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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chp 212. Blood Red Sandman

Late 2004. That was when I started getting bored with
orkut because there were just a handful of Indians in the social network site.

So I discovered blogging and the Mizo online community.

The first hurdle was selecting a good online nick, because I knew that online nicks were something people are associated with in the real world. Long before MIRC came into the scene, I was a chat addict at this chat application called Pearch or Perch… something like that. The nick I used back then was "silverchild". Those were the days Netscape was popular and Napster was a daily ritual.

But then I found out there were actually Khasis whose real names were Silverchild, Goldenboy and Aluminium-girl! (ok ok I exaggerated about the last one ) so I stopped using the name "Silverchild".

And then, in 2004 I discovered this amazinggg heavy metal band that changed my life in so many ways.


Can you believe they never come out in public without their costumes on???

When my online friends ask me what inspired me to come up with a name like "Sandman", I tell them it’s because of my favorite song. And then everybody immediately think "Oh! Metallica’s Enter Sandman!"

errr… actually… no. I mean, I love that song of course, but the song that really really really pumped me up even till today, is "Blood Red Sandman" by Lordi.

As embedding is prohibited in many youtube Lordi music videos click here to go to youtube to watch this amazing video of "Blood Red Sandman".

I found one link which allowed embedding, but it is just the song, with static images of Lordi in the background. Play the video to listen to this awesome song.

Ah, those crazy Lordi days!

Before I continue any further, let me warn you that Lordi is NOT A SATANIC band, contrary to popular belief. Mr. Lordi himself has denounced this claim a hundred times. Sure they dress up like monsters whenever they go out in public, but as the band claimed, they were heavily influenced by KISS who too were infamous for their costumes and on-stage theatrics.

If you listen to their lyrics carefully, you’ll immediately know it’s not one of those dark-wave Satan-praising Heaven-abusing occult bands. So for all the critics or wannabe Satanic worshippers out there, please stay away from Lordi. This is a band for true metal lovers.

In fact Mr.Lordi was making fun of the Devil and Satan worshippers in the song "Devil is a Loser", which is another fav song of mine.

You wanted power and you begged for fame
You wanted everything the easy way
You wanted gain without pain
Now your bill is in the mail
You got stronger but your mind got weak
You made a promise that you couldn't keep
You had it all - You lost more
It's all there in the fee

Cause the devil is a loser and he's my bitch
For better or for worse and you don't care which
Cause the devil is a loser and he's my bitch
Runnin' into trouble you skitch
He's my bitch.

Love the song.

Here’s a link to another youtube video of another favorite song.
= Hard Rock Halleluia =

Or view their LIVE performance of this song at Eurovision Song 2006, where they were declared the winners.

Another really good one! Here’s a male choir version of "Hard Rock Halleluia". Mr.Lordi even made a special appearance. Pretty good show!

To end this post, let me quote the lyrics from "Blood Red Sandman":

They called me the Leather Apron
They called me Smiling Jack
They prayed to the heavens above
That I would never ever come back

Can you hear how the children weep?
Chills of fear like a saw blade cutting deep...

Once again there is pain,
I bring flames,
I bring cold,
I'm the Blood Red Sandman coming home.
On this unholy night
I will make you my own,
Blood Red Sandman coming home again
I'm coming home again!

Yeah, that is me, soooo NOT going home for the Christmas Vacation


Pixie said...

Simply Stopping by...
Just to tell you that I've read your post!!!

fhsdkfuhelui said...

Wooohoooo!!! Lordi rocks!!!

Your blog is AWESOME and you're so cute! We should jam together sometimes Kim.

Lucy In The Sky said...

You waited all these years to say that?

Anysand, I duh heavy ve thei thruai thruai e. Tunlai chu Mizo hranghlui leh 1940's Jazz hlir ka ngaithla.

PS: I got a date tonight. Wish me luck :P

Anonymous said...

And I used to think it was Sandman from the Spiderman comic books ;)

Mizohican said...

