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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chp 260. And the witch-hunt continues…

So is Sunday morning a terrible day for my fellow Gooners?

I had a bunch of wankers texting me and calling me up all night long, just to annoy the hell out of me. And of course I had to pick up those calls even though I knew what was coming. After all, they’re my friends and I would have done the same thing to them too had it been a different score line.

But a couple of Manure fans said I write football topic posts on my blog only when Arsenal wins. Well, this is to prove you wrong, and mind you, I am not doing this just to prove you guys wrong. I haven’t updated my blog at all this month due to work, and I really meant to update my blog about the match, win or lose.

See, first of all, Arsenal fans aren’t like Manure fans.

If we lose, we suck it up and still hold our heads high. We have pride about the fact that we support the greatest football club in the Universe. And the fact that there are still a large number of Gooners even after a couple of years with no silverware clearly shows how loyal and devoted we are to this magnificent club. Manure is filled with wannabes and losers, who are ready to change their color the moment the losses start piling up.

Likewise, not one single Gooner defended Eduardo’s dive during the second leg CL qualifying against Celtic. We abhor such act and deem it disgraceful. Why? Because we are true football fans. We have integrity. What about all those dives Manure players are infamously known for? Well, Manure fans endorse that kinda behavior and even glorify them. You see where I’m getting at? The fine line that demarcates Gunners and Manure fans, the difference between real football fans and cunts.

Time and again, Evra makes scathing verbal attack on Arsenal. Recently he said in a press conference that a match between Arsenal and Manure is like a match between kids and men. Uncalled-for statement indeed, and if by “men” he meant the characteristic and mentality of Manure players and fans, then I do not EVER want our Gunners “kids” growing up to become men. Please don’t be like them. Remain kids for eternity. Hoooaaa.

Now on to the match.

Match screening Venue: Elphinstone, Lower Parel, organized by the OFFICIAL Mumbai Arsenal Supporters Club (AMSC), an officially recognized Arsenal Fan Club.

Reached Elphinstone station two hours early so I wasted a couple of minutes at a nice watering hole called Rajesh Bar.

Finally walked to the venue and the moderators were all there outside the grandiose Hotel, dressed in full Arsenal attire, standing like mean bouncers in a night club They all had that intense look in their eyes, as if they were ready to slaughter anybody wearing a Manure jersey. Lolz.

Met a lot of people and introductions followed, but as it is with these social gatherings, you really cannot remember all the names that are suddenly bombarded into your head in a span of few seconds, so I will just mention Sourabh, who is the moderator in charge of all the Gooners staying in Andheri locality. A big thanks to him and all our moderators for organizing the amazing screening. You guys rock!

Unfortunately, Saturday being the 7th day of Ganesh Chaturthi (Ganesh nimajjan), many people couldn’t come for the screening. Otherwise the usual attendance for this kinda match screening is around 70-100 hardcore Gooners.

The screen was around 15 feet high, excellent sound system, and the ambience of the place was truly… classy. The food was only veg, but scrumptious nonetheless. No alcohol, but who needs them when you can get a high just talking nonstop about football with the others and cheering and jeering in unison. The experience was heavenly.

The Match.

Yeah I know. It was a big disappointment for all Gooners out there. Crazy.

I am surprised Manure still plays with 15 people even after all this time. It’s difficult to beat then when they always have the officials on their side. TV Pundits and other reporters even claim Saturday’s match as one of the worst refereeing displays they’ve seen. My Liverpool and Chelsea friends too conveyed their genuine sympathies because we definitely dominated the game. Any football fan would find the umpiring decisions harsh.

One wonders where a bulk of Manure’s money go to apart from transfer fees and salaries, and one look at the way the match was umpired and you’ll know where. Wankers.

Two clear penalties were not awarded to Arsenal in a span of 1 minute, and yet when Rooney went down EVEN before the contact and HAD NO POSSIBLE chance of controlling the ball had he not gone down, Manure immediately got what they wanted!

Videos via Arsenalist:

Ok fine, I’m not going to whine about it. Almunia did commit the mistake of making a contact with Rooney or making it look like he made a contact, so many refs fall for this trick. But how can you call that a penalty and not this????

I guess it’s because we’re talking about Manure. Previous home of the infamous twinkle toes Ronaldo who learnt and mastered the art of diving there. They probably have it as a part of their training session, or selection criteria.

