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Friday, September 11, 2009

Chp 263. Wedding Planner: The saga begins!

Today is my last day at work

Yeah, I’m going home this weekend to my sweet paradise Mizoram! Yipeeeeeee. Home sweet home, here I come.

But unlike other vacations, this time it’s going to be different. I’m going home to oversee and arrange my sister’s wedding! So there will definitely be no relaxing and leisure. Instead, it will be one of the most hectic moments of my life.

Meet the wedding planner!

This is something I’ve never done before and it’s going to be an entirely new playground. Of course my uncles, cousins, friends, the KTP (Christian Youth Fellowship) etc are always there for guidance and to help me out, but as it is in our culture, the bulk of the administration and decision making will rest on my head (or so I’m told).

With dad bed-ridden, I will even be giving away my sister at the Church ceremony during the “Here comes the bride” moment. I can’t remember the last time I wore a tux.

Hence I will be starting a series of post entitled “The Wedding Planner” where I will be giving you (if possible, daily) updates on what exactly goes on at a traditional Mizo wedding, and one of inter-cultural, inter-racial ceremony since the groom’s side is English.

For my dear non-Mizo friends, this is a chance for you to see a Mizo wedding. I’ll take you through all the traditions still religiously followed right down to the nitty-gritty of it. Stuff like the custom of sending a Palai (somebody who officially goes to the girl’s side on the groom’s behalf to ask for the daughter’s hand), the bride price exchange etc etc. Even though the guy is English, my folks are adamant on sticking to traditions

It’s not going to be easy for me, but like I said, there are a couple of really close friends I grew up with in my locality (Chaltlang) and we have been inseparable ever since, even though I hardly spend my time in Mizoram.

Here is a recent pic of us, all grown up and fat, but still trying to be young. Lolz. The last time I went home, our local basketball tournament was going on so we participated! We came second. Haha.

The people you see below are the ones who will be helping me out with the wedding. Some of them are already fathers or even divorced, but we still hang out as if nothing has changed between us.

So wish me all the best in this and I assure you, there will be lots of photographs update.

My sister, the one who is getting married, has already reached home. And as always, she bought new Arsenal goodies for me when she landed in Mumbai 3 days ago:

[Click on pic for high resolution]

Thanx @ Shukz babe for the pics. Also, here is me trying to teach Vee about football. But alas, I realized it was hopeless when she asked me if Arsenal’s playing in the World Cup.

So, cheers you guys. I’ll see ya all online once I reach Mizoram. (Yes, apart from all the wedding tasks, I am also taking home office work, so I’ll be dealing with my clients and teams all the way from there through the magic of TATA Indicom photon USB dongle)

Last but not the least, a big congratulations to my brother Jimmy, admin of lawrkhawm, who finally became a father yesterday. He’s not my real bro of course, but I’ve always treated him as one ever since we met online years ago. And he eventually ended up marrying my cousin, so I couldn’t think of a better father for my nephew, except for the fact that Jimmy’s uber fugly. Tahdaaa!


Carey said...

Firstly, congrats to you and your family, especially to your sis!

Its commendable that you to keep tradition alive; but in this instance where the other side may be ignorant of our customs, it would be wise to be understanding and flexible ...don't chop off the Palai's head for unknowingly offending you!!!

Mizohican said...

lolz... and thanx :-) Nah, we're gonna be cool about it. hehehe.

feddabonn said...

good stuff. and congrats to your sister!

lotsa pictures with the posts too, yes?

VaiVa said...

U te inneih te, thiante inneih te, thenawm te inneih te, thiante inthenthu te hi i ngaithla reng bik dawn em ni? Engtikah nge??? Lolzzz

Safe journey and please extend to your dear sister my best wishes for a happy married life. I'll join you on 5th Oct.

Mizohican said...

@ fed: Lots of post I promise. Pics, I will try, depending on the scenario :-)

@ VaiVa: Khanglang a che. i Reliance dongle kha an computer a i vuah duh vang lek a va riak i ni lo maw nang hi???... chuan... achangtupa leh achangtunu kha lo tibuai suh... achangtupa phei phei kha chu a truah tawh a nia... mahse orkut ah chuan ka kap lo mai ang :D

VaiVa said...

Zanin chu ka fihlim hma khawp mai :D Ka sawi thui lo mai ang he he

Mizohican said...

Ni e... zanin chu a dang raih mai ang... i sawi thui pawh a ngailo, kan hrethiam mai :D Nidang ang lova an mut tirna tur che pawh ka hre nghal... mahse keipawn ka sawi thui lo mai ang... :-)

Pixie said...

First Congrats to your sister!! :)

And, you the Wedding planner?!!
ahem!! :P
I am not going to be pulling your leg just yet!! ;)
All the best to the rest!!
(heh! that rhymed!)

