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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Chp 101. Rummaging through the junk

In this age of Internet technology, corresponding with friends takes place at a lightning speed. E-mail, voice mail, video mail etc are all forms of method by which we can keep in touch with our friends and loved ones. Gone are the days of waiting for days for the postman to deliver a letter. Gone are also the days of an important letter getting lost in transit during the delivery process.

Except, on those rare occasions when your email client identifies an important mail as spam by “mistake” and moves it to the Bulk/Junk folder. How many of us actually check that particular folder, given the numerous spams and junk mails like, whether we would like to enlarge our something, whether we are interested in a gorgeous 16 year old waiting for us halfway across the Planet, whether we would like to have free passwords to an “interesting” website etc.

I do go through my Junk folder once a week or so, just to check for any important mails that might have accidentally landed there, and then I simply delete the rest. Recently, two such mails were sitting right in my Junk/Bulk folder. One was from a prolific writer
Aristo with a good feedback and comment on my earlier post “Chinky: What me insult?” that even appeared as a full article on the “Midweek” magazine thanks to Mockingbird. The other was from an Associate Editor of the Christian youth magazine “True Friend”, a part of the large “Jesus Calls” Organization run by the Dhinakaran brothers, requesting my permission to publish my previous post “The Christian Life” on their magazine (Thank you Jason for tipping them off).

Two very important mails, and I could have missed them entirely had I not taken that extra effort to go through my Junk folder, scanning through sleazy, sordid, sometimes ridiculously funny, depraved emails that would make any stereotype conservative Indian housewife faint from an overdose of extreme shock and outrage.

My friend
John Fanai, a missionary in China, wrote a very good comment on my previous post [Translated into English]:

“Some critics say that spending a large amount of money and resources on people is a waste because not all of them follow the path of the good Lord anyway. But I tell you this, if that amount of investment can change even one person, then it is worth it, for Heaven rejoices even if only one lost soul find it's way back Home”.

Amen to that brother John.

From a Christian perspective, most of us are junks. But remember, our Father in Heaven will never discard us just because we are junks. If our life can be compared to an email, God, who sits high above in all His Glory, will be checking his email every second, on his sanctified laptop with an unimaginable divine Internet speed connection. He will NOT filter out the junks. Infact He will always go through his Junk mail folder first, clicking on the “select all” option and moving them all to his Inbox folder. It will hurt Him a lot if He still keep receiving your mail in his Junk folder, but never the less, He will still keep trying. And the day He starts receiving your mails in His Inbox and not to His Junk folder, that is the day He smiles and all the angels sitting behind Him rejoices. That is the day you are no longer a junk.

And as a Christian, we too should take more effort to rummage through the junk that is you and I. NEVER act sanctimoniously over other Christians who have strayed from the Path. God accepts all junks, hence who are we, His mere creations, to act as if we got the authority to condemn such junks? God will judge us all on Judgment Day eventually. He will do the judging, not us. Hence, until that Day comes, you and I should rummage through every “junk” around us and within us, and try to convert that junk to something worthy of receiving God’s abundant mercy and blessings.

Remember, there is a good in every evil. You and I may be junks, but no junk is beyond redemption. We must all look through the junk within ourselves and bring out the qualities that will make us a better Christian. Even at, one of the most popular Mizo websites today, take away the M, L and C, from (which literally means “evil person”) and you actually have “ISUA OM” which means “Jesus is present”.

Love and Prayers my friends.


mnowluck said...

A good read!!! thing will really make Ben-a.. smile :)

Calliopia said...

"No junk is beyond redemption"

I like that quote. Very inspiring read, Shags. Keep the faith.

virgochhas said...

before, we used to see great posts itz not only great but inspiring too..

keep the faith

God bless you more...

john fanai said...

good and creative post !thumal hote hmang pawn thu tha tak i ziak chhuak thei thin a.its great!God bless

illusionaire said...

@ mnowluck: thanx! :) yeah he is very happy about it... :-) thanx for visiting.

@ calliopia: thanx dear. Keep teh faith too.

@ Virgo: I am writing this comment as you tell me your Good News on yahoo messenger. Praise the Lord. I AM SO SO SO HAPPY for you dear virgo.

@ John: Thanx John. God bless you too.