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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Chp 100. The Christian Life

Ever torn between a passion and a career?

A passion is something that you love to do out of your own volition, whereas a career is usually something that you force yourself to do, something that you usually don’t enjoy doing.

And that is what makes us love or hate a job / task that we are entrusted to do. One of the reasons why I didn’t want to take up writing as a professional career and join some illustrious school of Journalism was because, to me, writing is an avocation, and I was afraid I might lose my passion for writing if it suddenly becomes a deadline-requiring lifeline.

Ever noticed how time seems to drag by so slowwwwly when you’re doing something that you don’t enjoy? Sitting in a boring economics class, studying for an upcoming examination, shopping with your mother, waiting for the love of your life to call you up or to arrive at the airport, watching kasauti, listening to your nosy neighbor upstairs rambling to you about why the price of wheat or oil has gone up, working at a job you detest etc, while time just flies by when you’re doing something that you truly enjoy.

A good friend of mine once asked me, “I try to be a good Christian, resisting all the temptations around me every single day, but at the end of the day, I usually ask myself, is it worth it? Because I don’t think I can control myself any longer…”

Well, suppose you join a large Company and you don’t enjoy working there, what would be the most reasonable thing to do? If you can afford to shift, then you look for a new job immediately, otherwise you continue working in that same company, trying your best to love your work that you hate.

It is only after you start working with alacrity and enthusiasm that you will start loving what you do, making you more productive and indispensable to the Company. You don’t even need an HR Professional to tell you that.

Similarly, if you coerce yourself to be an ascetic, trying to lead a good Christian life by force, it will indeed be an arduous task: You will feel as if the mere effort of trying not to sin has drained the very last bit of sanity within you. But if the urge to lead the life of a good Christian genuinely comes from within, it is way much easier to resist any temptations that may come your way. Sometimes it is possible to rediscover such urges at a Spiritual Rehab camp.

Many critics of Spiritual Rehab Camps say that the entire process is very artificial and that being “born again” should come from within and not from any external camp experience. Reminds me of the story about the man who drowned at sea. As he was drowning, he cried to the good Lord to save him. Soon a boat came by but the man refused to accept their offer for help because he said God will save him. Two other boats came by and he didn’t acknowledge them either. Finally he drowned. When he met God later, he asked Him why He didn’t save him from drowning, and God calmly replied, “I sent three boats, didn’t I?”

That’s what Spiritual Rehab Camps are about. We are all drowning slowly each and every passing day, and God has sent the numerous counselors and pastors and missionaries to save us from drowning. Most of us cannot save ourselves from drowning; we need external help. Help from other people- people who work as God’s tools and who are qualified to save us from drowning.

Hence, Spiritual Rehab Camps do give you new power and energy to enjoy being a good Christian, and there is nothing artificial about it. And the moment you enjoy that life you lead, all thoughts and skepticism about how tough it is to lead such a life will automatically vanish. You will bask in the joy and glory of leading such a life the moment you wake up every morning.

Spiritual Rehabilitation (Camping) is just like any other rehabilitation. Some of you may argue that it is not so, since other rehabs like alcohol and drugs Rehab deal with addiction and is hence different. Well let me tell you this: Spiritual Rehab does indeed deal with addiction. We, as an individual, are all addicted to a materialistic world governed by immoral activities and sinful lifestyles. And that addiction can be cured at a Spiritual Rehab Camp.

Don’t force yourself to love God. Jesus never forced Himself to die for our sins; He did it willingly because he loved us. Love God volitionally and love the Life that you lead through God, and everything will be a cakewalk after that.

Wishes and Prayers…


Hmai said...

Great post again as usual Kim

true,its hard to lead a christian life, specially when it comes to the part where i have to love my "enemies"....other things are a bit easier.
annnddd i have some arguments on that spiritual rehab part which i'd rather not do it here.

Mizohican said...

Well in that case, I'm sure glad ur my enemy... :-) muaaah.

Plz do tell me about ur opinion on teh spiritual rehab here hon, so that others too can take part. Thanx.