If Manure players dive, it’s called art. A part of football, they claim. It’s a trademark play of Manure, like how “one-touch play” is a trademark of Arsenal. Something that you can expect only from MANCHEATERS. But if Arsenal players dive? TWO MATCH BAN! Yeah yeah, that’s what happened to us. How about all the times Manure players and others shamelessly dive? Then it’s called football. Wow. See the witch-hunt I’m talking about? Only Gunners get singled out for everything because we’re the biggest threat to Manure.

But you know what’s great about such unfair biased treatments? It unites us Gooners further. I will not rest until every blood is drained from my body talking about how much I despise that detestable puss infested plague called Manure.

The humiliation of Arsene Wenger.

Forget the match. Fine, there were unfair decisions and we lost.

But do Manure fans stop at that? No. The whole stadium erupted in unison of chants and jeers “Sit down you paedophile, sit down you paedophile”!!!

Of course the media and TV coverage steered away from such horrendous acts. We in India never got to hear about it on our TV. But my friend M who’s a Liverpool fan and was watching the match LIVE at Old Trafford told me how disgusted he was with the way Manure fans behaved. It seemed the entire stadium shouted “Paedophile” at Wenger.

The tweets of Arseblog and Gunnerblog proved that my friend was right.

Here is Gunnerblog's tweet:

“If we're going to 'clean up football', can we start with the "Sit Down You Paedophile" chants? A disgrace.”

And here is Arseblog's tweet:

“Also, Dean a disgrace for sending Wenger off to stand in front of fans who were singing songs about him being a paedophile.”

Another Arseblog’s tweet:

“And the media silence over that song is fucking shameful. Every single time it's sung and nobody says a word. Fuck them.”

The referee Mike Dean, probably heard all those chants and further twisted the dagger that was stabbed to Wenger’s dignity - He sent him to the stands, to be with those people calling him a paedophile.

Alex Furgusson was grinning on the other side.

And so our most respected and esteemed manager had to face one of the most humiliating moments of his life. Money well spent eh?

And why do all Manure fans call Wenger a Paedophile? Because of the simple reason that he believes in young players. He trains them well from youth, helping them discover their potential, unlike Manure who buys expensive players and gloats on that. It all depends on how much money you have. Prostitution works the same way by the way.

The definition of paedophile is an adult who is attracted to children. By children I am talking about 6 yrs olds etc. The youth of Arsenal are well above the legal age of consent. Yet Manure fans call him that because their intellectual capability cannot grasp anything related to logic or reason. After all, they do support Manure, don’t they? Dumb fucks.

Here is what Arseblogger had to say about this:

Where the fuck is the media coverage of them singing that song?

Remember when Ferguson was accused of rape in South Africa some years ago. It was a false and horrible accusation against him. Yet if Arsenal fans, in one voice, sang about him being a rapist don't you think we'd hear something about it in the press, from the FA? Wouldn't we be condemned, and rightly so? So why the silence over United's fans?

That the media continuously overlooks and blatantly ignores is a shame on them and Mike Dean is a fucking cunt for subjecting Wenger to that treatment when it was clearly not necessary.

Here’s what Arsenaladdict said about the treatment on Wenger:

The League Managers Association has already come out apologising to Arsene Wenger about his red card yesterday, showing at least someone in a position of authority hasn't shown a complete anti-Arsenal bias lost all sense of sporting perspective.

Last but not the least, goonblog mentioned that Wenger won’t be punished for that unfair sending off and commented about the paedophile chants:

Now onto the abuse Wenger gets at Old Trafford every single year, surprisingly he doesn’t hear it at our biggest rivals, Spurs or Chelsea, its only ever heard at Old Trafford. It just sums up the disgraceful supporters they have, the chanting could so easily be punished but its always swept under the carpet. The United fans hit the roof whenever something slightly risqué is chanted about them but they have no qualms in calling a man a pedophile just because of his appearance. Its down right disgraceful. Its not on par with racist chanting but its not far away. We are lucky that he is such a graceful man in situations like that and doesn’t lose his cool.

Indeed, our man is graceful, the way he took all those abuses going on right behind him. The more reasons why I admire him. There are still many Manure blogs out there talking about that incident and still mentioning what a big paedophile he is. Lolz. The level these people stoop to is sometimes quite entertaining. After all, that’s all they can do.

