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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chp 264. Wedding Planner: Wedding cards pain!

My second day at work and I am already so tired! I knew this whole wedding planner stuff was going to be hard, but I had no idea it was this tough. Last night I was too exhausted to update what took place during the first day, because I hit snoozeville the moment I got on my bed.

My brother in law bought the wedding cards from the printer yesterday, around 700 of them! Our first job was to take each individual invitation, keep them in the second cover and neatly fold it over the invitation, and finally insert it in the envelope.

Yeah, the cards came in three pieces and it might sound easy just folding it and inserting it, right? Wrong. Try doing it continuously for 100 such cards and you’d find sanity slowing slipping away… tick tock tick tock…

I think I managed to do around 250 cards… the rest my cousins and friends came over and helped. Cheers to them.

Here is a pic of my best friend T and one of my cousins packing the cards…

(Ps. Yeah you see the laptop? That’s me doing some office related work at the same time!)

Doing all the folding and insertion monotonously for hours kinda reminded me of those illegal sweat shops. And the fact that we were served bread and tea every half an hour made it even feel more like we were exploited!

And once we were done, it was time to start writing the invitees’ names on the wedding card. Ah, the writing. Mom prohibited me from writing because I didn’t know anybody in Aizawl as I’m hardly here.

Here’s the scenario. More friends, cousins and aunties came over in the night. Friends and cousins had a pen and list of names of a particular locality, while the aunties monitored 2-3 writers. So when the writers look at the list, they usually know who the person is, and the aunts are always there to clarify any doubt. As for me, I didn’t know anybody, so I was more likely to make mistakes, hence the reason I wasn’t allowed to write. Nevertheless, I wrote the complete list for Dawrpui Veng and Zarkawt locality. Yay!

Sometimes I am still amazed at how many people my folks know, while I hardly know anybody in Mizoram apart from my online Mizo friends

Another tough task was writing out the list of “Man ei”. I will explain this in another post. So there I was running around yesterday finalizing the list of people for the “man ei” and getting a printout etc.

My sister meanwhile went with “oooh Baby” her bridesmaid (actually, its “u Baby” – “u” pronounced “ooh” in our language, is the respect you give to somebody older than you, and baby is her pet name) and the two of them went cake tasting.

Yesterday and today there’s a Taxi strike in Mizoram so that definitely did not make things easier for us. My bro-in-law and I managed to bring back to life my old Wagon R, which had been lying unused for months. The seat covers even had moulds growing all over them! Lolz.

Apart from the usual wedding work and office related work, there’s also the household work. I miss Mumbai where we could just order gas. Yesterday, my maid and nephew stood in line the whole morning just to collect gas (cylinders). I had to run to them all the way from my house just to give them umbrellas because it started raining.

And then we were renovating our house and giving it a new color - changing it from green to light brown, and it looked much better this way. Can’t help laughing at my bro-in-law who said the the light brown is much better than the green because the green looked like we were using some left over paints from the Forest Department. Lolz.

Yesterday, around 10 painters turned up, and halfway through the painting, it started raining so everything looks messy right now!!! And of course, as it is in our culture, we had to provide the labourers with tea and snacks etc so with everything else going on, it was indeed a hectic day for us.

And of course, my bedroom, the master bedroom in our house which had been unoccupied, had no electricity! So me and u Liana (electrician cum somebody I’ve treated as my elder bro since I was born) tried to fix it. Something’s wrong with the phases connected through the inverter line. Today we are planning to get to the bottom of it.

Another chaotic day coming up, so I will end this post now. Cheers everyone. Gotta runnnnnnn!


benjamin rualthanzauva said...

thats a nice girl :-) only if she knows how old your chicago bulls shorts is and last time you left it at my house in chennai, it was torn!
Also I dipped in the commode and let my dog urinate on it before sending it back to you :-)

Irene said...

Wedding Planner!! Great.. I turn thlen ve hun chu o..o.. thu tur kan tam ngawt ang.. Just get excited!!

Anonymous said...

see! Am back to read up on the saga!! :D :D

- Pixie

Mos-a said...

wedding card chu lo scan la ron email la. girl in pic looks cute? maybe we should get her as admin on mwahah. mwahhahaaha. mwahahahhha.. cough.. mwahahahaha.

Eveline said...

You're such a hard worker and i would totally let you help out at my wedding. :P

Hooray for your sis! I was involved in a north-eastern wedding myself last yr. and it was indeed a marvelous place to be with all the flurry of activity going on.

Good luck with the wedding preparations. I bet you're loving every moment of it. :)

Mizohican said...

@ Ben: Haha, yes, that shorts is indeed old. lolz. I really must but new shorts!!!!

@ Irene: Ka turn chu nakinah a rawn thlengan. Tunah chuan hna chauh a ni kan ngaihtuah. :D

@ Pixie: lolz. Thanx for the follow up read. hugz.

@ Amos: Oieeee. Thats muh cousin.

@ Eveline: I know, I read that post. And of course that wedding will be quite different from ours as we all have our unique traditions. By the way, I have posted about the petrol diesel thingie :P

benjamin rualthanzauva said...

@ Amos: Oieeee. Thats muh cousin.
>> Thats fine. She isn't our cousin.

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