Anonymous said...

good post illusionaire..
a negative lam loks;Camping na a trang a piangthar chu an piangthar rei duh lo an ti thin,mi inhlan avang mai a in hlan an tam a,chuvang chuan an daih rei duh lo va,speaker leh counsellors ten, an hlimna an hawn sak daih zel an ti...mahse,kohhran/Mizoram hian,mihla te hnuh hnaihna,nun chaute tih harhtharna hmanrua hi hei aia tha chu kan la hre lo chu a ni nih phot mai hi...Chutih rual chuan Lalpan ala hmang reng tho bawk.Btw,keipoh camping/crusade na trang a inhlan ka ni...ka rin ai tak chuan ka daih rei phian mai hei...hehe..
Again,camp a tranga chhuak te,kohhran bel ngai lo rawn bel te chawm zuina hi a ni kan mamawh ni.Intih pianthar chu kan thiam viau laiin, kan tih pianthara ten, Nun nghet an neih theihna tur lam kan ngai pawimawh lutuk leh si lo.
john fanai

Almostunreal said...

camp atanga piangthar an da leh duh tih nachhan kha chu tih hram2 na an neih loh vang a lom. Eg-inkhom hram2, tongtai hram2 (onething I lack)..mahni leh Pathian inkar hi a poimoh ber

Mizohican said...

John and Biteii: Thanx for your comment. Ni e camp atanga piangthar hi chu a tlangpui chu an daih rei lo an tia, a dik ka ti kei pawn.

Just an observation, mi piangthar da leh ho ka hriat ve te chu, sual thar a lut hi an tam zawk, sual ngai a lut ai in. Ka thianpa pakhat zu heh deuh thin hi a piangthar a, zu a in tawh loh a, mahse reilo te hnu ah drugs hi a rawn ti ve leh, drugs a hma a ti ngai lo thin kha. He ti zawng a en hi chuan, kei chu ka daih rei nan ka tawngtai renga, bakah, sual chitin reng ti tawh hi ka ni ve a, sual thar luhna tur hi ka neilo in ka hria :-)

On a more serious note, I have a very big inspiration. My friend Tlanpari's bro BS-a (Chaltlang). I used to hangout with him sometimes too, and we used to do "everything" together, which need not be mentioned here. Two years ago, he was born again. Everybody said he wont last even 1 month. Now it's been 2 years and he is still as devoted as the day he left camp 2 years ago, and is now currently doing a Bible Course (Theology). He's my inspiration.

In the end, it is prayers and more prayers that will help born-agains remain the way they are currently.

Mizohican said...

One more thing John,

Intih pianthar chu kan thiam viau laiin, kan tih pianthara ten, Nun nghet an neih theihna tur lam kan ngai pawimawh lutuk leh si lo.

Sawi dik lutuk helai hi. Chuvang a lawm, tun tum Chaltlang South in camp an buatsaih ah khan, thlakhat chhung tawp in "follow-up program" kan neih reng zantin! Follow-up ti manglo a camp atang hian mi thenkhat chuan an chhuah tir tawp zel a, hei hi chu, camp a an experience kha an rilru chhungril tak takah a lut hmanlo a tlangpui chuan.

Just my opinion. You ofcourse will have more knowledge and experience on this subject, so I would really appreciate it if you can point out some more of your views on this. Thanx John.

Jason said...

Sometimes i wonder what drove Paul to write this (while he was in prison and bound by chains with guards watching over)
I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do everything through him who gives me strength.
Phil 4.11-13

Coming from Paul who received 39 lashes 5 times, was beaten with rods thrice, stoned once, shipwrecked three times and who faced innumerable hardships (at the time he wrote the 2nd letter to the Corinthians) as he writes in 2 Corinthians, it means something when he says "Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!"

I guess the answer is simple. The more our mind is filled with Christ, the less the things of this world will affect us. He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world. Thats what is written.

So we may be sitting there typing away on my computer and thats what they see on the outside but i tell you what, we better be jumping for joy on the inside and not many can see that :))

Its a struggle dude!! but we'll get there. Lets press on and run the race!!!!!!!

Calliopia said...

Sorry it took me a while to get back to you, Kim, but I think it's just great you got saved and that you're broadcasting your new status to all the world. Hallelujah, brother!

About the camping thing, I was saved at one. It was years ago at the El Bethel camp just before Christmas in 1990, so it's been like 16 years that I've been a real Christian now and active in church. I remember the initial was glorious...I could see everything from a new perspective, much like you :) But it's also been pretty rough. I won't go into all the details here but the Christian life is no bed of roses. It's tough with a capital T and that's all I'll say about it.

I think the spiritual rehab camps are very good for renewing yourself but the schedules are so punishing...the getting up early in the mornings to get to the toilets before everyone else, going to bed very late....I hate those parts!

Mizohican said...

The more our mind is filled with Christ, the less the things of this world will affect us.

Well said, Jason! I'll drink to that! (Non alcoholic drinks ofcourse *grin*)

It's really strange when I go through some of my old posts now, because some of the issues I used to write about, well, most of them don't even bother me anymore!