Will the FA penalize Manure? No bloody way, the same way Rooney’s dive will not lead to any investigations. Yet in times of such harsh treatments, our players still manage to live up to most of our expectations. A blood stained trophy or a flawless integrity? Although the former sounds enticing, it is the latter that makes us what we are – real men.

Arsenal for life. Hail the mighty Gunners!


Mos-a said...

I'd already begun the process of forgetting abt this game but since you've posted it today....

1. Arsenal fans can rest happy that we played better than United. Yes 3 points is more important but the moral victory is ours.
2. United NEVER opened up our defence during the game 'cept for at the end when 30 million pound Berbatov missed an open goal muahahahaa.

3. Ref was abysmal is the least i can say abt him. if the FA can punish players they should HARSHLY publicly punish errant refs too.

4. While the Man Utd fans are true C**ts for calling Wenger a pedophile we also have to blame the media for this. They started this whole pedophile business. I have a picture of Wenger standing calmly before the retard United fans as if nothing bothered him - CLASS.

5. In the end it a little bit of luck and a LOT of help from the ref that helped United win the game.

6. ALthough Rooney fell down easily i guess 9/10 that will be given as a penalty so I actually blame Almunia for an error in judgement there

and lastly -

Arshavin is going to be the next legend of Arsenal and since this was only our third game we still have lots of time to catch up.

True MAn UTd fans will realise how AVERAGE their team is and I predict they will continue to struggle as the season goes on.

next game at Man City :) lets see what Adebayor does or doesnt do :)

Mos-a said...


contd. :D

so today i go to church and these silly girls who think Beckham and ROnaldo still play for United are like telling me.. " ooh Arsenal lost.." felt like smacking their stupid faces with their fake Gucci bags :D

oh i bet if any United fans post here they'll say.."but we still won the league " :D :D

OpaHmar said...

@ Mos' "felt like smacking their stupid faces with their fake Gucci bags"...LOLz

OK here we go from our fav ManU basher doing what he does best

Happy EPL viewing everyone...have a gr8 season

illusionaire said...

I still don't understand why Manure had to make it so obvious... and of course you are so right. The first Manure commenter here is going to say that exact thing so don't expect any meaningful or intellectual argument with them... :D

illusionaire said...

lolzzz at OPa. :-)

I adviced him to do something else to those wannabe girls, which sounds much better than slapping them. But dunno if I can say that in public. lolz.

Anonymous said...

lol. except for a spell when i followed ac milan and serie A when we were there, and the world cup when it comes around every 4 years, i've never really followed football though i love football and can and do watch any game any time if i have the time, from local matches in the neighborhood to EPL, La Liga, Serie A, J-League.... if they happen to be playing when i switch on or surf the tv.
mos-a'd probably want to smack me with one of them fake gucci bags for my ignorance of most things football though i profess to love the game....:) but i do keep up with football news though i hardly watch any, and know that beckham's still with la galaxy (i think) and ronaldo's moved to real madrid. there. :)
i didn't watch the gunners-'manure' match though i would've loved to. but the moment i saw the result on a website, the first thing that came to mind was this blog because i am a great fan of kima's take on all things EPL, especially on 'manure'. then i saw the score and the next thing came to mind was what kima's take on a 'manure' win would be.....
and so, the first thing i do this morning is look it up. and sure thing it's there.
so, this is just to let you know i read all your football postings along with your other posts of course. thanks for your great posts.

Pixie said...


another football post?! ;)

I still read it. mind you. :P
and no, this is NOt a relevant comment about the match... though, your writing about the whole thing is nicely descriptive! ;)

illusionaire said...

@ chaoticserenity: of course Pu Ruolngul, you'll find a post related to that match here. How can I miss it? lolz. And of course do take it lightly. Its all in good fun. hihihi.

@ Pixie: haha!!!! Thanx dear, and I really appreciate that you've been reading my football posts regularly. You rock! :D

Pixie said...

I know!! :P

Such lengths we go to keep a friend happy!! ;)

how come you haven't come by huh?!
very bad... :P :P

chhangte_ll said...

Huh, Gunners without ammo is like an 'Army without Arsenals'..Lolzzzzz. 'Long Live Liverpool' for 'We shall never walk alone'.. :D

Blind Dayze said...

Readers please note.. Illusionaire also writes about football when Arsenal loses...

Tak tak ina..nuam lo e mai nangni chu in ti leh vak zel :-)....

