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Monday, November 10, 2008

Chp 210. Burying Manure 2 goals deep!

Sheeessh. Where are all the Manchester United (Manure) fans when you need them the most? lolz!

November 10th 2008. A night all Arsenal and genuine football fans will always remember. The night Arsenal dominated the game against arch rivals Manure without our two best players Adebayor (ankle) and RVP (suspension) who are also currently the top scorer(s) for Arsenal (with 5 goals each in this EPL season), and the others were Emmanuel Eboue (knee), Tomas Rosicky (hamstring) and Eduardo (broken leg).

With the injury roster, everybody assumed it would be a replay of that disastrous day (16th Feb 2008) when Manure trashed 10-man Arse 4-0 at the 5th round FA Cup because there were not enough experienced players in the squad.

The injury list for that black day was:
Philippe Senderos (knee)
Gael Clichy (hamstring)
Emmanuel Adebayor (hamstring)
Johan Djourou (groin)
Robin van Persie (thigh)
Abou Diaby (calf)
Manuel Almunia (sick)
Denilson (hamstring)
Tomas Rosicky (hamstring)
Theo Walcott (thigh)
Alex Song (muscular)
Bacary Sagna (personal reasons)

Rumor had it that Arsene Wenger even started pulling out Arsenal supporters from the stand and made them play for the team

But for the match on Saturday Nov 10 2008, as true Arsenal fans, our faith in the team was as strong as ever, and boy were we rewarded!!!!!! Fantastic play dear Gunners! Yeahhhhh! Even with the usual biasness always shown in favor of Manure, Arse came out the clear victors.

Just a little bit sore though, because Bendtner definitely didn’t play well… Nasri could have gotten his historical hat-trick against Manure on so many occasions, if only Bendtner didn’t play selfishly. But over all, it was amazing, and there was no sign of the trademark Manure-last-minute-pressure at all, even when a ridiculous 6 minutes was awarded as injury time and Manure managed to score one in the 90th minute. No pressure at all. Arsenal kept their cool throughout. Positive signs of maturity indeed.

I love the way Arsenal concluded the official match report:

The whistle blew soon afterwards.

Arsenal were back. But had they ever really gone away?


And so I will get back to my opening question. Where are all the Manure fans when you need them the most!!?? So far, none of my friends who support Manure have answered my call Some of them even switched off their mobiles and till today they are still switched off! Hahaha!

Well dear friends, you can switch on your mobiles now. Your folks must be worried. It’s been two days already so the moment to gloat and thrash talk has passed. I promise I will not call you up regarding this…

To celebrate our victory, me and two other Arse fans went for a ride all over town at 2 in the morning in a rickety old auto (actually we rode around Andheri-Juhu-Lokhandwala area only but saying "town" makes it feel more ceremonious and pompous! )

2 in the morning we were screaming out Gunners woooohooooo everywhere and our auto driver too was definitely enjoying it! 2 in the morning we stopped by a roadside chai-wala on Juhu beach and treated everybody present to tea and ciggies! 2 in the morning we spotted a lot of things we shouldn’t see too! But then, let that be a topic for another post.

All in all, it was a memorable night. The auto fare came up to nearly 400 bucks, but it was worth it!



Pixie said...

Good to know you had a great time!!!
Football and me - don't relate very well... so will stop now. really.

Nirav said...

Congrats Bro!
Never have I been more nervous going into an Arsenal-ManU match, and never have I been more ecstatic coming out of it. Esp because the odds were heavily stacked against us. Can you believe that the odds on Arsenal winning this home match was 5:2 on Bet365?

I hope this is the defining match of the season and signifies a turning point for us - Cheers!

Lucy In The Sky said...

Congratulations! Wooohoooo!! :D

Mizohican said...

@ Pixie: Thanx for stopping by anyway :) You should start watching, its very interesting :D

@ Nirav: Arsenal rulessssssssss!!! :) Haha I can imagine you being nervous. Yeah with our two strikers down, things didn't look bright at all, but then in the end true talent is what matters and we definitely displayed all that! wooohooo!!!! :D

@ Lucy: lolz. Lal Loose. :) yeah thanx anyway. woooohoooooo!!!! :D

The Chhamanator said...

Congrats. But I seem to remember an unanswered email when your beloved gunners were taught how to play football by a team called Stoke City. Any words on that?..

amuana said...

Turu takin kan rawn let leh ang Pu Kim. Chutah chuan kan sobji dawn che u. :)

Naupang^Fel said...

Still Arsenal Bro? Hehehe if I were your girlfriend I'm sure you would stand by me forever. Not never again :) lolzzzzz

mangbuhril said...

yelp!! I will remember that name "Nasri" for a long time, am not exactly a fan of Arsenal, but overjoyed and support any team that defeat Man Utd ( that boy Ronaldo doesn't suit my taste???)...
Quite intriguing that you guys went out celebrating around 2 in the morning. Quite a way to celebrate; btw... the match was way over before 10 pm.

Mizohican said...