@ Pixie: Thank you dear. Great to know you've read, although this kinda posts aint exactly your cup of tea :) Thats why I appreciate even more.

@ shoklyt: You're cute too! :) Love to go jamming together sometimes. Head bang all night long... errmm... would ya?


@ Lucy: All the best sweetie! Amos is one lucky dude! He likes it if you let him do all the talking. I'm sure it will be a great night for the two of you! *GRIN*

@ Anonymous: lolzzz. Nooooo! :) The Sandman is another fictitious character, just like the Sandman from Spiderman, but with no sand. lolz. According to wiki:

The Sandman is a fictional character, a popular figure in Western folklore who brings good sleep and dreams by sprinkling magical sand onto the eyes of children.

Hence, Metallica's "Enter Sandman" was based on this Sandman, and so's Lordi's Sandman, except in "Blood Red Sandman", Lordi portrayed him as the evil twisted version of the dream bringer. Some also say Lordi actually meant Jack the Ripper or Freddy Kruger (remember from Nightmare on Elm Street? The guy who maims and kills teenagers in their dreams.)

Jerusha said...

hehe I used to listen to Lordi a lot, and Blood red sandman and hard rock hallelujah, Devil is a loser's also pretty good. We also used 13 on one of our Kung fu movies :P But to be frank, I think all this costume and dressing up and monsters and monster obsession in general is a little silly.

VaiVa said...

"Before I continue any further, let me warn you that Lordi is NOT A SATANIC band, contrary to popular belief. Mr. Lordi himself has denounced this claim a hundred times"

Pic en mai chuan eeeeeeeeeeeeeee ka lo ti hman thelh a!

Good boy... Satan's always a loser!

Philo said...

I am among those who thought your alias traced back to Metallica. So what's the history behind illusionaire and mizohican-besides flashes of creative brilliance! Lordi's not bad, got to check them up.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't quite figure a cool nick. I did quite well with regular nouns, short and simple.

In the end, I just use my name.

Mizohican said...

@ benjamin: What about "boy" or "enemy"? Weren't those your nicks during those days? :D

@ Vaiva: Yeah thats the problem about Satanic songs in our community. Some people are so hung up on this whole Satanic issue that some even consider that any song that is not Gospel, is a Satanic song!!!!!! Like in Mizoram we have two music channels by LPS: Gospel Demand and Secular (Lengzem). People just assume that Lengzem people are "further away" from God spiritually, when in fact most of the photograph scandals come from the Gospel side! In the end, it eventually boils down to how we all lead our lives individually, and not about what we listen to, unless they are bad enough to influence or entice us into doing something evil.

Lordi is obsessed about dressing this way, but in no way Satanic. Its like watching horror movies or zombie movies. Is a person watching those movies committing a Sin? In the end, its all about entertainment.

Mizohican said...

@ Philo: well, since the Sandman in that Metallica song referred to the same Sandman in this Lordi song, I guess you are also correct. :) I just don't want people associating me with that super hero/villain from Marvel comics. lolz. Worse when people translate my nick into Mizo and it becomes Balu-Man *GRIN*

@ Jerusha: Dressing up like Monsters is their USP :-)

Yeah sometimes it may not be wrong to call it a silly obsession, but then, thats what makes them different from the others. hehehe. Anyway, when I first heard their song and fell in love with it, I had absolutely no idea they dress like this all the time! lolz. I just thought the band would be like Rob Zombie types.

But their music is something I will head bang to even with a 106 degrees high fever! :)

Trix said...

Loved the post,just a pity I cant view video with my bad connection,that sucks,man!
I am amazed to find out that the sweet and wonderful darling friend of mine called Sandman is actually just a total wild boy who listens to crazy heavy metal and yes,those pics of Lordi look scary,to say the least!! Aaaaah, Sandman... all along you had me fooled! Its so sad that you wont be going home for the holidays...I would offer you my spare room,but that offer is off. Why??? Cos YOU never wished me for my birthday on the 16, and that is unforgiveable.
Jesse :)

amuana said...

tehdaih chuan.Ka rinloh dan deuh

Almostunreal said...