And as a representative of all ManUtd fans, apologies + big thank you to Diaby (63 o.g.)... i really hate to see players committing O.Gs but in this case i guess Sir Alex managed to send a couple of Euros or Pounds into Diaby's bank account... Hell yeah for all i know Arsene Wenger just might be in league with Alex.. okay i take that back such a stupid thing to say..

Blood stained trophy or flawless integrity part..well what can i say..good luck to more moral victories..and if along the way Arsenal is victorious in the Premier League or at least wins some other cup/trophy..i'll say congrats and well deserved.

But on a serious note about "match fixing" kind of things.. were not Juve [the Italian club i support] + Lazio and Fiorentina demoted? after investigations were carried out?.. why not do the same for the EPL..or more precisely investigate the way ManUtd spends their money.. :-)

But yes it's a shame that ManUtd. fans called Wenger a paediatrician oh sorry paedophile...

illusionaire said...

@ Pixie: I knowwww. I have been so busy due to work that I haven't even updated my blog with any quality post this month. I was planning to visit all my blog friends this weekend but again something came up. I promise I will come over today. I owe you that, plus I am so looking forward to all your posts I missed.

@ chhangte_II: errr.... Arsenal is still above you on the table even with one game in hand... *GRIN*

@ Blind Dayze: An apt name for a manure fan I must say. You guys are so blind. lolz. And yes I always used to regard Alex with much respect. No more after yesterday's game, the way he encouraged all the fans to call our manager a bloody paedophile. Shame on you all to stoop that low. Arseblog is right. Maybe we need to start chanting rapist or granny eff'er or something like that next time he comes over to Emirates. Apart from the name calling, they way you jovially disregard child sexual abuse as a mere joke is alarming and disturbing.

The Chhamanator said...

Frankly, I didn't watch the match so I really can't tell how unfair the refereeing is. However, you're right in saying Man U always seem to enjoy the benefit of all the referees' doubts.

Anyways, It's good that u have your own support group over there. It seems you're going to need it this season. Again.

As a fan of a club with a perfect record, I really can't imagine what you must be feeling at the moment and.. wait, that's it.

Blind Dayze said...

With all due respect yes i guess it's a little insensitive of me to have made a word play kind of joke in here.. regrading the paedophile thing...

I'm in no way trying to justify my little bad word play up there paediatrician / paedohphile but im sure you know the meaning of the word paediatrician .."A specialist in the care of babies".. and with Wenger nurturing young football players... Sorry my bad..

And im assuming you take your football seriously why not write up a good article on fairplay..the racial discrimination in football etc.... i know your post was not be to be a really serious post but it skirts into sensitive issues too.. as long as your doing that maybe some other day you'd write a more well rounded post... Peace.

And if Sir Alex did really ENCOURAGE THE FANS to call his peer a paedohphile then i must confess that i too will have no respect for such a man.

illusionaire said...

@ Chhamanator: lolz. Spurs fan. You guys had a lucky run. Just wait and watch. Remember last season when you were down the first half of the season and caught up only in the second half? The opposite is going to happen this season. bwahahahaha.

@ Blind Dayze: Yeah I was pissed off with the outcome of the match and this article is me venting out my frustration, but of course this is not a serious post. I am fanatic about Arsenal, but I am not a fanatic. Its not like I'm going to throw a punch at the first Manure supporter I see :-)

Sometimes joking about this incident and exaggerating on certain issues is fun and all a part of loving football. We must be serious about the respective teams we support but should not be too serious about it as it becomes ridiculous then. After all, its just a game :-)

Still, its fun to annoy each other, and I won't be able to write any serious articles covering serious issues in a neutral tone, as I will be too biased to write everything in Arsenal's favor. hehehehe.

chhangte_ll said...

Errr...The EPL season has just started, and it is still a long way from the finish line. Has Arsenal FC got the temperament to go all the way. As for Liverpool, well, they certainly have since the time of Ian Rush & Co. :D

VaiVa said...

@chhangte_II: We'll never walk alone! Why the refs are always biased when Gunners vrs ManU.... ? :P

Blind Dayze said...

I thought it best not to post another comment but since it seems i'm the only ManUtd fan who reads or at least comments on your blog... i just have to set things straight.. And although its gonna sound a little cliché'd ...i apologize in advance for annoying you yet once more..

From your post:
"And why do all Manure fans call Wenger a Paedophile? Because of the simple reason that he believes in young players."

well..this source of mine could be wrong but do seems theres another story to this..