Paul is an epitome of admiration. If he can do it, so can we. The road that we are taking is obviously not a smooth road. The Holy Bible even mentioned about it many times too. But the rewards and riches that await us at the end of that long, narrow, winding, rough, PWD ignored (*grin*) road is greater than anything on this Earth.

lolz @ Calliopia. I guess you went to a more rigorous camp then me. We did get up early in the morning, but we slept early too, around 10pm. But some of the campers at the women's section usually stays up till 2 am sometimes praying, while most of us at the men's section are snoring by then :-)

I know sometimes it's tough too. But praying makes a big difference in my struggle.

Ps. My eldest sis (u know her) didn't go to the loo during our entire camping! lolzzzzz.

Anonymous said...

E Kim,a that nasat chu,chutia 'follow-up' tha tak in nei chu lawmawm hle mai.Zam reng reng suh,Lalpan a tichak che in a hruai zel ang che.Keipon ka lo tawngtai pui ve thin ang che.Keipoh ka pianthar tirh khan,ka thian kawm ngeih tak tak,la piangthar ve lo ten,I daih rei ngut lo vang,i nun hlui ah i lo kir leh thuai ang min ti thin.Engtin mah ka chhang lo va,ka rilru in,Ka daih rei leh rei loh tur chu,Hun in a la rawn her chhuah pui mai dawn a lawm ka ti thin.Mahse,Pathian awmpuina leh tih chak na zarah hei,ka daih rei ve ta phian e..Nagpoh,hetiang hun te poh hi i la tawng ve mai thei..mahse, HNEHNA nei tu awm ngheng a kan kal tlat chuan engmah in min ti tlu lo vang.Nangni ang mithiam hi,rawngbawlna ah poh kan mamawh che u a nia..

A sei ta e mai..Camping chungchang chu sawi ta lo mai ang..
Love and prayers 2 u.

MockingBird said...

It's been a while since I last commented on your posts. Maybe that's because I don't really relate to the topics posted here. Maybe I'll do one day. So till then, dear Illusionaire, even if I don't comment, I want you to know I'll be sneaking into your blog regularly and reading all your posts :)

Mizohican said...

Thankyou John. Min lo tawngtai pui te chuan ka lawm khawp mai. Keini pawh rawngbawltu te tan hian kan tawngtai sak fo. Ti chuan i rawn comment ve zel dawn nia, i hman a piang chuan. Thanx again.

@ Mocking bird: My dear!!!!! Welcome back welcome back! It's good to see you here again. I totally understand if you can't relate to my posts. I even said (in my earlier posts) that I would be losing many of my regular visitors come this new era (The daily visits on my blog have drastically fallen to around 50 a day since I started blogging about Christianity), but hey, I'm sure as glad happy you will still be taking a sneak peak now and then. And ofcourse I will still be a regular visitor to your blog.

Anonymous said...

mr.ilusionaire,hei ka rawn lut ta chhen mai..ka ninawm loh vang chu maw!tin,ka blog thar ah ka lo add ve ngawt ce nia aw..!hope u dont mind.

again,camping tam takin an sawisel lehna pakhat chu,a senso tam si,a lut/achhuak a ten an daih rei thin bawk si lo,tih hi..mahse,keichu,camping nan hian,cheng nuai khat vel poh lo seng ta ila,chu camp lut/chhuak a trang a 10% pon lo that puiin lo pianthar phah ta poh nise a lawmawm tho tho ka ti.even one percent,engmahin 'soul'pakhat poh hi a lei zo in ka hre lo..

Tin,Kan rama kan mamawh pakhat ni a tunlai a ka rilru a awm mai mai chu,Revival aiin transformation hi niin ka hria..

btw,tunlai tunge i ngaih ber...? hehhe

Mizohican said...

eeeeee Pu John, engtiklai pawn rawn lut reng rawh, ninawm tih a awm thei lo reng reng. Ka post thar ah pawh i comment ka rawn quote che kha... chuan tunlai ka ngaih ber maw? hmmm... hre mai lo em ni? :-D

Anonymous said...

"Don’t force yourself to love God. Jesus never forced Himself to die for our sins; He did it willingly because he loved us."

so trueee.......

Unknown said...

OMG! you saved my life..i need these pics for my project...and couldnt find any and do not know anyone who had them...i had to use it for my project,so ya..
thanks :)
-- Christina

Mizohican said...

errr.... what pics? :-) There are no pics in this post.