life or even in their writing :D ... You should tell me why?

Mizohican said...

Did I even mention once about the "W" word? I don't even know what is "weed". You mean those plant like thingie growing on the sea bed? Do care to enlighten me, tribal superstar :-)

P said...

You are GOOOD!

NoHiddenDepths said...

Kim, "dragging" is OK. I've never preached or lectured a person who's hooked into it. Why? because I don't know what he/she is really going through.
BTW, i think my friends from IIT handle it better than your guys/friends from IIM *big grin* hehe :)
Folks! i'm not anti-IIM :P

Mizohican said...

@ Pers Inc: Thanx dear :-)

@ No Hidden Depths: Is that a challenge???? Bring it on!!! :-)

tribalsuperstar said...

mmmmmmmm ....I'll have to put some head on this one .. mmm ... oh! ok ... I'll try n get the perfect definition for it ... hold on ... ok .. see below:

You can find this perfect defition of weed on this site -> Yes cannabis or marijuana or whatever freaking name it is called. If that's the weed you are referring to, but then again maybe its just the sea weeds we innocent people are talking about. Yes,lots to be found everywhere around the world. Infact its a delicacy for many, but I've never heard of people dragging sea weeds hahaha. Or ... Bull "S" ...I give up... maybe you should drag your egg dragging computer game. It's becoming a little too draggy. You are dragger and the dragger of your dragging story and I do consider myself a dragger too. So, lets not drag the dragging story and drag it to where ever you drag the dragging story. hehe. Enuff .. it too dragging. Peace. Mucho mucho mucho mucho dragging mucho gracias.

Anonymous said...

lolzzz..u had me there for a moment!!!this is what i call gifted writing had my full interest and attention from the word GO!! you moron!! lolzzz..i was like.."what a waste of a good opportunity..not everyone gets a chance at iim..etc and rich spoilt brat son of a dad" etc..and wham!! lolzz ASS!!! gr8 read!!