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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Chp 110. Mizoram Statistics

I still remember a couple of instances when I was doing some project or the other, and I suddenly need a couple of data regarding Mizoram, like the population, density etc... First of all it was embarrassing because I didn't know it myself since it was my Home State. Secondly, it was frustrating because most of the results I got on Google™ were vague or outdated.

Hence, from the recently published "Statistical Handbook of Mizoram 2006" I am just refurnishing some of the data printed there, so as to help others who might be looking for such data on Google™ (my blog sometimes shows on up the first page of Google search result )

For further inquiry, feel free to contact me at silv_kim[at]yahoo[dot]com if you cannot find the official site/figures that you require. I would be obliged to help you out (In Mizo, we call this "tlawmngaihna" )

State Capital: Aizawl (NOT Aizwal or Aizol or Ijol plzzzz!!!
No. of Districts: 8
Population (2001 census): 888,573
Percentage of Christians (2001 census): 86.97%
Geographical Area: 21081 sqkm
Population Density: 42 per sqkm

Longitude: 92°.15' E to 93°.29' E
Latitude: 21°.58' N to 24°.35' N
North - SouthEast - West
277 KM121 KM
Border Length
International BordersNational Borders
With Myanmar404 KMWith Assam123 KM
With Bangladesh318 KMWith Tripura66 KM
With Manipur95 KM

Population (as per 2001 census)
MaleFemaleSex RatioRuralUrbanRatio

District-wise Stats:

DistrictArea (sqkm)No. of House holdPopulationDecadel Variation 91-01Literacy Rate

Some of the Church Denominations of Mizoram (2005-2006):

DenominationNo. of local Church/ Corps/ParishTotal members
Presbyterian Church of India1093255451255919511370
Mizoram Baptist Church4106072859857120585
UPC (Mizoram)358211362155742693
Salvation Army*207NANA*50005
7th Day Adventist173NANA16858
Roman Catholic17NANA17864
* Denotes the year 2004-2005

No. of Workers and Missionaries sponsored (2005-2006):

DenominationNo. of WorkersNo. of Missionaries sponsored
Presbyterian Church of India1164123724011435
Mizoram Baptist Church32412444461
Salvation Army*248*218*466*296
Roman Catholic45187232NIL
7th Day Adventist6411517962
UPC (Mizoram)678014730
*Denotes the year 2004-2005

Altitude of District HQs of Mizoram:

District HQHeight (metres)District HQHeight (metres)

Weather and Humidity in Mizoram (2005):

Ps. It took me more than four hours to design this graphical representation using Photoshop (MS Excel graph sux) so if you are reproducing this data from my blog, please don't forget to give me the credit!

Important rivers of Mizoram:
RiverLength (KM)RiverLength (KM)

Mountains of Mizoram:

MountainHeight (metres)MountainHeight (metres)
1Phawngpui21579Zopui Tlang1850

Reiek Tlang (1485m) is the only mountain I scaled by foot so far


mnowluck said...

Percentage of Christians (2001 census): 86.97%

=>the other 13%??? Thought Mizoram & Nagaland are the only states in the Northeast with 100% Chrstianity!!!!

Mizohican said...

Probably some of the non-Mizos settling/working here in Mizoram... Anyway, Mizoram and Nagaland are a Christian majority State, so 90% or 100%, how does that matter? :-)

Anonymous said...

I think Mizoram population is a little more than 9 lakhs according to the latest census. ..
Mizoram Population as on March 2003 : 9,21,970

On Churches:
Evangelical Church of Maraland(India) with population over 45,000(and over 200 missionaries) should have been included in the Church list. Presbyterian Church, Baptist and ECM(I) are the only three Churches founded by English Missionaries a 100 years ago.

Secondly, Mount Mawma with 6370 feet(1941.57 metres) height is the 5th Highest mountain in Mizoram which we used to learn in Mizoram schools.

To mnowluck:
A part from Non-Mizos settling/working in Mizoram, there are Chakmas who are mostly Buddists and are non-Christians. They number almost 60,000 by now. In less than a million population, theirs can really reduce Mizoram Christian%.

Anyways, its just what Kim could collect from here and there. An Authentic Statistics of Mizoram must be available somewhere.

virgochhas said...

achhhaa...this is great..

BTW, i never heard of most of the mountains :D

Jerusha said...

Mipa an tam zawk zawk nen Presbyterian ah mipa ngati an tlem zawk tlat le, pawi reuh :P

Keipawh tlang ho khi ka hre ngai hlawm mang lo rere

Almostunreal said...

good job

Mizohican said...

@ anonymous: Thanx for your information dude. Its really appreciated. As I have pointed out, all I am doing is re-publishing what was printed at the "Mizoram Statistical Handbook 2006" Ofcourse I can try getting more recent data later, but I really appreciate you taking the time to comment on my blog about the following data.

@ virgo, sundancer, almost: Thanx :-) Sundy, i kal bo daih vang a lawm mipa ho pawh an tlem sawt :-)

Sekibuhchhuak said...

good good job..!mizoram chanchin detail hi ka lo hre lo ltk a,tunah hei i rawn post a lawm awm hle mai..thnk u fo ur Hard work,kim.

ih mawm..'no.misionaries sponsored' tih khi,engtin nge statistic an/in lak aw..? cos' presbeterian ah chuan,thlatin Rs.1000/- pek in missionary pakhat chawm ang a ngaih an ni a..!!??

ThugAngel a.k.a Hipholik said...

i va ti tha ve aw...

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, you did great work.

Mizohican said...

@ John: Thankyou. Ka hre ve lo tlats, missionary chawm chhut dan chu, ka lo zawng chhuak ang ka pu.

@ Thug: Ka lawm e.

@ anonymous: Thanx!

Anonymous said...

If Mizoram population is a little more than 9 lakhs according to one of the comments, any idea how much is the 'total' population of north east states (Manipur, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Assam)? atleast in an approx.?

lnazara said...

Gatige Kohhran ho xingah khian 'Isua Krista Kohhran' te hi in telh ve loh a, member poh 12000 cuang an ni ve cia...poi ve o..