Kima aka Silverchild..Silverchild aka Kima..hehe..sorry but believe me, I try my best to stop grinning :D

Anonymous said...

Lol. Pu thena'n a ko kir tih chu ka ziak lo deuh ang a. Misual ami saw o.

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Music van duh bon hlawm ve, an picture-te chu le aw ! :)

Anih chuan ka nick hi engtiang tak chuan associate tak ang maw? :) Tak takin, nick ka thlak dawn hian Mizo deuh kha ka duh sia chuan ka thlak ta mai :)

Maruata said...

Sandman, Biak In lamah Christmas hla kan sa tan tawh a nia, Vaiva pawh a bass ring thei rap a nia:)

Mariuca said...

Hola Sandman! You’ve been invited to my Award Gala! Congrats! :)

Mizohican said...

@ amuana: lolzz, pu Amuan, orkut a ka thlalak a i comment kha spy tawkin ka rawn hmu, nakinah ka rawn login hunah ka rawn reply ang. lolz. Arsenal thlalak te chu la thla lo veeee! :)

@ Dave: hehee mail tawh ang che in kha kha chu ka link sual a nih kha, ka hmanhmawh haihawt lutuk a lawmle. Pu thenan a ko kir tih kha chu thianpa Vaiva post a nia, ka lo combine palh che u a nih kha. A tharin ka link tawh hrim hrimblog update section kha chu.

@ Seki: A nalh lutuk i nick hi. Non-Mizo chuan lam har an ti deuh maitheia, mahse keini tan chuan a nalh e. Kan folk tale i rawn fak hi chu a lawmawm a ni Ku Seki.

@ Maruata: haha u Maruat, Saturday zan kha chu South Mumbai ah ka rawn paaar ve ngei a lawm, Vaiva ten min sawm a, a nuam khawp mai!!! Rin ai daihin an lo paaar pui South lam ho khu. Mahse zing dar 4-5 vela taxi a Andheri lam haw leh vang vang chu a hrehawm deuh :) Sunday a rawn Inkhawm kan tum ve teh reng nen, Saturday nite party kha kan lo zo lo deuh hlek a lawm, a pawi khawp mai! Karleh chu ngei ngei in ka rawn lang tawh ang.

Mizohican said...

@ Jesse: Came over and wished you immediately the moment I saw your comment. So sorry dear... :( I was caught up with work everywhere. If that offer still stands, I promise you unlimited massage... *wink* This old man here is getting old and finding it difficult to keep up with online updates! :(

@ Marzie: Thank so much, you're a sweetheart as always. I'm just a bit disappointed that I am still not able to be the first commenter even though I came over your blog as fast as I could. :( Anyways, Like I commented, its the motion of the comment that matters :)

@ Almost: hihihihihi!!! I know, it sounds corny now. But back then it sounded great ok... I loved it during those days *GRIN*

Pixie said...


you know, that I have to read all your posts right?!!
Whether its my cup of tea or not... I do enjoy reading what you've written

Anonymous said...

Kima: Hope you and your friends and loved ones are safe and were far from the scene of the attacks. What an awful thing to happen in Mumbai!

Oriana said...

not the kinda music i'd listen to but it sure looks fun to see them perform :D

and if it makes u feel any better,there are some of us who's working on new year's day :))

Anonymous said...

so what might be the meaning of Sandman? :)

Mizohican said...

@ Pixie: Yes I know you do :) By the way, these are tough times in Mumbai right now... :(

@ Anonymous: I am safe, thank you so much for your concern. It truly is ghastly.

@ Oriana: Their stage performance is in itself great entertainment! :) Oh well, I guess we are an extremely selfish lot, because I feel relieved to know somebody else is working in X'mas and NY too :) lolz. Human behavior is interesting. hehehehe.

@ Zogeek: He is the dream bringer :) Want me to bring you a dream? :D