"Its a song thats been going on for about 10 years Bwana, United and Spurs fans like to sing 'Sit down you paedophile' to Arsene Wenger and various other songs.

Goes back to about 1998 when Spurs fans made up a news story that Wenger was accused of being a paedophile back in France. It upset Wenger at the time, he came out on the steps at Highbury almost in tears, but now he knows how some football fans are in the UK, he just ignores it...."


Anyways, whether it was some Spurs fan or ManUtd fan who started this.. it's really bad and in no way do i condone it.

illusionaire said...

@ chhangte_II: hehe... lets see... lets see... :D

@ VaiVa: Its basic human logic. Refs will always blow in Manure's favor because ******* (fill in the blanks with what you feel like). lolz.

@ Blind Dayze: Well that's one of the theories about its origin but other links point the origin to Manure too. Its been well over 12 years since that song started, but you don't hear that much. But on Saturday's match, the entire stadium erupted in that chant like never before. I'm just trying to picture Wenger's kids who were probably there in the stadium too.

And yeah, here is a link you might want to check out. It lists all the official songs/chants that Manure has for different teams.

Check out the official chants you have for Wenger:

One Arsene Wenger -
There's only one Arsene Wenger,
With a packet of sweets and a cheeky smile,
Wenger is a f*ckin' paedophile.


Sit down you paedophile
Sit down you paedophile,
Sit down you paedophile
Sit down you paedophile!

The name of the site? The Pride of Manchester United! You must be feeling quite proud of yourself huh? :-)

And yeah, thanx for taking part in this discussion. This particular incident (paedophile chants) had been at every Arsenal related topic in the World so far, so I pray to God my fellow gunners don't respond with that ugly "Munich chants" Manure face. That is truly distasteful too, but with the treatment Wenger got at Old Trafford, I fear that might be the treatment Manure will get at Emirates.

Then more fans will respond with more distasteful chants, like the gas sounds (Hissssssss) for Spurs due to a large number of jews staying there (to remind them about the gas chambers) and paper planes thrown in at Manure matches (again about the Munich disaster).

I suggest Manure be penalized for those chants so as to set an example to other clubs not to cross the line between decency and indecency.

Blind Dayze said...

Your comment:
"And yes I always used to regard Alex with much respect. No more after yesterday's game, the way he encouraged all the fans to call our manager a bloody paedophile."

Ka la na ve deuh a ni hei tak hi chu :-)

I blog hi mi tam takin an chhiar ka ringa..mahse khitiang ang statement khi chu awm lo se..clear evidence tel lo chuan...

"Arsène Wenger found an unusual ally last night when his old adversary Sir Alex Ferguson offered him some much-needed support, not only resisting the temptation to turn up the heat on Arsenal's manager but lamenting the tendency of Manchester United supporters to taunt Wenger with songs depicting him as a paedophile."

This news piece not related to the latest match but i find it hard to believe that Ferguson would have changed his mind on last Saturday's match and encouraged the fans to taunt Wenger.


Also Wenger ignoring the taunts for all these years might be considered as a good thing. But still it might have been better if he had opposed to it initially instead of taking the insulting chants silently for such a long time --10 years + !!!! My opinion.

Yes, Penalizing ManUtd fans or other fans who resort to such unwanted acts should definitely taken up. Sooner than Later.

illusionaire said...

It hurt, did it? Well yes, that was my intention, it was meant to hurt, just to let you know how we felt like when our boss had to go through that. :-)

That is why I said football has no place for such kind of behavior be it Arsenal or Manure. There is a fine line between the usual football jeers like calling someone a wanker, a cunt etc. And then there's the offensive ones, which should definitely not be encouraged.

vana said...

A chawi zawk chu kan awm a ni :)

illusionaire said...

LOLzzzz... bro, in bet ang kan ti ringawta, enge kan in bet ang tih kan sawi leh si lova. :D

dr_feelgood said...

English fans are not known as 'The barmy army' for nothing. They are complete lunatics on the field. Someone once said its really the 'game' that's the difference, cos if the same people go to watch the Wimbledon, they sit quietly and only cheer at the appropiate time.

Blind Dayze said...

We come in peace :-)

"Manchester United are to ask their own supporters for ways to help eradicate the "disgusting" chants that are aimed at Arsène Wenger whenever Arsenal visit Old Trafford."