@ The chhamanator: errr... its tough to reply to somebody who's not even in the top ten and was at the bottom of the table most of the time, you know. Like I said, there is too much of distance between us. Climb some more, you Spurs fan, and then maybe I'll be able to hear you :D

@ mang: lolzzzzz. yup! The match was indeed over by 10 (8:30pm to be exact). Now you know why we were having such an amazingggggg time at 2 in the morning? Calculate the time...

@ amuana: lolzzzzzzzzzz Pu Amuan rawn let ru, rawn let ru, kan lo en ang :) haha.. a van nuam emmmm ... Inrinni zan i mu theilo vel chanchin te ka lo hria a :D

@ naupang^fel: hehehe Still Arsenal here. 10 years now I've been a hardcore Arse fan! wooooohoooooo! :) Between girlfriends and Arsenal, I will always choose the latter! *GRIN*

Varte said...

A phuk a phak hre lem lo hian Arsenal fans hi ka lo ni rum ve rut ringawt thin a... ManU an hneh ngat phei chuan lawm bon ve thruai..

reverie said...

Kima, if I tell you who incognito is, he wouldn't be 'incognito' anymore, would he? Anyway, for one of those few moments in time I supported Arsenal when they face the untimely test in the form of a common opponent called 'Manu' when you were hard hit with injury. I have to find a way to watch the match online since it's not available on any Channel in China unless you pay for the Guangdong company. I was glad I watched the match; it was pure thrill, and it was a great reward watching Nasri and his brace.

Anyway, we are already leading, playing 'sexy' football, and we are a team to beat this season. We are waiting for you at the top. Arsene, long way to go, yet!

Mizohican said...

@ varte: Game hrethiam lo pawh hian Arsenal hi an tran zel, achhanchu mi ropui leh rilru thianghlim tran tur awm chhun hi an nia. :) Thank you for your support! :) Nia an hneh kha chu lawmawm tak hi a ni! :D

@ icognito: lolz. so the incognito speaketh! :) Not so far from us, dont count your trophies before they are handed to Arsenal :D lolzzz. We'll be up there soon, this I promise you :)

Mizohican said...

This morning's Carling Cup score:

Arsenal 3 - Wigan 0

As the match was played 1:15 in the morning, I didnt watch because I was dead tired from work (and heavy battle at TribalWars where I lost more that 3000 axemen and 400 Heavy Cavalries!!!!) so I slept.

I checked the match report today and the Arsenal team roster was surprising!

Lukasz Fabianski
Kieran Gibbs
Johan Djourou
Alex Song
Gavin Hoyte
Fran Merida
Mark Randall
Aaron Ramsey
Jack Wilshere
Jay Simpson
Carlos Vela
Vito Mannone
Amaury Bischoff
Francis Coquelin
Rui Fonte
Henri Lansbury
Abu Ogogo
Emmanuel Frimpong

14 names I've never heard of before! :) Good ol Wenger, always training the youths and trying to give them exposure, unlike the other coaches who just buy big players and trade them and buy other big players and so on, like a customer in a brothel trying out different prostitutes because he has the money. But for Wenger its all about pure talent, and thats what real football is all about.

Anonymous said...

Arsenal in Man Utd an hneh chiah chu ka khawsik pawh a reh sawng2in ka hria... RVP or Ade om phei se chu kha ai kha kan sawp ang... Man Utd chuan kan second team poh an ti hleitheilo alo nih hi.. ka type pah poh hian ala nuam veng2 nia.... Ronaldo (kehnuai sa a ka ti mai a khai zawk2 zel sia) Clichy an alo chok zero thin kha chu......a nuam...a nuam...

Mizohican said...

lolzzzzzzzzzz!!! Clichy chu a thra hrim hrim a lawm, expi pawh a nga ve tawh khawp mai a kum te ngaihtuah chuan.

Mahse khami ni match Arsenal vs Manure kha chuan keini Arsenal tran ho kan au thra ngamlo, achhanchu kan au ring lutuk chuan Ronaldo kha a tluk leh daih kan hlauva! :D

TV sawi hlek pawn tlu thei kha a nia, a denzar e lawm "D" area chhungah phei chuan :)

Nirav said...

Dude, I saw the match from 1-15 till 3-00. This young team is amazing...

I was particularly impressed by Wilshire, who'll soon be the next Walcott - he's damn talented.

Plus Vela is amazing as far as finishing goes... the chipped goal was just awesome. He's someone who can be the next Eduardo.

And Ramsey is anyways ready for the big league - he looked to be the leader on the pitch, even though Fabianski was the captain. He can effortlessly slip into a Cesc-replacement role if needed.

I think the future is bright for the Gunners...

Mizohican said...

Yup, glory days will soon return again. Can't wait to see these youngsters repeat the unbeaten streak we performed some years ago. No other club has ever achieved that feat, and then while we were criticized for not performing well at CL, the Gunners suddenly appeared out of nowhere and created an unbeaten record there too! These youngsters have got big shoes to fill, but I know they can do it! They will do it! Go Gunners!!!!

Anonymous said...

First learn to win games at home :P and then start dreaming about being a top club!

waiting for a blog on the humiliation by Aston Villa of you today :P

Mizohican said...