Seriously though, I will be waiting for your posts! For I have heard that Mizo weddings are beautiful! :)

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Congrats to your sister.

Unaunu-te inneih chu hman tangkai ngei i lo tum dawn ni a:-D

Khi, in basketball team thlalak atanga han en khian i van fit hmel zek zawk ve a ! :-))

Mizohican said...

@ Pixie: lolz, yeah nice rhyme :D And hope you come check out my journey through this. :-)

@ Seki: Fit reng, engtih lai pawn :P Chuanin mawms.... u te inneih hmangtangkai tum dinhmunah ka ding leuhhh :D

Aduhi Chawngthu said...

That's wonderful, congrats to your sis and her groom-to-be. And all the best to you too.

Giddyja said...

Keem please post pictures as well. Really looking forward to reading your blog everyday to get a nice easy break from Saffola. Also, why didnt you put up pictures of us goofing off in off as Mr. & Mrs. Smith with the gun and all? None the less, keep posting. And have fun!

Anonymous said...

Am in Aizawl too ( till end of this month). mail you my number. Luliana leh Wonder te dinner ka treat dawn, wanna join us?

- bleki

Carey said...

@Kima, forgive me if I am wrong but there is a difference between a Christian wedding and traditional Mizo wedding, right?

So which one is it this time?

Traditionally there were no churches and Christians in mizoram (yea, not Mizoram, the state....but land of the Mizos!)

Oh! To answer your question on my blog, I'd love to have your address anyway...I have a few girls who might...shit the current goes off again!!

Vikram said...

Congrats to your sister. Good luck with what should be a challenging task.

Mizohican said...

@ Aduhi: Thanx. Hope I can deliver what I'm supposed to. :-)

@ Girija: Ah that Mr. and Mrs. Smith snap of ours? I didn't put it up here because I forgot to inhale so my pot-belly was very distinct. lolz. Yeah I'll try to update you guys about it. :-)

@ Pi Black-i: Of course I would love a dinner treat from you. You can take us all out. And yes, if things go according to plan, my flight is today and I'll be in Mizoram by 1 in the afternoon today, just in time for the afternoon Church service. hehe.

@ Carey: Well, by traditional marriage, I was talking about the modern modified version we follow in Mizoram today, which has both elements of our animistic custom and the christian tradition. I think that is what every Mizos follow currently... Remember, if we really want to stick to our true traditions, I will be looking for you trying to chop off your head. lolz. :D

@ Vikram: Thanx a lot bro. Lets see what develops. :-)

Jerusha said...

Wowee exciting! I'm also going home next week so I'll get a chance to meet you this time! And congrats to your sis. Don't mess up her wedding for her :P

Mizohican said...

Thats greatttt. You can make it for the wedding too :D

claytonia vices said...

Congrats to your sis!

Talking about a Mr and Mrs Smith kind of pic, reminds me of my attempt at it with a certain Mr. Sunkara when he was very much single (so, no Mrs Sunkara!) hehehehe!

And yeah, I told him to exhale and hold his belly in!! :D

dr_feelgood said...

Here is afew tip:
1.Explain to the groom to be that the 'price' is not really a price. and good luck to you when you try to explain what the 'thut phah' is for.
2.Advice your sis not to take him to the market selling 'sazu rep'. Or, have a good diversion tactic ready for such occasion.
3.Give the groom the fright of his life by explaining to him that it is the Mizo tradition to 'peep throuh cracks in the wall' on the night of the wedding.

Alejendro said...

I like this line... "But alas, I realized it was hopeless when she asked me if Arsenal’s playing in the World Cup." LOL

Unknown said...

Congratulation. May they have a long happy life together.

Engtikah nge i tih ve dawn nag hi :D

Zorami said...

"Is Arsenal playing in the World Cup?" I may be a new-born when it comes to f'ball, but I think I afford to laugh at this ;-)It made my day :DD

and here's my best wishes to the wedding planner:)

Alejendro said...

Marriage is not a word, it's a sentence... Life long sentence... they said.

Mizohican said...

@claytonia: I forwarded your mail to V. She loved it! lolz. And thats one cool snap of Mr. Smith, I mean, Mr. Sunkara :-)

@ dr. feelgood: lolzzz yeah there is a lot to tell the groom. And of course I will be making up stuff on the way too, just to make it more fun. hahaha.

@ Alej: hehehe... yeah it was a priceless comment :-)

@ chhangte_II: Hotupa, kei chu nakiiiiiiiinah a la niang. Ka hmanhmawh ve lo :D

@ Zorami: Thanx for the wishes. And of course you've asked me such questions before too. Remember you asked why David Beckham was playing for England when he was already playing for Manchester United? :P

Malsawmi Jacob said...

Congrats to your sis and all family! Have a greatttt time! And now you're home, what about killing two birds with one stone?:)

Unknown said...

this blog was so nice to read here at the office while i pretend to work as a event planner