.."Wenger has been subjected to the same chants at other grounds but there is a sense at Arsenal that it is worse at Old Trafford even though Sir Alex Ferguson has also appealed to the supporters to put an end to it. "


Yes it hurt :-)...anyways im also a little disappointed that you put up the comment as if it were fact --Ferguson encouraging fans to taunt Wenger.. Surely an adept blogger like you could have made your point across without having said it that way...

illusionaire said...

@ dr feelgood: Indeed. Must be the game. Sometimes it brings out the worst in us.

@ Blind Dayze: This has probably been my busiest week so far taking part in soooooo many discussions regarding this incident, across various platforms from blogs to discussion forums to to orkut to facebook to blah blah blah. This song was even being sold at amazon, iTunes etc and due to our protest they took it down or renamed the song title. The heat is still on. Can you feel it? Can you? :-)

And oh, there are a couple of articles by renowned football columnists who found Sir Alex's silence about Saturday's paedophile chant as shocking. Hmmm.... Remember he once complained that Arsenal fans were getting too close to Manure's dugout? How about Saturday's match when Wenger was literally there among the fans calling him a paedophile? Unfair, if you ask me.

Arseblog's latest post is also very interesting.

The media finally pick up on that song ...

Blind Dayze said...

I am well aware now of the song you mention...well to be honest just before this reply of yours i read about in The Guardian.

Football jeers like calling someone a wanker, a cunt etc..even i dont find them harsh in this context..but really when a blogger of your standard resorts to calling opposition fans "dumb fucks"...what's the difference between the men of ManUtd. and Arsenal :-) ... but i can understand that or assume that there was no malice in your words.

As for Ferguson keeping quiet..i believe the link id given in my last comment is the response that United is giving to Saturday's incident.

Now if one is saying that Ferguson should have acted on the spot that night by going up and "catching" the guilty fans..dont' know about that. Then i guess he was guilty of not catching the guilty fans.. = most of the crowd... but i repeat Ferguson on previous occasions seems to have very much spoken against the chants.

Again to the root of these Chants.

"The accusation has nothing to do with his youth policy. It stems from a vicious rumour that developed in 1996, the year of his appointment, that stated that Wenger had engaged in paedophilic activity, which he had to deny publicly." - AusGunner


Now when rival fans started chanting it in stadiums Wenger should have immediately opposed it.

Sorry to keep on repeating these things.

Here's one viewpoint although i dont fully agree with it:

"How many of those chanting actually think Arsene Wenger is a straight-up paedophile? I would wager virtually none.

On the other hand, how many of those chanting monkey noises at Carlton Cole actually believe wholeheartedly in the implications of their abuse? I would wager virtually every single one of the dickheads.

Theres a clear demarcation here between genuine malice and the ill-informed, misguided jest of the terrace masses."
- CookedBreakfast [comment from a reader in the Guardian]

illusionaire said...

Ah, you can copy-paste one Manure supporter's comment, and I can copy-paste 100 Arsenal supporter's comments. :-) believe me, we outnumber you guys regarding this topic.

And I see you came across my little outburst at Good is a Gooner post :-) I called him a Dumb f*ck (and not "dumb fuck" as you graciously put it) because he intimidated me first. And hey, this is football talk. I won't be offended either if someone calls me that. But you cross the line when it comes to racial chants, paedo chants, gas chamber chants, aeroplane crashing chants etc. That is just sick sick sick.

Blind Dayze said...

"...After all, they do support Manure, don’t they? Dumb fucks."

is this not from your this post?? anyways im not here just for the sake of arguing with or trying to have the last word in here. I honestly dont want to come off as an arrogant person.

And no i did not copy past comments of the supporters of the Manchester United club. In fact i think both the comments i pasted are general football followers both who live in the UK who commented on an article in the Guardian.

One of them has the nick AusGunner.

I rest my case man. Peace.

illusionaire said...

Like I said, its football talk and we are not offended by it. I've been called worse and its ok, as long as its not a racial slur.

And yes, I can go to any Manure forum, call myself "IndiManUtd" and post a negative comment about Manure. That doesn't prove anything, does it? :-)

What last word? :D

Nirav said...

Dude, you need to tell me how ti get into AMSC...

On the game, it was reassuring to see how shitty United were and how good we look. We just need to ensure we do not let a repeat of the five mins of madness that saw us conceding two silly goals.

Btw, did you see the video of Rooney fouling the Slovenian defender, breaking his foot, appealing for a penalty and getting one in the recent game?